Wait is Over for Kingdom Hearts 3

Some games have different destinies, and some of them are destined not to be released. Half-Life 3’s annihilation, the cancellation of Star Wars 1313, and the Tekken X Street Fighter mystery are just a few examples of potential but never released games. However, sometimes, a mystical game that is pestered by excitement and public demands finally decides to be released – usually late or disappointing. Kingdom Hearts III is one of these mystical games. But, this game doesn’t fail as it usually does, Kingdom Hearts III is the final demonstration of a talented team that works hard to fulfill its potential and create something truly special. In short, after many years, Kingdom Hearts III is an important achievement in a variety of JRPG landscapes.

Now, we will tell you exactly why the third sequel of this series exceeds what was expected. Kingdom Hearts III finally arrived. This game hasn’t even started yet when Square Enix decided to appreciate the old franchise players who have returned. After a few brief appearances from the Disney, Pixar and Square Enix logos, a beautiful song from Utada’s Hikaru “Don’t Think Twice” began to sing, followed by scenes from all previous Kingdom Hearts games – besides the mobile game. For those who have followed this series a long time ago or started to follow it since the re-releases, it will definitely goose bumps and excitement will increase when finally able to play Kingdom Hearts III. Before starting the adventure and pressing “New Game”, Square Enix unhesitatingly expresses a clear statement to the players: Kingdom Hearts has returned.

Kingdom Hearts III is the second “eternal” project that has finally been present in the current generation of consoles after years; the first is Final Fantasy XV. When FFXV was released in 2016 after a decade of development, this game featured the A Final Fantasy sentence for fans and first timers, affirming the intention of the developers, that this game should get new fans for the series and also maintain their existing fanbases.

Kingdom Hearts III has very different intentions. The beginning of the third round of the game takes place at the end of the story of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and brings confusion to both new players and those whose knowledge of Kingdom Hearts is limited to the first and second games. In fact, the first 3-4 hours of Kingdom Hearts III are present for certain people, not trying to present a broader and more general appeal. Just like various opinions about Kingdom Hearts II, the flow is slow in the first hours, the sequel might get the same opinion later. However, the narrative is no longer too confusing as the story progresses and Square Enix manages to simplify some crazy ideas in other games.

In short, Kingdom Hearts III continues the magical adventures of Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy and they adventure from an iconic Disney World place to the next. This time, they had to collect and track “the guardians of light” to help them in their final battle with Xehanort and his Organization XIII.

The core premise of the narrative is easy to follow, not at all complicated like how this series is known. It is recommended to play Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep first or at least know the events in the prologue. Despite the slow start of the story and being the 11th chapter of this series, Kingdom Hearts III still tells interesting and fascinating tales for 40 hours of stories and games. Players will face a lot of emotions before the final credit, crying, laughing, grimacing, grieving, and witnessing one and the other’s disclosures and surprises. Kingdom Hearts III is a beautiful blend of a great JRPG, Greek tragedy, and the magic of Walt Disney. It sounds crazy, but really managed to present an amazing game. In terms of content, the story is finished and doesn’t hang, so there’s no need to wait for the next DLC or become a controversial “game as service” model.

The most important feature of Kingdom Hearts games is how characters like Sora and his crew meet on the trip. You could say the same thing happened in this third game. This time, Square Enix has improved the dynamics and jest between Sora, Donald and Goofy even deeper. Players will really feel their close friendship and brotherhood, especially Sora and Donald who are a pleasure to witness in the progress of their narrative. Even more praise must be expressed for other Disney characters. Woody and Buzz from Toy Story have a character that is identical to their character in the film and almost feels as if they were taken directly from the film. Flynn Rider from Tangled is also unique and a bit arrogant when talking to Donald and Goofy. Real disappointment only in the Frozen character who didn’t get too many scenes as expected, merely depends on the scenes from the film.

Square Enix’s attention to getting many voices of original characters makes these characters feel present and unique. Names like James Woods, Zachary Levi and T.J. Miller all play their role in the game. Speaking of iconic voices, Kingdom Hearts III presents truly magical music. Regarding both the best melodic legacies of Kingdom Hearts I and II, and presenting interesting new melodies, this game is a game that is comfortable and fun not only to be played but also to be heard. A feeling of nostalgia will be present when classic tones rotate during certain major events and activities. For us, it’s hard not to hum when I hear the composition of the iconic song “You Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story or close your eyes and listen to music from the Big Hero 6.

In terms of nostalgia, Kingdom Hearts was present in 2002 as an ambitious mix between Final Fantasy and the Disney world. Over time, Final Fantasy characters began to diminish and eventually completely disappeared in Kingdom Hearts III. Even so, the influence did not disappear, and many moments of offerings or even direct copying of Final Fantasy games. In addition, the combination of Disney characters and original Kingdom Hearts characters has experienced an identity crisis in several games to back. The world of the second game and the Dream Drop Distance often feels unrelated and has no connection with the whole plot. Many of Disney’s unique worlds only look like repetitions of their films and end up being a rather annoying element rather than being a cool inclusion. Square Enix knows this, and fortunately, Kingdom Hearts III is free from this phenomenon.

Every world that is visited feels associated with the adventures of Sora, the world of Disney is present not only for the sake of providing Disney colors. When players visit Buzz and Woody in their Toy Story world, there is no retelling of the film, but introducing a whole new story and setting. Because of this, Kingdom Hearts III has never lost its pace and continues to be interesting, and supports exploration.

This series has never hesitated to play with the gameplay mechanics and has been a turn-based card game, clumsy action-RPG, and rely on touch controls. However, only with Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix finally succeeded with every element of the gameplay, which was not only extraordinary to watch, but also extraordinary to play. The battle has an optimal customization system, allowing Sora to bring three keyblades in battle. Each one displays unique abilities and different weapon changes. A keyblade can turn into a crushing hammer, destroying every thing seen, while the other one becomes a deadly Yo-Yo.

In addition, each of these weapons has a unique special attack that can provide enormous damage to all enemies. This Keyblade can be upgraded using various items so that your favorite weapons are still effective against stronger enemies throughout the story. In addition to Sora’s keyblade, the Final Fantasy-style “summon” feature is back and more useful than ever – and fun to watch. It’s never boring to watch Wreck’it’Ralph destroy toys in a shop or call the Little Mermaid in the middle of the forest. Donald and Goofy were never reliable and efficient in Kingdom Hearts III before, completely different from what they were rather useless in the second game. Donald will occasionally finish Sora’s melee attack with fire magic and summon meteors to deal huge damage to the enemy. On the other hand, Goofy is very good at protecting Donald and Sora using his defensive abilities. A.I. quality in this game it is also greatly improved and players can rely on their colleagues to help in difficult situations.

In the overall challenge, we recommend that you play “proud” difficulty. If you play in a regular setting, the battle you face won’t be too challenging. The arrangement is intended for those who really just want to follow the story.

During the early stages of development, the developer team replaced the Luminous in-house engine to become a very popular Unreal Engine 4, and it was amazing how developers took advantage of the capabilities of these devices. Kingdom Hearts III is a visual accuracy achievement, game world design, and aesthetically pleasing game design. Being part of Pixar’s animation studios, live-action films, anime and cartoons, this game is an astonishing blend of art style, biome, and originality. Especially when passing open-world Caribbean or climbing snow mountains in the fictional Scandinavian version of Frozen, the visual is very beautiful to look at.

The efforts made by Square Enix in every game world are extraordinary whether it’s the Tangled green forest, the metropolis of the iconic Big Hero 6 or Twilight Town. Even after the campaign is finished, simple happiness from exploring the worlds of this game, trying out all the mini games, looking for hidden treasures and the allure of optional missions gives a lot more time that can be spent on fun.

It has taken a lot of rumors, development, and years, exactly 14 years, to get to this point. All the excitement, anticipation, and anxiety over the wait for the final product had been passed and seemed far behind. Kingdom Hearts III is a surprise containing extraordinary elements, gripping stories, interesting characters, beautifully created worlds, and a game that is very fun to play. Kingdom Hearts III is a masterpiece.

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