Tropico 6 – More Challenging!

The difference between Tropico and other simulation game franchises is the features of the faction and the interesting system they present. Taking the character of the president, players will be burdened with choices between supporting ordinary people, nobles, or being arbitrary dictators. Everything will have its own risks and change the game.

The Era or splash feature that will affect the progression of the building becomes one of the parts that can’t be separated in the Tropic 6. Since Tropico 5, this feature is maintained by adjusting the progressions that will affect the player’s consideration. Now, they also restore the Election Speech feature that has an effect on the game every player enters a new round. Apart from being challenging, this progression is close to the complexity of the simulation governing a country.

In this latest sequel, players will be able to directly manage many islands at once. In addition to having to master new areas, players are also challenged to create sustainability by making many new cities in various islands. Coupled with a significant increase in performance, Kalypso managed to bring Tropico 6 with a very good approach.

One of the advantages of Tropico with other simulation games is the interaction of players with complicated variables. Not only spoil the citizens, players also have to properly fulfill their needs, both from food, information, and entertainment. Here players will meet with various kinds of citizens, who support colonial capitalism or even socialist rebels. Players must be able to set a strategy for what must be done to “satisfy” their citizens if they still want to serve as El-Presidente.

The development of a more complicated infrastructure when taken to an archipelago gives a very good new development space. Now, players can make bridges to tunnels that previously could not be done. With the development of the era, every scenario offered will have very heavy considerations. Players must develop strategies to regulate income (those in Tropico depend on heavy export-import systems) and build infrastructure and objectives.

If you are interested in the Sandbox feature that will give you freedom, Tropico 6 can fulfill your creative desires in building. You can satisfactorily create an archipelago cluster by forming terrain and landscape, up to the infrastructure above it. Here, you can create a tropical country of your own dreams.

Inside Tropico 6, Kalypso again brings multiplayer features of the Co-Op and Competitive types that are also challenging. Now players will not be able to pause while building, aliases must undergo the same playback with other players. Uniquely, even though it was not filled with action to build military strength, resource warfare became a treat that still fascinated. Unfortunately, the system that was implemented did not develop from the previous series so it still seemed stiff and filled with flaws.

By using a new server, unfortunately not many players have jumped into this feature. Apparently, regional player limits still apply to Kalypso. Even so, communities that are starting to grow on the Steam platform, for example, can already be a good space for players to find friends. Being able to interact with other players in one game can be an interesting vehicle.

Having its own uniqueness and value, Tropico 6 presents the complexity of regulating tropical countries. Players will find that this game will test consideration. Whether it’s satisfying the desires of capitalism or socialism, players will face quite difficult choices. In addition to testing spatial considerations, players will also rotate their brains to run non-playful leadership scenarios.

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