Top 5 Things You Should Learn to Defeat Florentino in AOV

Hi friends Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Forever , still dream of Grand Counqueror? I hope your dreams will come true, even if they happen in 2030, Amen. Surely many of you are still afraid of Florentino and want to overthrow this one hero. This discussion will be long, so read casually and relax casually.

Florentino is one of the most terrible DS Laners and Heroes in the Arena of Valor so far, of course you are often banned not with this one hero if you meet a great player? reasonable ! this is Broken hero (for now). Still could not believe it? Fix you are still not knowledgeable about the AOV world, and of course it affects your playing style and we can guess how far you are, usually Maximum Platinum rank, stuck in Diamond right? read our explanation about the Pro Player Guide and advice about Florentino here, so that your AOV knowledge can increase even slightly.

Florentino can’t be counted?

Nothing is impossible in the AOV Game! including countering a hero, in AOV there is a solution!

All possibilities are still there, even though it requires a more difficult method and process, of course. An example of this is Florentino, who mostly chops away opponents of any of his opponents (if the player is great) and easily brings his team to win the match even though it is only because of the prominent role of Florentino (the other one wins).

1 versus 1 duel? Fight Team? Trap? Kidnap? 1 vs Many? Florentino can do all that!

From our experience using Florentino, the 5 things we will mention below are the most difficult and challenging difficulty levels when we use Florentino, and 5 things below as well as ways to increase your knowledge and insight about Macro Games (Tactics and Effective Ways) in AOV itself, because it includes, Hero Hero (Opponent or Anti (vs. Weakness) of a Hero), Micro Game (How to play (Individual mechanics and skills)), Game Focus, and Decision Making (Macro Game)) which sometimes became the key to victory in a match.

  1. Fight With Hero Control

Based on the abilities of Florentino, this horror of soft bone hero and Playboy is not in terms of actual damage and agility, but it is Florentino’s ability to ignore Control Effect in battle (Unless the target is hit by the Ultimate duel). In this context, it is clear that when Florentino succeeds in landing his Ultimatum in a Duel, the one who can stop is Target itself, where Florentino can only be controlled by his Duel opponent, even in Ultimate Mode, Florentino gets Damage reduction and gets Florentino Damage Bonus can be subject to Control Effects (Stun, Slow, Knock, etc.).

So in conclusion, when dealing with Florentino fight him with DS Laner or your best Duelist in a team by capitalizing on Heroes with High Control abilities, or if you are a totality, use more than 2 Hero High Controls on the Team to easily defeat Florentino.

Who are the intended heroes?

Examples of heroes with high control abilities are Valhein, Arum, Aleister, Thane, Baldum, Y’bneth, Omega, Omen and D’archy. Where they will be very easy to give interference to Florentino when doing the Combo.

  1. Fight with Hero Burst Damage

Florentino is indeed creepy, but it does not mean without weakness.

what is the weakness?

With the type of Warrior / Assassin type hero is a clue for us, where there is the word Assassin is proof that this hero is actually a soft hero, in the small sense of life (HP) and defense (armor). Therefore we can conclude, even though it is not easy Florentino can be easily turned off by the presence of a hero with the ability of Burst damage, so Florentino cannot heal from the passive effect (Lunge). The point is with your Burst hero, at least not giving a gap for Florentino to dance and slaughter you in the deadly Combo dance.

Raz, Zuka, Violet, Joker, Elsu, Yorn, Skud, and Richter. But unfortunately only the Joker, Elsu and Richter (Laner) so far have been able to easily fight Florentino (based on our experience) because apart from being sick in terms of damage, they also have countless escape tools.

  1. Tug of war during the war

The tug-of-war here is the same as the tug-of-war tactics in ‘s love, want but seem to not want it and vice versa, what purpose? in order to show and prove that who was first hooked and carried away at that moment right?

Contact with AOV and Florentino?

This is just an analogy, it’s just that we can associate this with , we associate it with tug-of-war, with the aim of fishing and proving that whoever shows intentions at that moment we can use it in the war tactics AOV , with us provoked war but when Florentino moved and took out all the skills for war but afterwards we went and delayed the battle, as if we wanted but didn’t want to. But the fact is that when Florentino does not have the skill because of Cooldwon (especially Ultimate) it can be an advantage for you to slaughter this Hero one easily.

The conclusion is, fishing until he discards all skills then cancel the war or leave Florentino when you want to remove the Combo so that the skill seems useless and wasted.

Examples of heroes that match this tactic?

Murad, Superman, Airi, Sephera, Chaugnar and D’archy, Even Arthur in our opinion is able to be given a task like this. These heroes are included in this list because they have the ability to tempt opponents then go to take advantage of their fuzzy skills.

  1. Damage Since Early Game

This is the most cheap tactic and very easy to do, but we must admit, this is very functional and effective to kill Florentino’s movements and dominance since the Early game.

Therefore it is necessary to have heroes with compositions that can clear waves (Creep in lane) quickly then play to move towards the opponent to gang up on the enemy. Especially from the Jungler, which is usually a strong Assassin in the Early game, it is suitable for this tactic.

Who is the Early Assassin game that fits?

Zephys, Nakroth, Kriknak, Ryoma, and Batman are the most ideal figures for this tactic, with the help of heroes who are also strong in the early game in other lane, it should be enough to turn off Florentino’s movements at the beginning of the game.

The conclusion is that when you are dealing with Florentino it would be nice to make it one of the Objectives like Tower, Abyssal dragon and Dark Slayer, make its existence a war zone and kill Florentino before he can turn things around for the late game direction, try closing the game quickly.

  1. Take advantage of Opponent Mistakes

This is the most thing to pay attention to opponents who face Florentino in the lane.

  • Florentino is very dependent on Combo
  • The combo starts with skill 1 and Ultimate
  • Florentino 2 skill can be used 3 times if Florentino can take 2 flowers (from skill 1 and Ultimate)
  • The Ultimate Effect adds damage reduction (for Florentino) and bonus damage (to enemies) but is not immune to control (Can you stun, slow, knock, etc.)

4 Note above is the main capital that you must remember in dealing with Florentino, take advantage of 4 advantages Florentino above to be a weakness Florentino.

How to?

It is not easy and requires a lot of practice, but this can also be supported by heroes who also support against Florentino, especially if you are a DS Laner and demanded a 1 versus 1 duel against Florentino. And this is also one of Florentino’s advantages because Duel is the Advantage of Florentino which until now no one has been able to surpass it (In the hands of reliable players)

For you, a Duelist is certainly very challenged because individual skills and Decision making will compete in dueling, especially when dealing with Florentino. The point is if fighting Florentino is actually very simple, find a way so that the opponent misses using his opening skills (Skill 1 and Ultimate).

If he misses the use of the 2 skills above (especially Ultimate) then you can be sure you will be able to kill him easily, especially if you use a hero with Escape capabilities + Burst damage like Richter, Zuka and Airi. Omen also here can be an option to fight Florentino because Ultimate ties Omen’s possession who at least can give his teammate an opportunity to help kill Florentino when tied.

The conclusion is fishing with your dueling ability until Florentino fails to launch a Combo, then launches a counter attack (Try with a hero who has 1 Combo kill ability) such as Zuka, Airi, Richter, and Raz.

We are sure that the 5 things above are not only valid against Florentino heroes, if you are already familiar with the above things it will become a habit that certainly affects the quality of your game in a better direction.

So much! May be useful

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