During this time, playing games is always associated with negative things. Parents even often scold their children and ask “what do you want to be later?” If they mostly play games. When in fact there are many gamers who are far more successful than the head of state.

After comparing the results of data analysis of 500 professional gamers from around the world with the salaries of their country’s leaders, the gaming site Tech Guided found that 70 percent of gamers in some of these countries earn far more. In a way, the results prove there is a golden potential behind playing the game.

Ana Gamer, for example, is a pro Dota 2 player with the highest income in the Asia Pacific. This 19-year-old teenager can generate incomes above $ 2 million annually – seven times higher than the annual salary of the Australian PM.

Other wealthy Dota 2 players come from China. The man with the username Somnus \ M earns more than $ 1 million, while Xi Jinping only earns $ 22,000 a year. He produces 50 times the head of his own country. This is clearly the biggest gap in the Asia-Pacific.

Four of the seven gamers whose income reaches 1 million Dollars are still in one region. Some of the top gamers in Asian countries such as Pakistan, Japan, Malaysia and Korea also have higher salaries than their heads of state.

Whereas in other countries there are JerAx from Finland and TFue from the United States. JerAx earned $ 2,290,632, and Fortnite TFue gamers’ earnings in 2018 were higher than Donald Trump’s salary as president.

Tech Guided examines gamer income data that is publicly available. All money received comes from sponsors and salaries from their teams. But like other sports, being a professional gamer is not an easy matter. You must practice diligently to hone your ability to play games. And it seems that getting a high income can be one of the motivations.

The most profitable games are Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft II, and Counter-Strike. The International annual tournament prepares a total prize of $ 29 million for the winners playing Dota 2, the first-ranked game.

E-sports have also been growing in recent years. In 2018, 2.3 billion gamers around the world are estimated to spend $ 137.9 billion to play games. There is a 13.3 percent increase from 2017.

This is most clearly seen in the Asian market. In 2018, 49 percent of the world’s biggest gaming revenue is reported to come from the Asia-Pacific region.

Gaming has been recognized as a sport, and competed for the first time at the 2019 SEA Games. And although the International Olympic Community still doubts the “values” of this one Olympics, they are expected to work closely with important e-sports figures to explore “projects” collaboration “in the future.

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