Super Robot Wars T – Great Storyline

Bandai Namco is quite diligent in releasing new games at the beginning of 2019, starting from the Jump Force fighting game with shonen jump figures, to the latest One Piece World Seeker game. This time it was the turn of Bandco Namco’s Turn Base Strategy game titled Super Robot Wars Series T. Super wars series robots themselves have been around since PS 1 but in the early series they only released Japanese. Even so this game still attracts interest from some fans of the mecha anime. You could say the plot series of this game tells the story of battles between galaxies and dimensions that involve many mecha anime characters who fight in galaxy war using strategy gameplay. It might be a little excessive but I personally feel Super Robot Wars like Infinity Wars of Anime Mecha.

In this series you will play Saizo as a salaryman or an employee who works as a test pilot until in the process of perfecting his robot, he meets conflict after conflict so that he unconsciously becomes someone important in the world salvation mission. The dialogues about his pride in being a salary-man seemed ridiculous, reasonable but still having the spirit of the main character was Saizo’s trademark. Being a reminder of any of his conditions, he remains adamant with his eccentric character without reducing his pride.

Unfortunately he is less prominent than other characters. Yes, even though he was the main character, he walked as though aimlessly. In contrast to Domon who wants to save his lover or Van who is haunted with revenge, or some other character who has a mission to maintain peace even behind the shadows. All side characters or adaptations of the mecha series have a purpose, but not for the main character. It could be said that the main character is only participating in maintaining peace.

At the time of the battle alone several other characters have a duel scene with one of the main villains or bosses, but as the main character Saizo has absolutely no special scene that is striking for him. This is what makes Saizo quite appropriate if it is considered less prominent. But that does not mean that this is bad from all that Saizo might be able to become a hero behind the scenes. Yes, maybe that is a more appropriate word for a main character. Heroes behind the scenes.

The outline of this story rests on the VTX company where Saizo works suddenly becomes a sponsor or helps independent forces to withstand attacks from Aliens and Creatures from Planets and Galaxies and even other dimensions. At first VTX was only a company that created mecha or more precisely combat weapons for the Earth Federation, and one of the products of VTX was Tyranado a mecha with the best technology the company had. Saizo is joined by a section called section 3 which is tasked with developing Tyranado. Saizo was the pilot for the mecha, accompanied by Remi as a Co-Pilot. Although still labeled the prototype they are able to release the best potential from Tyranado and continue to grow over time. VTX also competes with UND which suddenly seeks to dominate the earth.

On the other hand the original story of the adaptation series looks quite strong, complete with the characteristics of each series. The attitude of each character remains original and can blend well like the previous super robot wars series. As with the SRW T villain, it offers a variety of villas, even some of the original villains from the mecha series adapted come with their distinctive features and become opponents who are ready to defeat you. Some of the characters from the previous SRW series are also here.

The flow of changes in galaxies and the emergence of other characters run very smoothly, although a little or more precisely a point of force. But with a world that is basically a galactic war, everything makes more sense. The main conflict progressed gradually, although some stories led to far away places, again the story could make sense because of the appendages of war between galaxies.

Personally I quite praised the story of this game, with cool dialogues accompanied by jokes wrapped in a long, captivating story. A twist plot that appears one by one, although according to personal it is very easy to guess. But still the presentation is quite emotional and worthy of being enjoyed. Don’t worry if you don’t play the previous series. You can enjoy SRW T casually.

This time Super Robot Wars still hasn’t given a difference with the previous 3 series. Yups, there is still no significant difference except color and packaging. It can be seen from the gameplay that is still the same as the previous series, even the UI is also the same as series V and series after V. They still use the same system, there are ex actions, attacks, and others. Obviously this game still uses the same engine and still hasn’t changed it. Only a lot of gameplay changes are happening, namely the support system. When you are a person who follows this series, maybe you can say when you first battle you will feel Dejavu.

There are no problems with the system update those who are still using the old system. SRW has 2 different currencies, the first is Funds. Funds are used to upgrade every mecha that you have, every increase in upgrades more and more Funds are needed. Whereas TacP is used to buy every combat gear, starting from items and armor, the more expensive the price can be said the better the effect given.

For people who follow this series, of course using the same system is a bit annoying, but for new players, of course this is not a problem. All of that can be forgiven for the emergence of new mecha-mecha and a storyline that is arguably good for the Super Robot Wars T series. It’s just that when viewed from the point of view of people who follow this series, of course hope about a very expected gameplay change that might new challenges. but still insists and does not throw away the turn base strategy that is the hallmark of this game. Even the system tricking AI by using a counter system still appears in this series. On the other hand SRW T also presents a strategy game that is simple and easy to understand.

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