Stardew Valley – Extraordinary Life SImulations Game

It’s not too much to say that life-simulation games on farms aren’t for all gamers. Because the game like that has a slow gameplay speed, very slow. Just doing the same thing and farming routines can make gamers, especially if they like action games, feel very bored and sleepy. However, what happens if the speed is raised a little and added other spices in the gameplay, such as crafting and action against monsters? The answer can be found in Stardew Valley.

It turns out that the combination of farming, raising, socializing, crafting, and action can be summarized well in Stardew Valley! Although it seems like the gameplay is like stirring potions with a variety of contradictory ingredients, it turns out everything can fit when mixed properly. The results of these concoctions are games that are so hard to leave once you have played them. Even the presentation of an “outdated” graphic display is not able to shake the fun of playing, at least that’s what we feel until we forget the time!

Gameplay in Stardew Valley does indeed sound very complex. Especially if you imagine so many features mixed in it. Uniquely, all of that was represented in a simple and easy to master gameplay. All controls can be easily done without many procedures, whether it’s for farming, crafting, or fighting monsters. This game also doesn’t have much ado and immediately takes you to the game, unlike a similar game that is able to make the player bodan and overslept because it’s too long to explain the procedure for farming.

Stardew Valley is also able to provide a number of new surprises, even after we have played it for quite a while. Not only once have we found new things that provide new elements to be explored in the game. For example, when we feel that farming and selling our crops are enough, it turns out that this game provides a new feature to use all of these crops in something new, such as cooking and given to “supernatural beings” to get a variety of attractive gifts. This little thing can make you unable to withdraw from Stardew Valley and it is difficult to press the exit button from the game.

Gameplay in Stardew Valley gets the highest position compared to other factors in this game. This is proven by the narrative of the story that is not too deep and curious. There is no big scheme in the life of the main character. He is just someone who is tired of living as a small tooth in the machine of a big company called Joja Corporation. The company that made humans like machines and worked to death had so many hands, one of which was Joja Cola who was made to mock Coca Cola and the shops of Joja Mart.

Thanks to the help of his grandfather’s legacy, the life of the main character that you control changed completely. Now, he can use his grandfather’s inheritance to start a new life in the countryside. However, the condition of the field is far from ideal, because it has not been taken care of for a long time. In addition, the threat of Joja Corporation also arrived at this small village called Pelican City. The greedy company tried to take this village little by little to become its money field.

The rest, you just try to live and develop the fields that are owned to its glory. The story you will find only comes from various problems encountered by Pelican villagers. The problem will be summarized into various small missions, such as searching for missing building expert axes, investigating sounds coming from village water drains, or something ridiculous, such as searching for the missing village head’s pants!

A large enough event can be found when you arrive on a holiday or holiday. On that day, you are given the choice to take part in an event held by the whole village or not care and take care of your own interests. Whatever you choose doesn’t really affect people’s opinion of you, and the event is useful for getting useful gifts.

The field you are working on in this game is part of a village called Pelican City. That is why not only you are in this game. Villagers also have an important role in your life. They can provide assistance, such as dividing money, crafting materials, and blueprints, or providing side quests and various important information. However, before you can get there, you need to socialize first with the villagers.

There are at least 28 NPCs that you can meet in this village. The amount that was quite large had overwhelmed us, especially to remember it. Even after playing for a long time, we can only concentrate on a few NPCs that attract attention. Especially the NPCs that have shops and NPCs who want to be approached to be made life partners.

Stardew Valley managed to combine several gameplay elements that usually don’t fit. Not only are you preoccupied with farming and raising livestock, you also need to pay attention to socialization with the villagers. At the same time, you also need to collect various materials for crafting and fighting monsters in the style of action RPGs. Coupled with the presence of several new features that suddenly appear in the middle of the road and make you spend more and more time playing!

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