Sneak Peek Fire Emblem Three Houses

Appear all-out, in just one month’s time, Nintendo has released two titles that appear as exclusive games for its hybrid console – Switch. In addition to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 which offers a taste of classic gameplay as we remember it all along, Nintendo also finally returned their flagship strategy game – Fire Emblem. Still being developed by Intelligent Systems for a platform that is certainly stronger than Nintendo 3DS, the potential is indeed great. Especially since its introduction, it also promises three main story branches from the perspective of three groups of characters to choose from. So, how was the first impression he offered?

Fantastic is the word we will choose to describe the “first impression” that was successfully offered by Fire Emblem: Three Houses on this one. Enjoy better visualization quality thanks to the performance of a stronger Switch offering a world that is at least more alive, along with its characters who, since the series in the past, are known to have strong personalities. Relax, we also talk about waifu-waifu that are inevitable from this franchise. Then through a solid strategy mechanic, you will be brought to the story of love, friendship, politics, and also betrayal. Everything is presented in the perspective of three characters and three groups who, although sharing a common thread of the same story (at least from the extent we tasted it), still offer a different perspective.

While from the gameplay system, Nintendo seems to understand that there will be many newcomers who will just enter the “world” Fire Emblem through this Three Houses series. Therefore, they also offer a “Casual” death system – whose name seems to allow the characters killed on the battlefield to continue returning. But for a more maximal experience, regardless of the level of difficulty you chose at the beginning, we recommend you to play it in “Classic” mode which offers a permanent death system. The risk of losing member members is forever giving a higher appreciation value to their presence in the team, both when fighting or just joking during cut-scenes.

What’s interesting is the status where you are positioned as a high school teacher who oversees these nobles. Because instead of just as an image in the story alone, Intelligent Systems is calculated successfully integrating it well into the gameplay. That outside the battle field that you must subdue, you will also live “daily life”, where you have to interact with your students, teach, build the required skills, re-stock, even perform a variety of extra activities to increase motivation to learn students like eating or practicing choir together. With the time limit injected, where you sometimes also have to choose your own priorities, this becomes a system that is not difficult to make us fall in love.

We ourselves have actually completed the Fire Emblem: Three Houses from at least one scenario. But given the need to understand the differences obtained from other scenarios, especially since the three are bound to one another, we ourselves have the ambition to at least complete one more scenario to at least get a clearer picture. The good news? Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a New Game + system that allows you to bring some progress from the previous playthroughs, to print faster progress.

While waiting for a more proportionate time to do a review, especially to complete our second playthrough, let us give you sneak peek to help you get a little picture of what Fire Emblem: Three Houses is. This is a time-consuming game that you don’t seem to be able to play just once!

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