Reverie is a Puzzle Adventure genre game made by Rainbite Limited. A game that has a very strong adventure element, a masterpiece of indie games I have ever played, with pixel graphics that look very beautiful in my opinion. A game that is visually and conceptually inspired by the EarthBound game on Nintendo.

Reverie takes a small scale from the island of New Zealand, with pixel colors that spoil our eyes, the slow background music will also spoil our ears, the adventure begins when the main character is a little boy named Tai who wants to spend his school holidays with his grandfather- her grandmother who is on an island named Turomi. I think this game does have an interesting story, a prologue is presented to us which will tell us about Māori mythology, which is a mythology that actually exists in New Zealand.

Here I really feel the sensation of an adventure that feels very thick, starting from the character Tai who started off to the island and has nothing, then started his first mission so that he had to be further involved in the problem at hand. Collecting items and accessories that have various functions, in the early days there were many arenas that could not be visited with frequent games, so we would have access to these places.

The story is also presented neatly and neatly, not too complicated, quite simple and easy to understand. The enemies there also don’t look wild, they are quite fun, enemies like mice, birds, turtles, jellyfish and others. Indeed, unfortunately this game is not a game that takes an RPG theme so the duration of the game is not too long, it takes about 5-7 hours to finish this game perfectly.

There is also a boss battle which is quite exciting, suitable strategies and weapons are needed to kill the boss, and there is also a bonus dungeon at the end of the game which is quite challenging to complete. We can also collect various kinds of bird feathers to get a special item to double the money we get. We can also visit hidden places that are quite unique backstory stories.

Overall this game is a very good game, playing this game feels like I am playing an AAA game with a small scale. Everything is executed perfectly by the developer, really I really have fun playing this game.

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