With the announcement of the Operation Void Edge update, two new operators at Rainbow Six Siege were introduced, namely Nienke “Iana” Meijer and Saif “Oryx” Al Hadid. With unique abilities that are different from previous operators, Iana and Oryx will give a new color in the game. In this article, I will explain the advantages that each of these new operators have.

Before discussing his unique ability, the Gemini Replicator, I will first discuss the primary weapon. Because not a few players who choose operators with good primary weapon reasons. Iana has ARX200 and G36C which are easy to control recoil. In addition, the damage from the ARX200 is relatively large (47 damage). Supposedly, the ARX200 will be more popular to choose than the G36C. And many players will choose Iana because of the ARX200 that he has.

Intel’s gathering is the main ability of Iana. Seeing he has 2 drones plus Gemini Replicator. In total there are three tools for him to gather information about the enemy. In our opinion, Iana is very useful in planting conditions. Iana will use information about the location of the enemy when the bomb defuser has been installed. With this information, Iana can rotate easily to protect the bomb defuser. Because of this, Mute operators should be increasingly popular to deter intel gathering.

In addition to gathering information, Iana is also useful to outwit her opponents. Just like Alibi in the defender position, the hologram issued also has the potential to make the opponent confused. His opponent will wonder whether this is the real Iana or not. Arguably like mind games, it is very difficult for the enemy to detect the original Iana or hologram. There are several devices that can detect Iana, namely Maestro’s Evil Eye and the Bulletproof Camera gadget. Because, Evil Eye will detect enemies with white silhouettes. This is because the Evil Eye also detects the heat of his opponent’s body. If Iana’s hologram is seen in Evil Eye, there won’t be any white silhouette because the hologram doesn’t have body heat.

In conclusion, Iana is an operator with intelligence gathering capabilities plus a good primary weapon. There is no reason for anyone not to buy it.

Oryx’s weapons are also easy to use. Despite having a small damage, MP5 is not difficult to adjust its recoil. But Oryx’s MP5 was not given ACOG, in contrast to Doc or Rook. Oryx also has a barbed wire that is useful for detecting enemy arrivals. Baliff 410 as a secondary weapon will be very useful for Oryx to make rotations for him. What I mean by rotation here is not breakable walls but hatches that he can use with his unique abilities.

Oryx can do rotations that are not possible by other operators. Namely rotating by climbing a hatch. Oryx can rotate very quickly with this ability. He can also choose to directly climb or cling to look around first.

Many talk about Remah Dash because it can break breakable walls. But we more see the advantage of Crumb Dash in its ability to run fast. Even with a short distance, Remah Dash will greatly help Oryx to move faster. Remah Dash will also be a counter for teams that use operators with shields such as Montagne or Blitz. The reason is when Remah Dash hits the enemy, it will give a knock down effect for a few seconds which is enough for Oryx to finish him.

The essence of Oryx here is rapid rotation. With Remah Dash, being able to climb the hatch plus Baliff 410 as a secondary weapon makes Oryx the master of the map.

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