PlayStation 5 Specifications and Speculations

After waiting for many fans, Sony finally revealed hardware specifications and details for the next generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Reporting from Gizchina, (3/19/2020), this was conveyed directly by PS5 architect, Mark Cerny at the Game Developers Conference 2020 event, that PS5 will use the latest SSD storage and AMD processors.

Sony’s latest console will also come with an AMD Zen 2 (octa-core) speed of 3.5 GHz along with AMD’s RDNA 2-based graphics processor. PS5 will also be equipped with 16 GB RAM.

Furthermore, Mark explained, on the HDD, the device will need a reading time of 2 to 50 milliseconds to load data of 50-100 MB. While the use of SSDs is considered more efficient because it has 10 times faster performance than HDDs. Even to read a game, it only takes 2.7 seconds.

“The PS5 will come exclusively with 865 GB SSD,” explained Mark. “[PS5] trips to the game will be very fast. Like the effect of fade-in, fade-out.”

In addition, the PS5 will not be limited to that SSD. It will also have support for USB hard drives that can be used for backward compatibility features where users can play PlayStation 4 games via HDD.

Mark also revealed that this console has been able to support images in both 4K and 8K resolution. This console will also be able to read games from the Ultra High Definition (UHD) Blue-Ray dish.

Details added, the PS5 will also feature a high-quality Ray Tracing and audio feature called Tempest 3D Audio Tech that is able to output 3D sound and thoroughly in every room.

Unfortunately, Mark does not show what the PS5 looks like and the official date of this next-gen console.

Sony also did not reveal the price of PS 5. The reason the company has not determined the price of this brand-new console. But rumors cited by Techradar said the price of PS 5 reached US $ 499 per console.

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