Playstation 5 Loading Speed

Recently, many popular gaming sites tells about PS5 loading time comparisons to PS4 pro that I think is beyond imagination. They say from the Sony presentation are PS5 loading is only 0,8 seconds while PS4 pro is 8 seconds. That is pretty amazing loading speed that PS5 might have. I have several thoughts about this news, the good and bad one. Oh yea, the loading comparison is using Marvel Spiderman game.

Lets tell a good one first. In this current time, there are new drives that called solid-state drives or you can call it as SSD. This is maybe the main reasons that PS5 can load at suprisingly fast. You know that SSD can read data much farther than the basic hard drive and it is currently at trend in computer too.

The bad thing is, of course the price. No, that is not the bad reason. I started to think that PS4 Pro is actually the pre-development of PS5 that is released to gain user experience. I do not like that sound, but it seems true I think. I saw random sources (I was forgot that this is from UNILAD gaming or others but I swear that I have see it on my Facebook feed) about comparing the game between PS4 Pro and PS4 FAT. Guess what? The PS4 fat loading is much faster than the pro itself.

Yea that sound fishy here. Imagine that the user that buy PS4 pro is actually the beta user that give sony time to collect their experience of using it for the next gen console. For that reason I do not like it at all, consumers always become victims.

There is nothing left from me to say, that is just my thought anyway. If you have any thoughts to debate about this you can leave the comment below.

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