Super Robot Wars T – Great Storyline

Bandai Namco is quite diligent in releasing new games at the beginning of 2019, starting from the Jump Force fighting game with shonen jump figures, to the latest One Piece World Seeker game. This time it was the turn of Bandco Namco’s Turn Base Strategy game titled Super Robot Wars Series T. Super wars series robots themselves have been around since PS 1 but in the early series they only released Japanese. Even so this game still attracts interest from some fans of the mecha anime. You could say the plot series of this game tells the story of battles between galaxies and dimensions that involve many mecha anime characters who fight in galaxy war using strategy gameplay. It might be a little excessive but I personally feel Super Robot Wars like Infinity Wars of Anime Mecha.

In this series you will play Saizo as a salaryman or an employee who works as a test pilot until in the process of perfecting his robot, he meets conflict after conflict so that he unconsciously becomes someone important in the world salvation mission. The dialogues about his pride in being a salary-man seemed ridiculous, reasonable but still having the spirit of the main character was Saizo’s trademark. Being a reminder of any of his conditions, he remains adamant with his eccentric character without reducing his pride.

Unfortunately he is less prominent than other characters. Yes, even though he was the main character, he walked as though aimlessly. In contrast to Domon who wants to save his lover or Van who is haunted with revenge, or some other character who has a mission to maintain peace even behind the shadows. All side characters or adaptations of the mecha series have a purpose, but not for the main character. It could be said that the main character is only participating in maintaining peace.

At the time of the battle alone several other characters have a duel scene with one of the main villains or bosses, but as the main character Saizo has absolutely no special scene that is striking for him. This is what makes Saizo quite appropriate if it is considered less prominent. But that does not mean that this is bad from all that Saizo might be able to become a hero behind the scenes. Yes, maybe that is a more appropriate word for a main character. Heroes behind the scenes.

The outline of this story rests on the VTX company where Saizo works suddenly becomes a sponsor or helps independent forces to withstand attacks from Aliens and Creatures from Planets and Galaxies and even other dimensions. At first VTX was only a company that created mecha or more precisely combat weapons for the Earth Federation, and one of the products of VTX was Tyranado a mecha with the best technology the company had. Saizo is joined by a section called section 3 which is tasked with developing Tyranado. Saizo was the pilot for the mecha, accompanied by Remi as a Co-Pilot. Although still labeled the prototype they are able to release the best potential from Tyranado and continue to grow over time. VTX also competes with UND which suddenly seeks to dominate the earth.

On the other hand the original story of the adaptation series looks quite strong, complete with the characteristics of each series. The attitude of each character remains original and can blend well like the previous super robot wars series. As with the SRW T villain, it offers a variety of villas, even some of the original villains from the mecha series adapted come with their distinctive features and become opponents who are ready to defeat you. Some of the characters from the previous SRW series are also here.

The flow of changes in galaxies and the emergence of other characters run very smoothly, although a little or more precisely a point of force. But with a world that is basically a galactic war, everything makes more sense. The main conflict progressed gradually, although some stories led to far away places, again the story could make sense because of the appendages of war between galaxies.

Personally I quite praised the story of this game, with cool dialogues accompanied by jokes wrapped in a long, captivating story. A twist plot that appears one by one, although according to personal it is very easy to guess. But still the presentation is quite emotional and worthy of being enjoyed. Don’t worry if you don’t play the previous series. You can enjoy SRW T casually.

This time Super Robot Wars still hasn’t given a difference with the previous 3 series. Yups, there is still no significant difference except color and packaging. It can be seen from the gameplay that is still the same as the previous series, even the UI is also the same as series V and series after V. They still use the same system, there are ex actions, attacks, and others. Obviously this game still uses the same engine and still hasn’t changed it. Only a lot of gameplay changes are happening, namely the support system. When you are a person who follows this series, maybe you can say when you first battle you will feel Dejavu.

There are no problems with the system update those who are still using the old system. SRW has 2 different currencies, the first is Funds. Funds are used to upgrade every mecha that you have, every increase in upgrades more and more Funds are needed. Whereas TacP is used to buy every combat gear, starting from items and armor, the more expensive the price can be said the better the effect given.

For people who follow this series, of course using the same system is a bit annoying, but for new players, of course this is not a problem. All of that can be forgiven for the emergence of new mecha-mecha and a storyline that is arguably good for the Super Robot Wars T series. It’s just that when viewed from the point of view of people who follow this series, of course hope about a very expected gameplay change that might new challenges. but still insists and does not throw away the turn base strategy that is the hallmark of this game. Even the system tricking AI by using a counter system still appears in this series. On the other hand SRW T also presents a strategy game that is simple and easy to understand.

Dota 2 – the Next Phenomenon?

A mod that has managed to attract millions of gamers around the world, Defense of The Ancients (DOTA) has indeed become a phenomenon. Changing the initial mechanics offered by Warcraft III, IceFrog injects a thicker RPG sensation by carrying battle heroes as the main focus. No longer having to mess around with the strategy of building units, gamers are now brought in a fast, intense, and certainly PvP mode – adrenaline rush. Focusing on building character with their respective roles and playing the best role in team battles, DOTA is even recognized as one of the competitive games that are often competed in the international arena. It’s not wrong if Valve is interested in acquiring this one name.

Valve’s acquisition journey on behalf of DOTA is not an easy matter. Having experienced a conflict with Blizzard as the owner of Warcraft III, this feud fortunately ended peacefully. Valve had the opportunity to continue this ambitious project, offering various modifications on the visual side and of course a more balanced gameplay mechanic. Entering the beta process and successfully capturing hundreds of thousands of gamers during this process, Valve was finally ready to get out of this one phase. A year since the release of Betanya, Valve finally officially released DOTA 2 freely to the public. While making sure this transition process will not interfere with their experience that has entered the beta period, DOTA 2 is finally open to every gamer through the F2P system that he stretches.

One of the most interesting and amazing additional features of DOTA 2 is the fact that the hero you are using now has its own “awareness” regarding the battle environment that he encountered. Awareness? That’s right, if you are careful enough to listen to the pattern of conversations that glide like monologues of each character – then you will find that they often throw interactive comments with other characters, whether in the form of jokes or insults.

No longer feels like an individual fighting alone, a feature like this leaves the impression that you are indeed engaged in a battle in a world that is connected to each other. Example? If Ursa succeeds in killing the Drow Ranger in the forest for example, then he will automatically mock Drow and claim himself to be the real ruler of the forest. This interaction also occurs when certain heroes manage to wear special items. As an example? Tinker will issue a comment “pewpewpew” when armed by Dagon. These little things make DOTA 2 look amazing compared to other MOBA games.

Some of the commands that you write in chat will also be translated as voice from the character you are using. Writing “Ty” will make your character say thank you, or just “lol” or “hahaha” to make them laugh instantly.

What is the meaning of a competitive game that brings massive team battles, if it is not present with a qualified hero balancing system. If only Valve or IceFrog is off guard and makes one or two heroes too over-power, then DOTA 2’s reputation as a fun competitive game will just collapse. This challenge is increasingly heavy considering that DOTA 2 will be distributed by Valve as a free to play game. The investment that continues to be raised during the development process and the increasing number of servers along with the increasing popularity makes Valve have to look for ways to benefit from concepts like this. Fortunately, this option does not directly affect the existing gameplay side.

Video game development is not a charity work. This complex, resource-consuming process always leads to the same need: gain money and of course – profits from there. Valve seems to understand the consequences that must be faced from the free to play concept that they injected in DOTA 2. As a game that relies heavily on the balance of heroes in battle – imposing policies that look like “pay to win” is certainly a bad choice. Surviving what they promised from the beginning of the development process, they will also immediately ensure that all alternative heroes can be used from the start of the game, unlike some other MOBA games that require you to spend real money to open certain heroes. Therefore, the only way to get current profits lies only in the variants of cosmetic items offered.

With a store integrated in the game itself, you will see a myriad of equipment sets offered in a relatively friendly price range. For those who often taste DOTA 2, creating a more personal favorite character on the design side is of course a difficult offer to reject. Interestingly, Valve breaks down these equipment sets in a variety of separate items, allowing users to combine various equipment to create a more personalized design. Not just buying it at the store, you also have the opportunity to get each of these items randomly as soon as you add up, Valve consistently “teases” you to buy these items with real money.

Not only meet with friends or opponents who might wear it and look charming, you will also get a series of treasure chests that load these cool items randomly. Unfortunately, all these chests must be opened first with a key that can only be bought with real money – and will never fall randomly during battle. The more intense you play DOTA 2, the stronger your desire to buy these interesting items. A strategy that has so far proven to be quite successful.

Stardew Valley – Extraordinary Life SImulations Game

It’s not too much to say that life-simulation games on farms aren’t for all gamers. Because the game like that has a slow gameplay speed, very slow. Just doing the same thing and farming routines can make gamers, especially if they like action games, feel very bored and sleepy. However, what happens if the speed is raised a little and added other spices in the gameplay, such as crafting and action against monsters? The answer can be found in Stardew Valley.

It turns out that the combination of farming, raising, socializing, crafting, and action can be summarized well in Stardew Valley! Although it seems like the gameplay is like stirring potions with a variety of contradictory ingredients, it turns out everything can fit when mixed properly. The results of these concoctions are games that are so hard to leave once you have played them. Even the presentation of an “outdated” graphic display is not able to shake the fun of playing, at least that’s what we feel until we forget the time!

Gameplay in Stardew Valley does indeed sound very complex. Especially if you imagine so many features mixed in it. Uniquely, all of that was represented in a simple and easy to master gameplay. All controls can be easily done without many procedures, whether it’s for farming, crafting, or fighting monsters. This game also doesn’t have much ado and immediately takes you to the game, unlike a similar game that is able to make the player bodan and overslept because it’s too long to explain the procedure for farming.

Stardew Valley is also able to provide a number of new surprises, even after we have played it for quite a while. Not only once have we found new things that provide new elements to be explored in the game. For example, when we feel that farming and selling our crops are enough, it turns out that this game provides a new feature to use all of these crops in something new, such as cooking and given to “supernatural beings” to get a variety of attractive gifts. This little thing can make you unable to withdraw from Stardew Valley and it is difficult to press the exit button from the game.

Gameplay in Stardew Valley gets the highest position compared to other factors in this game. This is proven by the narrative of the story that is not too deep and curious. There is no big scheme in the life of the main character. He is just someone who is tired of living as a small tooth in the machine of a big company called Joja Corporation. The company that made humans like machines and worked to death had so many hands, one of which was Joja Cola who was made to mock Coca Cola and the shops of Joja Mart.

Thanks to the help of his grandfather’s legacy, the life of the main character that you control changed completely. Now, he can use his grandfather’s inheritance to start a new life in the countryside. However, the condition of the field is far from ideal, because it has not been taken care of for a long time. In addition, the threat of Joja Corporation also arrived at this small village called Pelican City. The greedy company tried to take this village little by little to become its money field.

The rest, you just try to live and develop the fields that are owned to its glory. The story you will find only comes from various problems encountered by Pelican villagers. The problem will be summarized into various small missions, such as searching for missing building expert axes, investigating sounds coming from village water drains, or something ridiculous, such as searching for the missing village head’s pants!

A large enough event can be found when you arrive on a holiday or holiday. On that day, you are given the choice to take part in an event held by the whole village or not care and take care of your own interests. Whatever you choose doesn’t really affect people’s opinion of you, and the event is useful for getting useful gifts.

The field you are working on in this game is part of a village called Pelican City. That is why not only you are in this game. Villagers also have an important role in your life. They can provide assistance, such as dividing money, crafting materials, and blueprints, or providing side quests and various important information. However, before you can get there, you need to socialize first with the villagers.

There are at least 28 NPCs that you can meet in this village. The amount that was quite large had overwhelmed us, especially to remember it. Even after playing for a long time, we can only concentrate on a few NPCs that attract attention. Especially the NPCs that have shops and NPCs who want to be approached to be made life partners.

Stardew Valley managed to combine several gameplay elements that usually don’t fit. Not only are you preoccupied with farming and raising livestock, you also need to pay attention to socialization with the villagers. At the same time, you also need to collect various materials for crafting and fighting monsters in the style of action RPGs. Coupled with the presence of several new features that suddenly appear in the middle of the road and make you spend more and more time playing!

God Eater 3 – Simple yet Exciting RPG Game

Seeing it with one eye, this is our reaction every time we see the name God Eater appearing in the gaming industry from the cold hands of Bandai Namco. There was a sense of curiosity but never a strong interest in plunging into a game on the surface, it does look like a thick Monster Hunter clone game. But everything changed when at last year’s Tokyo Game Show presentation that we visited directly, they promised that the latest series – God Eater 3 will come with so many improvements and improvements, from the game system to much finer animation. The opportunity to try it finally arrived.

As a gamer who is not too familiar with this franchise and has just plunged into the third series, it ends up being an exciting and fun experience. We like how apart from the monster hunting concept that makes it impossible to escape from the more popular franchises such as Monster Hunter, for example, God Eater 3 comes with its own strong identity. The story and design of anime-style characters that are so thick is just a little attraction that he stretches out.

So, what does he actually offer? Why do we call God Eater 3 a simple and exciting monster hunting game? This review will discuss it more deeply for you. Since we are not too familiar with this franchise, we will judge it as a newcomer gamer.

The world falls into a nightmare. Without understanding it clearly, we must fight against the creepy monsters named The Aragami that suddenly appear. Their motivation is clear – eating and eating whatever they find, slowly but surely, brings inevitable destruction. Human beings who continue to be driven and urged finally find their own solutions. They named it God Eater.

God Eater is a special experimental unit designed for one thing – destroying and eradicating Aragami by using a special weapon named God Arcs containing Oracle Cells in it. In God Eater 3, you act as a God Eater who is treated as nothing more than an object. That your existence is only to kill Aragami whatever your master wants, willing to die from the start without any chance to fight, and ensure that your weapon – God Arc does not end in damage. But fortunately, your fate is improving.

Faced with the sequence of events present as if it were like fate, you finally ended up moving to an organization that treated God Eater more humanely under the leadership of a super charismatic woman – Hilda. Together with this organization “Chrystanthemum”, not only to build popularity and status, you also begin to build friendships with other God Eater. While on the other hand, your friend from childhood – Hugo began to build a more definitive plan to achieve real freedom.

Along with the more Aragami you exterminate, you will end up meeting with several more unique and powerful variants. One of them was a little girl who seemed to take the attention of other organizations. The girl who was finally given the name Phym was known to be an Aragami himself, but carried the Humanoid form. His emotional closeness immediately made him treated like a child / younger sister of all members of Chrystanthemum itself.

So, what is the character’s struggle and Hugo as God Eater? Who are the Phyms and why are so many organizations interested in their existence? What kind of Aragami should they destroy? You can get all the answers to these questions by playing God Eater 3 yourself.

With this thick anime taste, the character design that he stretches will also be strongly affected. Unlike (again like it or not, it must be compared because of the similarity of the genre theme) Capcom’s Monster Hunter which treats its Hunter characters like super serious monster hunters who wear bones and material from monsters they hunt, God Eater 3 comes with a design approach that more “light” and spoil the eyes. The male character comes with a cliche design and absurd hairstyle that will not feel strange, while the character of a pretty old woman is reinforced by super open clothing designs and “disproportionate” body shapes. God Eater 3 is “paradise” Waifu for the size of a monster hunting game.

As gamers newcomers to this one franchise, we also end up amazed by the Aragami design that you meet throughout this game. Not only talking about the Ash Aragami variant which incidentally is told to be more powerful and creepy, but also an “ordinary monster” which will be your objective from one mission to another. Starting from the shape of an elephant with a cannon on its back, to the one that carries a humanoid design like Batman with abilities like kamehameha. Aragami’s story as a mysterious entity that is not “locked” into a particular design makes God Eater have so much space to present monster designs of various scales and shapes and of course, strength. As far as we see, we fall in love with him.

Unfortunately, we cannot find similar sentiments in the world they offer. That all the lore that is supposed to be interesting together with conflict and the existing world is reduced to just a small arena divided by the level you meet. There is no chance of large-scale exploration on a large scale to find and find out what is happening there. The fact that some monsters will also have “headquarters” in the same place, you are often faced with repeated design levels. The result? Is a design that provides space so narrow as to arouse your sense of appreciation. It ends up feeling like a generic post-apocalyptic world that isn’t much worth talking about.

One aspect that surprised us was music. God Eater 3 presents this one element in maximum capacity with music full of choirs that even accompany you when you are “relaxing” at the mission hub though. Even though sometimes it doesn’t seem to fit the existing one, but the seriousness of music like this is enough to evoke the illusion that whatever your next battle is, how minimal it feels to fight off trivial Aragami, is something of equal importance. We must admit, we ended up enjoying the music he offered.

One complaint that might make many people turn away from the Capcom Monster Hunter series (Yeah, we know, we keep comparing it) is how hard everything feels. That to represent the hardships and sensations of a supposed Hunter, heavy weapons really make movement become limited. There is no jump button if you do not use a particular class and everything goes with a careful pace. In God Eater 3? They treat it like a proper RPG action game. Simple, fast, and much more enjoyable.

The concept itself is still the same. You will move from one mission to another in an arena that counts small and limited to hunt any monster that becomes objective. Before the game began, there was little information about these monsters and what kind of weaknesses he had based on elements. You can prepare yourself by using weapons that might be able to take advantage of the gap, bring a variety of healing and supporting items that will help your journey, and bring 3 other AI-controlled supporting characters to ensure your battle runs more smoothly. The rest? Take whatever weapons you carry to hurt them.

Far Cry: New Dawn – Crazy Weapons

While many people mistakenly thought that Far Cry: New Dawn would be a spin-off that resembled Blood Dragon, where many of the more serious impressions of this series were replaced by 80s psychedelic and humorous moods, but not it took a long time for everything to become clear that this time Ubisoft Montreal freed itself to be a little more ambitious. It’s only been a year since the launch of Far Cry 5, and we’ve returned to visit Hope County, but why not try a more serious story? A post-apocalyptic twist for many things.

In other words, it was very clear from the start that Ubisoft had in many ways become more ambitious with this spin-off compared to initial estimates, despite the fact that many of its design elements were derived directly from Far Cry 5 to New Dawn.

But then, is that New Dawn? Let’s start with the basics. Cynically, in many ways New Dan is Hope County from Far Cry 5 which got a new post-apocalyptic skin, which you now explore 17 years after atomic bombs fell and erased large numbers of human races. Flora and fauna have now taken over the ruins of a destroyed civilization, but people who find refuge in bunkers or those who have somehow survived the day of destruction have re-surfaced and started rebuilding infrastructure. You will see other types of animals, more colorful environments, ruins where a small city once stood, vehicles inspired by Mad Max, and crazy weapons that continue to emerge.

But unlike Blood Dragon, New Dawn is not an excessive parody, because it is actually a serious story about survival, and about laying the foundation of what will eventually become a new human civilization. You are the right hand of the charismatic Thomas Rush and have abundant resources, and together with a group of loyal followers, you have made helping small grassroots communities throughout the United States restore law and order and rebuild as your mission. But on the way to Hope County, everything went awry thanks to the cruel and violent twins, Mickey and Lou who wanted what you had and kidnapped Rush. Now it’s all up to you to unite the people in Hope County, get the rush back, rebuild well-being, and defeat the twins. Although there are a number of strange aspects in the whole narrative, and the sarcastic distance is a natural part of the package, Far Cry: New Dawn is a game that must be taken seriously.

Although this game doesn’t create a picture of a sensitive subject into its story like its predecessor, Far Cry 5, this game like its predecessor wants to move to the thin boundary between brutal comedy and seriousness, and surprisingly managed to do it quite well. In fact, the story this time is far more linear, something we really miss. Where you can handle missions in the order you want in Far Cry 5 (outside of the existing story missions), New Dawn is far more traditional where you have side missions and main missions, and where the story develops in the same direction, and that’s a relief. Basically, the text is a page that pleases the eyes and warms the heart, and the steps can be maintained thanks to more linear developments, and in many ways, this is the kind of narrative experience that we already know in a Far Cry game. At least compared to Far Cry 5.

New Dawn is an adventure smaller than Far Cry 5, but it will not be immediately felt by people. This game is not only more linear but also more grooved. First of all, you don’t travel from city to city, but are centered in a place called Prosperity. A normal Far Cry game offers a lot of booty, so it is quite clear that the developer gives a function to the booty, a role to play, a reason for existence, and this is where the idea of ​​a main upgradeable base appears .

You collect tape, motherboards, titanium and other wrecks, and also the main resource, ethanol, from around you and this is used to upgrade the base. Upgrading the base provides an opportunity to create new weapons, plant new plants, get information about the surrounding environment and new vehicles. It was a brilliant idea to give players a structured main goal, and even though the system was primitive, they were very effective. Going out to wild areas to get more titanium to create a new rifle, or more ethanol to upgrade the garden is a source of motivation that really works. Furthermore, it also gives players a narrative goal. You are in Hope County to strengthen local residents through Prosperity, and the results of your hard work can be seen constantly in the camp.

Then, when you go out to Hope County, you will recognize many things. There are hideouts that are small individual puzzles that give rewards in the form of Perk Point and resources, Outposts that can be mastered, animals to be hunted, fish to be captured and also collectibles that you can … yes, collect . But there are some differences here that force you to change the approach. Ubisoft Montreal has introduced lightweight RPG mechanics which means that every enemy that comes has a level between 1-4, indicated by color; gray, blue, purple or yellow. The quality of weapons is also divided into the same categories, and when you upgrade bases, you get access to stronger weapons. To get more ethanol, you can also “pick it up” in the Outpost that you have mastered. Then, the level of all his enemies increased, and now it is more difficult to take over. It is a small change but pleasant enough for those who want to always feel challenged. Not only that, suddenly dealing with a bison that mutates at level 4 requires ammunition and patience, and indeed this is what gives the world more value. Light RPG mechanics like this have never ruined his adventure.

In addition, all of these games are available in co-op mode with friends, and this system runs just as smoothly as in Far Cry 5. This is indeed entertaining and also doesn’t have big technical problems. However, if you are more interested in being accompanied by a computer-controlled companion, there are a number of allies that you can recruit throughout the city, and you can also train them, which means they get more skills that can be used in combat. It is a solid system.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Stunning Ancient Greek

Which gamers have never heard the name Assassin’s Creed before. Cold hand and fantastic decision Ubisoft managed to create a potential open-world game in the first series with many of these shortcomings being a giant title whose newest series always deserves to be anticipated. The action itself cannot be said to be smooth with several series that seem confused with their own identity, especially after Desmond’s saga ends in the third series. But again amazed by Origins via the action RPG mechanic that is now highlighted, Ubisoft is now back with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey which makes the Ancient Greek setting your “playground”. Pessimism arises when he was first introduced to the public.

One of them is the management of user-interfaces and gameplay on the surface that feels like a process of “reskin” from what he offers at Origins. Moreover, all features that continue to be echoed to the public, feels like a gimmick slogan that is also often done by other games and ends up disappointing. But when you try it for the first time? We ourselves were quite surprised.

One that is implemented quite well is a system of actions and consequences that don’t seem to be difficult for you to compare with other quality action RPG games – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

So, what is actually offered by Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? Why do we call it a beautiful heroic epic? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

Before we talk further about the story being carried out, we certainly need to discuss the timeline of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey itself. This series functions as a prequel and sequel at once. Prequel because the Odyssey story itself is rooted in the Ancient Greek era that occurred before Origins itself. So we enter a world where there is no order of Assassins or Templars. While the sequel is rooted in the fact that his story continues the adventure of the new protagonist of the present – Layla Hassan. After playing Bayek in the previous series, Layla Hassan continued to search for artifacts to support the action of Assassin by exploring the Ancient Greek story itself. So, this is the prequel and sequel at the same time.

In the Ancient Greek setting, you had the opportunity to choose one of the brothers: Alexios or Kassandra. Whoever you choose, you will play a mercenary who finds his destiny is far more important than just killing and helping anyone in the name of money. Whichever character you choose will not affect the story you get. The difference in stories will be built from the concept of choosing options and consequences that we will discuss later.

Both Alexios and Kassandra were born to a respectable Sparta family that was the lineage of the best Sparta soldiers of all time, Leonidas. But the forecast at that time made the Alexios and Kassandra family break. Kassandra / Alexios who was thought to have died because of a fatal accident turned out to be alive and growing up as a mercenary on a small island. The mission after mission that he lived to survive and get a little extra money made him fall into a far greater destiny. He found his father – Nicolaus, whom he considered guilty of the breakup of their family. From Nikolaus, Kassandra / Alexios found that their mother was still alive.

Kassandra / Alexios’s main mission is family. That children who grow up hard on the streets and without parents are ambitious to reunite their families. But the journey to find the mother turned out to open a big “secret” that Greece, which was now in the midst of a great war between the two factions – Sparta and Athenians were not as free as they thought. A covert organization grows behind the scenes, which is also reinforced by a mysterious technology that reportedly can show the past and the future. This organization is called the Cult of Kosmos.

So the journey of Kassandra / Alexios across Greece also intersects with the interests of the Cult of Kosmos. Especially considering that for a mysterious reason, the Cult of Kosmos seemed to be attracted to the blood line of the Kassandra / Alexios family and saw it as the “answer” they had been searching for. In the midst of this struggle, Kassandra / Alexios discovered several artifacts and technological relics that were too advanced for their civilization standards at that time. These red threads are tightly bound and connected to each other in their quest to find the mother they love.

So, who is the leader of the Cult of Kosmos itself? Can Kassandra / Alexios find their mother? First Civilization technology with a race called What kind of issues did they find? How will the story of this story end? You can get all the answers to this question, of course by playing this Assassin Creed Odyssey.

It’s not an Assassin’s Creed game if they aren’t able to mix and ensure that the atmosphere that is the main setting of the series, which in fact is Greek for Assassin’s Creed, ends up mesmerizing. Much different from the Origins series in dry Egypt with dominating deserts, Greece is a fertile land with the largest volcanic mountain in several places. A fertile land full of trees in several places, a blue sea that separates large areas, grasslands and farms that fill in between, and of course some former war land will accompany your trip. Of course accompanied by a dynamic lighting and weather system that sometimes makes it feel so dramatic.

But the special thing is of course the opportunity to dive into a civilization that we might never recognize. In the midst of a great war between Athenians and Spartans, your exploration will allow you to explore two cultures in one different region.

Athenians are one of the pioneers of democracy and you can enjoy how these choices affect the way their society works. Where there is an opportunity to think about influencing public opinion through an open dialogue session on stage, how can theater art be used for political purposes, or how the symposium becomes an essential part of strengthening positions in government for example. While the Spartans with a system of two kings are a formidable faction and make the fight a solution to many problems. If two kings end up disagreeing on one and the same problem, both of them can test the strength with a winning opinion which will eventually become an official decision. This is an interesting insight.

How the life of Politeism influences Greek life is also interesting to observe. In line with the more area you explore, you can see that there are so many temples that were built as offerings for gods who have different characteristics and “duties”, from Aphrodite to love to Apollo for healing and protection from bad things. The aesthetics that appear not only come from a variety of ancient buildings, but also statues designed to tell various mythological stories that are an integral part of the life of the Greek community itself. The mythological stories full of tragedies and gods and goddesses are portrayed through sculptures of various sizes, from giants that you can see from afar to hidden behind the dense forest waiting for you to find and find. Ancient Greek culture emanated through this.

Interaction between characters and music also deserves thumbs up, especially supported by stunning voice acting. Through these character interactions, especially with the characters you have seen in history books, there is an opportunity to understand how the lifestyle of the people there. How besides fighting, drinking and free sexual life becomes an inseparable part besides entertainment through poetry and theater. Your trip will also be accompanied by music which for reasons that are difficult to explain, will remind you a little of the music chosen by CD Projekt Red. We do not object to this.

Then the last compliment worthy of presentation, is the implementation of the water system from Ubisoft that never appeared unbelievable. There is something beautiful about the way they handle water, both from the movement of ocean waves and foam that leads to the beach to just the movement and nature of the sea that is difficult to predict when you wade with your big ship. Seeing how your ship tries to divide and break it down in flowing animation is a sight to spoil the eyes. A quality that deserves a paragraph of discussion separate from us. Fantastic!

The Return of Temple Run 2

It seems that Temple Run doesn’t need any more introductions, this game itself is one of the endless runner game legends and also one of inspiration for the game now. If you are a fan of Endless Runner, without thinking, Temple Run 2 is a game that is required to have. Well, for those of you who are already bored with the rise of Endless Runner genre games. So I’m here to explain why this game is required to be owned.

The storyline at Temple Run 2 is similar to Temple Run 1 (I wrote 1 for the previous version), where you have to run as far as the monkey chase. If TR 1, there are 3 monkeys chasing you, then on TR 2 there is only 1 monkey but it is jumbo. If on Temple Run 1 you will only run, then this time you will have a much more varied gameplay starting from gliding using flying fox or driving a vehicle in a mine full of dead ends.

The environment in Temple Run 2 is also much more varied both in terms of the background and the shape of the environment itself. You will run on a very high path located in the clouds, through the forest, a wooden bridge, and also through the caves. The use of this diverse composition of the environment makes the gameplay more interesting and not boring.

Regarding the controls, there is no change in Temple Run 2’s gameplay, you swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, swipe right, swipe left, tilt to pick up coins, double tap to activate special power. The first time the game starts you will play as a Dangerous Guy with special abilities in the form of Shield, which serves to protect you if you hit wood, get hit by fire, etc.

Along with your increasing coins you can also unlock other characters with different default capabilities, and if you don’t want to use default skills then you can replace them with other abilities that are already open. Temple Run 2 has 4 unique characters and 9 skills that you can upgrade by paying a number of coins. Special special abilities carried by characters can only be upgraded using a gem.

If you are game over in Temple Run 2 then you can use the Save Me feature by paying 1 gem at the first death, 2 gems for the second, 4 gems for the third, etc.) This gem can be obtained through IAP or in the game, but of course Don’t expect this Gem to appear like a coin that you can easily get. In one play if you are lucky maybe you can get up to 3-5 gems. Unfortunately, you will receive this gem after you are game over and can be used for the next game, so even if you get 3 gems while playing, and you accidentally die, you cannot Save Me with the gem you just collected.

For Temple Run 2, you also need to complete the existing objectives to increase the level and multiplier score, unfortunately unlike the first series, the objective here is so permanent that if you cannot complete an objective (such as getting a score of 200,000) then you will have a little difficulty level up.

Previously, Imangi Studio had also worked with Disney to work on Temple Run: Brave. So that overall there are 3 different variations of Temple Run. And if I have to choose, then surely I choose Temple Run 2 with its free price, smoother graphics, diverse powerups. There’s no reason for you not downloading this Editor’s Choice app right now.

Iconic Moves on Jump Force

Adapted from many famous Japanese comic series, Jump Force is not the first game from Bandai Namco with a similar theme. In fact, he became the fifth game since the Famicom Jump Hero Retsuden was released in 1988 until the last iteration was named J-Stars Victory VS in 2014. Surely their surprise last year at E3 with the presence of many well-known manga characters such as Luffy to Jotaro and Dio, making the game very much awaited not only by fans of manga and anime, but also fans of fighting games. This is my first time trying to do a fighting game review even though I have played many Bandai Namco fighting games before, so please understand if my review is incomplete.

Jump Force tells of the emergence of comics from the world of comics that they called Jump to the real world which began with the fall of Frieza into the real world with the new boys named Venom which appeared thanks to the influence of the dark umbras cube (Japanese cosmic cube).

You who have been hit by a Frieza attack will be turned on by Trunks with a umbras cube and taken to a place called Umbras Base to join Jump Force (they call it J-Force in Japanese). Your mission is to find out what Venom is and who is the mastermind behind the commotion in the real world.

The gameplay is more or less the same as some of the other Bandai Namco games, especially for those of you who have played Xenoverse Dragon Ball with RPG elements. If you’ve ever played it, then I don’t need to explain it further because the main mechanism of the game is exactly the same as the game. However, I will give a little picture for those of you who have never played it.

You will be able to make your own character by choosing the shape and color of the body, eyes, hair, etc. starting from the existing models in the game to the original designs that have been provided. In addition you will also be able to choose what combo style you will use later. Starting from style A, namely Dragon Ball, B for One Piece, and C for Naruto.

After you get access to Umbras Base, you will be able to explore several major places like Mission Counter to get missions, offline / online counters to fight other players offline, online or against the CPU, shop to buy abilities, items, and clothes, reward counter to pick up prizes such as daily logins, to upgrades to increase your strength.

If you feel the distance between places A and B is too far, then you will be given two options: drive the vehicle by pressing the directional button down, or fast travel by holding the triangle and choosing which place you will explore.

You will use your own characters to join one of the Alpha teams led by Goku, Beta led by Luffy, and Gamma led by Naruto. Joining one of them will give you four basic skills.

You can carry out the main mission which is divided into several categories: Free Mission, Extra Mission, Key Mission, and Tutorial. I don’t think I need to explain about the tutorial mission which will only contain the basics of playing the game, so the explanation will start from the Free Mission. The Free Mission will test your ability against the CPU, while Key Mission will be the main mission as well as the game’s original story. You can get prizes in the form of money, items, and new abilities for your character while carrying out missions. You can install on existing characters or Jump Force heroes. The more often you increase your character level, the more active and passive abilities that can be installed on your character or the original hero of the game. Unfortunately, the main ability of her hero won’t be able to be replaced at all.

Another mission is an extra mission that will give you some extra effects after completing it. For example, just add more EXP and health boost, etc.

The ability for your character can be obtained by defeating your enemy, but you can also buy it in the shop by paying using the currency that has been given. Although at a glance it does look pretty strong, but if you upgrade a number of abilities, you will feel that the damage will be slightly different than before you did it.

Animations and combos simply represent many of the iconic moves of each character. Jotaro’s Oraoraora, for example, looks fierce because it is also balanced with the voice of his extraordinary voice actor. Give the image that the attack is very strong and extraordinary. For me, I wonder why this character has become one of the main characters of the comic.

The battles are very fast and cool depending on how you play them. But unfortunately, enemy AI that gets easy rank isn’t as easy as you might think. The higher the level recommended in the free mission, the more difficult the enemy AI’s difficulty even though you choose the easy difficulty level. However, if you like challenging enemies, then of course that doesn’t matter to you.

There are around 43 characters that you can play here, complete with four original characters made by Dragon Ball comic artist Akira Toriyama which will be the main core of the game’s story. You can play a lot of Shonen Jump characters whose timeless popularity. Starting from Goku, Ichigo, to Himura Kenshin, everything was done very well. Dai’s first appearance from Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is also not disappointing and is exactly the same as the anime. Guaranteed to make the hearts of the fans especially the Shonen Jump manga “nosebleed” so much.

The guest character, Light Yagami is also very well described complete with Ryuk and his ambition that looks super evil. Honey, you can’t play it because he doesn’t have certain powers other than his Death Note.

Like vegetables without salt, it doesn’t really feel like if the game with anime or manga themes doesn’t come with the original voice actor. The good news is that they also fill in the absences and enliven them. You will find that many of the original voice actors of their characters act quite perfectly just like the anime. Give you the nuances of playing anime characters who are fighting against their enemies.

The music was also adapted from some of the original series, giving the nuances of real anime and manga when playing it. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco didn’t give some encouraging music when the enemy’s cellphone or cellphone dropped dramatically and tried to make a comeback.

The story is quite cliché and easy to understand with some parts that are very similar to Xenoverse Dragonball. In essence, you will be a special character who will save the world from Venom and mastermind the problems that occur with Jump Force.

You will find some mysteries that will answer some of your questions about what really happened in the game and how the motives of the main enemy. Although it’s pretty easy to guess, some twist will also occur throughout the game.

This game is perfect for those who don’t really care about stories and just want to enjoy the battles with your favorite anime or manga characters. It is not suitable for you who expect more story content besides new characters and maps. However, despite all that I have written, the game is enough to provide exciting entertainment for the fans.

Just Cause 4 The Return of Rico Rodrigues

In 2018, it can be said that the game that carries a multiplayer system dominates the world gaming market. Whether it’s a battle royale to MOBA type game, of course, almost every gamer is interested in playing it. In addition to carrying out gameplay that can be played together, of course there are other elements that make its own charm. However, with this there is no forgetting single-player games that rely on story and gameplay.

For the single player game itself this year is quite a lot, especially for consoles and PCs of course. Most developers themselves have overhauled the game that they made, whether it’s in terms of graphics or in terms of gameplay, even though there are some developers who are still tough just implementing some new things into the game, including Avalanche Studios. The developer of the Just Cause 4 game is like being reluctant to overhaul the features in the game. And you could say they only focus on gameplay and the storyline of the game itself.

When compared with the previous series, Just Cause 4 is still identical to the name of the explosion, swinging, flying freely using a parachute, to make something creative from the ‘rope weapon’. Of course this is undeniable that Just Cause always presents a gameplay that is quite unique, and certainly does not make gamers feel bored quickly.

Just Cause 4 continues the story of Rico Rodrigues, where he managed to make the Medici independent. And in this series, Rico must return to his crazy actions to free the Solis country from the grip of the ‘barbaric’ dictator.

And no need to linger anymore, we immediately refer to reviews about Just Cause 4!

Just Cause 4 puts you in the South American state named Solis. Still with Rico Rodriguez, of course Avalanche is reluctant to replace the main cast figure of the Just Cause 4 franchise. And this time, Rico was assigned to free the Solis community from a dictator. By making riots and destroying the assets of the local government, Rico made the Solis community inspired and thus they were ready to help Rico by joining the Army of Chaos led by him.

For the story of a rebellion, we have actually heard it quite often, but the Just Cause 4 story is covered with elements of comedy, and it becomes an attraction for gamers. It can be said that this game carries the theme open world and comedy, lots of funny things that you can find in Just Cause 4.

When talking about narration, of course gamers who have participated in the Just Cause franchise know very well how Rico is. A silly narrative you will often hear from someone who likes to make this riot. Can be exemplified when he flew, when he fell down, until when he was about to fight against the enemy forces Rico’s typical words were often spoken. This is the reason why Avalanche doesn’t want to turn away from Rico Rodriguez.

In the matter of gameplay, you can say the series Just Cause 4 is the most interesting series compared to previous series. If in the previous series Rico was only equipped with a maximum of 5 ropes, in this game you could save up to two times, namely 10 ropes. With this, certainly makes Rico can riot without thinking about the rope he has. In addition Avalanche Studios adds a little feature on Rico’s grapling hook, where you can find a balloon grapling hook that wasn’t in the previous series. In addition you can set all types of speed in your grapling hook mod. Usually people will use the highest settings because it’s easier to make a riot. But there are times when you set it in the lowest form, because there is a mission that requires you to use the settings.

Still the same, Rico can go around using the grapling hook, parachute and of course a wingsuit. The three main tools Rico is a reason Just Cause 4 is still worth playing.
And don’t forget that Just Cause 4 still has the fast traveling feature, where Rico can move quickly. Unfortunately for this game the feature is considered useless, because most players want to see the world of Solis by floating using parachutes and wingsuit.

In graphics problems Avalance improves slightly from the one on the previous Just Cause series. In contrast to Just Cause 3, where the world is less diverse, on Just Cause 4 you will find many variations of places. At Just Cause 4 you will find rainforests, deserts, and snowy places. In addition, military bases and other dictatorial places look more unique.

Army of Chaos itself is depicted with people who use more colorful costum. In addition to these people, Army of Chaos vehicles are more eye catching than the group on Just Cause 3, which only carries light blue and black. And this is a surprise given by Avalance, where they present natural disasters, such as tornadoes, snowstorms, sandstorms, and many other natural disasters in this country of Solis.

This natural disaster can be said to benefit Rico, where he has no effect if he is near a tornado or other storm. Unlike the enemy when thrown there, then what happens is they will be struck by lightning. Tornado itself can be said to be very rare for you to meet, and if you find it, then don’t waste the opportunity to have fun.

Just adding some features and improving graphics is not a reason not to try this game. For those of you who rely on more fun gameplay, of course Just Cause is the main choice. Adding a little more equipment that Rico has, of course making you able to create more fun with riots. With the addition of natural disasters, making Just Cause 4 is beyond expectations.

Unfortunately there are some bugs found in this game, like you can’t get out when using mortars and bugs that suddenly fall even though you’re still far from the ground.

However, again Avalanche Studios has succeeded in making a game that is beyond human reason.

Game of The Year 2018, God of War 4

Kratos and God of War, which gamers have never heard or known these two names. Apart from the fact that both are exclusive Playstation products since the Playstation 2 era, this one action game franchise has indeed grown to become an iconic title with quality that no longer needs to be doubted. When some games failed to represent cool classic mythology into a satisfying story, Sony Santa Monica did the job very well. Although the existence of the Kratos character is counted as “fictitious”, the mission of revenge which ended with the destruction of Olympus and the world through different series is a long emotional journey. Not surprising if the anticipation of the new series will be released in the next few weeks – God of War is so strong.

Sony Santa Monica does take so many risks at risk with it, from the side of the story, mythology, gameplay, to the camera system. As gamers who were skeptical at the outset, we welcomed this variety of changes with open arms. That what is offered by Sony Santa Monica here is not just an attempt to revitalize a franchise that surprisingly has the chance to live again, but continues the story of an iconic character who has an emotional bond with his fans. And so far, it has an amazing end.

So, what is actually offered by God of War? Why do we call it an amazing new chapter? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

This latest God of War is not a series of reboots, but a sequel directly from God of War 3. We are still dealing with the figure of Kratos that we have known all this time, but are beginning to lead a different life. He lived in Scandinavia, standing under Norse mythology, along with a happy family. But unfortunately, tragedy does not seem to be separated from the figure of Kratos.

He opened with a sad fact, that Kratos had lost the wife he loved, and Atreus now no longer had a mother figure. Preparing for his funeral through the cremation process, the woman they loved had one last request – to sow his ashes at the highest Norse peak. A trip which is of course not easy.

Kratos must first train Atreus who, despite having the hunting ability of the mother, has not been responsive enough about what kind of threat is waiting for them. Still small and unstable, Atreus still needs a lot of learning. Kratos at first saw that he had to give Atreus a long time to grow. But the situation immediately changed, when a mysterious man knocked on their door. From there Kratos knew and understood one thing – that there was no more appropriate moment to fulfill his wife’s request while ensuring Atreus survived.

So, what is the journey of Kratos to explore the wild world to arrive at the highest peak? What kind of adventure should he go through with Atreus? Who is the mysterious man who knocked on the door of Kratos’s house? You can find all the answers to these questions by playing God of War.

It is no secret indeed that Kratos is now no longer adventuring on the Greek mainland, but plunged into Norse mythology along with Atreus. Sony Santa Monica certainly has a hard job to ensure that the settings you get end up different from what you found in the past. So far, they have done it.

The Scandinavian region which is a “home” for great fighters in the Viking class does have an architectural and world approach that is different from what we know from Greece before. You will now be adventuring in a place with wild nature that looks more beautiful, with high and snowy mountains that are ready to welcome whatever you prepare for him. Of course, you also have to deal with different types of monsters, as well as unique ruins and forms of civilization. Especially considering that Norse mythology is not only about Midgard. There is another world with different tastes that is ready to welcome the actions of Kratos and Atreus, more than just a snowy cold place with only a mystical aura.

One interesting thing is the timeline of the story itself. Kratos was not plunging into a period of Norse mythology that was still “pure” and peaceful when this God of War began. He entered into a world where the races in Norse mythology themselves, had shared a dark past through the various wars that existed. Then, you will find the remnants of the conflict, scattered over the world that you are exploring.

The three main races here – Vanir, Aesir, and the Giants have shared so many conflicts and deaths that show this clearly through the debris on Midgard. The stories and stories of how they try to finish off each other are also thrown through the fairy tale of a character named Mimir, or simply from information that you find through the exploration that you do. Seeing how their tracks are clearly left on Midgard produces an even more amazing view.

Using the performance offered by the Playstation 4, Sony Santa Monica does produce a product that passes the detail side, it looks stunning. When the cut-scenes occur, details of characters such as Kratos and Atreus, from muscle curves, blood, injuries, facial expressions, to small things like beard feathers also look full of details. But when talking about visual presentations, one additional feature that we think has succeeded in producing a more epic battle sensation is the effect of environmental destruction that is now also available. In the middle of fighting in a field that contains small trees or squares for example, intense battles involving enemies or you who are thrown here and there will destroy the object, sometimes even making particle effects like falling snow.

In addition to its ability to present the cool world and the quality of detailed visualization, this epic sensation also radiates stronger through the implementation of the soundtrack in our ears, right on target. Do you still remember “Overture” which was presented live at the inaugural announcement of God of War at E3 2016 ago? Present at several story points, the music blends perfectly with the scene you face before your eyes, strengthening the emotions that occur.

Not only Overture, some of the other soundtracks also ended no less charming. This audio element also shows its quality through voice acting for all characters that feels right on target, matches personality, and flows naturally, from Atreus to the dynamics of contention between two brothers – Brok and Sindri. Our favorite part? Use a headset at maximum volume before a conversation with the Serpent of World – Jormungandr who has his own unique language in such a low tone. Fantastic!

The two thumbs up is also appropriate for the design of enemies you meet. Unlike Greek mythology which contains more monster-like characters in it, Norse presents threats with more visual forms based on humanoid shapes with a slight twist, both Draugr that are nothing more than living corpses, giant Trolls with their Totems, until the Revenants appear like a witch who can disappear. The farther your game progresses, the more enemy variants you encounter with different attack animations and weaknesses. Slowly but surely, your trip to find the highest peak in this realm will lead to efforts to survive from monsters of various sizes. Of course, you will also “get in touch” with Asgard’s residents later.

With all this appeal, it can be concluded that there is nothing to complain about this latest God of War. Enchanting from the visual, world and audio side presented, you will really be brought into a unique and different setting compared to previous God of War series. But on the other hand, there can still feel that there is something mysterious and threatening behind the snowy high mountains here.