Samurai Shodown – Great Battle

Target Right Presentation
In its efforts to return to the gaming industry, SNK indeed feels still “shocked” by what gamers perceive as modern games, especially in terms of presentation. The last two KOF series, whether in the main series or spin-off, must be admitted cannot be aligned with many modern fighting games, even those using a similar visual approach. He could not match Street Fighter from the artistic side or the accuracy of the fantastic character model in the Arc System Works concoction games. The good news? For the first time after they returned, Samurai Shodown must be admitted to executing this matter so well.

All the iconic Samurai Shodown characters from the past such as Haohmaru, Ukyo, Nakoruru, and Kyoshiro now come with a familiar design and similar to what you know in the original series, but look more modern through the concept of cell-shading that must be recognized, right on target. This visual quality improvement not only occurs in character models, but also the effects of attacks that appear, from burning fires to a variety of special cinematic attacks. In short, SNK’s effort to make Samurai Shodown feels right and must be recognized, better than what they offered in the previous KOF project.

One interesting thing is how they still open the options for gore content in the game itself. That to “brighten up” what is offered in the original series while at the same time giving a more realistic impression, this is a step that should have taken place. Samurai Shodown provides an option for you who want blood and mutilation to occur.

The blood that flows from every attack you receive or throw right now is not only splashed in every slash that happens, but also sticks to the body and clothes of the character. Indicates that a great battle is happening. A strong attack at the end of the round also has the opportunity to mutilate the opponent’s body into two parts, even though the end does not show the contents of the body or blood flowing. But at least he is quite consistent so you can still execute this type of mutilation attack against Nakoruru for example – which incidentally is a 17-year-old sweet girl who in some other games, might get “special” treatment. Everything is combined with animated attacks that are still loyal to what you know from the original series.

So from the presentation side, Samurai Shodown managed to offer a fantastic form from the artistic side. The choice of the right cell-shading style, the reboot of the character model that managed to make each of them feel modern while maintaining the original version of the attack animation, the option to turn gore on and off, and music that supports the mood? We were even surprised by what we got.

Calm or dead
The genre that he stretches may be similar, fighting. But for gamers who have eaten the salt acid of this genre, they certainly understand that it is not always a hitting action with extra weapons and this special attack can be generalized. Almost every fighting game, which looks similar though, has a different gameplay mechanic that makes each one feel special. In Samurai Shodown, the key to victory will be in one thing – calmness. Believe it or not, in the modern era where fighting games are often strongly associated with the speed of animation and brutal combination attacks, Samurai Shodown maintains its limited old taste. Something that beautifully, represents the battle between samurai who should be.

Timing is everything in Samurai Shodown, not just about attacking but also defending. The attack will be divided into three broad categories – weak, medium, and strong, each of which has a different system of damage and speed. Strong attacks of course produce super big damage that is not playful, but on the other hand, has a slower execution speed than the other two types of attacks. While weak attacks offer the opposite. So, what is the effect? This system was later merged with a fantastic blocking system. If you succeed in predicting an existing attack animation and doing the right blocking, there will be a stagger gap there, where you can then strike back. Or if not, even normal blocking will still open a big opportunity for you to produce certain damage.

Do you know the more cool part? That on the same side, it also offers mechanical depth that can be mastered by those who want to grow more proficient or even ambitious to enter the pro scene. You, for example, rather than just blocking, can end up disarming your opponents. By executing the right attacks or even using specific special attacks, you can make their weapons fly and stuck on the ground. Fighting like this certainly produces benefits for those who hold weapons considering that he produces super large damage but also allows him to continue to launch special attacks that require weapons. While those who are disarmed, are now in a position of “defending” with one main motivation – trying to take back the weapon and make a position in the game again equal.

Dramatic and cool Lightning Strike!
Not enough to get there? Samurai Shodown also offers a bar power system called RAGE. If he is in full position, gamers can activate RAGE Explosion and get specific benefits. You can attack with greater damage, can execute Lightning Strike – a super dramatic attack that will immediately kill the enemy if their blood is below 50%, to use an attack called Weapon Flipping – a special type of attack that will immediately disarm the opponent. Unique? Unlike most fighting games where power bars like this are always available for you to fill, Samurai Shodown only allows you to do RAGE Explosion only once in a fight. If you use it in the first round for example, then you will no longer be able to use it and fill it in the second and third rounds.

This then grew into a matter of decision making and how important RAGE Explosion is to ensure you stay in battle. Is sacrificing this bar right? Or can you wait longer and make sure you can use it in the next round? Because there is one other mechanic who is strongly associated with this system. Your character can also enter a phase called MAX RAGE, where passively, all characters whose RAGE bar is in full position will get boost damage. This RAGE bar will also decrease slowly automatically, making timings in this bar more important than before. Mechanics “as simple as” a power bar alone have become a new consideration in Samurai Shodown.

Samurai Shodown is a fantastic fighting game. That in the midst of its simplicity and old appeal, it is a competitive game built with love and caution. Something you can feel since you first raised the sword with him.

Samurai Shodown is a solid fighting game that is a pity to miss, regardless of whether you have tasted the original series or not. He offers a classic fighting game sensation where the key to victory never lies in your ability to remember and memorize attacks of super long combinations that must be executed long. Its strength lies precisely in its simplicity, where standard attacks that you can only execute with a single button can end up being a disaster with great damage. But on the other hand, there are super deep mechanics that can be learned for those who want to master more complex mechanics. With a relatively slow girlfriend, the key to victory lies in calmness.

But that doesn’t mean Samurai Shodown can be called perfect. Although it must be admitted, most of the criticisms that we will throw here are totally unrelated to the basic gameplay mechanics that deserve thumbs up because of the depth and strategy that you can execute with it. What we are concerned about is actually more rooted in the system of mutilation which ends up only being cut in half for any type of attack rather than showing something more gore or a story that is not too essential. Weaknesses also lie in the AI ​​Ghost Battle, which as far as we try, against Ghost himself or someone else, ends up more “stupid” than the Normal AI in various modes. There is something strange here.

Apart from these shortcomings, Samurai Shodown is a fantastic fighting game. That in the midst of its simplicity and old appeal, it is a competitive game built with love and caution. Something you can feel since you first raised the sword with him.

Clash of Clans World Championship 2019 Prize Worth of One Million

One of the booming mobile games in 2015, Clash of Clans finally presented a big esport tournament. Although it was considered too late because the era of the game from SuperCell had faded away from the MOBA and Battle Royale genre games, the tournament pilot this time was quite promising.

In collaboration with ESL, SuperCell will present a Clash of Clans World Championship tournament that has a total prize of 1 million US dollars or around 14 billion rupiah. The tournament will be held for 6 months from the qualification stage and will be followed by large Clash of Clans teams from around the world. The Clash of Clans World Championship tournament has started the qualifying round since last March and the peak party itself will be held in October in Germany.

Currently four teams have been selected to ensure that they will qualify for the final Clash of Clans World Championship. The four teams are Tribe Gaming (North America), Team Queso (Spain), Vatang (South Korea), and QueeN Walkers (Japan). The fifth slot of the Clash of Clans World Championship will be contested starting on 12 July. 300 CoC teams from all over the world will fight to be the best and secure 1 ticket to Germany.

Previously they also presented the battle pass feature for the Clash of Clans game. The game that successfully kicked off the Indonesian market 4 years ago finally got its big update. In the future players will get a new feature in Clash of Clans, namely the Battle Pass Seasonal Challenge where players can complete several given missions to get significant rewards.

In the Battle Pass Seasonal challenge update there will be 2 tiers like the battle pass in general, namely Silver which can be directly used for free, and Gold where players must pay around $ 5 per month to access it.

There will be 15 rewards given starting from Gold, Elixer, Magic items, and Potions that will be given in Silver pass every month. While the Gold Pass will provide more items with more different variations such as 20-30% boost building, research and boosting in training troops. Overall, silver members Clash of Clans can win 5 million gold and elixers and 50k dark elixers, while Gold Clash of Clans members can get up to 25 million gold and elixers and 250k dark elixers that can be used to build and train troops.

And not only that, Buyers of Gold Pass Clash of Clans members can get exclusive skin season every month, and for this month buyers will get Exclusive skin for Barbarian king characters. Well, if you are interested in trying to reminisce with this game. Then please download the game on Google Play or Apple Store iOS.

With the existence of the big tournament it seems like SuperCell wants to revive the game. Facing a growing number of new mobile games, SuperCell has not given up on making the game the number one choice of mobile game players from around the world.

Blood & Truth: Super Cool VR Game

The action of Sony London Studio for VR games is indeed no longer a “new thing”. At the beginning when the new Playstation VR was introduced to the public, they were the developers of one of the early products – Playstation VR Worlds which was positioned as a technical demo of genre and gameplay like what you can achieve with the latest technology. One of the games in PSVR Worlds is The London Heist which is an action game from the eyes of the first person. A few years later, the Sony London Studio is now developing the idea of ​​The London Heist into a VR game full of similar themes. Something ends up in our hands as Blood & Truth.


Although offering the same setting as The London Heist, Blood & Truth has no connection at all with the initial project of The London Studio VR. So, there is never a need to taste one of the Playstation VR Worlds mainstay games first.

You acted as a veteran named Ryan Marks who had to return to London after the news of his father’s death. But the Marks family is not an “ordinary” family. He turned out to be from one of the largest and most successful criminal organization families in London who refused to follow his father’s behavior. He prefers to undergo a military career and leave these things behind.

Stay Comfortable

From the visual side, Blood & Truth does not offer anything revolutionary from the visual side. However, he still comes with enough quality to make the illusion that you are in London and act as a Ryan Marks still there. The character model that you meet along the story, face to face with live voice acting, has enough details to be trusted while standing in front of you. Textures that are quite realistic for clothing material until facial reactions support this. Although for environmental affairs that become the background during the cut-scene and the like, it seems that it has a low resolution.

The good news? Blood & Truth still feels comfortable as a VR game. An amazing achievement, considering the difference with The London Heist, they carry the movement system here. Not as free as Resident Evil 7 that allows you to use the DualShock 4 analog to move like an action game should, Blood & Truth prioritizes the Playstation Move for the sensation of using a better dual-gun. Given PS Move has no analogues, the movement system will ask you to move from point to point. You only need to look at the white icon for movement, press one button, and automatically move there. If there is a white point at a short distance, you can press the square or triangle button to move and move faster.

One of the reasons why Blood & Truth is so comfortable, at least from our observations, is the fact that almost all the activities you do and all the enemies you have to face are in front of you. Thus, it requires minimal head movement, which automatically minimizes your potential to end up dizzy or nauseous. We rarely find a condition where you have to look back or just to the southeast or southwest of your current camera condition. This condition, complete with not excessive visual effects from just an incandescent weapon to the particles that glide as the effect of the existing shots, supports that comfort. Therefore, even for gamers who have never been comfortable with VR, Blood & Truth can be the first game they can enjoy.

While in terms of sound, like most VR games in general, Blood & Truth is certainly more comfortable to play with using a headset instead of using television sound for example. The sound that comes feels close to the details that support the atmosphere, it is the best alternative. Moreover, the thick British accent that you encounter throughout the conversation between characters, complete with hip hop music that emits a strong British “gangsta” image. But unfortunately, Blood & Truth also lacks a crucial visual aspect.

Actor Action

Basically, Blood & Truth is an FPS action game with flavors that are not much different from what you know so far. What makes it different is the more immersive sensation through VR itself, which fortunately managed to bring Sony London Studio to a higher level, especially when compared to what they achieved with The London Heist. Why? Because this is no longer a matter of shooting with extra dramatic cut-scenes in the middle, but it also makes you play the real Ryan Marks.

But the main sensation certainly remains in the excitement of acting like an action film actor, where you, with your weapon, can kill dozens of NPC characters without difficulty. For the best sensation, using dual Playstation Move remains the best option. Accuracy of hand gesture reading and sensitivity does indeed create its own impression of realism, especially when shooting. Cool again? Not all weapons end up simply asking you to do a reload process with an almost unlimited number of bullets stored in your chest. The Shotgun Pump for example really requires you to pump the front every time you shoot one time, making it impossible to be used as a one-handed weapon. Other weapons such as the Assault Rifle also support two-handed effects that will make your weapon more stable.

The good news? Despite the fact that most enemies will usually appear from your point of view up front, Blood & Truth also uses a little effect on both sides of the screen to help you recognize where the shots that hurt you appear. Thus, there is an opportunity to respond quickly to existing threats. Cool again? They also provide a special button for various maneuvering actions with your gun, especially playing them. When using it together with Revolver for example, you will feel like an Ocelot from Metal Gear.

Not enough to get there, Blood & Truth will also make you feel like a John Wick through the mode they call Precision Mode. That’s right, activating this mode will make things move slowly, except you. The shots are super accurate, the enemy does not have time to react, the blood spurting from their bodies when struck by a sharp bullet feels so satisfying, complete with ragdolls of their bodies that feel like “dancing”. This slow effect is also reflected in the variety of objects that are the effect of your shot, from spurting bullet casings from weapons, window pieces that last longer in the air, to explosions that have stopped for some time.

Unfortunately, Not Revolutionary

Apart from the fact that it is a fantastic VR action game, Blood & Truth on the other hand still has a variety of problems that uproot the immersive feeling of VR games so far. Unfortunately, it is indeed not designed to solve the complicated variety of deficiencies that for now, it is difficult to find a solution.

Of course, we talk about reaction. Since you are playing someone from the eyes of the first person and talking with many existing NPC characters, they will still not react to your crazy and funny actions in the game itself. You can just dance, throw various objects at them, to just shout loudly, and these NPCs will not react to that. Blood & Truth unfortunately, still hasn’t provided any solution to this problem, making it end up being a cool action game but not necessarily revolutionary. The only scene where we ended up being able to provoke an NPC reaction was only at the end, where we deliberately fired a gun off the main target. The target was shocked and reacted “You almost hit me”, that’s all.


Blood & Truth is still a VR game that is quite a shame to miss. Super cool shootouts and dramatizations combined with VR effects that have so far been comfortable are the best attraction. This is your only chance to become a fight actor that you have been longing for.

Blood & Truth is a charming VR game, there are no more appropriate sentences for this Sony London Studio concoction game. They managed to bring a charming idea at The London Heist and then ended up concocting an action game with a crazy and interesting story approach at the same time. Not only that, to ensure that it is not monotonous, they also inject puzzle mechanics and exploration in it, to reinforce the impression that you are acting as a human character that is more than just this “killing machine”. Extra cut-scenes to deepen the character plus dramatization will be ready to make you enjoy an action film. But the difference? You are now the main character.

Even so, it doesn’t mean Blood & Truth is perfect. In terms of gameplay, the lack of the effect of Hit Feedback when shooting enemies at long distances or when driving is indeed quite confusing and not uncommon, a new problem in itself. But the biggest complaint of course lies in the weapon management system that takes time to think about, especially if the weapon you just found turns out to be located in the middle of a battle. Since you can’t just throw your weapon away, you have to think carefully about which heavy weapons you should save or dispose of. Blood & Truth might provide the system, but it must be admitted, it’s not intuitive enough for you to just do it. We also regret the story system that was built without clear conclusions and was only built for a sequel in the future.

Laplace M: New MMORPG Mobile Game With Anime Theme

Laplace M is a game adapted from a PC game called Laplace made by X-Legends Taiwanese game developer who also works on Aura Kingdom. So when playing the Laplace M game there will be a little aroma of similarity with Aura Kingdom. Stylish with anime style makes the experience of playing for anime lovers will be fun.

This MMORPG type game provides the latest features, but only the side features are not on the main menu. This is due to still adhering to the existing systems in MMORPG games such as the same role, skill tree, dungeon, even though there are a few interesting things that you might find in this game, just go ahead and see our review!

The Four Main Job Plus Turns into a Monster

In Laplace M, players can only choose one of four available jobs, namely Warrior, Mage, Cleric, and Assassin. Even though it is relatively small, the job will consist of five active skills and one passive skill, so it is a bit limited to performing a skillful combination of skills, you could say it will be a little monotonous.

But there is one special thing where there will be additional skills coming from the card that you will find after defeating certain bosses or monsters. After being pinned to one of the armor, it will open a special skill or even be able to change into one of the bosses and use the skill.

Game Features that Will Make You Not Tired

In the Laplace M game there are many excellent features such as Card Realm, Dragon Treasure, Equipmeant Realm, and Arena that you can try one by one. The dungeon also makes it easy for you to get equipment items as well as cards that can be pinned on a weapon that will add skill.

As well as the existence of farm features, which despite any status or experience, at least this feature can be played when it is saturated with grinding or leveling. One of the things that excels in Laplace M is that all these features can be accessed using one Kingdom button, making it easier for players to jump from one feature to another.

Fields and Dungeon with Different Difficulties

Players can fight in two different places namely Fields that are open between ordinary folders. Dungeon that can be easily accessed through the Kingdom button that will take you directly into the Dungeon. But not all Dungeon can be passed easily, for the initial levels you can only pass two levels, when entering the third level, maybe it’s time to think twice if you continue. So try leveling first and strengthen your armor and weapon to get past the next level.

The Lack of Animation Execution and Dubbing are Too Strange

This may be a little point of lack of this game, animation seems strange and awkward, as if it is not executed properly and looks rough. As well as the comments of the players who filled the screen when the scene began, the minus was enough. Not only does this make the player distracted from seeing the scene but it also makes it difficult to know what really happened.

Plus voice actors who seem not to blend with the theme, as if not animating the characters played is one of the minus things also in the game. Even though it has an anime background, not all of them get points from the impression of the anime in this game, so that a little more may have to be fixed in future updates.


There is no significant change from the MMORPG game that has already been, still using the same standard or role. It’s just that Laplace M gives an MMORPG perspective with anime backgrounds or themes even though there are many things that make the anime impression diminish even in execution.

The number of game features adds a little points so that players don’t get bored easily when playing, it’s just that you can only access some features when you have reached a certain level.

GRIS: Beautiful and Challenging

Beautiful and charming are not the two words associated with a game from small developers. Both words are more often directed at giant games with large budgets that are designed to replicate conditions in the real world, from just textures to the quality of lighting. That when a dynamic weather effect arises or changes in the day makes the lighting effects look realistic in various angles, reactions and compliments like this that we will make. But it is not uncommon for us to meet a situation where indie games, with all their creative abilities, actually look stunning in this aspect. Not through the same approach as most AAA games, but offering something unique, beautiful, and strong at the same time.

This is what makes the eyes of many gamers looking at the latest project called GRIS from the publisher – Devolver Digital and developer – Nomada Studio, which contains talents who had worked under the Square Enix and Ubisoft flags. Looks like a living painting, the game whose first trailer was indeed heavy towards this platformer seemed to spoil the eye in the midst of all the simplicity he stretched out. The opportunity to experiment directly with the project that was introduced at the previous Gamescom 2018 finally surfaced. Through the title we selected above, it seems that you already know that we ended up falling in love with him.


Like most games with an “art” approach like this, GRIS is a game that from the beginning is played clearly has a strong parable meaning. That the real story is not from what you see on the screen, it still means the metaphor that slides from every action, consequence, and flowing storyline. Everything is conveyed implicitly, without a truly clear dialogue.

Above the surface, you act as an anonymous female character who at first seems to be trying to restore the colorless world around her, which is also represented by a giant statue of an anonymous woman. In the midst of the confusion, he fell from the giant’s hand. Situations that make it inevitably have to move on to find a definite solution. The woman finally found a special point that allowed her to move to four different directions to gather a point of light that symbolized the star in space.

The star that made him have to pass through the various obstacles of this platform to be the key he believed in, would enable him to reach a higher place and therefore find a solution to restore this sad world. Every star he collects will follow this girl, create a road and bridge if needed, and will return to the constellation that should be when he returns to the center. While walking, he will also find a variety of new strengths that are all pinned on the dress he wears, from turning it into a heavy beam, drifting, swimming quickly, to singing in a beautiful voice.

Beautiful, evocative

Beautiful is the first reaction you might make when you see what was achieved by Nomada Studio with GRIS. The visual approach is made so that you feel like you are playing a painting that is now moving interactively with the action you take with an existing keyboard or controller. The details offered are not intended for example to photograph the anatomy of the main character’s body as real as possible, but rather lead to efforts to capture the atmosphere that matches the world he faces. What you find is characters with faces full of detail, attractive color designs, fantastic motion animations, but only moving with feet and hands that are just drawn as a straight line. Something that really fits the world that is so abstract.

We talk about the world which, although supported by a number of different themes, from the forest to ancient ruins has so much space and objects that you will not find in the real world. There are trees with cube-shaped leaves that sometimes can also arise and sink with certain timings, water that floats in space, white lines in the middle of the stage that can twist gravity, to just the design of animals and monsters that you find in it. Obviously from the very beginning you looked at it, GRIS brought you into a world that clearly wanted to represent something. The main character is also slow but sure, along with the travel progress, showing different reactions and colors.

The two thumbs up is of course appropriate to be directed at the sound and music in GRIS which truly captures the emotional side without the dialogue that he wants to inject, while building the right atmosphere to build the mood of play that according to the developer, you must feel at the moment you should. The approach and quality must be given a thumbs up because there are some moments that strangely through the help of music, managed to make us tense, sad, and even creep with fur while standing up against a certain scene. For a game without dialogue and only offering animated gestures and faces as expressions, this is an achievement worth talking about.

Simple Puzzle

If the symbolization and visualization that he is carrying out makes it feel like a work of art, then what about the GRIS gameplay side itself? In the end, it is a simple platformer game with puzzles that only need a little rationalization to complete. At the beginning, GRIS feels like a walking simulator game, where you only have to run and jump over the various paths that exist. But along with the progress of the story, there will be more challenges that require a little work power of your brain.

The girl is slow but sure, will get a new power that will help her through the various obstacles that exist at once, accessing a place that is deeper, higher, or far away. At the beginning, he could turn his dress into a heavy and hard beam. Changing this dress makes it unable to be hit by strong winds for example. You can also make it a cracked floor crusher or just a ballast to make the structure of the building unbalanced or slightly depressed.

Using a little of your brain’s ability to solve existing puzzles while training your muscle memory to access the right capabilities at the right time, GRIS actually also injects side missions where you can collect larger light balls that usually require more complex sequences of actions and solutions. But to solve it, you don’t need to pass it.


GRIS is a beautiful game, no one can deny that. His fantastic presentation side in terms of visuals and audio makes him a charming indie platformer game that is ready to steal anyone’s heart from first sight. That for gamers who can indeed build sympathy or empathy for the main character, it can and does not object to digesting something that is implicit and metaphorical, the attraction will even strengthen at the end. It can lead to an emotional and strong playing experience, even though you end up not clearly capturing the definitive story and message what you really want to offer. Everything is shrouded in beautiful level design and remains challenging at the same time.

But on the other hand, it doesn’t mean this game is perfect. In terms of gameplay, some areas where exploration can be done freely, this game has no landmarks or maps that are really clear about the actual location you have explored before. The decision to make boss battles that have a creepy design with so sweet animation that ends up having no consequences actually eliminates the threat sensation that exists. Nothing feels tense, there is no sensation that you want to protect this girl as a form of caring, which ultimately makes her lose meaning.

Cyber Hunter Game: New and Fresh Mobile Game

Besides MOBA, Battle Royale genre is one of the most popular genres today, especially for Mobile Gamers. The number of enthusiasts of the genre certainly makes the developers to make games with the same genre. One of them is a game developer from the bamboo curtain country, NetEase, which developed the Cyber ​​Hunter game.

To be honest, at the beginning of the Cyber ​​Hunter announcement, we were a little hesitant to play the game. Because previously NetEase had also released a game of the same genre, namely Rules of Survival which was not as popular as PUBG Mobile. So that we ourselves just tried it while playing this NetEase game. However, Cyber ​​Hunter was able to live up to all of our expectations. This game is more than other battle royale games and of course with new features and new innovations that make the Battle Royale genre look fresh and attractive. Well, on this occasion, Gamebrott will give a brief review related to one of the NetEase games, Cyber ​​Hunter.

Same gameplay, with new features!

In playing this Cyber ​​Hunter game, you will fight in an arena. Both alone, duo, or four in 1 match. Players will be faced in an arena that will shrink every time and with resources that can be obtained in the arena. Players will compete against each other, to be the winner. The point is this Cyber ​​Hunter game uses the same gameplay as other battle royale games.

Even so this game is able to provide something fresh from most games with that genre. One example of the features applied in the game is the skill feature that is embedded. Where players can build buildings according to the skills they take. Starting from making trees to shelter, to Healing stations that can be used to give blood to your teammates. Only by using an energy called Quantum energy, players can use these skills to build buildings that are very useful in the game. Oh yes, in this game players can also climb walls where players can park everywhere, from the top of the building to the tall trees in the game. There is also an e-core feature where players who combine e-core with their weapons will get additional effects that are no less interesting.

Futuristic but not excessive!

Cyber ​​Hunter is a game that takes the Futuristic theme. Starting from buildings, weapons, to the vehicles that are in the game are quite cool and high tech. For example, the weapon, in the game players can use futuristic weapons where players can use a shotgun that can fire lightning at the enemy. Hoverboard when you get off the plane, to building and skills that look cool and slick.

Unlimited customization!

One of the unique and cool things in the game is its customization feature. Where players can change the shape to the appearance of the character they have. Well, when making a character at the beginning of a game, players can use the customization feature to make the character they want. there are various things that can be done on the customization page, starting from changing her hairstyle and clothes to changing the shape of her eyes, her cheeks to her lips. In addition, players can also change the design of the hover board they have. The vehicle he wants, and changes the style of clothes he has.

Micro transaction?

One of the questions most often asked by Mobile gamers. How about the Micro transaction? Well, don’t worry. Because Micro transactions in this game are purely only for cosmetics. Players are free to buy boxes or costume sets and paint weapons offered in the game, but the set of costumes and paint weapons offered will not add any effect to the game. Only specifically to make your character look more cool and attractive.

Graphics and FPS!

This Cyber ​​Hunter game has very cool graphics, amazingly the details of this graph are pretty cool. Unfortunately having a pretty good graph makes FPS drop, so players often experience lag when playing games. Even so, NetEase provides a way out, namely by lowering the graphics it has, but players will feel less satisfied when playing the game.


The conclusion

The gameplay offered by Cyber ​​Hunter is very similar to other battle royale gameplay. But this game is able to give a fresh impression with the features it offers, ranging from building, e-core, to the parkour features it offers. Besides that, coupled with cool graphics, this game is one of the games that should be played. Unfortunately this game requires a fairly high end device for the players who want to enjoy it fully.

Well, for those of you who are interested in the game battle royale genre, but are bored with what is offered in the game on the market. This game offers something new and fresh. If you are interested in the game. You can download it on the Android Google Play Store, and the iOS App Store.

APEX Legends Weapons – Things You Need to Know

Choosing weapons and carrying the right furniture in the Battle Royale game sometimes seems difficult, because basically the selection of suitable weapons is often different for each player. It also certainly returns to one’s aiming ability, because it’s useless when you get high accuracy and deadly weapons, but how to aim at your target is still very potato like the writer.
Like the Battle Royale game in general, Apex Legends also has a variety of weapons which are divided into several types or categories, namely; Assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols. Each type of weapon certainly has its own characteristics and indirectly you must also adjust the style of play based on the type of weapon you get.

Therefore, the author would like to briefly describe the things you need to know when choosing weapons in Apex Legends. And at the end of this article, the author will also provide some tips and combinations of weapons that I often use when fighting.
Note: Authors will miss the Mastiff (Shotgun) and Kraber (Sniper Rifle) weapons because you can only find both these rare and deadly weapons in the Supply Drop. You or at least your squad members must take it. If you just leave it, then you’re crazy.

Assault Rifles
• Flatline
Using Heavy Ammo bullets, Flatline has a damage impact range of 32 for the head and 16 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 20.
There is nothing special about this Assault Rifle, and it is recommended to complete the Attachments needed if you want to continue to bring Flatline to the end of the battle or replace with other Auto mode weapons. Even so Flatline is quite effective for medium distance combat.
• Hemlok
Using Heavy Ammo bullets, Hemlok has a damage impact range of 36 for the head and 18 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 18. Hemlok has a Burst mode attack with three bullets in each shot, allowing you to damage at least 54 if all the bullets hit your target.
But the author himself prefers to replace it into a Single mode in order to control shots better. It is quite deadly in medium distance combat if it is equipped with attachments, but the authors themselves tend to never carry this weapon until the end of the game.
• R-301
Using Light Ammo bullets, the R-301 has a range of damage effects of 28 for the head and 14 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 18.
Despite being the lowest damage Assault Rifle, the R-301 is one of the author’s favorite weapons because of the very good accuracy and fire rate even without attachments. Complete with a Stock and Barrel Stabilizer Attachment to increase accuracy and reduce recoil, and of course very deadly for medium and close range battles.

Sub Machine Guns
• Alternator
Using Light Ammo bullets, the Alternator has a damage impact range of 18 for the head and 13 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 18.
An alternator is one weapon that is quite often encountered during the game. The alternator has good accuracy and recoil but with a slower fire rate than other Sub Machine Guns. Complete with an attachment and this weapon will be quite deadly in close combat.
• R-99
Using Light Ammo bullets, the R-99 has a damage impact range of 18 for the head and 12 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 18.
R-99 has a fairly fast fire rate but with accuracy and recoil that is quite bad even in close combat. It is strongly recommended to immediately complete it with an attachment, especially the Barrel Stabilizer and Stock, then the R-99 will be one of the deadly weapons at close range.
• Prowler
Using Heavy Ammo bullets, Prowler has a range of damage impacts of 21 for the head and 14 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 20. Prowler has a Burst mode attack with 5 bullets in each shot, allowing you to damage at least 70 if all the bullets hit it.
Being the biggest damage Sub Machine Gun, Prowler has bad accuracy and recoil. Therefore you will need an Attachment in the form of a Selectfire Receiver mod to replace the attack into Auto mode. Complete with Stock and Barrel Stabilizer to increase accuracy and reduce recoil, and Prowler becomes a truly deadly weapon in medium and close range combat.

Light Machine Guns
• Devotion
Using Energy Ammo bullets, Devotion has a range of damage impacts of 34 for the head and 17 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 44.
Devotion has a fire rate that will slowly tighten. Use the Attachment in the form of a Turbocharger to reduce the time needed to make Devotion shoot harder. It is highly recommended to equip it with Stock and Barrel Stabilizer to make Devotion a deadly weapon. Add Extended Heavy Mag to shower your opponents with more bullets and of course accurate.
• Spitfire
Using Heavy Ammo bullets, Spitfire has a damage impact range of 40 for the head and 20 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 35.
In addition to considerable damage, the Spitfire needs to be equipped with Attachment Stock, Barrel Stabilizer, especially Extended Heavy Mag if you want to bombard the enemy more accurately. Effective enough to be used in medium and close range battles.

• EVA-8
Using Shotgun Shells bullets, EVA-8 has a damage impact range of 90 for the head and 63 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 8.
There is nothing special about this one Shotgun besides its quite deadly attack at close range. But you can complete the attachment that is needed until you find a better Shotgun and move the attachment.
• Peacekeeper
Using Shotgun Shells bullets, Peacekeepers have a damage impact range of 165 for the head and 110 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 6.
Peacekeeper is a shotgun with action lever which means you will cock after shooting. However, this one shotgun is really very deadly at close range. Add an Attachment in the form of a Precision Choke to make the Peacekeeper charge when aiming down sight to reduce the spray pattern when shooting. But it is recommended to only charge if you really want to attack from a medium distance.
• Mozambique
Using Shotgun Shells bullets, Mozambique has a damage impact range of 66 for the head and 45 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 3.
There is nothing to be proud of from this Shotgun, even the developer himself considers that this weapon is very bad. Only use this weapon if you find it on landing and replace it immediately if you find another weapon.

Sniper Rifles
• G7 Scout
Using Light Ammo bullets, G7 Scout has a damage impact range of 60 for the head and 30 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 10.
Even though it is included in the Sniper Rifles category, G7 Scout prefers writers to play in medium distances because of the fairly fast fire rate and accuracy and good recoil. Complete with an attachment to increase its effectiveness in battle.
• Longbow
Using Heavy Ammo bullets, Longbow has a damage impact range of 110 for the head and 55 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 5.
Longbow has more damage than the G7 Scout but with a slower fire rate. But Longbow has an Attachment in the form of a Skullpiercer mod that increases damage to attacks that hit the head. Effectively used in long and medium distances.
• Triple Take
Using Energy Ammo bullets, Triple Take has a damage impact range of 138 for the head and 69 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 5.
Despite being the most deadly Sniper Rifle, Triple Take has a spray pattern that makes it a bit difficult to finish off the target in long distance. But you can use the Attachment in the form of a Precision Choke to reduce the spread.

• P2020
Using the Light Ammo bullet, the P2020 has a damage impact range of 18 for the head and 12 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 10.
The P2020 is a standard pistol with fairly good accuracy and recoil. Effective enough to be used in the beginning of a battle after landing. But only has an Attachment in the form of Optics and Extended Mag.
• RE-45
Using Light Ammo bullets, RE-45 has a damage impact range of 16 for the head and 11 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 15.
Being a weapon with the fastest fire rate in the gun category, but having a very bad recoil makes it quite difficult to control. But of course you can reduce the recoil with the Stabilizer Barrel Attachment.
• Wingman
Using Heavy Ammo bullets, Wingman has a damage impact range of 90 for the head and 45 for other body parts. By default it has a bullet capacity of 6.
Wingman is the weapon with the greatest damage with another gun, but has a fairly slow fire rate, and accuracy and recoil that are not too good. However, Wingman is also quite effective in medium distance combat. Add an Attachment in the form of a Skullpiercer mod to increase damage when it hits your target’s head.


After briefly knowing each of the weapons available in Apex Legends, here is the author giving a few tips and combinations of weapons that I often bring up to become Champion Apex Legends.

• It is strongly recommended not to be picky on weapons when landing, especially if there are other squads in your area. Finish the other squad first, then you can do the loot rather calmly and look for your favorite weapon.
• There are still many players who seem to use melee attacks when landing. Please note that a melee attack has a fixed damage of 30. The author himself is better off looking for a weapon than hitting enemies around the author on landing.

• Alternator is an Auto weapon that you can find anywhere. Complete with an attachment to increase its effectiveness, keep holding until you find R-99 or R-301, the attachment will automatically move if you replace the Alternator with one of the two weapons.
• The author recommends not to carry two weapons with the same type of bullet, especially if the two weapons have a full auto attack mode which will certainly be very wasteful of bullets.
• The author’s favorite combination is the R-301 with Peacekeeper. This combination is usually used by writers to fight in medium to close distances. R-301 to open attacks and Peacekeepers if the author faces the enemy.
• Devotion and Peacekeeper are also favorites of the author. But the problem with this combination is that Energy Ammo for Devotion tends to be difficult to obtain. This combination is very effective for use at close range.

• The author himself actually rarely uses the Sniper Rifle because fighting tends to last up to close range. But writers usually use Triple Take if they want to attack from a distance or medium range, and bring between R-301 or Peacekeepers when dealing with enemies at close range.
• The author will usually take it with another full auto weapon, but if he doesn’t find the Selectfire Receiver mod when approaching the end of the game, the author will replace the Prowler with another weapon such as a Peacekeeper for example.
• 2 Peacekeepers if you really are able to play aggressively at close range, or 2 Mozambique if you feel the ability to play your shoot game is like a god.

Those are some tips and things that I can give so you can choose weapons well in playing Apex Legends. The points above, of course, also need to be adjusted to the ability of the Legends that you use.

Left Alive – Big Disaster

The view of gamers is indeed focused on projects that look super ambitious on this one. How come? He borrowed the talent Yoji Shinkawa – illustrator of the Metal Gear Solid artwork that has a distinctive style for photographing the three main characters of Left Alive. This step is seen as an attempt by Square Enix to concoct a game that would be positioned as the “main competitor” of the MGS series from Konami whose future is indeed increasingly unclear. They also recruit promising behind-the-scenes talent, such as the figure of Toshifumi Nabeshima from Armored Core as the person in charge. All are formulated in semi-open-world game design in trailers and screenshots, showing a chaotic urban war. On paper, Left Alive looks like a “sure” game with a successful formula. But in fact? It’s exactly the opposite.

So what is Left Alive actually offering? Why do we call it a game that can be called a cruel joke? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.


Taking the Front Mission universe, Left Alive takes settings in a city called Novo Slava in 2127. By canon, the story timeline means being between Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolved.

You will act as three characters who are “trapped” in this super complicated situation. Where the Novo Slava, the city that was supposed to be the border between two countries – Ruthenia and Garmonia ended up falling apart. After the conflict had stiffened for some time, Garmonia suddenly invaded Ruthenia by taking control of Novo Slava first with full military force. Not only did they use infantry, they also sent heavy weapons, including the Wanzers to do so.

As can be predicted, slowly but surely, these three characters will intersect on Left Alive. Slowly but surely, you will also begin to open the veil of mystery that the likelihood of a war that occurred in Novo Slava is not just a war to fight for territory. Those who appear to the surface indicate that there is something deeper and more complex, happening here.

So, what really happened in the Novo Slava war? What kind of conflicts do these three characters have to pass? What kind of conspiracy is going on behind the scenes of this devastating war and death? Of course you must complete Left Alive to get answers to these questions.

Bad, there are no more appropriate words to explain the overall experience offered by the presentation by Left Alive, especially from the visual side. Even the super cool artwork formulated by Yoji Shinkawa will not be able to save him. Left Alive feels like a released game, late one or even two generations. A game that you should enjoy in the Playstation 2 or Playstation 3 era.

Sound brutal? Believe it or not, this fact is what you swallow as a bitter pill when enjoying this one stealth survival game. You will meet with so many low-resolution textures that “greet” you from all angles of existing city design, from rocks to Wanzer – mecha which should be the visual attraction of this game. A visual effect that should make things more dramatic, from the light emanating from the darkness to the effect of the fire that appears when molotov cocktails are also handled so badly. Simply put, Left Alive brings visuals that should fascinate you if it’s released, maybe 10 years ago. There is a strong impression that this game was developed with a low budget.

The character model offered is also the same. Even though it looks stunning when the cut-scene runs, the same quality details are not seen when you play them directly during gameplay. You will also meet many moments where a new texture will appear after a split second you enter an area. But waiting for this texture to load even if it does not necessarily guarantee a better visual experience, where it still looks like a game that is left behind generations. The same thing happens in a variety of weather effects that instead make it more charming, it produces the opposite effect.

But one of the most ridiculous parts of Left Alive in terms of presentation seems to lie in the motion animation itself. Although it must be admitted that in some parts, especially when meeting Wanzer who was on patrol in the city managed to leave the impression of a powerful and heavy machine from the movement, most of the animation of this game was stiff and uncomfortable. From character movements when playing that do not reflect modern products, to the sensation of using Mecha / Wanzer which feels messy. Motion animation systems, attack animations, damage-affected animations, and animation using weapons feel like an outdated product. What’s worse? They can’t even handle the flashlight effect properly. This ridiculous presentation seemed impressive as he was a low budget game handled by amateur developers.

The same thing unfortunately, happens on the audio side. Fortunately, the OST that accompanies you, especially in the main menu can be said to be quite satisfying and effective in building the atmosphere that Left Alive offers. But for the other side? Being in the shadow of the same quality. The sound of the effects of footsteps, attacks, weapons, to voice acts that should strengthen the side of the story cannot be said to meet existing quality standards. But for the last business – voice acts, he is still in a stage that can be tolerated.

So with all of these combinations, the Left Alive presentation must be admittedly disappointing. That aside from their big idea to build a “playground” that focuses on chaotic and devastating urban warfare situations, none of the presentation’s sides are stunning. The behind-generation visual and audio quality actually impresses strongly that the development process is really tied to a small budget. This is a game that might look stunning 10 years ago, not now.

The concept that is actually stunning

Before we go deeper to talk about Left Alive and why we should perish and not be left alive, it seems more balanced if we also talk about what the game has done. Believing or not, like the gold mining process where you are looking for a shiny yellow metal with a handful of land that is of no value at all, Left Alive actually has a good concept. A concept that in our eyes will obviously be charming if it can be handled more perfectly than the process of executing the elements that support it. An actual concept, can be stunning.

What concept is that? That it was built as a survival stealth game amid an urban war theme that is indeed impressive, an invasion that should be. The three characters that you use will not carry many different things except the weapons that they can get on their way. But Left Alive managed to concoct the right conditions to impress the three indeed being trapped in a complicated situation beyond their control and there was nothing they could do but survive and help as many survivors as possible. Left Alive managed to do that.

In concept that you read above, there is clearly something that Square Enix wants to offer on Left Alive. Its foundation as a survival stealth game in an open world that you can explore is something that we want to see more implemented in the future. The concept that might feel similar to MGS V: The Phantom Pain, but feels more challenging and more demanding of caution.

So, if Left Alive really has a concept with a class like this, why is it scorned? Why did we choose the sub-title above? The simple way to explain it is the fact that in the end, that’s all he has to offer. Left Alive is a game with a charming concept that is wrapped in bad execution on all other sides.

A Cruel Joke

The disappointing quality of Left Alive does not only lie in the presentation that we have talked about before, which in fact reinforces the impression that it is formulated with a limited budget. Complaints are actually rooted in aspects that should make it charming – gameplay. Believe it or not, there are many designs in this game that really count as absurd.

The biggest problem with this game is the strong impression that the developer doesn’t understand how to mix the stealth game as it should. A tense stealth game, but on the other hand it feels modern and rational to take. Currently offered by Left Alive is a stealth game formulated with the approach of a third person shooter game from the mechanical side. The result is a game that is design, confusing and irrational.

No need to dive too far. Believe it or not, regardless of its status as a stealth based game, Left Alive doesn’t have a stealth takedown system at all. That’s right, you CANNOT move behind your opponent and finish them using features that are supposed to be “standard” for all games that have this stealth element. Imagine a stealth game WITHOUT stealth takedown, what kind of genius has a brilliant mind to present a system like this.

Other extra problems? Left Alive does not offer any alternative solution to cover this Stealth Takedown absence. If there are enemies that block your path and it is impossible for you to pass without attracting attention, you now only have 2 solutions: hit him using a melee weapon or shoot him with your firearm. Two concepts that both have their own problems, again to support Left Alive as a game that has a strong identity in stealth based gameplay.

Okay, what if you rely on firearms for example? Congratulations, because you meet with other flawed elements that also have a problem compared to other stealth based games. First problem, none of the weapons you get have silencers. That’s right, there are no silencers or silent weapons! This means that if you want to kill the enemy before your eyes, all your weapons will sound and your position will be discovered. The second problem that is even more severe? Left Alive does not carry the system 1 headshot = 1 kill which is actually the standard for stealth based games. To kill just one enemy, you can issue 4-5 headshot bullets. This system without instant death makes everything you do with your own firearm lead to open warfare, which with a rigid animation system will be another nightmare.

All of them are covered with an AI system which can be concluded, inconsistent. Sometimes it’s difficult to predict what they can and can’t do. In one situation, you who walk down for example can pass them from close range without them knowing it at all. But in other situations, enemy AI suddenly becomes so sensitive and responsive that you can realize your position from afar. The worst part is when you are dealing with a Sniper that does occupy a high location. First, you don’t have a standard weapon that can reach and finish them from afar. Second? They have eyes so sharp to aim at you from a distance and inform you of your location, even though you have played as safe as possible. The range of sounds that the NPC can hear is also inconsistent, where sometimes they silently hear your firearm at close range, while in other conditions it immediately engulfs you when you shoot it from a distance. Only psychics can predict the behavior of AI in this game.

These combinations of elements make Left Alive end up being a stealth game with messy mechanics. A stealth game without mechanical stealth support is an amateur design that makes you curious and keeps throwing questions, “What does the designer really think?”.


So, is Left Alive appropriate to look at? It doesn’t seem to be our answer. That despite all the things he wants to offer, he feels like an outdated game that is confused with his own identity.

Like a cruel joke, there are no more clear sentences to explain what Square Enix has to offer with Left Alive. Basically, you can see the potential about the concept that he wants to offer. A stealth gameplay-based survival game in the midst of an urban war that does require intelligence and a specific strategy to solve. But unfortunately, everything ends up being a big disaster. Left Alive comes with quality as if it was handled by amateur developers with a limited budget.

Beloved Classic Console of All Time

Playing games from the classic console must be one of the sweetest memories for a gamer. You can just hear the theme song, it can generate incomparable pleasure. Moreover, you can return to holding the stick or controller again, then play the game.

Actually, you can, back to that time, by playing games that once filled your childhood. No need to confuse loading warehouse to find your old console first. The thing is, it could be that your console is damaged and it can’t even turn on. It’s a waste of time.

Instead, you better buy old game consoles that provide these memorable games. At least, the old console can be a kind of time machine that takes you to the past.

There are many classic consoles that can revive your childhood memories. Come on, see what these old consoles are!

  1. PS 1 Classic, Small Version of the Best Console in the World

As a pillar of modern games that are now, of course there are many gamers who have memories of this one console. PlayStation 1 (PS 1) was released in 1994 and thousands of good games followed later. You may witness history because you have played Crash Team Racing (CTR), Final Fantasy VII, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games.

The heyday of PS 1 also ended in 2006. Sony also made a mini version of PS 1 at the end of 2018. Unfortunately, you can only play a few games. At least you can still feel your longing when you don’t have as many thoughts now.

  1. NES Classic, the Console is 8-bit Gamers

For you 1980s generation gamers, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is definitely a must have item. Mario Bros. Game the legendary one was born on this one console. you guys can still recognize the song until now. Playing games on this console can actually make you happy even though you can’t visually spoil your eyes like now

For those who want to go back to those times, you can play NES games on the console now. In addition to the Mario Bros. game, you can also get other old games, such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda, as well as many others. Even so, this “time machine” console is not too expensive.

  1. Classic SNES that has brighter images

After releasing the NES Classic, Nintendo also released the Classic SNES and you can buy this console now. In his day, the SNES had brighter colors than its predecessor. One of the famous games here, Street Fighter II, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, and other series The Legend of Zelda.

You will be given a console that is exactly the same as the original version, complete with 20 nostalgic games in it. In fact, the feel of the controller was made exactly the same as the old version. If you like this, you can go back to the 1990s when young blood still felt hot.

  1. Sega Genesis Classics, the Best Console that Sega Has

Sega has a cool console in the 1980s and 1990s. However, there is only one of the best consoles ever released by Sega, the Genesis 16-bit. On this console, the Sonic The Hedgehog character was born and is still victorious until now. There are many more famous games that you can play on this one console.

For releasing homesickness, Sega also joined in releasing the classic version for his fans. In fact, you can get more than 40 games in it. However, it looks like it still has to wait for this memorable console to come.

  1. Game Boy, Handheld that doesn’t use complicated

This classic console is rented out every 15 minutes in front of the school. Indeed, there are rarely those who can and want to buy Game Boy in the 1990s ago. The price is somewhat expensive of that time. The problem is that the games on the Game Boy are pretty much cool.

If it’s really over those days, you can find Game Boy now too. Many, how come, those who have sold this handheld console at low prices. you can play a lot of games, even on the road. No complicated to carry it because it’s small, it’s not complicated to play because the buttons are not much.

  1. Arcade Machine Mini, Memories in the Corner of the Modern Market

Not many people have childhood playing games on arcade machines. There used to be a lot of places where you could find arcade machines, even in the modern market of providing arcade machines. The intention is to be a place for children to play while their parents are busy shopping for daily necessities. Sometimes, this place becomes the right destination for school kids to skip.

In the past, one of your machines can only get one type of game. Now you can get hundreds of games with just one modern arcade machine. EGO Batop released a mini arcade machine filled with many games in it. You live plugging into electricity and you can play everything.

  1. PlayStation 2, Mighty Retro Console

The younger generation is usually familiar with PlayStation 2 (PS 2) compared to its predecessor. Even though it seems that not long ago, PS 2 has been around since 2000. No wonder people who were born in the late 1990s used to fill their days with this one console.

If asked what is still wrong, you can still get PS 2, really. Of course also with prices that are certainly already affordable. Buy this console now, of course it won’t lose. You can return to the choice of the Grand Theft Auto series: San Andreas, Final Fantasy, and memorable God of War.


The classic consoles above can certainly be made into collectibles and can make you turn back for a while into the past. Never get bored, anyway, play old games from this classic console. Well, which one do you like the most classic console? Please include your comments in the column below!

Comparison Between PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Which One Suits You the Best?

The Console is indeed the main alternative for gamers to enjoy the game without bothering to mix PCs with specifications that occupy. Of course in determining a home console, gamers are faced with two definite choices, namely Sony with PlayStation 4 & Microsoft with Xbox One.
These two giant companies are indeed eternal rivals in the gaming console industry even before the current era of genes. Both of them have their own advantages & disadvantages, if juxtaposed, which console is more worthy of glance? PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? the following discussion.

Specifications & Performance
Speaking of specifications, it is clear that the Xbox One has specifications and performance that is superior to the PS4. His motive as “The World ‘s Most Powerful Console” is indeed proven, but even so, the PS4 is also still capable of taking gahar in running various games.
One of the reasons the PlayStation 4 is selling well is because the price is far more affordable than the Xbox One. The PS4 Slim currently has a range of $ 270, the Pro version at $ 378, while the Xbox One S is priced at $ 275 and the Xbox One X version is priced at $ 370.
Connecting to the previous point, it seems that it’s fair enough if Microsoft sets a higher price for the Xbox One. Considering the specifications & performance offered by Xbox One is superior to the PS4, it is fair enough if we give a balanced score.

Speaking of design, both of them do look very elegant, but with the minimalist & solid appearance of the PS4, it seems that Sony is slightly superior through their PS4 variant body console. The special edition console variants provided by PS4 are also far more diverse and more interesting, for example, such as Days of Play Edition & Marvel’s Spider-Man Edition which was just released last year. In a few moments Sony & Square Enix will also launch a PS4 Pro with the theme Kingdom Hearts 3 that looks charming.
But when talking about the controller, it seems that the Xbox One is superior, besides having a more “solid” appearance. through the grip, the Xbox One controller feels more comfortable with its right size, the row of buttons provided also feels very precise & accurate on the finger.

Entertainment System
Following the times, the console is not only used as a device that is only limited to being able to play games. But also as another entertainment medium, it seems that both the PS4 and Xbox One are quite serious in working on this one thing. both of them have a row of entertainment applications that can be enjoyed, such as Netflix, YouTube, or Spotify for example.
But if you look further, it seems that in terms of this Xbox One comes with a much better quality, they also provide a more complete range of applications. Xbox One also has a more organized & elegant user interface, the chat feature with a special avatar that they present also gives a more pleasant impression in interacting with other people, unlike the PS4 which is made very minimalist & simple.

Online Membership
In the current era, online services are indeed the most important factor to enjoy content optimally in the console current gene. PS4 has PS Plus as their online membership service, which offers free games every month and exclusive discounts. While the Xbox One comes with the popular Game Pass, it offers a variety of more attractive advantages.
With the Xbox Game Pass, you can access backward compability and play various Xbox 360 games that have been released. Not only that, the Xbox Game Pass service also allows you to play the latest exclusive games released for the Xbox One. Just like PS Plus too, the Xbox Game Pass also provides exclusive discounts, it’s just that they don’t provide monthly games that can be claimed permanently.

Exclusive Games
This is one aspect of the majority of gamers determining console choices, namely through exclusive games offered by each brand. When talking about exclusive games, in terms of quality and quantity of PlayStation 4 far superior to the Xbox One, the exclusive range of games they launch rarely reap failure.
In 2018, we were presented with an amazing variety of PS4 exclusive games, from God of War, Detroit: Become Human, to Marvel’s Spider-Man, all of which were able to reap extraordinary success. Not only that, PS4 still has a myriad of anticipated future line-up games, starting from The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, to Death Stranding.
Unlike the Xbox One which looks “dragged” by concocting their exclusive games, the exclusive games they have can be said to be only a few who can reap extraordinary success. In the past year alone, 2 exclusive Xbox One games, such as the Sea of Thieves & State of Decay, can be said to fail and reap a variety of negative criticisms. And again, the exclusive Xbox One game feels completely exclusive, because it was also released for Windows 10-based PCs.
But fortunately, Microsoft began to realize and try to release exclusive games that look interesting like Halo Infinite & Gears of War 5 in the future. Those who are expected to be able to begin to catch up with them on the side of “exclusive games”, although still it will feel very difficult.

When judging from all aspects, the PlayStation 4 can be said to be superior to the Xbox One, various things injected by Sony into the console feel more mature on many sides. But of course returning to your choice of tastes and needs, for those of you who want affordable prices with an exclusive “top notch” series of games, the PS4 is the answer. But if you want a multi-functional gaming console for media entertainment & nostalgia, the Xbox One is the answer.
What do you think about yourself? which one is superior, please write in the comments column, feel free to discuss.