Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town – Marry The Harvest Goddess

If you had grown up with Harvest Moon in the past, especially the Back to Nature series, then you certainly will be familiar with the news related to the remake process that is being carried out by Marvelous by bringing Story of Seasons. First announced on the Famitsu website that continued in more detail in his weekly magazine will be the presence of the Harvest Moon: Friends / More Friends remake of Mineral Town in Story of Seasons: Reunion in Mineral Town. Marvelous finally shows the inaugural gameplay of the game.

You can see a lot of changes made by Marvelous, one of which is the UI (User Interface) that will make it easier for you to see the stamina, money, and equipment you need to care for your cattle and rice fields. He also offers new animals that you can care for.

Although it was not yet officially available to get the English language version, XSeed Games just announced that they will handle the English language version of the game. Not only that, they also announced their official title as Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, adapted from the original Harvest Moon title that they reproduced, rather than having to use the Japanese title, Reunion in Mineral Town.

But it’s not really the Back To Nature series that he will remake, but a version of “Friends of Mineral Town” with almost similar content that was once available for Gameboy Advance. In addition to the freedom to use male or female characters who also determine which life partner you can choose, the remake-in process will also maintain one feature not available for Back to Nature.

That’s right, we’re talking about a secret marriage. Following content that was available for HM :: Friends of Mineral Town, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town will also allow the male karkater that you are concocting to marry the Harvest Goddess aka Harvest Goddess. If you manage to make him fall in love and get married, you might not be able to bring him home, but can give birth to a child for you. Marvelous itself has not yet shared the terms and conditions needed considering that in the GBA version, this “secret marriage” requires hard work to be obtained.

Following the GBA version which is the foundation, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town still allows you to secretly marry the Harvest Goddess if you succeed in fulfilling the terms and conditions.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town itself is planned to be released on October 17, 2019 for the Japanese market, via the Nintendo Switch. Western version has also been announced, but still without a definite release date. How about you? Interested in “chasing” a secret marriage with the goddess of harvest on this one?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Great Tactical Strategy Game

Calling it one of the best strategy game franchises in the gaming industry is not excessive. Because it is different from most strategy games that “just” require you to rack your brains on the battlefield, Fire Emblem always injects something more personal in it. You are required to get to know your supporting characters better, carry out the role of a leader which is also translated into gameplay, to build a romantic path if possible. Together with him, he also includes stories with political content that deserves thumbs up. Not surprisingly, many who welcomed the return of this series for the Nintendo Switch via Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Those of you who have read our previous preview article already seem to have a little idea of ​​what is offered by Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As can be predicted, we fell in love at first sight. For a series that finally comes on a platform with stronger performance, Intelligent System and Koei Tecmo seem to do a good job of offering the Fire Emblem series with high-quality visualization. A strong story, a character design that is ready to make you fall in love, a variety of mechanics arranged to produce a solid playing experience, and of course Waifu’s choice to glance at defining this latest series.


Welcome to Fodlan – a continent that has three giant nations that live side by side. To the north is the Faerghus Kingdom, to the west and to the south is the Adrestian Empire, with the Leicester Alliance inhabiting the east. These three countries surround an important location called The Church of Seiros – an independent “institution” with its own special forces. The Church of Seiros is central to Fodlan and at the same time, serves as a guardian of peace for these three countries.

The neutral Church of Seiros is centered in a monastery called the Garreg Mach Monastery, which is also an academy of education for nobles from the three countries that surround it. There, in addition to meeting with building good relations, his successors could also learn many things – from war tactics, Fodlan’s history, to just farming. The Church of Seiros also provides teachers who are deemed appropriate to train and prepare these future leaders.

You play the role of a mercenary named Byleth, who is in the right place at the right time. In a super urgent situation, Byleth managed to save the students of The Church of Seiros who happened to be the successors of each kingdom. They are Edelgard from Edestrian, Claude from Leicester Alliance, and Dimitri from Faerghus. As can be predicted, Byleth’s heroic actions immediately attracted admiration from Rhea-Archbisop of the Church of Seiros who immediately gave him a job vacancy as a teacher there. Apart from his young age and almost equal to his own students, Byleth agreed and ended up having to choose one of these three kingdoms as the focus.

Beautiful Woman

It seems that it is common knowledge that for the current generation of console competition, Nintendo Switch can indeed be called a weaker platform. Therefore, expecting something that has sharp visualizations with high textures like games that make cell-shading the basis of other games is not something that you can rationally anticipate. But considering that the Fire Emblem was last released on the Nintendo 3DS – a handheld which incidentally is weaker in terms of performance, the Three Houses at this time seems to be worthy of the title as the Fire Emblem series with the best visualization. For those of you who are familiar with the appeal of this franchise, this also means the design of female characters who never fail to tease.

With this extra performance, the overall Fire Emblem: Three Houses experience is indeed built on three-dimensional models, both from the character, the structure of the building, to the units when fighting later. One of the most significant changes from this strategy is of course through the presentation of the dialogue which is now presented in the form of the cut-scene that should be, rather than just two image sprites facing each other. Does this change offer something different for Three Houses? Visually, yes. But that doesn’t make it feel better. The lack of emotional expressions and cut-scenes which mostly ended with two characters standing static while sharing stories made it not feel like a big upgrade from using two-dimensional character images in the past.

But, once again, an extra appreciation deserves to be given to the character design carried by the Three Houses, especially for existing female characters. Not only do we meet the faces of characters who pamper the eyes, but also supported by the selection of costumes that are so fantastic. One thing we like is how this appearance, in addition to being just a fan-service, can also provide its own insights about the geopolitical conditions of each kingdom involved in the Three Houses. One of the coolest examples? Dedue and background of the story. The war with the king’s family – Dimitri did end in the defeat of the people of Dedue, which was told through dialogue after dialogue. But this conflict has its own “weight” when you realize that the skin color of the people of Dedue is different from Dimitri, giving the impression that this war might be colonial.

But unfortunately, the geopolitical mirror between the three kingdoms and the Church of Seiros which is the center of the Three Houses story is not explored more deeply. At least from the two story lines we tried via Blue Lions and Black Eagle (“Non-Edelgard), there are not many opportunities to explore the way work, lifestyle, culture, or the way each kingdom governs. The Church of Serios is a “fusion center” which unfortunately is also a reason for Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo to dive deeper into the world. In fact, the potential is big. Even by just looking at costume designs that are significantly different between Golden Deer and Black Eagle, for example, there is a strong impression that these two kingdoms have different government and political styles. But unfortunately, everything is just an “impression”.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is also a bit of the latest JRPG game that still uses FMV to mix important story cut-scenes on a more dramatic scale with a thicker anime flavor. Most of these FMVs carry out their duties well, making the part of the story that is supposed to arouse emotion end up that way. Cool again? Fire Emblem: Three Houses prepares quite a number of variants depending on the kingdom and the storyline you choose.

So from the presentation side, we ourselves ended up falling in love from the first sight with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Extra performance is used to bring everything to the three-dimensional model while maintaining some of its series of past trappings, from character, voice acting, to female character design spoil the eyes. In the end, it’s hard to deny that the foundation for a large-scale waifu war is also available here.

3 Paths, 4 Stories

So, how does the style of Fire Emblem: Three Houses present the story? You might be curious about the three kingdoms system that you can choose at the beginning. In the end, it’s hard to deny that one of the three stories that you can live it does end up being the main story. While the remaining two scenarios end up being an “alternative” scenario or just a complementary scenario from the main story offered. These three stories will center on the same main conflict, but have different resolutions. That in the end, regardless of any claim thrown by the Intelligent System, the Black Eagle scenario in our eyes still deserves to be counted as the main story of the Three Houses themselves.

Outside the Black Eagle scenario, almost all the scenarios move in the same linear story. That apart from the various conversation options that arise during the cut-scene, there are at least only 2 points where the choice really changes the story you get. First, is when you choose the kingdom that will be your student, which incidentally will define the story and also which characters you will get. Second? At one point the Black Eagle story will give a different story experience.

The rest? All choices that appear in the cut-scene will not produce any branch of the story and act like a chance to increase the level of closeness with the character of the other person. So with these combinations, Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers three storylines, but ends with 4 stories that you can finish. Each of them can offer a gameplay time of 25-40 hours depending on the intensity of your game. Completing these 4 stories certainly takes time. But take it easy, there is no sense of having to enjoy each of these stories, even though we ourselves still recommend you to at least taste the Black Eagle, whatever the sequence of your game will be.

With all the uniqueness that he offers, how the storyline and fantastic supporting characters that you can meet and even end up marrying at the end of the story grow and develop, then there is no better way to enjoy Fire Emblem: Three Houses than enjoy it in “Classic” mode. Classic mode will make all the characters who end up killed in battle will be killed permanently and you can not use again at all. Any story that concerns them, including side missions, will end at that point. With this Classic mode, your love and care for characters with strong personalities on this one will be more intense. To the point that it will change the way you think and make decisions when fighting, just to make sure they don’t end up having to die.


Become a Teacher

Broadly speaking, the core game Fire Emblem: Three Houses is divided into two major parts. For this session, we will focus on mechanics who might remind you of how Atlus handled Persona 5 with their school life as teenagers. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the game doesn’t move like most strategy games that will be consistently consistent from moving from one battle arena to another. Fulfilling your role in the story, you are also required to carry out your duties as a teacher.

Your activity as a teacher is to hold SEMINAR – where you can choose one specific teacher to teach two separate skill sets that will automatically encourage the progress of the status of students who choose to participate. As an example? Asking Mercedes as a seminar teacher will provide extra EXP for the status “Faith (White Magic)” and “Reason (Black Magic)” for the characters who follow this lesson. You cannot choose which students will take part, but there is an extra motivation motivation for those who learn it.

Because the reinforcement of characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses does not depend on level alone. It also depends on how well each character specializes in their dominant status. As an example? Archer classes who continue to study and raise Archery status at the end of the week will get a slow but sure specialization process, with grades based on letters, will appear more effective. The higher your specialty is in a particular status, the more effective it is, the more permanent skills and buffs you can access to make your battle easier. Moreover, as a teacher, you have two other extra responsibilities – JOBS and GOALS.

Become a General

So besides being a teacher, you will also spend most of your time playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses by becoming a General. That in almost every battleground you must pass, students who put their lives in your hands will ask you to lead them, both in the name of victory or just salvation. On the gameplay side? It is no different from many tactical RPG / strategy games in general.

Box-based movement systems with different distances depending on the job and character you choose, the battle system will be divided into the Player phase and the Enemy phase which will attack alternately. Depending on the character and the distance available, the party attacked can also strike back at the same time, making this process can end up more difficult than it should. Critical systems sometimes make you attack twice in a row for greater damage. And of course, based on the status of your character, the battle journey can also be filled with effects such as “Miss” which makes the attack not cause any damage to the level of closeness with other units which can also affect the amount of defense and damage that you produce.

The new system offered by Fire Emblem: Three Houses is also offered in the form of Battalions. So instead of just fighting alone in battle, you can embed special forces for these units whose compatibility depends on the level of authority they have. Battalion will affect the status that usually ends up reinforcing the character that you embed, while providing a special attack effect called GAMBITS. Depending on the type of Battalion you install, GAMBITS can end up being a two-lane attack which also makes the enemy unable to move until it only provides buff defense for the surrounding characters. Setting which Battalions are pinned for which characters will also help your journey.


Like a feeling of longing that is relieved, it is certainly a relief and fun at the same time to see the name Fire Emblem return to a platform that is stronger than the performance of handhelds that are so old. And as far as we have seen, heard and played, Nintendo along with the Intelligent System and Koei Tecmo must be recognized, doing a good job with it. That they seem to understand what the Fire Emblem fans of this series want, while still offering content that is quite interesting to the newcomers gamers on it. In the end, it must be admitted, the main attraction still lies in the characters with attractive designs and personalities and easily builds emotional closeness with you, especially if you choose to use the permanent death system offered as an option here.

But of course, Fire Emblem Three Houses is not exactly a perfect game. A feeling of disappointment that cannot be abandoned just like the potential to delve into the stories, cultures, and politics of the Abandoned Three Kingdoms is indeed too big to not talk about. It is unfortunate that all actions in most scenarios center on the existence of the Church of Serios as central. One other complaint that is quite annoying? His inventory system. There are so many steps and menus that you have to choose just to exchange items, choose weapons, use accessories, or just shop and pair certain items to specific characters. Those annoying steps that should no longer occur in modern games like this. Conversation options that do not have much effect on the storyline also become a separate note.

But beyond all that, it’s hard not to mention Fire Emblem: Three Houses as one of the best tactical / RPG strategy game experiences we’ve tasted in recent years. That in the end, this was never always a matter of blood, throne, and women. That this is also a matter of sibling, love, and story.

Top 5 Strongest Synergy Combo in Auto Chess

One of the determinants of a victory in the Auto Chess game is a strong combo synergy. With the strong synergy of combos, the player who at the beginning of the game has difficulty and often loses can return the victory in the late game by doing a win streak every round. Then what are the powerful synergy combos in the Auto Chess game? Here’s the list:

  1. Divinity Mage

Since it was first released the Divinity race has been an irreplaceable prima donna. The strength of the race made the other Sinero combos instantly flat. Even though Drodo Studio has been nerfed, the Divinity Mage combo power is still troublesome. Especially if added Warlock which now only requires two pieces to activate it.

The combo of Divinity Mage is to take God of War and three mage pieces, namely The Source, Thunder Spirit, and Shining Dragon at the beginning of the game. Players can also take Desperatde Doctor for additional warlock combos in the late game. Furthermore, the Mid Game players do not need to bother to look for other classes, but rather focus on duplicating their mage or warlock pieces. With the combination of two 2-star Thunder Spirits, the damage produced will be very painful and can be repeated with an active race divinity.

In the late game players can search for God of Thunder or perfect their pieces to 3 stars. Don’t forget to not create synergies for other races other than divinity so that the active synergy combo of divinity is active and gives a 50% cooldwon reduction to each player piece.

  1. Glacier Knight

Glacier Knight is a powerful synergy combo since the release of Auto Chess. The strength of the Knight Class was fairly strong, but they only synergized with fellow class knights. With the Glacier Knight combo, the synergy power of the player will be very strong, both attack and defense. The weakness of the Glacier Knight combo is finding a pawn piece that is hard to find.

At the beginning of the game players can find pawns from glacier races in advance such as Frost Knight, Desperate Doctor, or Defector. Furthermore, players can search for level 2 or 3 Knight class pieces such as Lightblade Knight, Hell Knight, Evil Knight, and Argail Knight.

Whereas in the late game the emotion player can look for the Berseker and 6 knight combos. The last piece that was sought was the Dragon Knight. After that, the strength of the combination of Glacier Knight will be perfect and the players stay focused to improve their pawn stars.

  1. Beast Warrior

The Beast Warrior Combo is a rising synergy combo. Although already getting nerf on the previous update, but apparently this combo is still the top meta today. In addition to being easy to use, the beast warrior combo will also kill many enemies’ HP. Enemies who don’t have pieces with CC (crowd control) skills will lose against this beast warrior combo.

The initial strategy of the game is to make the beast warrior combo as soon as possible. Players can buy pieces like Tusk Champions, Unicorns, Redaxe Chief, or Swordman. Other pieces can adjust the roll obtained at the beginning of the round. Furthermore, in the mid game, the player just needs to perfect their pieces to become 2 stars and while waiting for the roll can be another warrior beast piece.

In the late game the player must perfect the beast warrior’s synergy combo. The best combo is with 6 beasts and 6 warriors. The numbers themselves are Unicorn, Tusk Champions, Redaxe Chief, Swordman, Werewolf, Doom Arbiter, Pirate Captain, Poisonous Worm, Lord of Sand and Razorclaw.

  1. Assassin

Although it is rarely a synergy combo of the players’ first choice, a full assassin combo can be used to confuse the opponent’s combination. Synergy 6 Assassin will produce a large enough damage before other players pawns activate their skills. Combo 6 Assassin is also one of the counter combo mages in the game Auto Chess.

There are 8 assassin pieces in the Auto Chess game and players can take 6 of them. While other pieces can build players according to their wishes. Usually the 6 assassin combos are combined with feathered and druid. Druids themselves can contribute 2 feathered and 2 beasts while the assassin has 2 feathered.

With this combination of beast assassin feathered players can easily win early games, mid games and late games. We need to know that with Druid class we can raise our pawn stars into three stars quickly and easily.

  1. Goblin Mech

The last synergy combo that is also reliable when playing Auto Chess is Goblin Mech. The Goblin Mech combo is very powerful in the early game and late game. So the players must be smart to use winning streak at the beginning of the game to be converted into a full goblin combo, 6 goblins in the late game.

For the beginning of the game players can buy Heaven Bomber, Soul Reaper, Sky Breaker, and Ripper. Four goblins will rise to 2 stars easily in the early game. Furthermore, players can take several warlock or assassin pieces to support their combos in the mid game.

In the late game the player must look for Venomancer and Devastator to perfect the Goblin Mech combo. In addition, players must also try to raise 4 goblins in the early game to be a three star in late games. That way the Goblin Mech combo will be perfect and will be very difficult to defeat.

Those were the 5 strongest synergy combos in our version of Auto Chess. What is your favorite combination? Or do you even have your own synergy combo that is different from above. However, it should be noted that combo selection must also take into account the synergy combos that other players have. More and more players use the same synergy combo. The selection of the pieces will be even more difficult.

List of Possibilities 7 New Heroes in Dota Auto Chess

Drodo Studio as the developer of the game Auto Chess always adds a new hero every month. The newest hero to be present in the Auto Chess game is Rogue Guard which has the power of splash damage. With the addition of one hero, there are now 59 heroes in total. Including Orge Mage and Blight Sorcerer which for some time could not be played.

Then will Drodo Studio add more heroes to the Auto Chess game? The answer is yes. Then what hero will appear in the game? If judging further there are still 7 more heroes that have not been added by Drodo Studio into the Auto Chess game from its predecessor game, Dota Auto Chess. What kind of hero is that?

  1. Riki

Riki is a hero in the Dota Auto Chess game that has unique abilities. His ability is to emit smoke which will later make the enemy in it exposed to silence (almost the same as Storm Shaman) and has the possibility to get miss when doing attacks. The price of Riki’s hero is 3 gold.

Besides Riki entered into a new race, Satyr. The race makes the combination of player heroes invisible in the arena if Riki is in the arena and the reserve hero will not be seen by the enemy if Riki is in the player’s reserve hero. This makes the enemy not know what synergy combos we are using.

  1. Rubick

Rubick is a hero who has a new class in the game Auto Chess. With the Wizard class, players can reduce the synergy needed for each combo of the player (applies to synergies that require 4 or more heroes to be active. To buy Rubick, players only need 2 gold only.

Rubick’s ability is to steal his opponent’s abilities. At the beginning of the battle Rubick will steal one of the abilities from his enemy randomly and use it when owned by Rubick fully charged. Every round ability stolen by Rubick will be different.

  1. Grimstroke

Just like Rubick Grimstroke is also included in the Wizard class. Because to activate the synergy of the Wizard requires 2 heroes, Rubick and Grimstroke side by side with each other. Grimstroke is priced at 4 gold and has the ability to issue damage area straight ahead. Besides that Grimstroke itself has a Demon race.


  1. Lion

Lion is the third hero that has the Wizard class. While the race owned by Lion is Demon (same as Grimstroke). Lion can be obtained only with 1 gold only. Besides the ability of Lion is also quite unique. The Lion can suck out the enemy hero randomly so that the hero cannot use his skill ability, after that Lion will give which one he sucked to his friend’s hero.

  1. Visage

Visage is predicted to be released together with Lion. Visage has a race as Dragon and Egersis and class as Hunter. The appearance of Visage will later boost the popularity of the Hunter synergy which is difficult to use today. His own ability is to bring up 2 Familiar Visages that are similar to the power of a werewolf.

  1. Pudge

The next hero that will be expected to come into the Auto Chess game is Pudge. Pudge has the ability to attract enemies behind (usually the enemy’s hero range) with his hook. This makes the enemy hero range can be killed easily when fighting Pudge diarena.

The race owned by Pudge is Egersis and the Warrior class. Pusge will be the twelfth hero of the Warrior in the Auto Chess game. Besides that, the price to get Pudge is 3 gold only.

  1. Winter Wyvern

The last hero to be released into the Auto Chess game is Winter Wyvern. Winter Wyvern has a Dragon and Class Mage race. The ability of Winter Wyvern is to heal one of his friend’s heroes. But while being recovered the hero cannot carry out attacks on enemy heroes. Winter Wyvern itself has a price of 1 gold.


That’s the 7 heroes that are likely to be released by Drodo Studio into the Auto Chess game. It is worth noting that the heroes in the list are arranged randomly, so the last hero can be released first by Drodo Studio. We’ll see that in the future a new class will emerge after the race god appeared before two months ago.

Sneak Peek Fire Emblem Three Houses

Appear all-out, in just one month’s time, Nintendo has released two titles that appear as exclusive games for its hybrid console – Switch. In addition to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 which offers a taste of classic gameplay as we remember it all along, Nintendo also finally returned their flagship strategy game – Fire Emblem. Still being developed by Intelligent Systems for a platform that is certainly stronger than Nintendo 3DS, the potential is indeed great. Especially since its introduction, it also promises three main story branches from the perspective of three groups of characters to choose from. So, how was the first impression he offered?

Fantastic is the word we will choose to describe the “first impression” that was successfully offered by Fire Emblem: Three Houses on this one. Enjoy better visualization quality thanks to the performance of a stronger Switch offering a world that is at least more alive, along with its characters who, since the series in the past, are known to have strong personalities. Relax, we also talk about waifu-waifu that are inevitable from this franchise. Then through a solid strategy mechanic, you will be brought to the story of love, friendship, politics, and also betrayal. Everything is presented in the perspective of three characters and three groups who, although sharing a common thread of the same story (at least from the extent we tasted it), still offer a different perspective.

While from the gameplay system, Nintendo seems to understand that there will be many newcomers who will just enter the “world” Fire Emblem through this Three Houses series. Therefore, they also offer a “Casual” death system – whose name seems to allow the characters killed on the battlefield to continue returning. But for a more maximal experience, regardless of the level of difficulty you chose at the beginning, we recommend you to play it in “Classic” mode which offers a permanent death system. The risk of losing member members is forever giving a higher appreciation value to their presence in the team, both when fighting or just joking during cut-scenes.

What’s interesting is the status where you are positioned as a high school teacher who oversees these nobles. Because instead of just as an image in the story alone, Intelligent Systems is calculated successfully integrating it well into the gameplay. That outside the battle field that you must subdue, you will also live “daily life”, where you have to interact with your students, teach, build the required skills, re-stock, even perform a variety of extra activities to increase motivation to learn students like eating or practicing choir together. With the time limit injected, where you sometimes also have to choose your own priorities, this becomes a system that is not difficult to make us fall in love.

We ourselves have actually completed the Fire Emblem: Three Houses from at least one scenario. But given the need to understand the differences obtained from other scenarios, especially since the three are bound to one another, we ourselves have the ambition to at least complete one more scenario to at least get a clearer picture. The good news? Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a New Game + system that allows you to bring some progress from the previous playthroughs, to print faster progress.

While waiting for a more proportionate time to do a review, especially to complete our second playthrough, let us give you sneak peek to help you get a little picture of what Fire Emblem: Three Houses is. This is a time-consuming game that you don’t seem to be able to play just once!

Bored? Try This 7 Light Games For Instant Fun!

Not everyone likes the typical game with story line, and tense gameplay. Oftentimes, people look for games with a more relaxed, calmer gameplay, but can entertain the players. Well, here are some lists and recommendations for the Best Light and Small Games to Get Rid of Boredom. Check out the article below.

  1. Merge Heroes Frontier: Casual RPG Online

Merge Heroes is one casual RPG game that is quite cool and interesting to play. This game combines concepts from 2048 that combine numbers with aspects of the RPG. Where players can increase the strength of the hero they have by combining 2 of the same hero. In each game the player only needs to press a few buttons and see how the hero moves against the enemy.

  1. Dr. Mario World

For those of you who like puzzle-themed games, maybe you can try the game Dr Mario World. Where you play as Dr. Mario in charge of killing the virus using the pill he made. This game has a relaxed gameplay, where players only need to combine the pill with a virus of the same color in the game. Cool again, players can use the skills that exist in every character from Mario, for example just toad that can eliminate objects, and much more.

  1. Favo!

Favo is the newest puzzle game with relaxed gameplay. Where the player only needs to combine 3 elements, namely red which represents fire, blue represents water, and green which represents land or leaves. By combining each element, the player will get points that can be used to get more scores. This game is an endless game where players can play this game for as long or as short as the player wants. Although not very popular, this game is quite cool and challenging to play.

  1. Dancing Ball World: Music Tap

Dancing Ball is the 4th casual game that you can play. This game is a rhythmical game where players can follow the music or see the situation visually to play the game. In the game players only need to do tap movements to change the flow of the ball so it does not fall. Although it sounds easy, this game is actually more difficult than expected. Well, can you get the highest score in the game?

  1. Pocket Build

Pocket Build is a game where players will play God, where players will build everything from scratch. Starting from buildings, homes, to living things that exist. This game is a sandbox building game where players can create a miniature fantasy world that every player wants. Ranging from plots of land with many animals, to large cities with many humans who live in them.

  1. Touchgrind Skate 2

For those of you who are interested in fingerboarding and want to try various tricks that are impossible for you to try in the real world. You can play this Touchgrind skate 2 game. Where players can play fingerboard using your smartphone’s cellphone. Learn tricks and complete various challenges in the game to unlock various parts or skateboard customizations. If you are interested, immediately download and play now.

  1. SuPEr Toss The Turtle

Well, for those of you who like funny and interesting android casual games. This game is the right choice. The task of the players in this game is to reach the furthest distance when throwing a turtle. Players can use cannons, weapons, bombs, jetpacks, rockets, nuclear, and various other cool equipment that can be used to reach the furthest distance.

Those are some of the Best Light and Small Games to Get Rid of Boredom. If you are interested in other genres, we recommend a number of other MMORPG android games, or a recommended Android game every month.

11 Best PSP Games on Android Phone

PSP games do offer several well-known series of games that are made exclusively for console handled on this one. Although not asooming as the games on the Playstation console, the series that are present in the PSP are able to provide stories that might only be enjoyed from the games on the PSP. But the progress of the times provides a haven for those who do not have a PSP, only by installing PPSSPP or emulator from the PSP. Here are the 11 Best Lightweight PPSSPP Games on Your Android Phone.

1. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Who is not familiar with Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted, this game is indeed one of the most popular games from Need For Speed ​​Series. This game from EA is indeed very well known and has received very positive responses from the fans of this one series. Rely on open world maps such as underground 2 coupled with the chase feature with the police, super duper side quests a lot, diverse upgrades and others. You can download this game in 150 MB.

2. Assasins Creed: Bloodlines

The game that quite kicked off with this parkour system, surprisingly also appeared on the PSP platform. Although it is more simple and quiet, but if you see that this game is on a handled platform, it is certainly a consideration to try this game. On the other hand you can also get a variety of game features that are owned by Assassin Creed. It has an assasinate element, and so on makes this game able to bring a different experience to PPSSPP games. This game requires around 500MB of storage.

3. Def Jam: Fight For Ny

The choice of fighting style, grinding plus status to strengthen your character, is certainly the uniqueness of Def Jam’s fighting game. Being excellent at the time of this game also appeared on the PSP platform. No less than one element of this game is able to be one of the reasons why you should play on PSP. In addition Def Jam also has a number of famous rapper guest-stars who become one of the attractions of this game. Def Jam only requires less than 500MB of storage.

  1. GTA: Vice City Stories

There is no need to question the fame of the Grand Theft Auto Series. Games that provide a freedom that is different from other games. Present for PSP with the title GTA: Vice City Stories, is an entertainment for GTA fans who own PSP. Although not as crazy as San Andreas, but this game is quite exciting because it is not far from the previous series like GTA III or Vice City. What is clear Rockstar managed to provide the GTA series for the PSP platform. You can download this game for less than 1 GB.

  1. Little Big Planet

Has side scrooling games like mario bross, sonic, and others. So what makes this game different ?. This game has a lot of customizations, coupled with character designs and super cute levels. Mixed with small puzzles that are quite exciting to add to the appeal of this game. You will not believe the things that can be served this game. You can download this game for 1.2GB, although it is large in size, this game is very smooth when played on your smartphone.

  1. Tekken 6

Now Tekken is probably one of the big fighting games with E-Sports. With characters like Jin, Kazuma, Yoshimitsu and many more, this game is able to attract attention. Having a better fight system, maybe this is one of the series that made Tekken back to fame. Raising lots of epic characters and quite attractive is a very plus value for this game. Multyplayer that is not so complicated and much more. The size of this game is only around 600MB.

  1. Final Fantasy: Crisis Core

Who does not know the final fantasy crisis core, a prequel game from the phenomenal RPG Final Fantasy 7. Maybe many people buy the PSP platform because of this game. Tells the story of Zack, a character who is highly admired by Cloud, as a fan of Final Fantasy 7, it is quite interesting. Having a gameplay that is quite unique and a captivating story is the advantage of this game. You can download this game around 900MB to 1GB.

  1. Patapon

Super unique Rythim game is indeed the right sentence for this game. A game that combines strategy and rythim or can be called a game that has a fight mode that is very dependent on your rythim. It looks normal, but when you try this game you will get a very different experience from the predecessor rythim games of Patapon. Each stage which gradually increases in difficulty adds to the challenge for this game. Pandon itself has 3 series on the PSP. You need about 300-500mb of space per series from Patapon.

  1. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

The endless hunt for monsters, as well as insanely grinding to get the best equipment intended for monster hunting, is typical of every Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is one of the series of Monster Hunter that was first known through the PS 2 platform. However, hack and slash is not far from the previous series, the use of strategy and so on is still fun. The difference in this series may be the addition of monsters and items that you can use. You can download this game with a size of 700-800mb only.

  1. Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy

A Fighting game that uses characters from Final Fantasy, Dissidia is present exclusively on PSP. Having a fight style that is quite unique and different, Dissidia can be called successful in enlarging the PSP platform. Characters such as Squall, Cloud, Cecil and many more are present in this game. Not only that Villain like Sephirot, Gilgamesh and others you can play in this game. You can download this game with a size of 1.2 GB

  1. Silent Hill: Shaterred Memories

Getting lost in a terrible world is a hallmark of Silent Hill. Silent Hill: Shaterred Memories is quite charming on the PSP platform. Still with the glimpse of its predecessor this game is able to present a spooky atmosphere that we will always remember. This game might be one of the Silent Hill games you should try. If you want to play this game, you have to provide around 700MB of space.


That is the list of the 11 Best Lightweight PPSSPP Games on your Android Phone. Have you tried these games? Mention Games that are able to give you an exciting game playing experience in the comments column, that’s all and thank you, hopefully it’s useful and good-bye.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Interesting Changes

Promising to announce today’s multiplayer mode, Infinity Ward and Activision finally show what features they will present in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer. Since the explanation is quite long, we will summarize it in this article which you can see below.

Looks Different, Ready to Start Beta in the Near future

As you can see for yourself through the trailer above, in addition to a different visual display and looks more stunning when compared to the previous series, it looks like the multiplayer mode will give you several modes day and night. That is why nightvision glasses become an iconic item as previously announced.

Not only showing off the gameplay that is brutal, fast, with lots of killstreak rewards. Activision and Infinity Ward also announced that they are ready to go beta before release. The time will come exclusively to the PlayStation 4 thanks to its partnership with Sony on September 12-13, while other platforms will start on September 14-16. Crossplay trials on September 19-20 have also been prepared. Of course this will only be available for those of you who pre-order the game. While for those who didn’t buy it earlier, they will be able to enjoy it on September 21-23 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

PC Version Without Limitation of Framerate, Crossplay, Done Together with CTR Developers

Continuing the announcement of the bet, Activision also explained that the PC version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare will not get any framerate restrictions at all unlike the console version. Some other options such as FOV slider to adjust your visibility. This version of “masterrace” is also working on the port with Beenox, developer of the Nitro Fueled Crash Team Racing. Some other features such as multi-monitor support, control customization, HDR, and widescreen are also supported by the game.

Speaking with DualShockers, Multiplayer Design Director Joe Cecot explained that they would start something they call matchmaking by peripherals. “So, if you use the keyboard, then you will meet those who use the keyboard,” he concluded. Joe also explained that if you have decided to use a keyboard or gamepad, you will not be able to replace it during the match.

Ground War Mode for More Than 100 Players

If you join the Call of Duty franchise, you will find the Ground War mode, which initially became a joke mode on April Fools with many players in domination mode or team deathmatch 12 vs 12 or 18 vs 18. This mode was changed in such a way in Black Ops 4 to 50 vs 50. But Infinity Ward tried to change it again to more than 100 players in a large map. This mode is also fully supported by the crossplay feature and the number of other players from 40-64 players. Unfortunately, they are still testing it and haven’t been able to provide the gameplay video at all.

Female Characters

Reporting from Mp1st, reportedly CoD: Modern Warfare 2019 will have a female army that you can play in multiplayer mode. This was previously asked by one fan via Reddit whether later we can choose a female character in multiplayer mode. Then the question was answered directly by Ashton Williams as Senior Communications Manager at Infinity Ward with a short, concise, and clear answer that is “yes”. Although it has been confirmed, but we still do not know the extent of character customization other than we can choose as women or men.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be released on October 25, 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since it was announced that it would be a reboot of the main series, Call of Duty Modern Warfare did offer a million interesting changes. Starting from the cool visual appearance, the action is a bit more realistic, with the style of the game leaning towards tactical. A change that has been anticipated by most of the big fans of the franchise years ago. However, what is the opinion of a former professional player like Shroud after trying it?

Reported by Charlie Intel, Shroud told his Twitch channel that the change was very, very different. According to him Call of Duty still has a run and gun element so it feels very fast, but now Infinity Ward is trying to reduce its portion. “Now the game is becoming more tactical and a little slower. Like when you mengeker your opponent using the scope and change weapons. I fell in love with the game and want to play it again “, he added. You can follow all the information related to the game through our news article.

DC Unchained and Why I really Like it

Talking about DC Comic will definitely offend Marvel Comic, like it or not. Both are always intersecting even if it’s just a matter of comparison. DC Unchained too. This game is mostly said to be a clone of Marvel Future Fight (MFF). For those who have played the MFF or at least seen the gameplay MFF will surely know why DC Unchained is said to be. But we leave the problem imitating this because there will be no end. After all, Marvel also often does the same thing with DC Comic. So in this review I try not to compare the two.

Broadly speaking this game carries the action-RPG theme. In it, players can choose 3 main heroes who can be played one by one with the tagging system and also 3 support heroes that can be called at a certain time.

Very comical display

This is perhaps the most interesting thing about DC Unchained. Display on the main menu although it seems full but very pleasing to the eye. Like reading a comic book. Even when fighting. A text bubble like the one in a comic will appear if you think the hero who is fighting needs tag help or because of an important conversation in the middle of a fight. Oh, about this one thing, you better pay attention to really the conversation of each character. Because a lot of silly things are a pity to miss. The game becomes more interesting and not boring. Although indeed, on the other hand this will be something very boring for some people.

In addition to the display on the main menu and also the buble text that appears in the middle of the game, the way they present the storyline is also very comical. So it’s no exaggeration to say this game will satisfy comic fans, especially DC Comics. But that doesn’t mean this game can only be enjoyed by them. Some other things are no less interesting for those who aren’t fans of DC comics though.

As if not satisfied with just the look, this game also provides an inventory of comic covers. Other inventories such as crystals, gold coins, and other basic things from a game that can be used for transactions also exist. Maybe they want to say, “We will give you an adventure and feel the living comics”. The cover of the comic was not without usefulness and became a mere accessory. By collecting comic covers, characters will become stronger. Each cover has different strengths.

Two Storylines

The storyline in this game is determined based on the alliance used. There are two alliances, namely hero and villain. Story mode is like a rectoverso that seems different but is connected to a certain point. In the villain section of the story begins by Harley Quinn while in the hero section the story begins with The Flash and other members of the Justice League.

One of the advantages of reading all conversations from characters without pressing the skip button is knowing how complex the story mode of this game is. So when at certain stages the enemies faced change from Parademon to ARGUS soldiers you will not be confused.

Other interesting drawings

First, there is an animation that appears every time the tagging process occurs. This adds excitement to playing DC Unchained. How come? If the position of tagging is right in the middle of an enemy that is in a group, they could be hit by damage from the appearance of the hero. Second, whatever the official name is, but I will name it as a special combo. When the character you use has reached level 11, the three main skills will be active. Even cooler, you can combine these skills into a combo. Take it easy, you will be given a tutorial to create the combo, really. Third, a free character trial. This is one of the features I like in DC Unchained because players can try all heroes before deciding to buy it. This is certainly important, remembering to get a crystal or character unlocker is quite difficult and rare.


If asked if I will continue to play this game? The answer is yes. This game is lighter than the Injustice 2 (mobile version) which also outputs DC. So for storage problems there’s no need to worry. Although the review I gave was very positive, but I admit this game has its drawbacks, some things I feel are lacking such as tasks that are quite monotonous in story mode and too many updates. In addition there are many superior DC characters that also do not enter the roster. Fortunately for monotonous task problems, there are several special missions available.

They provide microtransaction for a variety of varied packs. But it seems this game still provides all the main needs without buying the accessories they provide. A few tips if you want to play this game. Save the crystal, character unlocker and family hero chard. These objects will be very useful if not misused. For those of you who have played this game, you can also share your experience in the comments column.

5 Best Place For Perfect Fight in Apex Legends

Being one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the past few weeks, Apex Legends is of course the arrival of so many new players who might still be unfamiliar with the mechanism available in the game made by Respawn Entertainment.
The author himself also gave 40 tips and important things to know in Apex Legends, as well as tips on choosing weapons that are suitable for how you play. And this time the author will try to provide some of the best location options for those of you who want to improve your fighting skills or play barbaric.
Fighting tends to start from a medium distance and ends at close range. However, no matter how good the weapon you are using, it certainly will not be useful if you have aim or aim at the potatoes. And what often happens is that many players are shocked when an enemy suddenly is near us.
One way to improve the best fighting skills according to mamang Shroud is to jump into a fairly crowded area to get used to fighting, then use any weapon in chaotic chaotic conditions that often occur shortly after landing. Indirectly this will also train your reflexes and responses to various situations quickly.
Therefore, below are some locations that are very prone to fighting just after landing. Make sure you look for weapons and body shields before attacking other players.

1. Skull Town | Market | Thunderdome
Skull Town and Market are two locations that are very crowded with barbarian players, especially if the planes come from the south or west. You can be sure there will be many dead boxes lying in these two places.
Although the two places only have mid tier loot, Skull Town has a lot of scattered loots and small buildings that can be used for flanking, while Market is suitable for you to practice fighting at close range because the place is quite narrow.
If you feel late and there are already so many other squads that have landed on Skull Town or Market, you can try landing on Thunderdome which has a high tier loot. Usually around 2 or 3 squads will also drop in this place, and you need to move quickly because there aren’t too many loots.

2. Artillery | Relay
Artillery and Relays are also locations that are prone to rapid fighting shortly after landing, especially if the planes come from north and east. Another reason is because these two places have high tier loots.
Artillery has three main buildings that are full of loot and door access as well as zipline for flanking, but fighting also occurs quite often in open areas, suitable for those of you who want to practice attacks from medium or far distances. Whereas Relay has several separate buildings with ravines, where quite a number of players fall into the ravine, usually due to panic too.
But usually, squad that comes out of these two areas will rarely meet, because Artillery will usually continue to the Cascades or Slum Lakes, while the Relay will usually continue to the Wetlands and Swamp.

3. Slum Lakes | Runoff | The Pit
Although not as busy as Artillery, Slum Lakes and Runoff are also quite prone to be visited if the planes come from north and west. Slum Lakes has a mid tier loot and Runoff has a high tier loot.
Slum Lakes is not very different from the Skull Town area, there are many small buildings and access that can be used for flanking and juking, and there are several other houses in the northeast area of Slum Lakes if you are late landing. While Runoff has three large buildings and several supply bin scattered around it. Even though Runoff has a high tier loot, many players seem to prefer to land at Air Base south of Runoff.
The Pit also has a high tier loot, but this place only has very few loots, sometimes it’s not enough to equip your squad with weapons. I suggest just jumping into this place if your squad can land first than the other squads. If the other squad starts, you can immediately run towards the building located south of The Pit.

4. Repulsor| Hydro Dam
Hydro Dam and Repulsor are also quite often the target of many squad landing sites, especially if the plane comes from the southeast or east. Hydro Dam has a mid tier boot and Repulsor has a high tier loot.
Repulsor has an area similar to Artillery, but it has two main buildings that are interconnected with underground passageways, and usually have a nice loot in the hallway. While the Hydro Dam itself has a large bunker and an open area in the middle surrounded by several small buildings.
If you land your squad landing late and not finding the loot, you can move to the Swamp located northeast of Hydro Dam. Swamp has a high tier loot and is an area filled with various buildings. But be careful because you can just meet squad from the Relay area.

5. Bunkers | Cascades
Bunkers may be a popular place not because of their high tier loot location, but where they are suitable for playing barbarians. While the surrounding Bunkers and Cascades are usually the landing squad that is late entering the bunker.

Bunkers only have a handful of loots that might be enough for one or two squads. A narrow aisle makes many players easily finish off other players, even with a corner kick. It’s different from the Cascades which only has a mid tier loot, but enough weapons and other equipment are enough for your Squad.
Authors themselves usually descend on several buildings located east and west of the Bunker to pick up weapons and equipment first. Just followed into the bunker to finish off the other squad who usually had enough to get hurt by fighting.

Another place that is quite busy is the Supply Ship that you can directly target at the beginning of the game, and Air Base which is located south of Runoff. But the author himself very rarely goes down in the Supply Ship because the location is erratic, and the members of the squad sometimes can’t be invited to work together (prioritizing loot rather than revive).
Then the Air Base itself is also quite rare for the author to make the location land because the place is very open with loot that can be said not too much. Air Base has two separate areas that are quite far away, so sometimes the squad members who get late in the loot will tend to move to another area, and this will certainly make it difficult for the squad to help each other if attacked by other squads.

So a number of places that the author recommends if you want to improve your fighting skills in Apex Legends games or Battle Royale games in general. Even though playing in a barbarian will drastically increase your fighting ability, careful planning and communication are important things to win the match.