Many Update in Warcraft III Reforged

Long-awaited, Warcraft III Reforged finally officially released January 29, 2020 yesterday. This game itself is a re-conceptualization of one of the Real-Time Strategy games that may be a lot of imprints among warnet generation gamers, namely Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.

In this remastered version, Warcraft III Reforged presents many updates by maintaining features that are indeed a mainstay. Warcraft III Reforged still presents single-player mode which includes seven different campaigns.

This game will also continue to present four races that are a major part of Warcraft III, namely the orcs who are famous for being barbaric and very powerful, Human with their knightly spirit, Night Elf who is famous for his magic and tradition, and Undead the bearer carrying terror.

In Warcraft III Reforged, players will be taken to watch the storyline through important moments throughout the history of the Warcraft story. Starting from the Burning Legion attack, the awakening of the Lich King, to the story of the origin of iconic characters such as Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore, Sylvanas Windrunner, Illidan Stormrage, and of course Arthas Menethil’s storyline from the crown prince of Lordaeron to become the successor to the throne of Frozen Throne.

“Warcraft III is one of the achievements that we are proud of as a company. We are honored that many players from all over the world still consider it the best example of the RTS genre, “said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “For Warcraft III: Reforged, our biggest goal is to make this game more modern while still maintaining all the things that are loved by the players. We hope that the fans can agree that this is the right step. ”

In addition to presenting original stories, Warcraft III Reforged also comes with interesting feature updates. One of them is a graphic update, which Hybrid had discussed through a comparison of models between the old version and the Reforged version. Not only that, Audio also became another thing that was updated. While still maintaining the original voice-over, Blizzard also remastered the audio sector to make it clearer.

Warcraft III Reforged also includes a new version of World Editor that allows players to create custom maps. Previously, Hybrid also discussed this, showing that memorable custom-maps such as Defense of the Ancients and Element TD were also present in Warcraft III Reforged.

Another update is from the multiplayer side. In addition to implementing the system, Warcraft III Reforged also allows players to play with old versions of Warcraft III users whether it’s Reign of Chaos or Frozen Throne.

Warcraft III: Reforged can already be purchased digitally through Blizzard Shop. This game has two versions, there is a Standard Edition for US $ 29.99 and Spoils of War Edition for US $ 39.99. In the Spoils of War version, there are various unique skin heroes for Arthas, Cenarius, Jaina, and Thrall.

In addition there are also in-game bonuses for other Blizzard games that are immediately obtained after pre-purchase, such as the terrible Meat Wagon vehicle for World of Warcraft, Third War cardback for Hearthstone, and the Mal’ganis pet for Diablo III, and many more. .

10 Rich Gamers by Forbes List

Being a Gamer and Rich, maybe it is the dream of every gamer in this world. Even with extraordinary efforts, not many people succeed in getting extraordinary income by becoming a gamer. But there are some people in the world who are successful and get a lot of par from playing games. Here Are 10 Gamers Who Have Extraordinary Income from Playing Games.

  1. Nickmercs

Fortnite players again. With thousands of viewers per stream added with its YouTube channel which has almost 2 million subscribers. As you know, what differentiates this streamer from others is that he chooses to play using the controller because he feels that it is more challenging. Of all things he managed to earn 6 million USD.

  1. TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman a.k.a Timothy Betar is a streamer in twitch who plays various kinds of multiplayer games. But the most common is fortnite. He is also a gang with Ninja, they often play together. Besides Fortnite he also plays WoW, and several other multiplayer games. TimTheTatman also has a youtube channel with 1.8 million subscribe, from which he managed to get 8 million USD.

  1. Jacksepticeye

Had collaborated several times with PewDiePie, the Youtuber whose real name was Sean Loughlin was increasingly successful. The opening characteristic that is very easy to remember, makes a lot of people bound and follow the channel. Until now he managed to collect more than 23 million subscribers and managed to get a profit of around 11 million USD.

  1. VanossGaming

The chaos when playing multiplayer games with friends is the main strength of this YouTuber. If you are looking for a game to play with your friends, this YouTuber can be a reference. Even without the Youtuber Face Cam gaming this one can reach a point that is difficult to reach. This YouTuber is estimated to have managed to raise 11.5 Million USD.

  1. DanTDM

If you are talking about Minecraft, this person is number one YouTuber if you lift Minecraft content. It has more than 20 million subcribers and presents exciting content about Minecraft, making this YouTuber quite skyrocketed in its name. You could say he is a Hardcore Gamer for minecraft. It was said that DanTDM’s income reached 12 million USD.

  1. Shroud

After quitting eSport Scene, Shroud decided to focus on LiveStream work. Unexpectedly, he even has many fans, even managed to get a lot of coffers of money that he did not expect. Shroud has now managed to get 12.5 Million USD. Even so, Shroud’s skills still look sharp with his clutch play and also Aim who is super crazy.

  1. Markiplier

It could be said Markiplier also quite often collaborates with PewDiePie. With content that is not far from the game too. Almost similar to PewDiePie, he also gave silly reactions about the game he was playing. Starting from a horror game or another genre. Besides that Mark Fischbach also often gives a very common Laugh Challenge video. Until now Markiplier has assets of 14 million USD.

  1. Preston

Even though Subcriber Preston is bigger in his vlog, but it can’t be denied that Preston is still a gamer. On the Channel Preston game, he often plays Minecraft and explores the game. Ranging from custom games to others. To date, Preston has managed to earn around 14 million USD from all content he has ever made.

  1. PewDiePie

Talking about youtube, you will definitely remember it with this YouTuber. PewDiePie is the world’s largest YouTuber without the corporate frills behind it or personal. Each of his works is often an inspiration for YouTuber gamers today. Although some time ago, your real name Felix Kjellberg chose to vacuum for an indefinite time. He succeeded in making money amounting to 15 Million USD from all forms of work that he had made.

  1. Ninja

Even though you don’t play fortnite, you know about the famous Ninja streamer. Tyler Blevin’s name is very big since he played Fortnite. Toxic nature that sometimes does not know the place, making it has many fans and several dramas also appeared. But despite all that Ninja managed to collect as much as 17 Million USD which he got from the endorsment and others.

So these are 10 gamers with extraordinary income. This list is a list according to Forbes, what do you think? Income extraordinary right? But surely their journey was not easy, they all tried hard at the expense of many things. Don’t forget to comment in the comments column, hopefully it will be useful.

The World’s Attention to Game Addiction

The emergence of online games can indeed present jobs by becoming a gamers. As Kotaku says, popular game players can make more than 50,000 USD.

However, if you don’t use it wisely, online games can disrupt life activities. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) estimates that there are 160 million American adults playing internet-based games.

Addiction to online games has been included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). However, until this problem was entered into the DSM-5 in 2013, there was not enough evidence to include game addiction as a criterion for mental disorders and through further research.

Even so, DSM-5 notes that game addiction can cause a decrease in the quality of a person’s life. Many consequences. There are those who are busy playing games everyday. There are also those who show certain symptoms when far apart from the game, whether sad, irritable, anxious. There are those who are unable to reduce playing games, even though they have tried to stop. Another problem is lying to others about the time spent playing, and there are those that make the game an escape from negative feelings. At worst, perhaps, when addiction to the game has ruined someone’s relationship with someone else and caused them to lose their jobs.

One way to verify game addiction disorders is research entitled “Internet Gaming Disorder: Investigating the Clinical Relevance of a New Phenomenon” conducted in March 2017.

Through studies published in the American Journal of Psychiatry (PDF), Andrew K. Przybylski, Netta Weinstein and Kou Murayama assess the prevalence of this new psychiatric disorder, examine the validity of the proposed indicators, and compare research between online game addiction and gambling addiction, and estimating their impact on physical, social and mental health.

The study involved 18,932 respondents spread across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. In this study, they found more than 86 percent of young adults aged 18 to 24 years and 65 percent of adults playing online games.

In the study, they noted that 0.3 to 1.0 percent of the general population qualifies for a potential acute diagnosis of internet game disorders. But when compared to other disorders like gambling, internet-based games are far less likely to be addictive, but both can make life chaotic.

From this study, the researchers concluded that the more they were attached to online games, the stronger the symptoms of the game addiction mentioned earlier. However, the game has different effects on everyone’s physical, social and mental health.

Of course this research is debatable; is online gaming addiction a nuisance or just moral panic? This was reviewed by Patrick M. Markey and his two colleagues (PDF).

According to Markey et al., The study carried out is still important, because it can show that video game addiction is the real thing, but it is not an epidemic that can make some people addicted, even not comparable to alcohol, methamphetamine, or gambling addiction.

The majority of people who like online games in research Przybylski et al. known to be able to balance with their work schedules and social life.

Although APA continues to search for disorders caused by addiction to the game, the World Health Organization (WHO) includes these disorders in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11).

ICD is the basis for identifying global health trends and statistics and international standards for reporting diseases and health conditions. ICD is used by medical practitioners around the world when diagnosing a condition and is used by researchers to categorize a condition.

As reported by the BBC, several countries have identified this addiction as a major public health problem. In fact, in the UK there are clinics to treat this addiction. The sign or symptom used by doctors in detecting this disease is the presence of abnormal play behavior for at least 12 months.

Even though game addiction only affects a small number of active gamers, this is included in ICD so that people who engage in digital activities from video games can be aware of the amount of time they spend, especially if the game has disrupted your daily activities and disrupted physical, psychological health and social of gamers.

Icefrog – Remains Mysterious

Almost all gamers around the world must know games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Mobile Legends, or Arena of Valor. The game is currently a trend and is very popular with gamers around the world. But did you know that the above games are MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games? Besides that, do you know who the originator of the first MOBA game was?

It all began in 2003 when a modern community of World of Warcraft games tried to incorporate a few elements in the Starcraft game including one of its maps into one of the World of Warcraft custom games in 2003. Then they named the game as Defense of the Ancients or DotA .

It turned out that at that time the DotA game immediately became the talk of World of Warcraft players and became the most favorite custom game. Unfortunately there are still many obstacles such as bugs, glinches, and balancing that occur in the DotA game. Until finally a person named “Icefrog” came and tried to make the DotaA game even better as DotA Allstar.

Together with Pendragon, Guinsoo, and Eul, icefrog made the DotA Allstar game for years the best game of its time. Besides that, Icefrog has also succeeded in making DotA Allstar a competitive esports game and various tournaments are held all over the world.

Until finally in 2009 the development team felt DotA Allstar had reached its peak and it was impossible to renew again. Here there are differences of opinion from the DotA Allstar developers. Pendragon believes the DotA game is over and they need to make a new MOBA game with a new engine, meanwhile Icefrog believes that DotA isn’t over and can still be saved which finally makes Pendragon quit the team.

In addition Pendragon also regretted the actions of icofrog who tried to sell the assets of Dotstar Allstar to world-famous developers to make a version of DotA with a new engine. Shortly after the departure of Pendragon, Tryndamere, one of the developers of RIOT Games, invited him to create a new MOBA game that we now know as League of Legends.

Meanwhile Icefrog is still trying to revive the DotA game and meet with the developer of S2 Games. S2 Games promises icefrog to create a DotA game with the new engine he dreams of. Unfortunately the game is not in accordance with the estimates of Icefrog because it deviates from DotA which is currently named HoN (Heroes of Newerth).

Furthermore, the valve revealed that they are interested in remaking the DotA game and inviting icefrog into their team. Until finally came the game that we now know as Dota 2. Controversy occurred when the valve banned S2 Games from copying aspects of DotA but the S2 Games claimed to have the right to use aspects of DotA because Icefrog had worked with them.

Many argue who exactly the icefrog is and the various controversies he created. The former valve employee revealed that Icefrog was actually Abdul Ismail and had a bad personality, besides that he was also a former developer of the RIOT Games and S2 Games. Meanwhile, the valve has denied all accusations brought against Icefrog.

Finally he posted his pet cat on the Playdota forum and asked Dota 2 players to name the cat. But unfortunately, only about 1% of the forum’s readers suggested the name to the icefrog cat, the remaining 99% of the readers even said their words to stop posting something that had nothing to do with the game and asked icefrog to focus on Dota. That’s the last post of icefrog to the Dota game community.

Until now Icefrog is still one of the valve employees to develop the Dota 2 game. But clearly we don’t know the real name or face of Icefrog. Because it is different from game developers / influencers in the world who introduce themselves to the outside world, Icefrog prefers to remain mysterious in the name of icefrog.

The Phenomenon of Pro Gamers Income

During this time, playing games is always associated with negative things. Parents even often scold their children and ask “what do you want to be later?” If they mostly play games. When in fact there are many gamers who are far more successful than the head of state.

After comparing the results of data analysis of 500 professional gamers from around the world with the salaries of their country’s leaders, the gaming site Tech Guided found that 70 percent of gamers in some of these countries earn far more. In a way, the results prove there is a golden potential behind playing the game.

Ana Gamer, for example, is a pro Dota 2 player with the highest income in the Asia Pacific. This 19-year-old teenager can generate incomes above $ 2 million annually – seven times higher than the annual salary of the Australian PM.

Other wealthy Dota 2 players come from China. The man with the username Somnus \ M earns more than $ 1 million, while Xi Jinping only earns $ 22,000 a year. He produces 50 times the head of his own country. This is clearly the biggest gap in the Asia-Pacific.

Four of the seven gamers whose income reaches 1 million Dollars are still in one region. Some of the top gamers in Asian countries such as Pakistan, Japan, Malaysia and Korea also have higher salaries than their heads of state.

Whereas in other countries there are JerAx from Finland and TFue from the United States. JerAx earned $ 2,290,632, and Fortnite TFue gamers’ earnings in 2018 were higher than Donald Trump’s salary as president.

Tech Guided examines gamer income data that is publicly available. All money received comes from sponsors and salaries from their teams. But like other sports, being a professional gamer is not an easy matter. You must practice diligently to hone your ability to play games. And it seems that getting a high income can be one of the motivations.

The most profitable games are Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft II, and Counter-Strike. The International annual tournament prepares a total prize of $ 29 million for the winners playing Dota 2, the first-ranked game.

E-sports have also been growing in recent years. In 2018, 2.3 billion gamers around the world are estimated to spend $ 137.9 billion to play games. There is a 13.3 percent increase from 2017.

This is most clearly seen in the Asian market. In 2018, 49 percent of the world’s biggest gaming revenue is reported to come from the Asia-Pacific region.

Gaming has been recognized as a sport, and competed for the first time at the 2019 SEA Games. And although the International Olympic Community still doubts the “values” of this one Olympics, they are expected to work closely with important e-sports figures to explore “projects” collaboration “in the future.

How To Get Chicken Dinner With Grenades on PUBG Mobile

In the Battle Royale PUBG Mobile game there are many weapons that can be used by the players. Well, one escape from attention is a grenade. Want to know tips on using grenades?

Actually a grenade is very important to destroy the enemy in a short time. Yes, just one explosion the enemy can immediately fall.

But, many PUBG Mobile players don’t know how to use grenades properly. Well, here are tips for using grenades in PUBG Mobile.

1. Don’t throw a grenade right away
When you want to throw an enemy with a grenade, you should wait a few seconds before throwing it. Yes, 1 to 3 seconds before finally being thrown at the enemy.

A common mistake is to throw a grenade right away. Yes, the enemy will hear the fall of the grenade and can take shelter immediately.

2. Throw grenades while hiding
When throwing a grenade it is actually not necessary to stand or get out of protection. A mistake that often occurs is when throwing a grenade, the player will stand up from hiding and the position is known to the enemy and finally shot.

Grenades can be thrown from a hiding place, be it behind rocks or walls. Always pay attention to the red line to direct the grenade to the enemy position.

3. Powerful grenades to blow up cars
When you see an enemy coming by car, you can attack him using a grenade. The way you have to hold the grenade first and do not immediately throw it.

Yes, hold the grenade for a few seconds until the enemy vehicle is within range. When the position is right, immediately throw a grenade toward the vehicle.

4. Grenades can be used to frighten enemies
When you are in the shrinking zone, a grenade can be used to frighten enemies. Yes, throw a few grenades into several positions to find out the enemy position.

When you hear the sound of a grenade falling, the enemy will usually immediately evade and come out of hiding. Well, that’s when you can immediately fire on the enemy.

Those are some tips for using grenades in PUBG Mobile. It is better if you get off at the very first place, because the possibility of reaching a Chicken Dinner is greater than going down in a crowded place.

In addition, you can also use our special tricks, from Our team has tried the apk and successfully got a chicken dinner easily. Hope you get Chicken Dinner, guys!

Meanwhile, Tencent Games set a new record for PUBG Mobile. Yes, this Battle Royale game penetrates fantastic download numbers, which is 400 million downloads on all platforms. Not only that, this game also has 50 million active users daily. This new achievement has named PUBG Mobile as the most popular online game in the world.

Of course this number does not include players from China. Tencent has finally officially deleted PUBG Mobile to comply with the government. In fact, in May, the number of PUBG Mobile players from China broke the 70 million active players per day. PUBG Mobile also reports that it has more than 227 million people who log in every month on Androd and iOS devices.

8 Newest MMORPG Games Selection

Of the many genres, MMORPG is a video game genre whose development requires greater capital than AAA games. Its vast world also requires developers to spend more time. No, not only 5 years, but more. No wonder, if the game takes years before it is finally announced. But not a few of those who allow players to play it even though it has not been completed. Of course economic reasons are one of the millions of reasons that exist. In addition, players can also provide feedback on games that are being developed.

2019 was a pretty complicated year for the MMORPG genre. Very long development, could not make the genre enter a golden period like the range of 2008-2013 ago. Moreover, with many of the same game models and do not have their own uniqueness. But calm, you can play 8 new MMORPG games in 2019 below. Although not everything has been completed and is still in the period of early access, alpha, and closed beta.

8. Ascent: Infinite Realm / AIR
Ascent: Infinite Realm or better known as AIR is a Steampunk-themed MMORPG that focuses on epic warfare in the air. You can explore the entire world which is dominated by various islands on the clouds, with some equipment and vehicles that use steam as fuel.

The game developed by Bluehole, the developer who helped Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene to release PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has a very epic concept of inter-world warfare. You can use robots, large airship (airship), and walkers to destroy your enemies.

Unfortunately, this game is still released in South Korea and Thailand. So, you will need a VPN to be able to play it. The English version itself is currently planned for release.

7. Lost Ark
Lost Ark is an MMORPG isometric game with extraordinary detail and action. He still maintains the classic point-to-click, but with a slick animation skill. Visual appearance is also very spoil the eyes. As if he was deliberately designed to rival Blizzard’s Diablo, but with his vast open world. In other words, Lost Ark is an open-world version of Diablo.

Lost Ark’s focus on the story, makes it quite enjoyable to play. You don’t need to struggle with quite a lot of boring and side-quests and continue the main story. Where you will be the chosen person to achieve your main goal according to the story of each class presented. Unfortunately, the game is currently released in South Korea and Russia only. For you need VPN to be able to play it. Although there is no clarity when the game was released for the English-language version. But you can enjoy using VPN like ExitLag to be able to play it.

6. Dual Universe
Have you ever wondered what if No Man’s Sky has an economic, social, political, building style in Minecraft, and massive battles in one package? Then Dual Universe will be the answer. This MMORPG game will allow you to design your own world on a planet. Not only that, you can also build a base, house, or plane to explore the vast ocean of space out there.

Currently the game is still in Alpha 2 phase where the developer, Novaquark has finished working on the core gameplay. It can be played, but you have to buy the packages they provide to support the development process.

5. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
Although released in the form of third-person shooter. It is undeniable that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is also included in the MMORPG game category. This is thanks to the strong progression elements that it bears. Some people consider that The Division 2 is a looter shooter game because the looting element is now much better than the prequel.

Different from the prequel which is full of disabilities that gets better but is not finished until the DLC comes out. The Division 2 seemed to give everything that the fans asked for from the previous iteration. The wide open world world, random activity, looting, raid, PvP that not only survives in the Dark Zone, until the story is certainly better.

4. Albion Online
Albion Online was originally a paid MMORPG game that allowed you to play it on your Smartphone and PC at the same time. In other words, it is a game that supports cross-platform both mobile and PC. Just like most games, Albion Online has a loot, hunt, and economic system.

But what makes it different is the system of freedom and its economy which is quite detailed and realistic. Because all the items you need are the result of crafting from the player. Yes, the game economy will be run by players entirely based on crafting and gathering systems. You can also be a farmer to get your crafting material.

Besides crafting, Destiny Board will also be the main focus to determine your character’s skills. For example you want to be a swordman, then you will need to use a sword until your sword skill level goes up and so on. The good news, this game is a free to play game and can be accessed via Steam or the official website for smartphone users.

3. Crowfall
Crowfall will invite you to build an empire as you wish. But with natural resources that you can find throughout the map. Interestingly, the game developer, ArtCraft Entertainment makes the world as dynamic as possible. So, for example you find that an area has depleted of its resources, then you must visit other areas.

The dynamism of his world allows you to do anything. Including destroying several cities and buildings. But keep in mind, all changes will affect the kingdom and yourself. Currently the game can be played, but you need to buy the package that they present until finally the game is actually released.

2. Chronicles of Elyria
In contrast to MMORPG games in general, Chronicles of Elyria will be an answer to players who are bored with conventional similar games. No, it will not invite you to go back to enjoying the “endgame pleasure”, but instead becomes “part of an ongoing story”.

You can be anything, adventuring, fighting, farming, or leading a city to the kingdom. Building a house, caring for your family, and finally dying. Yes, you can die here just like humans in the real world when you are at the end of your life.

But calm down, your soul will be reborn young to do different things. Chronicles of Elyria is currently in the early access period, you can buy it to try to play it right now until it is finally released as a whole.

1. Kingdom Under Fire II
Kingdom Under Fire II is an MMORPG + RTS game that was announced in 2008. He started the closed beta in South Korea in 2011 and appeared in 2013 in the ginseng country. Now, the game can be played via Steam, released late last November by Gameforge.

In the game, you will play two unique MMORPG combinations, where you will be able to crush monsters in the field and carry out quests. While the RTS elements will invite you to set the unit in super epic warfare like the Total War series. Unfortunately, it still applies gender-lock which makes it impossible for you to play the game with the gender you like for certain classes.

That’s 8 MMORPG games that can be played now. Do you have a list of other games? Or maybe you are bored with the genre? You can share your opinions and experiences in the comments column.

5 New Weapons Payload Mode in PUBG

PUBG Mobile is back to updating their game. After presenting an update to Halloween mode, starting last October 24, the game produced by Tencent Games presents an update that is no less exciting.

PUBG Mobile presents helicopters and air strikes in their latest mode, Payload. This mode is played like a classic mode on previous PUBG Mobile. One hundred players must attack each other to become number one. However, Payload mode only provides Erangel maps in the background.

In this mode, players can drive a helicopter to explore the entire map. Besides being able to drive, this helicopter can also fire bullets to finish off enemies at medium range.

Not just helicopters and airstrikes, updates made by PUBG Mobile also present a variety of new weapons. This weapon is classified as a heavy weapon to support Payload mode.

A total of six weapons will make the competition to Chicken Dinner more exciting. The following is a list of new heavy weapons in Payload mode and their characteristics:

1. M134 Minigun
Do you still remember the movie Rambo? M134 Minigun is similar to the weapon used by Sylvester Stallone in fighting the Vietnamese rebels. This weapon is a machine gun that has a high firing rate. Using 7.62mm caliber bullets, this weapon can fire 200 bullets in full. This capacity can be increased to 300 bullets by installing a special magazine that can be obtained at Super Weapon Crate.

2. RPG-7
Another unique weapon of Rambo, the RPG. PUBG Mobile presents this super weapon in their latest Payload mode with the name RPG-7. Although only one shot of ammunition per shot, but the explosive power generated is enough to destroy the motor to the car in the game. However, because of the explosive power that is quite extensive, the player must adjust the position before using this weapon. Mistakenly, the shooter lost his life because he was too close to fire the missile.

3. M79 Grenade Launcher
This weapon is only capable of launching one ammo per shot. Same with the Saw-off weapon, this weapon fires 40mm artillery. After being fired, this weapon will make a unique sound before finally blowing up its ammunition. Due to its extensive destructive power, this weapon is effective for killing enemy groups.

4. MGL Grenade Launcher
MGL stands for Multiple Grenade Launcher. As the name implies, this weapon can fire up to six grenades with a revolver system. Compared to M79, the MGL launcher has a higher reload speed. This weapon also produces more explosive power than M79. MGL Grenade Launcher is suitable to break enemy concentration when the team is surrounded.

5. M3E1-A
Is the most modern weapon in Payload mode. Using the same ammunition as RPG-7, the M3E1-A weapon can detect heat and can lock targets. Once fired, the missiles in this weapon will automatically chase the target that has been locked wherever the target goes. But keep in mind, M3E1-A is only able to detect heat from the vehicle alone.

In addition, this weapon can only be found in the Super Weapon Crate. So, players must compete quickly with enemies to get this high-tech weapon. However, the strongest weapon in Payload mode is effective for destroying helicopters in one shot.

Payload Mode will also bring other advanced equipment, the Air Strike Beacon. This equipment is used to summon attacks from the air. It’s easy, the player only has to determine the location where the air strike will be deployed.

A small flare of light will appear in the specified area. It was in the area of the flare that an air strike would be launched. However, players need to be careful, because the range of air attacks is quite broad. Players need to stay away from the location of the attack so as not to be hit by weapons to eat host.

How to Become eSport Players

Becoming an eSport athlete can’t be underestimated now, with evidence of the magnificent event and the amount of prizes from an eSport tournament like The International owned by Dota2 and Major League Gaming owned by CS: GO, and how exclusive the eSport professional athletes who now are considered appropriate. other sports athletes.

eSport is now considered a serious sport, not just a game competition. Moreover, it is predicted that eSport will further develop in the future. So, for you who really want to be an eSport athlete now is the right time. Where you could say there are still very few Indonesian eSport athletes that are truly recognized.

“Then, where to start?” Maybe this is a question that the average will ask. Well, here we have some things that you can use to start your career as an eSport athlete.

  1. Select the game that you will field

The first step you can do is choose what game you will master. Do you like MOBA, FPS, Fighting, Sports, or others. This initial step will determine how much your chance to enter the eSport world.

For a complete list of what games are included in eSport, you can check on Wikipedia. It must be remembered, for free-to-play games that can be played by everyone, your competition will be more numerous than paid games like FIFA or Call of Duty.

  1. Practice, practice, practice

Because you have vowed to become an athlete, you have to behave differently. Like other sports athletes, you need to train hard to reach a professional level. At the very least, you should have high-flying hours. Knowing all the intricacies in the game.

Learn various tactics that can be used in the game. The training must be routine and stable, even if the match you win or lose. Don’t follow the Match Match too soon if you aren’t really ready. Remember, practice makes perfect!

  1. Stay Motivated

There are times, you will find it very difficult to improve your abilities in the game that you field. However, do not immediately feel failed and discouraged. Set motivation so that you can get back up soon. Winning the Championship, Prize money is a lot, or want to be the best is a great motivation that you can use.

To find out how pro players maintain their motivation, you can watch the short film Free to Play to find out how pro Dota 2 players maintain their motivation.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

When you are able to maintain your motivation in the process of honing your abilities in the game, always remember to keep your lifestyle healthy. Don’t just because you are very excited and then you play for up to 24 hours. In fact, an eSport athlete is very concerned about rest time, food, to the pattern of exercise.

This is because adequate rest is the key so that athletes are able to maintain their stamina in the match. If you can, make a schedule for your activities to start school (if you are still in school), exercise, sports, rest, etc.

  1. Join the Community

When you have started to master the game, start joining the communities of the game. You can search for the game community in various forums, starting with the open esport forum on reddit for those of you who want to join the international community, to forums belonging to the local community. From there you can get acquainted with various people and you can also ask questions and tricks, the latest info, and so on. Besides that, it doesn’t hurt to add contacts.

  1. Learn from the Pro

If you are still not in a particular team or community, the easiest way to find out the playing patterns of pro players is to watch the game. With the ease of searching for rebroadcasts or live-streaming on Youtube and Twitch.

You can learn a lot of things while the match is taking place, assuming it is free direct learning from pro players that you can take advantage of for later use when you play.

  1. Prepare Your Gear

Although many say that “What is important is skill, not equipment” but that does not mean that buying gaming equipment is trivial. But position the equipment that you buy later is a supporter of your game. You don’t need to buy the best and most expensive equipment such as mouse, keyboard, mouse pad, and headset. The important thing is adjust it to your needs and later it will make your game easier. Look for references and reviews first before buying, if possible, come to the store and try the equipment you are going to buy if it is suitable or not.

  1. Find or form your team

When all the training you have done, you will get a reputation from the game that you field it. The reputation can be in the form of MMR points in Dota 2, or Ranking in CS: GO. Try to find references to what qualifications are needed for the professional debut of the game that you field. From there you can now begin your professional step to the next level by entering into a team.

You can just make your own team with friends that you trust, or if you are really great, then the professional team will recruit you. You can also use the community that you follow to help you find the right team.

  1. Try Joining a Local Tournament

When you and your team have discovered chemistry and are able to play together optimally. You can start participating in various tournaments. No need to be prestigious before, you can also participate in tournaments organized by the local community or other parties.

The goal is to hone your team’s abilities and certainly build the reputation of the team. But it must be understood too, that you also have to be able to enter the round at least the national league or tournament to get more attention from the parties concerned.

  1. Managers and Sponsors

From the previous point we mean as a related party is a managerial issue and of course the sponsor. If your team is lucky there will be sponsors who will endorse and those who want to be your team manager. Or if you are not sure you can appoint yourself who will be your team manager.

It must be remembered that managers and sponsors are 2 important things that will guarantee the continuity of your eSport career. The sponsor is the party who will provide various equipment for your team, and also boost the popularity of you and your team, and the manager will take care of everything from your team. Starting from managing your team’s schedule, conducting promotions, mediating your team’s internal conflicts, etc. So try to choose the right person to be your team manager.

So, are you interested and are sure to dive into the world of eSport? Keep in mind that the 10 things above are just a general and simplest description of the stage you are building your eSport career. There will be many things that you will face later, whether it’s difficulties, or even convenience. To be sure to see the development of eSport that continues to grow, it has been ascertained if indeed you are serious and committed then there is no difficult word for you to penetrate the world of eSport athletes. Who knows, someday you will be the name of your country in international eSport leagues and tournaments. So, guys. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Harvest Moon Back to Nature: 5 Female Characters and Their Interesting Facts

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature was once a game that was loved by many people. Not only the setting and the storyline are interesting, the characters in it also adorable.

One of the things that makes the game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature even more interesting for play is five female characters that can be married. Each girl has a different character and background. Before marrying one of them, you must first know their intricacies one by one.

So, let’s see interesting facts about the five female characters in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature below!

  1. Karen

Among the girls in Mineral Town, perhaps only Karen has the most up-to-date appearance. Moreover, Karen’s face is also very beautiful. Unfortunately, we all know that Karen is not the best cook among the other girls. In addition, ther girl also has a hard character and is not easy for you to approach. If you want to hit Karen, you have to compete with Rick, who also has a big crush on her.

You can find Karen in Rose Square during the day and in the bar at night. If you really have a crush and want to choose her as a wife in the game, note her birthday, 15 Fall. So you can quickly turn her heart red, work hard to buy her wine, yes, because it’s her favorite.

  1. Mary

For those of you who like quiet and non-adventurous girls, Mary is just right for your choice. She spent more time in the library. So, you can find her there from morning to evening. She is also known as a girl who is very smart, but tends to be closed. So, just be patient to approach her.

If you find it diligently, she will lend you a book. Well, if you end up getting married to Mary, you will be told some secrets about Mineral Town. If you are determined to get her heart, you have to compete hard with Gray. Mary has a birthday on the 20th of Winter. So, don’t forget to give her a birthday present.

  1. Ann

The owner of ther yellow hair always looks cheerful every time you meet her. Ann lives alone with her father because her mother has died. Ann’s father was always worried about her son’s tomboyish nature and was afraid that no boy would approach her. In fact, in Mineral Town there is a guy who has a heart for her named Cliff.

So, if you want to win Ann’s heart, you have to compete with Cliff. You must often bring her processed fish food because she likes it so much. Ann, can you meet at Hot Spring in the morning? Meanwhile, day and night, Ann helped her father in the bar. Don’t forget to meet Ann on her birthday at 17 Summer and give her a present.

  1. Elli

Besides Mary, Mineral Town also has another calm girl named Elli. If you want to find Elli, you just come to the clinic because she is the only assistant doctor there. Eli doesn’t have parents. She just lives with her grandmother and younger brother. Because she often treats her younger brother, Elli has a motherly nature and is good at cooking, you know. Suitable, deh, for you who crave adult girls.

How to approach her is arguably not difficult. Just give flowers every day and Elli will fall for you. Also remember, Elli’s birthday is every 20 Spring. Doctor Tim also put a heart at Elli, you know. So, get ready to rival with him. If she already like you, Elli will come to your house to give you breakfast.

  1. Popuri

This pink-haired girl is a favorite of gamers because she is most often choosen to be the wife. Popuri includes a complete package of a girl, a good cook, sociable, and friendly. Popuri lives with her brother and mother. Meanwhile, her father went looking for medicine. If you want to approach Popuri, don’t ever give her wine. She doesn’t really like wine.

Actually, Popuri is likened to one of the boys from another village. So, don’t think you have no competition. Popuri can meet you every morning at Hot Spring. After that, she will stay at home all day. Every Sunday, Popuri can meet you at church. Well, Popuri’s birthday every 3rd Summer. Try, bring her cake.


Of the five female characters above, who is your ideal wife? Or, perhaps, have you played ther game repeatedly and married everyone?