PS5 SSD Terabytes Written TBW

Maybe all of you already know that the PS5 will use solid-state drive (SSD) storage media. This will certainly improve our experience in playing games on the PS5 because of the significantly improved reading and writing skills. After showing the tear down video from the PS5, we also got information that the custom internal SSD on the PS5 is an IC chip that is embedded into the motherboard. This is certainly a new thing where previously the HDD on the PS3 and PS4 could be exchanged if it was damaged. In addition to having a myriad of advantages, of course every new technology will have a drawback in this short article I will discuss the Age of SSDs that most Playstation users may not know about, namely about TBW (Terabytes Written).

In Hard Disk Drive (HDD) technology, the damage to the HDD is usually due to a fall or a collision, but because the PS3-PS4 is always in one fixed place, this is safer, of course, different from the laptops that we often carry and enter into. bag and sometimes treated carelessly usually HDD on a laptop is more easily damaged than on a desktop. Another problem is HDD, of course, due to unstable electric current or electricity that often goes out instantly, because in the HDD there are mechanical components for the reader and disk that rotates quickly so, if the power supply is unstable or goes out immediately this will make the components in the inside can be damaged quickly. In contrast to SSDs, if we remove the power directly it is not too problematic, because there are no mechanical components that can wear out.

SSD manufacturers explain that the age of the SSD is influenced by how much SSD is used to write (Write) because SSD uses NAND flash technology, so there is the term Terabytes Written / write cycle, where each type, the SSD brand has a different number, for example An SSD with a size of 512 GB has 300 TBW, so the SSD can be used continuously up to the limit of 300 Terabytes (300,000 GB). After reaching the 300TB limit, the SSD can only be used to read files on the SSD and cannot be used to store new files. The term writing here usually takes the form of downloading data, copying data, rendering video, etc., activities where new data is stored on the SSD. From here, of course we will think how much is 300TB? and how long will it be?

Incidentally last year I bought an SSD for a laptop with the Samsung 860 EVO type, whose reviews I also reviewed on this blog. The use of a laptop is quite normal, for daily work, after I checked using the default SSD application, it turned out that the data that was written on my SSD was 14TB, suppose that in 1 year the total is 14TB so, if in 10 years it becomes 140TB , at 20 years it becomes 280TB, so the future life of my SSD if used constantly is 21 more years. Waw is quite long compared to HDD which might only last 10 years if lucky because the mechanics will certainly wear out faster. In my experience, of course, my PS4 pro HDD after being used for about 2 years has experienced a decrease in performance.

We return to the SSD from PS5, it has been confirmed that the custom size is 825GB, the PS5 SSD is not 1TB which cuts the operating system to 825GB, it is pure 825GB which if the system cuts it will be around 650GB only. Assume that PS5 games will be around 50-100GB in size, if we take the middle around 75GB, and for example we install 2 games every month, either from PS + or buying games, so if in total in a month we spend 150GB writing on SSD PS5. If in 1 year it means that it is only 1.8TB in times 10 years, it becomes 18TB in times of 20 years, 36TB, in 100 years it is only 180TB. So it can be concluded that the SSD in the PS5 will have an eternal life of approximately 165 years. But still SSD manufacturers limit the garage for 5 years.

However, from the above calculation it is just a rough count, in playing games, of course there will be a read-write process carried out by the SSD, and this will of course be very difficult to track, and because the SSD from PS5 is a chip that has been embedded in the board, this is the case. of course it will be difficult to check how many TBW of the SSD. But from this article, one thing that can be concluded is that SSD life will be longer than HDD if used equally normally, and of course this will benefit us as users. Sony also really understands this, that’s why they use small size SSDs and sell additional SSDs.

RIOT Closes Oceanic Pro League October 2020

The League of Legends League for the Oceania region (Australia and its surroundings), namely the Oceanic Pro League, will disappear from circulation and will no longer be continued for the 2021 season. This was announced by Riot Games in a blog post on 7 October 2020 yesterday. Riot Games also announced that they would close their office in Sydney, which is primarily focused on managing the OPL league. Even so, Riot Games stated that as much as possible it would continue to support the survival of professional LoL players, as well as the competitive scene in Oceania.

“When we started this journey five years ago, we planned to create a professional esports league in the region.” Riot Games wrote in a blog post, citing statements from Malte Wagener, Managing Director, NA & OCE, and Tom Martell, Director of Operations, Global Esports. “From humble beginnings, we’ve managed to turn the best players into professionals, and give fans to support their favorite players.”

“We at Riot Games have a desire to be able to create a competitive and sustainable league that can promote commercial development, fan involvement, to support professional players in making esports a full-time career. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, OPL did not achieve our goals, and we have no confidence that the market for the League of Legends ecosystem in Oceania is capable of holding the league today. ” continued the blog post.

The signs of the OPL league’s “death” have actually been visible since last November 2019. Alex Walker from Kotaku Australia reported this when the editor of Kotaku Australia saw information about Riot Games’ decision to decide on the subsidy fee for the OPL league. “We confirm that we have cut the cost of subsidies for the next season, according to the plans we and the team had made when they decided to enter our league.” Alex Walker quoted a reply from Riot Oceania at the time.

In an effort to maintain the League of Legends competitive scene in Oceania, Riot Games explained that they will maintain their commitment to continue supporting professional players in the region. There are two things that Riot has done, as a concrete form of this effort.

First, professional players from the OCE region are now counted as players in the United States LCS region. Therefore, players from the OCE region no longer take player import slots if they want to move to the LCS team. In addition, Riot Games will also continue to carry out the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational and World Championship qualifiers in the region, to ensure that players from the OCE region are represented in international competitions.

The last season’s OPL League was held on August 8, 2020 yesterday with Legacy Esports as the winner of the Playoff round. Legacy Esports advanced to the Play-In World Championship 2020, filling the only OPL slot in Worlds 2020. After struggling hard enough, Legacy Esports was finally eliminated by LGD Gaming in the Playoff phase of the Play-In round.

PUBG Combines FPS and Auto Battler Elements in New Mode?

PUBG seems to be getting a new mode. Based on leaked information circulating, the new mode from PUBG will combine elements of FPS and Auto Battler. This information comes from PlayerIGN. In a video, he provides an explanation of PUBG’s new mode, which currently uses the code name Vostok.

In Vostok mode, players will compete with each other in 1v1 matches. Each player will have 3 lives. Every time a player loses, he will lose his life. When all three of his lives are up, he will be considered defeated. All players will compete with each other until only 1 player is left, which is a hallmark of the battle royale genre.

However, this new mode from PUBG also has an FPS element. Winning players will get bonus money so they can buy better weapons and equipment, just like the mechanics used in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The amount of bonus that players get is determined based on their performance in the previous round. Players will be able to buy new weapons or equipment right away or save their money so they can buy more expensive weapons in the final rounds.

Given that the information about this new mode from PUBG is still not official, it is not yet known whether this mode will indeed be launched. PlayerIGN feels that if the combined FPS and Auto-Battler mode is released, this mode will only be able to be played in the middle of Update 8.3 or even at the beginning of Season 9.

A few months ago, PUBG also introduced the bots feature, which serves to help new players learn how to play the game. In an open letter, Joon H. Choi, Lead Project Manager, PUBG Console Team revealed that more and more new players were killed at the start of the match. Not only that, they couldn’t even injure the other players.

This will make it difficult for new players to learn to be better. Therefore, PUBG added the bots feature in the hope that new players will be able to learn the combat mechanics in PUBG without having to worry about being killed by veteran players.

As of July 2020, PUBG Corp. launched PUBG Update 8.1. At that time, they also revealed PUBG’s achievements as a game. As of July 2020, the game has sold 70 million copies since its launch in 2017. By adding a new mode that combines the elements of FPS and Auto-Battler, this will make PUBG even more popular among fans of both genres.

Marvel’s Avengers Review – Suitable For Marvel Fans

Twenty years ago and you will not find anyone who will believe, that at some point in the future, they will see the growth of superhero stories that used to be attached to the predicate “bookworm” and loser are now an integral part of the culture. pop on a global scale. Most of the contributions have come from the success of Marvel in bringing the story of the Avengers’ struggle against Thanos spread over a 10-year story with so many separate films, which also managed to bring famous actors in it. Amidst this thirst for content, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are trying to lock their momentum with a game that is quite anticipated – Marvel’s Avengers.

Those of you who have read our preview article seem to have gotten a little idea of ​​what Marvel’s Avengers actually has to offer. Much better than the beta period that he had presented on various platforms, which offered a pretty rough gaming experience, the final version of Marvel’s Avengers managed to present the form of the GaaS game that at its foundation, was actually quite tempting. There were several things that he managed to execute sweetly and brought a positive impression at the beginning, from the strong single-player mode to the attention to detail that made the sensation of playing each hero successfully appear unique and different. But on the other hand, he also comes with some other issues that deserve to be discussed.


So, what does Marvel’s Avengers actually offer? Why do we call it a game that focuses on scuffling action? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.



Like the name it carries, Marvel’s Avengers of course tells the story of the Avengers team itself, which in this game has no connection with comics or the Marvel Cinemated Universe which is more popular. It comes with an original story that stands alone without the need to enjoy other media. All you need to enjoy it is basic knowledge of what the Avengers are and who are the characters who fill it, considering that unlike the big screen version which incidentally released a special film for each of these characters, Crystal Dynamics immediately offers a story where they have collaborated as Avengers.

The story of Avengers begins with A-Day, a special day for the Avengers who want to celebrate the birth of their newest Helicarrier named “The Chimera” which this time, will be powered by a new source of energy called the Terrigen Crystal. But as could be predicted, this supposedly peaceful day turned out to be a catastrophe. The Chimera was attacked by troops led by Taskmaster, causing massive destruction, resulting in the loss of so much property and life, including Captain America himself. But the consequences don’t stop there.

The destruction of The Chimera which was powered by Terrigen Crystals turned out to produce a side effect called Terrigen Mist. Those who are exposed to this fog then begin to show symptoms of super abilities that are different from each other, from being able to generate and throw fire, to produce clones, to physical strength far above what humans should be. This group of people is known as “Inhumans”. Considered the culprit of the destruction and problems that occurred, the Avengers were no longer operating, scattered, and ended up disappearing. In the midst of their vacant position, a technology company called AIM under the leadership of George Tarleton emerged. Protecting the city with super intelligent robots, AIM also promises to find a healer to make the Inhumans back into humans.

You’ll enjoy most of Marvel’s Avengers from the perspective of Kamala Khan – an Avengers fan who is also an Inhumans. Finding a super secret video recording from AIM which indicates that Captain America’s death on A-Day is not just an “accident”, Kamala is now being hunted down. In the midst of this complicated condition, with no more rational solution, he wants to share the important information he got with the members of the Avengers whose existence is mysterious. Slowly but surely, Kamala is trying to make this superhero team relevant again while uncovering the evil plans that AIM is currently pursuing.

So, what kind of evil plan is actually being pursued by AIM? Can Kamala get the Avengers back together? Which enemy behind the scenes is waiting for them? You will of course have to play Marvel’s Avengers to get answers to these questions.


Playing Experience

Marvel’s Avengers sounds like a loot game that is at least above average quality and as such, it should get quite high praise. There are some problems, such as the absence of a ping system for silent communication or annoying grinding action in end-game content, but it sounds tolerable. What if it turns out that the problems surrounding this game are much deeper than you might imagine. There are so many things that make this supposedly fun and fantastic gaming experience drop to a lower level of enjoyment.

From things that are truly essential and rooted in design foundations, such as levels for example. For a game that wants to give the impression of how the Avengers finally regrouped and wanted to destroy the influence of AIM around the world, what Crystal Dynamics has to offer in this sector is quite disappointing. Marvel’s Avengers does offer dozens of multiplayer missions to try, but all of them are divided into play settings that can be counted on your fingers. Multiple missions take up the same location, over and over again, offering only variations on the objective side that you have to complete. You will meet many missions that take you into the AIM tower with the same architecture, the same snow location, the location full of fire and fire caused by the same AIM, and the same urban battle. Even if you look at the level variants in Iconic Mission or the single-player campaign, this game actually has another area that can offer something different to minimize the potential for repetitive feelings that are easily noticeable.

Another problem lies in the concept of Games as a Service (GaaS), which at the time of writing, actually feels like a design that ends up curbing the potential growth of Marvel’s Avengers itself. The GaaS concept gave birth to a level-based mission system which was the source of the complaints above, while at the same time making the option to present end-game content with a checklist of tasks to be completed feels like something rational. But the biggest problem with GaaS ‘promise is of course the distribution of content for gamers who dedicate a lot of their time to Marvel’s Avengers. It didn’t take long for them to finish all the end-game content that is available today and are now starting to wait for what Crystal Dynamics will offer next. Because when this review was written, this game did not have a roadmap about the content they were going to inject, which is certainly not a healthy move for a GaaS game.

The second problem with the GaaS concept like this also starts with the need to keep the community active and engaged, especially when new content is released. If for the basic foundation alone, Marvel’s Avengers has experienced some problems in terms of level design and missions that feel repetitive, how are they going to ensure that the latest content will be different? How do you do that in the midst of the release of competitors’ AAA games that are ready to take up the time of gamers such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, WD Legion, Cyberpunk 2077, until the first Playstation 5 game release, they can ensure that the community will remain active and ready to come back whenever Marvel’s Avengers comes with new content?

Because for a game called GaaS whose ambition will be supported for a very long time, losing significant userbase in just a few months after release will be a scary nightmare, both for the developer and for gamers who have invested their money in this game. For now, Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t feel “finished” yet, which leaves no clear conclusions designed for future content. As an example? Thor’s Iconic Mission, for example, has yet to provide clarity about the mystery of the main villain with clear indications that he will get updates in the future to “finish it”.

This bad experience is then exacerbated by a variety of technical problems that can be easily found throughout the game. From super essentials like Matchmaking, which doesn’t seem to be working in the capacity it should. Most of our random matchmaking action only presents one extra user to accompany or be accompanied, with 2 empty slots often filled by AI. Finding a party that manages to carry and fill the remaining 3 slots with human users is a rare sight that deserves to be celebrated. Doing matchmaking while in-game also often doesn’t trigger anything, never finding other users trying to find parties. We often have to go out to the main menu and log back in, then do the matchmaking action, which is usually paired with other users instantly. It’s faster to do this action than waiting for the in-game matchmaking action.


Bugs and Glitches

Other problems, as can be predicted, also come from the myriad of bugs and glitches that you will still encounter here. There are those that are “hilarious” such as multiple character models that have appeared several times, one of which made us panic. How come? We had time to meet not one, but two Abomination models as bosses in the cut-scene, which luckily was just a bug. Another funny bug also sometimes appears from character models that are not perfectly rendered in cut-scenes, where you can sometimes see how only Hulk’s hair, without a body, is fighting to destroy everything around.

But sometimes, you come across various bugs and glitches that get annoying, especially when it comes to completing missions. We have encountered several cases where for reasons that are not clear, the enemy refuses to appear in the area where the main mission is – to subdue each and every one of them. Therefore, progress cannot be triggered and we are stuck. We also had time to find a similar mission that ended in failure because one or two enemies, due to the Hulk’s strong attack, were thrown through the wall and stuck there. Marvel’s Avengers does provide a “Reload Checkpoint” option to solve problems like this. But in the end, we had a chance to find a situation where this bug, especially about the enemy refusing to spawn, was still not resolved with this option.

Minor complaints also surfaced from the side of the game, especially in battles for high power levels. As an example? The opportunity to do an evade, for example. Like an action game that should be, Marvel’s Avengers provides an evade option which, if executed at the right timing, will give you an extra advantage. In high power missions, this action had almost no meaning at all for several reasons. We are not just talking about the quality of the enemies that appear at the same time, but because of animation as well. Most of the bigger enemies will trigger a certain animation on your character the moment their attack comes in, like Thor getting down for a split second for example. In this position, you cannot evade. The result? Their continued combination attack comes in and suddenly you find your character dead. Not bad enough? You will also find a type of range enemy that can kill you with one shot, with an indicator of the direction of the attack that is difficult to notice especially in the middle of a busy battle situation, and because of that – almost impossible to avoid.

So with all the designs that are asking for more questions, complete with technical issues still occurring at the time of this writing, the concept of Marvel’s Avengers is interesting as a loot-based game with fairly mature execution, leading to falling to a lower level. The settings were so limited and therefore triggered a repetitive sensation in our eyes, was the worst.



After the worries that surfaced during the beta period and the various trailers that were released before its release, the final version of Marvel’s Avengers ended up being much better than we expected. Some of the doubts that had been created just vanished. We like the way it handles the campaign side that acts like a linear AAA game with a solid story and its position as an action game with loot-based RPG elements with variations and modifications that clearly affect the strength of your character and your playing style. All of them are built on a character progress system, which is mostly not grindy, with the sensation of using each character that is so unique and different. But of course, there are so many other things that instead of reinforcing, raise extra doubt.

There are so many shortcomings that are the source of our complaints that don’t only come from minor things, but end up being something that really injures the overall playing experience. However, the most important thing lies in the GaaS concept that he is carrying, which as far as our review action is carried out, does not feel like making any positive contributions and actually feels like a barrier to an Avengers game with better narrative power. For now, it carries a limited amount of content with quality that is not very attractive even for end-games, it needs to inject more content in the near future, and offers more variety especially from level design and missions. At this moment, it felt like a caterpillar in a cocoon limiting its movements. She could end up being a butterfly or die for one or two things.

If you are a gamer lover of Marvel superheroes and want the sensation of fighting as a member of the Avengers with a satisfying approach, then we will not hesitate to recommend Marvel’s Avengers to you. Combined with a good loot system and a surprisingly cool campaign, it opens up the opportunity to dive deeper into the “new” Marvel universe that was born from the hands of Crystal Dynamics. But if you come because of the potential for investing money because of the GaaS concept that he is carrying, we would recommend that you wait, at least the information about the content roadmap and the release plan for each content comes up in the future.

Nielsen: Marvel’s Avengers is The Most Awaited Game

Nielsen released a report on the games with the most anticipated releases this year. The three most-awaited games this year are Marvel’s Avengers, Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This Nielsen report is based on a survey of more than 6,000 gamers.

Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the problems faced by game publishers this year is the uncertain launch date of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This makes publishers reluctant to announce the launch dates of their new games.

Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix’s action RPG, is one of the most eagerly awaited games. The popularity of this game was increased thanks to the success of the Avengers film. However, the popularity of the Avengers movie also became a weapon for you. The reason is, fans are comparing Marvel’s Avengers game with the Avengers film.

The fans had protested because the designs of the characters in the game did not look like the ones in the film. Square Enix then overhauled the character designs. In addition, they also did a beta test. And now, Nielsen revealed, fans are increasingly looking forward to the launch of Marvel’s Avengers.

Apart from Marvel’s Avengers, Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War is the most awaited game. Usually, Activision releases new Call of Duty games in the spring or around April-June. However, they only announced Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War at the end of August. As a sub-brand of Call of Duty, Black Ops is actually not very popular among gamers. However, many people are curious about how Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War will be integrated with the battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone.

Several other multiplatform games whose launches are anticipated include Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, FIFA 21, NBA 2K21, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, Star Wars: Squadrons, and Planet Coaster: Console Edition, according to a VentureBeat report.

Meanwhile, one of the most anticipated PC games is World of Warcraft: Shadowland from Blizzard. Some other PC games that are also eagerly awaited are Crusader Kings III, Baldur’s Gate III, and Serious Sam 4. Unfortunately, for PlayStation 5 games, many publishers have yet to announce the exact launch date of their games. However, according to Nielsen’s report, there are three PS5 games that are most anticipated, namely Gran Turismo 7, Demon’s Souls, and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

When compared with other games, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim from Atlus is a game that targets a niche market. Even so, PS4 gamers who are familiar with the game are looking forward to the game’s launch.

Just like game publishers for PlayStation, Xbox game publishers have not announced the exact release date for their game. However, one of the long-awaited Xbox games is CrossFireX, a ported version of CrossFire, a first-person shooter game made by South Korean developers. Apart from that, Halo: Infinite is also one of the most anticipated games. However, the game’s launch was postponed until 2021.

10 Tips Becoming Pro in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a battle royale hero shooter video game released by Respawn Entertainment last year without much promotion. Its presence has brought a breath of fresh air to lovers of this genre after being shocked by Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

The ability of a hero called a legend, respawn when a teammate dies, to a very fast fierce battle are the main keys to the game Apex Legends. The map is no exception, which is iconic and changes every season, following the story of his world which is still the same world as the previous Respawn Entertainment game, Titanfall 2.

Even though it has been released for a long time, there are still many common mistakes that are still made by new players or maybe players who have played Apex Legends for a long time. Most of these mistakes are quite trivial and can be overcome with successive practice, but it would be very annoying if the player didn’t find a solution after the character reached level 400 or 500.

Here are 10 mistakes that are common for new players (it does not rule out old players) in Apex Legends.


  1. Don’t Use Ping

Ping is one of the important features in Apex Legends. This feature was added by Respawn Entertainment solely for players who don’t have a mic or do text-chat too long. He can show the location of weapons, need weapons, to the position of the enemy.

You can point your crosshair at weapons, ammunition, medkit, syringe, shield, bag, armor, helmet, scope, or hop-up then press the ping button (middle click on PC, RB on Xbox, and R1 on PS4) to tell colleagues your team has that item. Meanwhile, your teammates can point to the icon that appears when pinging is done to confirm that they need it.

Meanwhile, to ping the enemy, you can show the location of the enemy wherever you know by pressing the F button on the PC. I don’t know what button the console uses, but it’s likely to use the ping command wheel.

Ping can also be used via the ping wheel command by holding down the middle mouse button on the PC to enter commands such as going to one place, looting to an area, inviting teammates to go somewhere, responding to ping your partner with “yes” or “no” , until notifying that an area has been booted by the enemy.

Using ping will make communication easier, especially when you are not using or have a mic. A super efficient feature implemented by Respawn.

Not using this feature is the first mistake new players make. Especially those who don’t use a mic. This is because communication in Apex Legends is very important in the game. So, don’t blame your teammates if you suddenly die but no one is helping you because you don’t want to use ping.


9. Too Long Choosing Loot

Loot Looting is indeed the most important feature of the battle royale game, but choosing loot too long is the biggest mistake made by new players next. This is because they will waste time after finishing off an enemy team squad. Because no one can guarantee whether after the enemy squad dies, no other squad will approach your team because they hear the sound of your battle.

Choosing too long to choose the loot will also be very crucial when it turns out that your jump place is also visited by three to four squads. So, don’t be surprised if you will die immediately because you haven’t had the chance to get a weapon because you chose too long.

A tip from me is when you jump and there are three or four squads that are plunging in the same place, then take whatever is on the floor or box. Whether grenades, weapons like Mozambique, and others. Your goal is to survive, do whatever it takes to survive.

Meanwhile, if you have finished off a squad, then make sure your surroundings are safe, or take the most important items first such as the medkit, syringe, and shield before finally making sure everything is safe and returning to the enemy death box you just finished.


  1. Throw Jump Master But Suggest / Protest Place to Falls

In Apex Legends, the squad feature is the most important thing that Respawn has chosen since the game’s release. This will automatically provide a leadership feature to jump off the plane so that all your team members can get to one place together. A feature that is quite common in the battle royale genre. They named it as Jump Master.

The Jump Master is the person randomly chosen by the system to lead the jump in Apex Legends. Players can throw the Jump Master at other players if they don’t want to choose where to jump and loot. But there are selfish players who sometimes don’t want to think about where to dive and throw it at other players but protest or suggest a place to dive.

This also seems to be done by new players, either because they are in bad mood or something else. Not infrequently after throwing it, the player suggests jumping elsewhere. No, don’t do this, especially if you are playing alone. This is because it will be troublesome for the other players you have asked to become the Jump Master.

Getting the Jump Master is a big responsibility, because you are required to choose the loot area while avoiding other players at the beginning of the game (unless you are reckless and dare to die). Throwing it then suggests going to a different area or protesting to him, indirectly is an insult to the player you surrender to being a Jump Master. Roughly speaking, you who were entrusted with the Jump Master didn’t want to choose, why did you throw it when you chose?

If so, I personally will usually make sure to jump in early and ensure that one squad dies in the early rounds. As well as being a place to prove whether the teammate who threw the Jump Master was able to face the enemy at the beginning of the game.

I don’t suggest you use my method, but when you are a new player, the Jump Master is entrusted by the system, then as much as possible you must be responsible for the task. It’s okay to die at the beginning, everything starts with learning until you master the place. One of them is choosing the Apex Legends waterfall.


  1. Don’t Change Shield

Shield Unlike other battle royale games, Apex Legends represents armor with an object called shield. Shield is a refillable armor that can be filled using a shield battery, shield cell, or phoenix kit.

However, there are still many new players who think that after the shield runs out, they have to find a place to hide and refill. Especially when close combat is very fierce. When one enemy squad has been destroyed, another enemy squad comes to attack when all your shields run out.

This will take quite a long time, which is about 3-5 seconds to fill it unless you have gold armor which will fill at least 2-3 bars of your shield when using a shield cell. Gives the enemy lots of opportunities to crush you first. If it’s like this you and your teammates will immediately die.

One tip from me is that instead of you having to fill it using a refill shield, it would be better if you took the shield left by the enemy that you finished off. This will fill up your shield and cut the time it takes. Especially during fierce battles. This method is more effective and efficient.


6. Don’t Prioritize Shield and Medkits When Loot

As I explained earlier, looting is indeed the most crucial thing in the battle royale genre. However, it does not prioritize looting certain items, which is the main mistake of players who have just played Apex Legends.

No, you won’t need a lot of bullets in this game because bullets will be very easy to find all over the map. Especially for new players. Many bullets without being balanced with a good aim will be useless.

Make sure you prioritize shield and medkit / syringe when loot, because these two types of items are quite difficult to find on the map. It does not rule out that you will be beaten continuously when one or two squads are finished. Make the item one of the most crucial during the game.


  1. Open Inventory to Use Shield / Medkit

When you play games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or others, then maybe you are accustomed to using healing items by opening the inventory. But not for Apex Legends because Respawn has prepared a shortcut to use it.

Opening inventory and clicking healing items is the least efficient way in Apex Legends, but there are still many who get carried away by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds habits in the game. Don’t do it because before you finish using it, the enemy might approach you right away.

Take advantage of the shortcuts provided properly. If you are on a PC, then you can use the 4 keys from your keyboard, while the console user will use the top d-pad button (the directional buttons on the controller). Holding down the button will open the item wheel which allows you to choose between shield, medkit / syringe, or phoenix kit. Make the best use of these features and stop opening inventory to use healing items.


4. Loot is Much More Important Than Efficient

The next mistake that new Apex Legends players make is prioritizing loot a lot rather than being more efficient. New players tend to prefer to collect quite a lot of not-so-important items compared to having to take a few items, but it is efficient. This is supported by a fairly small inventory capacity in the game.

Just like point number six, multiplying bullets and grenades is very inefficient for your battle. Make sure your loot is filled with about two or three bullet slots with the rest divided between shields, medkit / syringe, or grenades. This is because the enemy will leave more bullets than you have to loot one by one on the map.

Make sure all your loot is useful during fast or critical battles. After all, why do you loot so much if you die fast? Make the enemy rich with bullets?


3. Not walking / strafing when shooting

Apex Legends is a shooter game with a fast mechanic like Call of Duty, considering that the developer is a fraction of the Infinity Ward team, the main developer of the Activision series. Therefore, you have to make good use of these “fast” features when fighting.

Shooting the enemy while standing still is a common mistake that most new players make. Keep you moving or strafing the cool language during the battle by pressing the walk or squat-standing button. This will confuse the enemy’s aim which also goes the same way.

This is because the mechanics that Respawn provides are just like that. Just being silent will make it easier for the enemy to finish you off. I personally really like it when there are a lot of enemies who shoot in silence because it will be very easy to shoot.


  1. Too Aggressive and Selfish

There are so many styles of play for every player in Apex Legends. Starting from utilizing the abilities of each legend, attacking aggressively, eroding enemy armor from a distance then combining it with close range, passively defending in one area, to being aggressive. However, there are many new players who consider this game to be more or less the same as CSGO or Call of Duty, thinking that when you progress alone, you can be like a rambo who can crush all enemies without problems.

Respawn Entertainment made Apex Legends with a three-person squad feature in one team, not without reason. This is because they want a team to help each other during battle. Players who are too aggressive and selfish as if they want to be a super hero with lots of kills are very troublesome teammates (I’m watching you Wraith mains). Especially when he was dying and dying he immediately rage quit and just gave up without trusting his teammates. If you find it, just block the player like this.

No, you cannot survive alone without taking advantage of the circumstances and opportunities that exist. Therefore, there are so many teams in Apex Legends that will make you their monthly when you are advancing alone. Especially if there are two or three squads in battle. Trust your teammates and prioritize cooperation over selfish advances alone.


  1. Too Afraid to Move When the Opportunity Arises

This is a crucial mistake in all multiplayer shooter games, which is the fear of advancing when the opportunity arises. I made this point when I saw my friend who had just played Apex Legends but was still afraid to go forward, even when the enemy had broken the shield many times during fierce battles.

This fear will give the enemy the opportunity to run away or turn around to flank your team. Make a battle where you who previously had the advantage turn around. So, make sure you dare to go forward and finish off all enemies when the opportunity arises. Especially when you hear that two people from the enemy team have broken the shield, because that way the player will be very easily finished.

The key to this multiplayer shooter game besides memorizing the map is not being afraid to go forward / die and learn from mistakes when you die. Embed this in your mind, then you will be able to more or less enjoy the essence of every shooter game that is released or will be released to the market. I personally get annoyed when the other players on the team don’t see the opportunity and execute it. Afraid that executing him will die? Just uninstall and play the simulation game.


These are 10 common mistakes that new Apex Legends players still make. Do you still do it often? Or maybe you found other mistakes and tips to be solutions? If so, as usual you can include it in the comments column

FIFA 21 Will Officially Present Internazionale and AC Milan

EA Sports FIFA recently announced a long-term partnership with two big clubs from Italy, namely Inter Milan and AC Milan. This collaboration means the two clubs will appear exclusively in EA Sports FIFA, starting from FIFA 21, which will be released next October 2020.

FIFA 21 game itself presents a lot of changes, ranging from gameplay, to eye sweetener features such as stadiums or jersey matches that are displayed in detail. Through tweets, both clubs show content that will appear in the game, including the red-black and blue-black jersey typical of the two clubs from Milan, and of course the San Siro stadium is full of history.

Quoting from one of the football media, Nick Wlodyka as Vice President & GM of FIFA’s EA SPORTS said. “Collaboration with AC Milan is a form of our commitment to present more interactive experiences in the game to sports fans around the world. As an iconic and accomplished football club, we can’t wait to be able to give AC Milan fans an innovative and interactive playing experience from the EA Sports FIFA game. ”

Casper Stylsvig, Chief Revenue Officer of AC Milan said. “We welcome EA Sports into the AC Milan family as a premium partner very happily. This collaboration is a symbol of our commitment in presenting interactive experiences to fans from all over the world. EA Sports as a marketleader in the gaming industry, will be the perfect partner to continue the exciting and captivating adventure of creating a new generation of Rossoneri fans. ”

If you look at the promotional video, not only stadiums and typical jerseys will appear in the FIFA 21 game. From AC Milan’s side, there will be figures of legendary players who help AC Milan get their titles, such as Kaka, Andriy Shevchenko, Paolo Maldini, and Pippo Inzaghi.

The competition over the Italian football club’s license between PES and FIFA is indeed being fierce lately. Last time, KONAMI secured a cooperation contract for three years, to display Juventus in the game Pro Evolution Soccer. Cooperation with these two Milan clubs, it was even reported that EA Sports FIFA was obtained after their contract with KONAMI was up.

As long as Pro Evolution Soccer and EA Sports FIFA still co-exist, soccer club licensing wars are not likely to end. Finally the fans who are confused, have to buy FIFA or PES?

4 Games That Still Worth Playing on Mid 2020

Lately the game world is crowded with Role-Playing genre games, also known as RPGs. Now, various developers are endlessly releasing various RPG genre games, both on PC, game consoles, to mobile like Android and iOS. RPG games are related to the story of someone or a group in the game world. The storyline provided by various games is also very satisfying and interesting. For this opportunity, we will share 4 recommended RPG game names that captivate gamers, see the list below.

  1. Dark Souls III

This PC RPG game brings a story and a new world, the storyline of this game will really deepen your emotions. Dark Souls III is a game that has a decent difficulty and a variety of challenging challenges are available. Well, who likes challenging and strategic RPG games?

  1. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age has clear graphic quality that is present to be played on a PC. This game tells the adventures of Vaan, an orphan who wishes to become a Sky Pirates. Zodiac system features will be present to strengthen the characters in your game.

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The game that tells the journey of Geralt as a witcher will be faced with various enemies and problems on his journey. The graphics and stories in this best open world game are very good and interesting. Plus his fighting style is also very realistic and quite annoying because the enemies in this game are hard to beat.

  1. Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage2 Revolution is the latest MMORPG game that is able to provide quality 3D graphics and seems realistic. The best RPG game by Netmarble Games, a big game company from South Korea. The most important thing in this game is character leveling, the higher the character you have, the easier and more items can be opened.

That’s 5 list of the best RPG games that we recommend for you. Come on, get the best playing experience through the 5 rpg game listings above. You will also find a variety of games that have super duper fantastic graphic quality. Curious? Come download the game above to your PC or Android, good luck.

Old 90s Classic PC Games

In the 90s the technology has not developed as rapidly as it is now. Games are plush toys that can only be played on certain devices. The level and type of the game are also classic, not too difficult like most contemporary games.

The tricks and how to play do not drain the brain to set the strategy, even though the old game had an addictive sensation. A little play back memories in childhood, you must have played the old school PC game below!

  1. Bounce Blitz Out

This game is usually a mainstay of girls in the 90s. Because this game contains a collection of colorful girly balls. This game requires us to swap the position of the ball so that it is aligned with the same color.

Because the motives are very diverse we also find it difficult to solve. Not to mention the sensation of being rushed to time when the bomb almost exploded, making hysterical and curious to conquer it.

  1. Vermintz Deluxe

Until now classic game models such as Vermintz Deluxe still exist. But of course with graphics that are still simple, Vermintz is more fun to play. The mission is also not difficult, we only need to run Vermintz to take the golden egg and avoid the challenges ahead. Like crossing the highway, the river, or passing people.

  1. Hamster Ball

Well, this game must be a favorite arcade game for those who like challenges. Because the hamster ball presents a variety of levels and arenas. Although it makes it annoying because the ball containing the hamster is often difficult to control, but when you start playing it you are guaranteed hard to stop. Definitely addicted!

  1. Zuma Deluxe

There is no most legendary game besides zuma deluxe. Yep! This frog with a ball in his mouth is indeed very interesting and makes players never bored to play. In addition to various levels of ball capabilities that can turn into various combos also become excitement when playing this game.

  1. Hang A Roo

90s kids used to test their intelligence through the following word guessing game, yep! Especially if it’s not Hang A Roo. Hang A Roo is a guessing toy that presents a certain clue, if you succeed then the kangaroo manages to break free from the hangers otherwise he will die and frown. Educating and entertaining at the same time.

  1. Solitaire

Another legendary game is Solitaire alias playing cards that are always on every PC. This card game is also very easy to do. We just need to arrange the cards so that the sequence from the smallest to the largest. Even though it’s just that, but every 90s kid must have tried this toy, admit it!

  1. Minesweeper

Playing guessing is the most exciting way to entertain yourself. This was no exception done in a simple game called Minesweeper. This game consists of a box of fields containing small boxes and storing numbers or traps in it. The most exciting thing is when you have almost succeeded in opening all the column numbers, but it turns out the next option is to save a trap, so game over and try from the start. Gosh!

  1. Pinball

Although there is now an original form in the game in the play zone, but pc pinball is the best game of the 90s. This game is very, very simple, how to play, we just need to throw the ball from the spring at the beginning of each game. If you manage to touch all the challenges then the score will go up so high, but if you have been going around but not hit by a single challenge and instead went to the bottom so you will die!

  1. Frenzy feeding

Only in Feeding Frenzy can small fish eat sharks when they reach level 3. Is that right? Game House’s game is really the most memorable when I was in my 90s. Starting from capturing pearls, avoiding yourself from poisonous jellyfish, to successfully conquer the biggest predator at the end of the level. Legendary!

  1. Madagascar

Set in a zoo and contains Madagascar cartoon characters, this last game also can’t be left behind. The dashing male lion is usually a mainstay player who can take a lot of points. Then followed by his funny friends like penguins, hippos, until the zebra who likes to express adorable.

Seeing the games above, it must have made the 90s want to play time, what number do you most like?

Legends of Runeterra – Complex Gameplay with Fresh Concept

Towards the end of 2019, Riot Games showcased the latest lineup of games they will release while celebrating their 10th birthday. After ten years of only developing one game, the Los Angeles-based developer finally expanded, creating games for other genres.

There were a number of games that they exhibited at the time, FPS named project A which is now known as Valorant, the Legends of Runeterra card game, LoL iteration on Mobile called Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics for mobile, and a fighting game project. After some time has passed, the digital card game Legends of Runeterra, which was released on May 1, 2020 yesterday, may be the first game in the line to be released in full.

Although it has a genre of Collectible Card Games (CCG) that tends to be niche, but this game turned out to get a pretty good enthusiasm from gamers, with total downloads reaching more than 1 million in the Play Store when this article was written. Maybe you are now attracted to playing it, but still frustrated for one reason or another.

Maybe you haven’t played because you’ve never played CCG before and are afraid to be faced with a complicated strategy game? Or fail to play for fear of being faced with a pay-to-win game scheme that requires you to go weak to get the coveted card?

But is Legends of Runeterra a digital card game like that? Card games that will intimidate prospective new players because of complicated mechanics or endless card gacha?

To decide whether you will start investing time (and money) in this game, let’s get acquainted first with this digital card game made by Riot. Check out the following review of Legends of Runeterra.


CCG With MOBA Sense

Legends of Runeterra (afterwards called Runeterra) is a card game based on the story of one of the most popular MOBA games in the world. If you are a League of Legends player you will definitely see familiar faces in this game, such as Ashe, Garen, or Lux.

If you look at the first trailer of Runeterra, you can also already see how the Champion League of Legends characters turn into cards in the game, which are called the strongest cards in Runeterra.

This also makes me say that the Runeterra card game has a sense of MOBA in the mechanics of the game. No, this is not just because there is a Champion League of Legends in Runeterra, but also because of how the Champion cards work in this game.

If you also play MOBA League of Legends, you certainly understand your job in MOBA is to raise the Champion level so that you have stronger skills, while collecting gold to get items to strengthen physical or magic attacks. Interestingly, Runeterra also has game mechanics like MOBA, which raises levels to make Champion cards stronger.

But the difference is, raising the Champion level in Runeterra isn’t as simple as hitting a Minion. Each Champion has different requirements in order to level up. For example, Garen must attack twice or Braum can level up if it has withstand enemy attacks. Leveled champions will have even more deadly damage or effects.

Another thing that makes Runeterra card games increasingly feels like MOBA is from the way the player gets the win. In MOBA, after your character has become strong, the next task is to keep on crashing, destroying the Turret by Turret until it reaches the core building that must be destroyed, Nexus.

Likewise in Runeterra. Each player has a goal to destroy the enemy Nexus and there are a number of ways that can be done. The simplest way is to summon or summon or place your card on a table or field. Then order the card to attack towards Nexus. There are 20 Hit Points (HP) for Nexus, which will be lost first.


How easy is it?

Easy or not we will discuss in the next section. But in general, destroying Nexus in Runeterra is actually not that simple, because there are three types of cards in this game, namely Champion, Follower, and Spells.

Champion and Follower have power in the lower left of the card that indicates attack power, and the HP in the lower right of the card that indicates defensive power. The two cards will remain on the table as long as you still have a cellphone. If the HP runs out, the card will disappear from the game; unless called again with special effects. While on the other hand the Spell can usually only be activated once, then it will disappear after being activated.

Your job as a player here is to make maximum use of these three types of cards so you can destroy enemy Nexus. Champion and follower have the simplest functions, namely attacking Nexus.

While the Spell function is more varied because there is something that can directly damage the Nexus, damage the Champion or Follower, or give the effect of disturbing the enemy.

In general, how to play Runeterra is more or less like the TCG Yu-Gi-Oh card game. You call the card to the table, then tell the monster to attack. If there are no monsters on the enemy table, you can attack directly (if in Runeterra towards Nexus). You can call Spell Card to attack or help make your card stronger.

Then if you have a Trap Card at Yu-Gi-Oh, what about Runeterra? Another interesting thing in Runeterra, which also makes it feel like an MOBA battle, is the order of the streets that keeps changing.

In each turn, players take turns holding the Attack Token as a sign that you have the right to walk first and attack. Then, every time you do something (call Champion / Follower or activate a Spell) the enemy has a turn to respond with whatever they have.

If you use the Yu-Gi-Oh analogy, then you can say the Spell in Runeterra functions like a combination of Trap and Magic Card. Because it runs alternately continuously, the spell can be activated at any time. Therefore, Runeterra has three levels of spell speed, namely Slow, Fast, and Burst.

Slow Spells can only be activated outside the battle phase. When activated, enemies can respond with the spells they have. Fast Spell can be activated before or during the battle phase, enemies can also respond to this Spell. Finally, the Burst Spell, can be activated at any time, immediately active immediately, and cannot be responded by the enemy.

The responding action stops when the Attack Token owner advances the troops (Champion / Follower) and enters the fighting phase. In the battle phase, the defender can no longer summon any troops, can only Block with troops that are already in the field, or respond with Fast Spells.

After the defender activates the Spell, selects the enemy forces that his attack wants to hold, the Attack Token owner then attacks, the amount of damage is calculated, then the Attack Token owner has the last chance to take one more action, which the enemy can still respond to.

When attacking, Legends of Runeterra also presents an interesting feature called Oracle Eye. This feature can be in the middle between two Nexus in the attack phase.

This feature allows you to look into the future, the results of all the battles of troops and spells that are activated. If you are not good at calculating or not sure how the effect of the spell you will use, this feature will help you understand the outcome of the battle.

All actions of summoning troops and activating Spells will use Mana. The game starts with 1 mana, and continues to increase by 1 mana in each round. If you do nothing, Mana will be saved in addition to activating the Spell later.

In my opinion, the changing game mechanics also make Runeterra feel like a MOBA battle. Because in MOBA you have to be good at managing the resources you have, skills or mana, as well as in Runeterra.


Is Runeterra Friendly For Beginners?

This problem becomes important in the discussion of a game, especially CCG games like Runeterra. The complexity of the game will usually make players discourage trying. Moreover, the CCG genre is often labeled as a “thinking game”, which makes many players lazy at the beginning because they do not want to think when playing the game.

After reading my explanation above about the general mechanics of the game, are you already dizzy? Oh calm, that’s not all, because the longer you play, the more you have to accept the fact that Runeterra will take you diving into intricate and exciting mechanics.

Although this game is complicated, but I can still say that Runeterra is friendly for beginners. One reason is because the Riot Games effort explains how to play Runeterra through the presentation of an intensive set of tutorials.

Everything I discussed at the beginning of the article will be taught when you first log into the game. You will be taught what Nexus is, how to attack and defend, how to work Champion, Attack Token, what is Mana Point, and how to activate and classify Spells.

But salute to Riot Games who try hard to teach the game mechanism Runeterra to players. When you enter the game, on the Play menu, you can choose the Challenges menu which contains an intensive course to understand how the various cards work in Runeterra.

In this section you will be taught how to work a variety of Keywords, aka keywords from card effects in the game. For example, the Challenge titled Overwhelming Force teaches you how to work, and the effectiveness of using cards with the keyword Overwhelm. Cards with Overwhelm (Champion Darius, for example) can deal damage that goes through Nexus if you have a difference in the number of attack cards with the HP of the defensive card.

Riot also encourages players to challenge because we will receive XP prizes to increase progress rewards, which I will explain later in the section on the Legends of Runeterra monetization scheme. New challenges will also always be present, when Runeterra introduces new Keywords.

For example, when the Rising Tides update was present when the official release of Runeterra introduced the Bilgewater region, Riot immediately presented 4 new Challenges: The Deep Dive to introduce the Keywords Deep effect, Plunder Pays for the Plunder Keywords effect, Easy Pickings to introduce the Vulnerable Keywords, and Barrel to Victory which introduce the workings of the Powder Keg mechanism.

Don’t worry, what is in Challenges is just the surface of the full range of Keywords in Runeterra. Because until now, more or less there are about 40 more Keywords in Runeterra that you must understand and learn.

Already dizzy? Same with me, too. But don’t worry, at the beginning of the game you are given a “Starter Deck” from the 6 initial regions in Runeterra, to learn how to play and optimize the basic cards.

Perhaps one thing lacking from Challenges is that it does not teach characteristics and interactions between regions. The Region Mechanism is the way the Runeterra card game tells the world of League of Legends. Until now, there are 7 regions in the Runeterra card game, there are Bilgewater, Demacia, Freljord, Ionia, Noxus, and Shadow Isle.

Each region has its own characteristics that can be combined with other regions. For example if you want to make the enemy unable to move, you can combine the Freljord Region which can stop enemy movement with Ionia which also has a lot of mechanics that make the enemy distracted.

But certainly, the experience of playing League of Legends will also help you to understand this game faster. Having been playing League of Legends since 2012, helped me understand the picture of how Champion works. So because I know that Braum is a Tank hero who likes to withstand attacks, then I already have an idea how to use Braum to its full potential in Runeterra.

Another thing that makes it easier for me to understand Runeterra is probably my experience playing Yu-Gi-Oh card games in the PlayStation era. At a minimum, when I started playing I could immediately murmur, “Oh it turns out this game is similar to Yu-Gi-Oh,” and no need to be confused anymore.


Amazing Artwork, and Visual Variations that Spoil the Eye

Okay, you might already be tired of reading the discussion of Runeterra’s game mechanics, which were initially simple, but are becoming increasingly … confusing. A little break, let’s take a moment to see how Riot presents Legends of Runeterra audio and visual.

One that I like the most is how when you open the game immediately the game with the image of Ashe standing on an iceberg with the sun rising in the eastern horizon, while accompanied by a song with a solemn violin like the typical music of the elf kingdom in the colossal film Lord of the Ring.

The main menu is equally delicious. At one time you will be faced with a view of Jinx on the roof of the house to see the atmosphere of the city of Piltover on a quiet night. At other times your spirit can also be triggered by the image of Darius shouting war cry to the troops of Noxus who are preparing to colonize other Region in Runeterra.

Artwork from each card is also another visual aspect in Runeterra that successfully spoiled the eyes. So maybe, if you are tired of playing because you keep losing, you can pause, open the Cards menu, and see the Artwork of each card. Moreover, the card artwork also features a story that increasingly brings you into the world of Runeterra.

One card I like the most in Artwork and stories is the Cithria of Cloudfield card from the Demacia Region. The visuals and explanation of this card succeeded in presenting the atmosphere of the story of a girl who aspired to become a Demacia army, because she heard the heroic story of her mother fighting on the battlefield defending the name of the kingdom of Demacia.

Unfortunately, serving artwork spoiled the eyes in Runeterra is only limited to Champion and Followers. On the Spell card, while still presenting a description that has a story, but the visual presented is quite limited because it does not present full-screen Artwork like on a Champion or Follower card.

The next thing that seems to me to be visually inspiring is the cool animation presented in Runeterra. The evocative visual has also been felt since we are in the main menu. Transitions between menus are always decorated with simple, yet eye-catching animations.

Going into battle, in my opinion there are at least two things in terms of animation that make Legends of Runeterra visually evocative. First is the presence of an interactive Guardian accompanying us when the duel is being held.

Guardian is not really a feature that affects anything in the game, but only the eye conditioning that adorns your board. The funny thing is, Guardians are interactive, which will take action if you swipe or tap on it.

Poro’s Guardian, which is free, for example, will give you a big tantrum or yawn response if you tap it on its head quickly and too often. Although it doesn’t help in the game, at least Poro can be a solace when your hands are ugly, or the enemy shows a dominating game.

Apart from Guardian, another visual addition that is no less interesting is the Sticker and also the skin for the Board where you play. Sticker is your only means of communicating with enemies. Usually this is used to joke with enemies when there are adorable moments in the game.

The skin for the board where you play is also another visual that spoil your eyes. The most basic skin board is Summoner’s Riftt, but you can buy skins for this board, starting with the theme of Region in Runeterra or a certain Champion. Each Board not only spoil the visual, but also has a distinctive song from each of them that spoil the ear.

So far, Jinx’s Mayhem has become my favorite skin board, because it is not only visually eccentric, but also has a dark-electro genre theme song that matches the personality of the Champion Jinx.

Pay or Grind to Win?

Many people assume that card games are usually pay-to-win. For those of you who have played several times or have friends who play TCG or CCG games, you may already be familiar with the Booster Pack or Loot Box, a gacha box that contains random cards. Interestingly, Legends of Runeterra actually has a quite different monetization scheme.

Maybe Runeterra is a CCG card game that doesn’t use the Booster Pack system. All cards here can be purchased with a choice of 3 currencies, namely Wildcards, Shards, or Coins (Premium currency). Wildcards and Shards can be obtained by playing diligently or grinding.

Wildcard and Shard’s main sources come from Region Rewards. Region Rewards functions more or less like the Battle Pass in Dota 2, which has many levels, and has attractive prizes for each level. Region Rewards level can be obtained by continuing to play.

You can get XP when you play, whether it’s winning or losing, doing a daily quest, or playing a Challenge. But the amount of XP gained in one day has a limit. If you have reached the limit, you will only get around 100 XP if you win, and get nothing when you lose.

Not only that, there are still other sources that make it easy for you to complete your collection of cards in Runeterra. There is a Daily Login that has become a hallmark of many gamemobile, Weekly Vault which are both collected through XP, and the last is Expedition,

Expedition itself is arguably like Draft Mode. Expedition game mode can be followed by using Coin, Shards, or Expedition Tokens obtained from Weekly Vault. In Expedition Mode you are asked to make a deck of several card options presented by the system. After the deck is finished, you will be pitted by other players who also follow this mode. The more wins, the better prize you receive. Conversely, if you have lost 4 times, then your trip will stop and get a little prize.

Riot Games doesn’t seem to talk nonsense when it comes to wanting to make Runeterra a fair card game, both for free-to-play players and those who invest in buying cards. With this system, casual players who are free-to-play are still able to have the opportunity to compete with paid players, provided they are diligent in playing.

Moreover, being a paid player is also not detrimental in Runeterra. Because players don’t need to mess around because of Gacha on disadvantaged days. You can freely make any deck and immediately buy the card you need, without the hassle of scavenging for Loot Boxes or Booster Packs.

Looking at this mechanism, it seems that the only difference between free and paid players is time. Free players take longer to get the cards they want, while paid players only need to click a purchase to get a card.


Version 1.0 is still lacking

Legends of Runeterra entered version 1.0 when it was released on May 1, 2020 yesterday. Even though it has been officially released, I still feel that Legends of Runeterra is like being in an open-beta phase.

Why? Because in my opinion there are still many features that are actually important, but not yet presented in Legends of Runeterra. Some of the features that had become a conversation in the community were the absence of match history, replays, statistics, and spectate friends.

Indeed these 3 features become something important, especially when talking about the readiness of Legends of Runeterra as esports. In competitions, especially those that are online, match history is the only evidence to report wins. Although there is already a feature to challenge friends on the friend list, without Match History the victory cannot be proven.

Then in addition, features such as statistics, replays, or spectate friend also become another important feature to make Runeterra a competitive game. Statistics and replays can help players learn the game themselves.

When did he make a wrong move? What can be corrected from the defeat he experienced before? What card is ineffective and must be replaced? The three become a number of things that players can do with the presence of statistics and replays features.

While spectate friend is an important feature to make the match on Runeterra be watched by many audiences. Because if we talk about esports, we are not only talking about competition, but also talking about how to make the match presented to the audience.

Finally, although it might not be that important, I feel that Legends of Runeterra still lacks a collection of audio or visual cosmetics that can be enjoyed. One example is the type of Board, Guardian, and Card Back cosmetics which are still fairly limited. This is certainly expected to increase over time, because in addition to buying cards, cosmetic items are also no less important in adding fun to the playing experience.

The last thing is probably about graphics optimization. For now the actual graphics optimization of Runeterra is quite good, but there are still things that can actually be improved even more. One example is animation when Champion levels up.

On mobile platforms, frame-drop occurs several times when Champion levels up, because the animation does indeed require intensive graphic computing. Another thing from frame-rate graphics optimization for platformmobile. Legends of Runeterra itself is a cross-platform game between PC and Mobile. Unfortunately, frame rates of 60 fps are currently only available for PC platforms, while frame-rate Mobile platforms are locked at 30 fps.



In the end, Legends of Runeterra might be the only CCG that managed to incite me to try, even addicted to playing it. I feel that at least there are several factors that make Runeterra attractive to me who actually prefers fast-tempo games like FPS and MOBA. These factors are:

  • The League of Legends theme made me curious about the game for Runeterra’s world story
  • Fast-paced interactive gameplay that allows you to still do something even if you are holding on
  • Great animation from battles, which sometimes makes me forget that this is a card game
  • Successful Daily Login, Daily Quest and Region Rewards systems keep me motivated to keep playing to get new cards and strengthen my deck.
  • The Booster Pack and Loot Box features that are removed make the player paid so they don’t have to mess around with Gacha.

But that does not mean Runeterra is a game without gaps. I feel there are still some shortcomings in this game, which although a little, but quite felt. Some of these include:

  • Cosmetic choices are still limited.
  • There is no high frame-rate option for mobile.
  • Challenge Mode that does not explain the interaction between Regions.
  • The absence of features for the needs of esports in version 1.0 of Legends of Runeterra such as match history, replays, statistics, or spectate friends.
  • Lack of language that might make players in Indonesia so reluctant to try because of difficulty learning the mechanism of the Legends of Runeterra game that is quite complicated.
  • The large number of keywords, which might make the game more complicated later.

So is Runeterra worth a try? In my opinion this is a game that is too bad to miss, especially for you lovers of League of Legends. If you don’t play League of Legends though, this game is still worth a try because it offers a fairly fresh concept in the CCG genre game.