Old 90s Classic PC Games

In the 90s the technology has not developed as rapidly as it is now. Games are plush toys that can only be played on certain devices. The level and type of the game are also classic, not too difficult like most contemporary games.

The tricks and how to play do not drain the brain to set the strategy, even though the old game had an addictive sensation. A little play back memories in childhood, you must have played the old school PC game below!

  1. Bounce Blitz Out

This game is usually a mainstay of girls in the 90s. Because this game contains a collection of colorful girly balls. This game requires us to swap the position of the ball so that it is aligned with the same color.

Because the motives are very diverse we also find it difficult to solve. Not to mention the sensation of being rushed to time when the bomb almost exploded, making hysterical and curious to conquer it.

  1. Vermintz Deluxe

Until now classic game models such as Vermintz Deluxe still exist. But of course with graphics that are still simple, Vermintz is more fun to play. The mission is also not difficult, we only need to run Vermintz to take the golden egg and avoid the challenges ahead. Like crossing the highway, the river, or passing people.

  1. Hamster Ball

Well, this game must be a favorite arcade game for those who like challenges. Because the hamster ball presents a variety of levels and arenas. Although it makes it annoying because the ball containing the hamster is often difficult to control, but when you start playing it you are guaranteed hard to stop. Definitely addicted!

  1. Zuma Deluxe

There is no most legendary game besides zuma deluxe. Yep! This frog with a ball in his mouth is indeed very interesting and makes players never bored to play. In addition to various levels of ball capabilities that can turn into various combos also become excitement when playing this game.

  1. Hang A Roo

90s kids used to test their intelligence through the following word guessing game, yep! Especially if it’s not Hang A Roo. Hang A Roo is a guessing toy that presents a certain clue, if you succeed then the kangaroo manages to break free from the hangers otherwise he will die and frown. Educating and entertaining at the same time.

  1. Solitaire

Another legendary game is Solitaire alias playing cards that are always on every PC. This card game is also very easy to do. We just need to arrange the cards so that the sequence from the smallest to the largest. Even though it’s just that, but every 90s kid must have tried this toy, admit it!

  1. Minesweeper

Playing guessing is the most exciting way to entertain yourself. This was no exception done in a simple game called Minesweeper. This game consists of a box of fields containing small boxes and storing numbers or traps in it. The most exciting thing is when you have almost succeeded in opening all the column numbers, but it turns out the next option is to save a trap, so game over and try from the start. Gosh!

  1. Pinball

Although there is now an original form in the game in the play zone, but pc pinball is the best game of the 90s. This game is very, very simple, how to play, we just need to throw the ball from the spring at the beginning of each game. If you manage to touch all the challenges then the score will go up so high, but if you have been going around but not hit by a single challenge and instead went to the bottom so you will die!

  1. Frenzy feeding

Only in Feeding Frenzy can small fish eat sharks when they reach level 3. Is that right? Game House’s game is really the most memorable when I was in my 90s. Starting from capturing pearls, avoiding yourself from poisonous jellyfish, to successfully conquer the biggest predator at the end of the level. Legendary!

  1. Madagascar

Set in a zoo and contains Madagascar cartoon characters, this last game also can’t be left behind. The dashing male lion is usually a mainstay player who can take a lot of points. Then followed by his funny friends like penguins, hippos, until the zebra who likes to express adorable.

Seeing the games above, it must have made the 90s want to play time, what number do you most like?

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