Metro Exodus – Semi Open-World Concept

Talks regarding the name Metro Exodus, especially for the PC version, are dominated by strange publishing policies taken by Koch Media and Deep Silver. That instead of utilizing a massive Steam user who has taken hundreds of millions of numbers, they prefer to “lock in” the deal exclusivity with the Epic Games Store which indeed promises more profitable results. While on the other hand, 4A Games – the developer who worked hard to concoct a phenomenal Metro experience actually became the target of the anger of fans who seemed to not understand how the game industry works. Even though on the other hand, Exodus might be called the best Metro series so far.

Metro Exodus is of course positioned as a sequel series of what happened in Metro: Last Light. If you include gamers who get the bad ending in the previous series, a series of sequels certainly sounds impossible given the figure of Artyom – the main character killed in the ending. But the ending counted as Canon is a good ending, where Artyom survived the previous series of conflicts and is now back at Exodus to continue his adventure.

Like the name he was carrying out, Exodus focused no longer on the Moscow subway tunnel which became the world base for 2033 and Last Light. After what happened in the previous series, Artyom became very obsessed with proving to Moscow residents who lived on Metro that they were not the only survivors of the small apocalypse that happened. That there are communities out there that are still alive, growing and developing. He continues to pursue this dream by continuing to explore the outside world and trying to find evidence that indeed supports this theory. Until finally, the evidence he needed finally arrived.

In his expedition mission with his wife – Anna, Artyom suddenly found a train that was running actively across the railroad tracks. Together with him were prisoners who claimed that they all came from outside Moscow. The great battle against the captive group turned out to open the fact that the only reason Moscow was so “quiet” from outside signal interference was not because of the absence of life out there, but because the signal tracker was finally destroyed by Artyom. Together with him, they also managed to secure the train which they named “Aurora”.

The Spartans who were ordered to recover Aurora and detain Artyom and Anna are now one of the new groups whose eyes are open. After thinking through their next steps, all agreed that the best logical step they could take at this time was to bring Aurora to another area, looking for those who survived. Moreover, the radio signals they received also signaled that there was at least one military location that seemed to have survived. A place called Moscow Defense Command seems to be active and asks those who survived to gather and coordinate there. No need to wait long until the crew tries to move there, complete with all the challenges. The main mission is of course, looking for “new homes” for Artyom, Anna, and the Spartans who believe in them.

PC Gaming has a visual technological leap thanks to the implementation of RTX technology that is being driven by NVIDIA. They believe that real-time ray tracing is the “future” of the game industry from the visual side and seems to be proven. Although it must be admitted, the evidence and testimonials for the technology are still limited. The Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which had been echoed, will adapt it to the end, still not presenting this feature. While on the other hand, Battlefield V which does look fantastic with this technology does not affect the gameplay side much like the ambitions that were discussed. The next proof is of course located on the shoulder of Metro Exodus.

Compared to Battlefield V, we feel that the best implementation of ray-tracing technology is indeed offered by 4A Games with Metro Exodus. Unlike Battlefield V, which is desperately trying to produce realistic reflections on the map, where you can see your reflection reflected in various materials from cars to even broken glass, Metro Exodus focuses more on visualizing realistic lighting. Reflection is not the focus here.

With the ease of changing these settings via the existing menu and seeing the difference directly, Metro Exodus does look stunning with real-time ray-tracing technology itself. That when this feature is turned on, you can see that the lighting system is more realistic, especially from bright and dark quality will be felt. But this is not just changing the lighting, but you can also see the effect on the objects around. One of the most significant is the effect when penetrating the curtain inside the Aurora, where light is seen to penetrate gently as in the real world rather than just illuminating the surrounding area. This quality of realistic lighting is the focus of ray-tracing technology in Metro: Exodus.

So good is the effect that it produces is not excessive to mention that in some cut-scene scenes that are actually not pre-rendered appear so optimal, so you are like enjoying a scene from a live-action film. The light that penetrates the various gaps that exist today is no longer just producing dramatic effects, but also realistic. At several other game points, especially in dense areas of objects such as abandoned city areas, this real-time ray-tracing technology also makes the visualization that has been fantastic looks even more awesome. Although not implemented in the form of reflection like Battlefield V, what 4A Games does with Metro Exodus actually looks like a more optimal format.

But unfortunately, like what happened in Battlefield V, the implementation of RTX technology on Exodus Metro ultimately ended up being a cosmetic sweetener and did not affect gameplay at all. There isn’t a single game session in Metro Exodus that emphasizes this aspect more deeply or makes how a more realistic lighting system leads to a new and different playing experience. Everything ends just to beautify. In the meantime, its existence does not support NVIDIA’s statement or ambition to make this real-time ray-tracing technology end up changing the way you play a game. As for DLSS technology, he also stretched out, unfortunately we couldn’t try it because of the option that refused to be turned on for no apparent reason.

A charming single-player FPS game, there are no more appropriate sentences to explain what 4A Games achieved with Metro Exodus. When most FPS games currently rely heavily on multiplayer concepts, especially the battle royals, to be able to continue to survive, it becomes something of a relief to see Metro Exodus class games like this exist. Moreover, he appeared to expand and perfect the fantastic experience that has been offered in the previous two series through stories that will now ask you to explore the world of Metro that should be. No longer locked in dark tunnels and Moscow, the chance to enjoy wider lore with interesting factions whose lives make Exodus have solid strength to push this series further. Everything is wrapped up in an exciting semi open-world concept and a variety of mechanical changes that deserve thumbs up.

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