List of Possibilities 7 New Heroes in Dota Auto Chess

Drodo Studio as the developer of the game Auto Chess always adds a new hero every month. The newest hero to be present in the Auto Chess game is Rogue Guard which has the power of splash damage. With the addition of one hero, there are now 59 heroes in total. Including Orge Mage and Blight Sorcerer which for some time could not be played.

Then will Drodo Studio add more heroes to the Auto Chess game? The answer is yes. Then what hero will appear in the game? If judging further there are still 7 more heroes that have not been added by Drodo Studio into the Auto Chess game from its predecessor game, Dota Auto Chess. What kind of hero is that?

  1. Riki

Riki is a hero in the Dota Auto Chess game that has unique abilities. His ability is to emit smoke which will later make the enemy in it exposed to silence (almost the same as Storm Shaman) and has the possibility to get miss when doing attacks. The price of Riki’s hero is 3 gold.

Besides Riki entered into a new race, Satyr. The race makes the combination of player heroes invisible in the arena if Riki is in the arena and the reserve hero will not be seen by the enemy if Riki is in the player’s reserve hero. This makes the enemy not know what synergy combos we are using.

  1. Rubick

Rubick is a hero who has a new class in the game Auto Chess. With the Wizard class, players can reduce the synergy needed for each combo of the player (applies to synergies that require 4 or more heroes to be active. To buy Rubick, players only need 2 gold only.

Rubick’s ability is to steal his opponent’s abilities. At the beginning of the battle Rubick will steal one of the abilities from his enemy randomly and use it when owned by Rubick fully charged. Every round ability stolen by Rubick will be different.

  1. Grimstroke

Just like Rubick Grimstroke is also included in the Wizard class. Because to activate the synergy of the Wizard requires 2 heroes, Rubick and Grimstroke side by side with each other. Grimstroke is priced at 4 gold and has the ability to issue damage area straight ahead. Besides that Grimstroke itself has a Demon race.


  1. Lion

Lion is the third hero that has the Wizard class. While the race owned by Lion is Demon (same as Grimstroke). Lion can be obtained only with 1 gold only. Besides the ability of Lion is also quite unique. The Lion can suck out the enemy hero randomly so that the hero cannot use his skill ability, after that Lion will give which one he sucked to his friend’s hero.

  1. Visage

Visage is predicted to be released together with Lion. Visage has a race as Dragon and Egersis and class as Hunter. The appearance of Visage will later boost the popularity of the Hunter synergy which is difficult to use today. His own ability is to bring up 2 Familiar Visages that are similar to the power of a werewolf.

  1. Pudge

The next hero that will be expected to come into the Auto Chess game is Pudge. Pudge has the ability to attract enemies behind (usually the enemy’s hero range) with his hook. This makes the enemy hero range can be killed easily when fighting Pudge diarena.

The race owned by Pudge is Egersis and the Warrior class. Pusge will be the twelfth hero of the Warrior in the Auto Chess game. Besides that, the price to get Pudge is 3 gold only.

  1. Winter Wyvern

The last hero to be released into the Auto Chess game is Winter Wyvern. Winter Wyvern has a Dragon and Class Mage race. The ability of Winter Wyvern is to heal one of his friend’s heroes. But while being recovered the hero cannot carry out attacks on enemy heroes. Winter Wyvern itself has a price of 1 gold.


That’s the 7 heroes that are likely to be released by Drodo Studio into the Auto Chess game. It is worth noting that the heroes in the list are arranged randomly, so the last hero can be released first by Drodo Studio. We’ll see that in the future a new class will emerge after the race god appeared before two months ago.

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