Laplace M: New MMORPG Mobile Game With Anime Theme

Laplace M is a game adapted from a PC game called Laplace made by X-Legends Taiwanese game developer who also works on Aura Kingdom. So when playing the Laplace M game there will be a little aroma of similarity with Aura Kingdom. Stylish with anime style makes the experience of playing for anime lovers will be fun.

This MMORPG type game provides the latest features, but only the side features are not on the main menu. This is due to still adhering to the existing systems in MMORPG games such as the same role, skill tree, dungeon, even though there are a few interesting things that you might find in this game, just go ahead and see our review!

The Four Main Job Plus Turns into a Monster

In Laplace M, players can only choose one of four available jobs, namely Warrior, Mage, Cleric, and Assassin. Even though it is relatively small, the job will consist of five active skills and one passive skill, so it is a bit limited to performing a skillful combination of skills, you could say it will be a little monotonous.

But there is one special thing where there will be additional skills coming from the card that you will find after defeating certain bosses or monsters. After being pinned to one of the armor, it will open a special skill or even be able to change into one of the bosses and use the skill.

Game Features that Will Make You Not Tired

In the Laplace M game there are many excellent features such as Card Realm, Dragon Treasure, Equipmeant Realm, and Arena that you can try one by one. The dungeon also makes it easy for you to get equipment items as well as cards that can be pinned on a weapon that will add skill.

As well as the existence of farm features, which despite any status or experience, at least this feature can be played when it is saturated with grinding or leveling. One of the things that excels in Laplace M is that all these features can be accessed using one Kingdom button, making it easier for players to jump from one feature to another.

Fields and Dungeon with Different Difficulties

Players can fight in two different places namely Fields that are open between ordinary folders. Dungeon that can be easily accessed through the Kingdom button that will take you directly into the Dungeon. But not all Dungeon can be passed easily, for the initial levels you can only pass two levels, when entering the third level, maybe it’s time to think twice if you continue. So try leveling first and strengthen your armor and weapon to get past the next level.

The Lack of Animation Execution and Dubbing are Too Strange

This may be a little point of lack of this game, animation seems strange and awkward, as if it is not executed properly and looks rough. As well as the comments of the players who filled the screen when the scene began, the minus was enough. Not only does this make the player distracted from seeing the scene but it also makes it difficult to know what really happened.

Plus voice actors who seem not to blend with the theme, as if not animating the characters played is one of the minus things also in the game. Even though it has an anime background, not all of them get points from the impression of the anime in this game, so that a little more may have to be fixed in future updates.


There is no significant change from the MMORPG game that has already been, still using the same standard or role. It’s just that Laplace M gives an MMORPG perspective with anime backgrounds or themes even though there are many things that make the anime impression diminish even in execution.

The number of game features adds a little points so that players don’t get bored easily when playing, it’s just that you can only access some features when you have reached a certain level.

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