Just Cause 4 The Return of Rico Rodrigues

In 2018, it can be said that the game that carries a multiplayer system dominates the world gaming market. Whether it’s a battle royale to MOBA type game, of course, almost every gamer is interested in playing it. In addition to carrying out gameplay that can be played together, of course there are other elements that make its own charm. However, with this there is no forgetting single-player games that rely on story and gameplay.

For the single player game itself this year is quite a lot, especially for consoles and PCs of course. Most developers themselves have overhauled the game that they made, whether it’s in terms of graphics or in terms of gameplay, even though there are some developers who are still tough just implementing some new things into the game, including Avalanche Studios. The developer of the Just Cause 4 game is like being reluctant to overhaul the features in the game. And you could say they only focus on gameplay and the storyline of the game itself.

When compared with the previous series, Just Cause 4 is still identical to the name of the explosion, swinging, flying freely using a parachute, to make something creative from the ‘rope weapon’. Of course this is undeniable that Just Cause always presents a gameplay that is quite unique, and certainly does not make gamers feel bored quickly.

Just Cause 4 continues the story of Rico Rodrigues, where he managed to make the Medici independent. And in this series, Rico must return to his crazy actions to free the Solis country from the grip of the ‘barbaric’ dictator.

And no need to linger anymore, we immediately refer to reviews about Just Cause 4!

Just Cause 4 puts you in the South American state named Solis. Still with Rico Rodriguez, of course Avalanche is reluctant to replace the main cast figure of the Just Cause 4 franchise. And this time, Rico was assigned to free the Solis community from a dictator. By making riots and destroying the assets of the local government, Rico made the Solis community inspired and thus they were ready to help Rico by joining the Army of Chaos led by him.

For the story of a rebellion, we have actually heard it quite often, but the Just Cause 4 story is covered with elements of comedy, and it becomes an attraction for gamers. It can be said that this game carries the theme open world and comedy, lots of funny things that you can find in Just Cause 4.

When talking about narration, of course gamers who have participated in the Just Cause franchise know very well how Rico is. A silly narrative you will often hear from someone who likes to make this riot. Can be exemplified when he flew, when he fell down, until when he was about to fight against the enemy forces Rico’s typical words were often spoken. This is the reason why Avalanche doesn’t want to turn away from Rico Rodriguez.

In the matter of gameplay, you can say the series Just Cause 4 is the most interesting series compared to previous series. If in the previous series Rico was only equipped with a maximum of 5 ropes, in this game you could save up to two times, namely 10 ropes. With this, certainly makes Rico can riot without thinking about the rope he has. In addition Avalanche Studios adds a little feature on Rico’s grapling hook, where you can find a balloon grapling hook that wasn’t in the previous series. In addition you can set all types of speed in your grapling hook mod. Usually people will use the highest settings because it’s easier to make a riot. But there are times when you set it in the lowest form, because there is a mission that requires you to use the settings.

Still the same, Rico can go around using the grapling hook, parachute and of course a wingsuit. The three main tools Rico is a reason Just Cause 4 is still worth playing.
And don’t forget that Just Cause 4 still has the fast traveling feature, where Rico can move quickly. Unfortunately for this game the feature is considered useless, because most players want to see the world of Solis by floating using parachutes and wingsuit.

In graphics problems Avalance improves slightly from the one on the previous Just Cause series. In contrast to Just Cause 3, where the world is less diverse, on Just Cause 4 you will find many variations of places. At Just Cause 4 you will find rainforests, deserts, and snowy places. In addition, military bases and other dictatorial places look more unique.

Army of Chaos itself is depicted with people who use more colorful costum. In addition to these people, Army of Chaos vehicles are more eye catching than the group on Just Cause 3, which only carries light blue and black. And this is a surprise given by Avalance, where they present natural disasters, such as tornadoes, snowstorms, sandstorms, and many other natural disasters in this country of Solis.

This natural disaster can be said to benefit Rico, where he has no effect if he is near a tornado or other storm. Unlike the enemy when thrown there, then what happens is they will be struck by lightning. Tornado itself can be said to be very rare for you to meet, and if you find it, then don’t waste the opportunity to have fun.

Just adding some features and improving graphics is not a reason not to try this game. For those of you who rely on more fun gameplay, of course Just Cause is the main choice. Adding a little more equipment that Rico has, of course making you able to create more fun with riots. With the addition of natural disasters, making Just Cause 4 is beyond expectations.

Unfortunately there are some bugs found in this game, like you can’t get out when using mortars and bugs that suddenly fall even though you’re still far from the ground.

However, again Avalanche Studios has succeeded in making a game that is beyond human reason.

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