Iconic Moves on Jump Force

Adapted from many famous Japanese comic series, Jump Force is not the first game from Bandai Namco with a similar theme. In fact, he became the fifth game since the Famicom Jump Hero Retsuden was released in 1988 until the last iteration was named J-Stars Victory VS in 2014. Surely their surprise last year at E3 with the presence of many well-known manga characters such as Luffy to Jotaro and Dio, making the game very much awaited not only by fans of manga and anime, but also fans of fighting games. This is my first time trying to do a fighting game review even though I have played many Bandai Namco fighting games before, so please understand if my review is incomplete.

Jump Force tells of the emergence of comics from the world of comics that they called Jump to the real world which began with the fall of Frieza into the real world with the new boys named Venom which appeared thanks to the influence of the dark umbras cube (Japanese cosmic cube).

You who have been hit by a Frieza attack will be turned on by Trunks with a umbras cube and taken to a place called Umbras Base to join Jump Force (they call it J-Force in Japanese). Your mission is to find out what Venom is and who is the mastermind behind the commotion in the real world.

The gameplay is more or less the same as some of the other Bandai Namco games, especially for those of you who have played Xenoverse Dragon Ball with RPG elements. If you’ve ever played it, then I don’t need to explain it further because the main mechanism of the game is exactly the same as the game. However, I will give a little picture for those of you who have never played it.

You will be able to make your own character by choosing the shape and color of the body, eyes, hair, etc. starting from the existing models in the game to the original designs that have been provided. In addition you will also be able to choose what combo style you will use later. Starting from style A, namely Dragon Ball, B for One Piece, and C for Naruto.

After you get access to Umbras Base, you will be able to explore several major places like Mission Counter to get missions, offline / online counters to fight other players offline, online or against the CPU, shop to buy abilities, items, and clothes, reward counter to pick up prizes such as daily logins, to upgrades to increase your strength.

If you feel the distance between places A and B is too far, then you will be given two options: drive the vehicle by pressing the directional button down, or fast travel by holding the triangle and choosing which place you will explore.

You will use your own characters to join one of the Alpha teams led by Goku, Beta led by Luffy, and Gamma led by Naruto. Joining one of them will give you four basic skills.

You can carry out the main mission which is divided into several categories: Free Mission, Extra Mission, Key Mission, and Tutorial. I don’t think I need to explain about the tutorial mission which will only contain the basics of playing the game, so the explanation will start from the Free Mission. The Free Mission will test your ability against the CPU, while Key Mission will be the main mission as well as the game’s original story. You can get prizes in the form of money, items, and new abilities for your character while carrying out missions. You can install on existing characters or Jump Force heroes. The more often you increase your character level, the more active and passive abilities that can be installed on your character or the original hero of the game. Unfortunately, the main ability of her hero won’t be able to be replaced at all.

Another mission is an extra mission that will give you some extra effects after completing it. For example, just add more EXP and health boost, etc.

The ability for your character can be obtained by defeating your enemy, but you can also buy it in the shop by paying using the currency that has been given. Although at a glance it does look pretty strong, but if you upgrade a number of abilities, you will feel that the damage will be slightly different than before you did it.

Animations and combos simply represent many of the iconic moves of each character. Jotaro’s Oraoraora, for example, looks fierce because it is also balanced with the voice of his extraordinary voice actor. Give the image that the attack is very strong and extraordinary. For me, I wonder why this character has become one of the main characters of the comic.

The battles are very fast and cool depending on how you play them. But unfortunately, enemy AI that gets easy rank isn’t as easy as you might think. The higher the level recommended in the free mission, the more difficult the enemy AI’s difficulty even though you choose the easy difficulty level. However, if you like challenging enemies, then of course that doesn’t matter to you.

There are around 43 characters that you can play here, complete with four original characters made by Dragon Ball comic artist Akira Toriyama which will be the main core of the game’s story. You can play a lot of Shonen Jump characters whose timeless popularity. Starting from Goku, Ichigo, to Himura Kenshin, everything was done very well. Dai’s first appearance from Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is also not disappointing and is exactly the same as the anime. Guaranteed to make the hearts of the fans especially the Shonen Jump manga “nosebleed” so much.

The guest character, Light Yagami is also very well described complete with Ryuk and his ambition that looks super evil. Honey, you can’t play it because he doesn’t have certain powers other than his Death Note.

Like vegetables without salt, it doesn’t really feel like if the game with anime or manga themes doesn’t come with the original voice actor. The good news is that they also fill in the absences and enliven them. You will find that many of the original voice actors of their characters act quite perfectly just like the anime. Give you the nuances of playing anime characters who are fighting against their enemies.

The music was also adapted from some of the original series, giving the nuances of real anime and manga when playing it. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco didn’t give some encouraging music when the enemy’s cellphone or cellphone dropped dramatically and tried to make a comeback.

The story is quite cliché and easy to understand with some parts that are very similar to Xenoverse Dragonball. In essence, you will be a special character who will save the world from Venom and mastermind the problems that occur with Jump Force.

You will find some mysteries that will answer some of your questions about what really happened in the game and how the motives of the main enemy. Although it’s pretty easy to guess, some twist will also occur throughout the game.

This game is perfect for those who don’t really care about stories and just want to enjoy the battles with your favorite anime or manga characters. It is not suitable for you who expect more story content besides new characters and maps. However, despite all that I have written, the game is enough to provide exciting entertainment for the fans.

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