How To Get Chicken Dinner With Grenades on PUBG Mobile

In the Battle Royale PUBG Mobile game there are many weapons that can be used by the players. Well, one escape from attention is a grenade. Want to know tips on using grenades?

Actually a grenade is very important to destroy the enemy in a short time. Yes, just one explosion the enemy can immediately fall.

But, many PUBG Mobile players don’t know how to use grenades properly. Well, here are tips for using grenades in PUBG Mobile.

1. Don’t throw a grenade right away
When you want to throw an enemy with a grenade, you should wait a few seconds before throwing it. Yes, 1 to 3 seconds before finally being thrown at the enemy.

A common mistake is to throw a grenade right away. Yes, the enemy will hear the fall of the grenade and can take shelter immediately.

2. Throw grenades while hiding
When throwing a grenade it is actually not necessary to stand or get out of protection. A mistake that often occurs is when throwing a grenade, the player will stand up from hiding and the position is known to the enemy and finally shot.

Grenades can be thrown from a hiding place, be it behind rocks or walls. Always pay attention to the red line to direct the grenade to the enemy position.

3. Powerful grenades to blow up cars
When you see an enemy coming by car, you can attack him using a grenade. The way you have to hold the grenade first and do not immediately throw it.

Yes, hold the grenade for a few seconds until the enemy vehicle is within range. When the position is right, immediately throw a grenade toward the vehicle.

4. Grenades can be used to frighten enemies
When you are in the shrinking zone, a grenade can be used to frighten enemies. Yes, throw a few grenades into several positions to find out the enemy position.

When you hear the sound of a grenade falling, the enemy will usually immediately evade and come out of hiding. Well, that’s when you can immediately fire on the enemy.

Those are some tips for using grenades in PUBG Mobile. It is better if you get off at the very first place, because the possibility of reaching a Chicken Dinner is greater than going down in a crowded place.

In addition, you can also use our special tricks, from Our team has tried the apk and successfully got a chicken dinner easily. Hope you get Chicken Dinner, guys!

Meanwhile, Tencent Games set a new record for PUBG Mobile. Yes, this Battle Royale game penetrates fantastic download numbers, which is 400 million downloads on all platforms. Not only that, this game also has 50 million active users daily. This new achievement has named PUBG Mobile as the most popular online game in the world.

Of course this number does not include players from China. Tencent has finally officially deleted PUBG Mobile to comply with the government. In fact, in May, the number of PUBG Mobile players from China broke the 70 million active players per day. PUBG Mobile also reports that it has more than 227 million people who log in every month on Androd and iOS devices.

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