God Eater 3 – Simple yet Exciting RPG Game

Seeing it with one eye, this is our reaction every time we see the name God Eater appearing in the gaming industry from the cold hands of Bandai Namco. There was a sense of curiosity but never a strong interest in plunging into a game on the surface, it does look like a thick Monster Hunter clone game. But everything changed when at last year’s Tokyo Game Show presentation that we visited directly, they promised that the latest series – God Eater 3 will come with so many improvements and improvements, from the game system to much finer animation. The opportunity to try it finally arrived.

As a gamer who is not too familiar with this franchise and has just plunged into the third series, it ends up being an exciting and fun experience. We like how apart from the monster hunting concept that makes it impossible to escape from the more popular franchises such as Monster Hunter, for example, God Eater 3 comes with its own strong identity. The story and design of anime-style characters that are so thick is just a little attraction that he stretches out.

So, what does he actually offer? Why do we call God Eater 3 a simple and exciting monster hunting game? This review will discuss it more deeply for you. Since we are not too familiar with this franchise, we will judge it as a newcomer gamer.

The world falls into a nightmare. Without understanding it clearly, we must fight against the creepy monsters named The Aragami that suddenly appear. Their motivation is clear – eating and eating whatever they find, slowly but surely, brings inevitable destruction. Human beings who continue to be driven and urged finally find their own solutions. They named it God Eater.

God Eater is a special experimental unit designed for one thing – destroying and eradicating Aragami by using a special weapon named God Arcs containing Oracle Cells in it. In God Eater 3, you act as a God Eater who is treated as nothing more than an object. That your existence is only to kill Aragami whatever your master wants, willing to die from the start without any chance to fight, and ensure that your weapon – God Arc does not end in damage. But fortunately, your fate is improving.

Faced with the sequence of events present as if it were like fate, you finally ended up moving to an organization that treated God Eater more humanely under the leadership of a super charismatic woman – Hilda. Together with this organization “Chrystanthemum”, not only to build popularity and status, you also begin to build friendships with other God Eater. While on the other hand, your friend from childhood – Hugo began to build a more definitive plan to achieve real freedom.

Along with the more Aragami you exterminate, you will end up meeting with several more unique and powerful variants. One of them was a little girl who seemed to take the attention of other organizations. The girl who was finally given the name Phym was known to be an Aragami himself, but carried the Humanoid form. His emotional closeness immediately made him treated like a child / younger sister of all members of Chrystanthemum itself.

So, what is the character’s struggle and Hugo as God Eater? Who are the Phyms and why are so many organizations interested in their existence? What kind of Aragami should they destroy? You can get all the answers to these questions by playing God Eater 3 yourself.

With this thick anime taste, the character design that he stretches will also be strongly affected. Unlike (again like it or not, it must be compared because of the similarity of the genre theme) Capcom’s Monster Hunter which treats its Hunter characters like super serious monster hunters who wear bones and material from monsters they hunt, God Eater 3 comes with a design approach that more “light” and spoil the eyes. The male character comes with a cliche design and absurd hairstyle that will not feel strange, while the character of a pretty old woman is reinforced by super open clothing designs and “disproportionate” body shapes. God Eater 3 is “paradise” Waifu for the size of a monster hunting game.

As gamers newcomers to this one franchise, we also end up amazed by the Aragami design that you meet throughout this game. Not only talking about the Ash Aragami variant which incidentally is told to be more powerful and creepy, but also an “ordinary monster” which will be your objective from one mission to another. Starting from the shape of an elephant with a cannon on its back, to the one that carries a humanoid design like Batman with abilities like kamehameha. Aragami’s story as a mysterious entity that is not “locked” into a particular design makes God Eater have so much space to present monster designs of various scales and shapes and of course, strength. As far as we see, we fall in love with him.

Unfortunately, we cannot find similar sentiments in the world they offer. That all the lore that is supposed to be interesting together with conflict and the existing world is reduced to just a small arena divided by the level you meet. There is no chance of large-scale exploration on a large scale to find and find out what is happening there. The fact that some monsters will also have “headquarters” in the same place, you are often faced with repeated design levels. The result? Is a design that provides space so narrow as to arouse your sense of appreciation. It ends up feeling like a generic post-apocalyptic world that isn’t much worth talking about.

One aspect that surprised us was music. God Eater 3 presents this one element in maximum capacity with music full of choirs that even accompany you when you are “relaxing” at the mission hub though. Even though sometimes it doesn’t seem to fit the existing one, but the seriousness of music like this is enough to evoke the illusion that whatever your next battle is, how minimal it feels to fight off trivial Aragami, is something of equal importance. We must admit, we ended up enjoying the music he offered.

One complaint that might make many people turn away from the Capcom Monster Hunter series (Yeah, we know, we keep comparing it) is how hard everything feels. That to represent the hardships and sensations of a supposed Hunter, heavy weapons really make movement become limited. There is no jump button if you do not use a particular class and everything goes with a careful pace. In God Eater 3? They treat it like a proper RPG action game. Simple, fast, and much more enjoyable.

The concept itself is still the same. You will move from one mission to another in an arena that counts small and limited to hunt any monster that becomes objective. Before the game began, there was little information about these monsters and what kind of weaknesses he had based on elements. You can prepare yourself by using weapons that might be able to take advantage of the gap, bring a variety of healing and supporting items that will help your journey, and bring 3 other AI-controlled supporting characters to ensure your battle runs more smoothly. The rest? Take whatever weapons you carry to hurt them.

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