Game of The Year 2018, God of War 4

Kratos and God of War, which gamers have never heard or known these two names. Apart from the fact that both are exclusive Playstation products since the Playstation 2 era, this one action game franchise has indeed grown to become an iconic title with quality that no longer needs to be doubted. When some games failed to represent cool classic mythology into a satisfying story, Sony Santa Monica did the job very well. Although the existence of the Kratos character is counted as “fictitious”, the mission of revenge which ended with the destruction of Olympus and the world through different series is a long emotional journey. Not surprising if the anticipation of the new series will be released in the next few weeks – God of War is so strong.

Sony Santa Monica does take so many risks at risk with it, from the side of the story, mythology, gameplay, to the camera system. As gamers who were skeptical at the outset, we welcomed this variety of changes with open arms. That what is offered by Sony Santa Monica here is not just an attempt to revitalize a franchise that surprisingly has the chance to live again, but continues the story of an iconic character who has an emotional bond with his fans. And so far, it has an amazing end.

So, what is actually offered by God of War? Why do we call it an amazing new chapter? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

This latest God of War is not a series of reboots, but a sequel directly from God of War 3. We are still dealing with the figure of Kratos that we have known all this time, but are beginning to lead a different life. He lived in Scandinavia, standing under Norse mythology, along with a happy family. But unfortunately, tragedy does not seem to be separated from the figure of Kratos.

He opened with a sad fact, that Kratos had lost the wife he loved, and Atreus now no longer had a mother figure. Preparing for his funeral through the cremation process, the woman they loved had one last request – to sow his ashes at the highest Norse peak. A trip which is of course not easy.

Kratos must first train Atreus who, despite having the hunting ability of the mother, has not been responsive enough about what kind of threat is waiting for them. Still small and unstable, Atreus still needs a lot of learning. Kratos at first saw that he had to give Atreus a long time to grow. But the situation immediately changed, when a mysterious man knocked on their door. From there Kratos knew and understood one thing – that there was no more appropriate moment to fulfill his wife’s request while ensuring Atreus survived.

So, what is the journey of Kratos to explore the wild world to arrive at the highest peak? What kind of adventure should he go through with Atreus? Who is the mysterious man who knocked on the door of Kratos’s house? You can find all the answers to these questions by playing God of War.

It is no secret indeed that Kratos is now no longer adventuring on the Greek mainland, but plunged into Norse mythology along with Atreus. Sony Santa Monica certainly has a hard job to ensure that the settings you get end up different from what you found in the past. So far, they have done it.

The Scandinavian region which is a “home” for great fighters in the Viking class does have an architectural and world approach that is different from what we know from Greece before. You will now be adventuring in a place with wild nature that looks more beautiful, with high and snowy mountains that are ready to welcome whatever you prepare for him. Of course, you also have to deal with different types of monsters, as well as unique ruins and forms of civilization. Especially considering that Norse mythology is not only about Midgard. There is another world with different tastes that is ready to welcome the actions of Kratos and Atreus, more than just a snowy cold place with only a mystical aura.

One interesting thing is the timeline of the story itself. Kratos was not plunging into a period of Norse mythology that was still “pure” and peaceful when this God of War began. He entered into a world where the races in Norse mythology themselves, had shared a dark past through the various wars that existed. Then, you will find the remnants of the conflict, scattered over the world that you are exploring.

The three main races here – Vanir, Aesir, and the Giants have shared so many conflicts and deaths that show this clearly through the debris on Midgard. The stories and stories of how they try to finish off each other are also thrown through the fairy tale of a character named Mimir, or simply from information that you find through the exploration that you do. Seeing how their tracks are clearly left on Midgard produces an even more amazing view.

Using the performance offered by the Playstation 4, Sony Santa Monica does produce a product that passes the detail side, it looks stunning. When the cut-scenes occur, details of characters such as Kratos and Atreus, from muscle curves, blood, injuries, facial expressions, to small things like beard feathers also look full of details. But when talking about visual presentations, one additional feature that we think has succeeded in producing a more epic battle sensation is the effect of environmental destruction that is now also available. In the middle of fighting in a field that contains small trees or squares for example, intense battles involving enemies or you who are thrown here and there will destroy the object, sometimes even making particle effects like falling snow.

In addition to its ability to present the cool world and the quality of detailed visualization, this epic sensation also radiates stronger through the implementation of the soundtrack in our ears, right on target. Do you still remember “Overture” which was presented live at the inaugural announcement of God of War at E3 2016 ago? Present at several story points, the music blends perfectly with the scene you face before your eyes, strengthening the emotions that occur.

Not only Overture, some of the other soundtracks also ended no less charming. This audio element also shows its quality through voice acting for all characters that feels right on target, matches personality, and flows naturally, from Atreus to the dynamics of contention between two brothers – Brok and Sindri. Our favorite part? Use a headset at maximum volume before a conversation with the Serpent of World – Jormungandr who has his own unique language in such a low tone. Fantastic!

The two thumbs up is also appropriate for the design of enemies you meet. Unlike Greek mythology which contains more monster-like characters in it, Norse presents threats with more visual forms based on humanoid shapes with a slight twist, both Draugr that are nothing more than living corpses, giant Trolls with their Totems, until the Revenants appear like a witch who can disappear. The farther your game progresses, the more enemy variants you encounter with different attack animations and weaknesses. Slowly but surely, your trip to find the highest peak in this realm will lead to efforts to survive from monsters of various sizes. Of course, you will also “get in touch” with Asgard’s residents later.

With all this appeal, it can be concluded that there is nothing to complain about this latest God of War. Enchanting from the visual, world and audio side presented, you will really be brought into a unique and different setting compared to previous God of War series. But on the other hand, there can still feel that there is something mysterious and threatening behind the snowy high mountains here.

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