One way to remember someone who has passed away is to apply the positive values ​​in life. Stan Lee’s departure was a surprise. However, that does not mean he will be forgotten. There are many lessons that we can apply that bring him back to life in everyone’s heart.

Known as an influential thinker in Marvel Comics, Stan Lee has a simple opinion of how he views life. Not from a wealthy family, his struggle to become Hollywood’s richest producer is not easy. Lee’s life lessons that led him to become a respected figure today.

So motivating, life lessons from Stan Lee are indirectly reflected in his work. Curious? Here are some inspiring positives to learn from Stan Lee.

  1. Can’t Ignore Your Own Weaknesses

Stan Lee was an office boy, an ink filler, and a food delivery man. However, he is not ashamed. In fact, even though he was an ink filler at the Timely Comics company (now Marvel Comics), he actually took advantage of it. This guy from New York actually likes to revise the work of illustrators, because he likes heroic stories. He can cover his lowly position in the company with his intelligence.

It teaches us that everyone has flaws that cannot be erased. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be covered up, Lee, who is only considered an errand boy, can actually be useful for the company because of his creative work on superhero comics. As simple as not ignoring your own shortcomings, you can make your life not filled with guilt that actually hinders your dreams.

  1. Wisely Choose Friends

Stan Lee, who has experienced life from below, makes him never discriminate against people, nor does it make him feel inferior. Lee can tell which friends are playmates, which are business friends. Lee also has the principle to be wise in making a team. He prefers to work with people who are inexperienced, but enthusiastic, than those who are experienced, but not enthusiastic.

Indeed, it is more useful for those of you who are in recruitment positions. However, it is also useful, really, to choose who you are friends with. Through that, Lee tells us to be wise in choosing friends and wisely choosing enemies.

  1. Great Power, Great Responsibility

“With great power, comes great responsibility” were the words Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker before he died. Words that Stan Lee also agrees with. Not only words, Lee also applies them. He believes that when many characters have been introduced, he has a responsibility that they have positive meaning for all circles. That’s why, until the end of his life, he didn’t want Marvel Comics to be owned by someone else.

That advice, of course, applies not only to Peter, but to all of us. Strength in question is not just physical strength, but the power to be able to do something. Of course, power comes with responsibility. Each of us is given strength by God, the difference is, do we use it responsibly or even arbitrarily that can harm others?

  1. Believe as Necessary, Respect Everyone

Following his wisdom in choosing friends, Lee always trusted the people he recruited, though not completely. It was to trigger their full potential. In addition, he also always appreciates and respects the results given by his employees. These two things are applied well to give the people who are recruited confidence.

Simple things you can apply. You can trust anyone, but don’t trust anyone. You see, one thing that is easy to steal is trust. Not only that, you also have to respect anyone and anything in this world. That way, you will easily see life in this harsh world.

  1. Family Is Everything

You can see in Marvel movies that implicitly always put family above everything. The Fantastic Four and the Avengers are more than just a superhero team. Lee put them in one family. Wherever they go, family is where they return. At least, that’s what Stan Lee always applies in his works.

From this, you can learn that it doesn’t matter how influential you are if you can’t share your success and happiness with those closest to you. The closest people in question are those who can understand you and accept you as you are. You can see that trait that is applied to the Marvel superheroes.


There are still many positive things from Mr. Marvel Superhero that inspire you to look at life simply. You don’t need to be ambitious to live this hard life. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t conquer the world because you’re not ambitious. On the other hand, the world will choose you if you can make peace with what is in the world.

Stan Lee is not a perfect person. However, the life lessons he has can give enlightenment to everyone in the world. So, from the five things above, which one have you applied? Do you think there are still positive things from Stan Lee that can be imitated? Share your opinion in the comments column, OK!

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