Far Cry: New Dawn – Crazy Weapons

While many people mistakenly thought that Far Cry: New Dawn would be a spin-off that resembled Blood Dragon, where many of the more serious impressions of this series were replaced by 80s psychedelic and humorous moods, but not it took a long time for everything to become clear that this time Ubisoft Montreal freed itself to be a little more ambitious. It’s only been a year since the launch of Far Cry 5, and we’ve returned to visit Hope County, but why not try a more serious story? A post-apocalyptic twist for many things.

In other words, it was very clear from the start that Ubisoft had in many ways become more ambitious with this spin-off compared to initial estimates, despite the fact that many of its design elements were derived directly from Far Cry 5 to New Dawn.

But then, is that New Dawn? Let’s start with the basics. Cynically, in many ways New Dan is Hope County from Far Cry 5 which got a new post-apocalyptic skin, which you now explore 17 years after atomic bombs fell and erased large numbers of human races. Flora and fauna have now taken over the ruins of a destroyed civilization, but people who find refuge in bunkers or those who have somehow survived the day of destruction have re-surfaced and started rebuilding infrastructure. You will see other types of animals, more colorful environments, ruins where a small city once stood, vehicles inspired by Mad Max, and crazy weapons that continue to emerge.

But unlike Blood Dragon, New Dawn is not an excessive parody, because it is actually a serious story about survival, and about laying the foundation of what will eventually become a new human civilization. You are the right hand of the charismatic Thomas Rush and have abundant resources, and together with a group of loyal followers, you have made helping small grassroots communities throughout the United States restore law and order and rebuild as your mission. But on the way to Hope County, everything went awry thanks to the cruel and violent twins, Mickey and Lou who wanted what you had and kidnapped Rush. Now it’s all up to you to unite the people in Hope County, get the rush back, rebuild well-being, and defeat the twins. Although there are a number of strange aspects in the whole narrative, and the sarcastic distance is a natural part of the package, Far Cry: New Dawn is a game that must be taken seriously.

Although this game doesn’t create a picture of a sensitive subject into its story like its predecessor, Far Cry 5, this game like its predecessor wants to move to the thin boundary between brutal comedy and seriousness, and surprisingly managed to do it quite well. In fact, the story this time is far more linear, something we really miss. Where you can handle missions in the order you want in Far Cry 5 (outside of the existing story missions), New Dawn is far more traditional where you have side missions and main missions, and where the story develops in the same direction, and that’s a relief. Basically, the text is a page that pleases the eyes and warms the heart, and the steps can be maintained thanks to more linear developments, and in many ways, this is the kind of narrative experience that we already know in a Far Cry game. At least compared to Far Cry 5.

New Dawn is an adventure smaller than Far Cry 5, but it will not be immediately felt by people. This game is not only more linear but also more grooved. First of all, you don’t travel from city to city, but are centered in a place called Prosperity. A normal Far Cry game offers a lot of booty, so it is quite clear that the developer gives a function to the booty, a role to play, a reason for existence, and this is where the idea of ​​a main upgradeable base appears .

You collect tape, motherboards, titanium and other wrecks, and also the main resource, ethanol, from around you and this is used to upgrade the base. Upgrading the base provides an opportunity to create new weapons, plant new plants, get information about the surrounding environment and new vehicles. It was a brilliant idea to give players a structured main goal, and even though the system was primitive, they were very effective. Going out to wild areas to get more titanium to create a new rifle, or more ethanol to upgrade the garden is a source of motivation that really works. Furthermore, it also gives players a narrative goal. You are in Hope County to strengthen local residents through Prosperity, and the results of your hard work can be seen constantly in the camp.

Then, when you go out to Hope County, you will recognize many things. There are hideouts that are small individual puzzles that give rewards in the form of Perk Point and resources, Outposts that can be mastered, animals to be hunted, fish to be captured and also collectibles that you can … yes, collect . But there are some differences here that force you to change the approach. Ubisoft Montreal has introduced lightweight RPG mechanics which means that every enemy that comes has a level between 1-4, indicated by color; gray, blue, purple or yellow. The quality of weapons is also divided into the same categories, and when you upgrade bases, you get access to stronger weapons. To get more ethanol, you can also “pick it up” in the Outpost that you have mastered. Then, the level of all his enemies increased, and now it is more difficult to take over. It is a small change but pleasant enough for those who want to always feel challenged. Not only that, suddenly dealing with a bison that mutates at level 4 requires ammunition and patience, and indeed this is what gives the world more value. Light RPG mechanics like this have never ruined his adventure.

In addition, all of these games are available in co-op mode with friends, and this system runs just as smoothly as in Far Cry 5. This is indeed entertaining and also doesn’t have big technical problems. However, if you are more interested in being accompanied by a computer-controlled companion, there are a number of allies that you can recruit throughout the city, and you can also train them, which means they get more skills that can be used in combat. It is a solid system.

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