DC Unchained and Why I really Like it

Talking about DC Comic will definitely offend Marvel Comic, like it or not. Both are always intersecting even if it’s just a matter of comparison. DC Unchained too. This game is mostly said to be a clone of Marvel Future Fight (MFF). For those who have played the MFF or at least seen the gameplay MFF will surely know why DC Unchained is said to be. But we leave the problem imitating this because there will be no end. After all, Marvel also often does the same thing with DC Comic. So in this review I try not to compare the two.

Broadly speaking this game carries the action-RPG theme. In it, players can choose 3 main heroes who can be played one by one with the tagging system and also 3 support heroes that can be called at a certain time.

Very comical display

This is perhaps the most interesting thing about DC Unchained. Display on the main menu although it seems full but very pleasing to the eye. Like reading a comic book. Even when fighting. A text bubble like the one in a comic will appear if you think the hero who is fighting needs tag help or because of an important conversation in the middle of a fight. Oh, about this one thing, you better pay attention to really the conversation of each character. Because a lot of silly things are a pity to miss. The game becomes more interesting and not boring. Although indeed, on the other hand this will be something very boring for some people.

In addition to the display on the main menu and also the buble text that appears in the middle of the game, the way they present the storyline is also very comical. So it’s no exaggeration to say this game will satisfy comic fans, especially DC Comics. But that doesn’t mean this game can only be enjoyed by them. Some other things are no less interesting for those who aren’t fans of DC comics though.

As if not satisfied with just the look, this game also provides an inventory of comic covers. Other inventories such as crystals, gold coins, and other basic things from a game that can be used for transactions also exist. Maybe they want to say, “We will give you an adventure and feel the living comics”. The cover of the comic was not without usefulness and became a mere accessory. By collecting comic covers, characters will become stronger. Each cover has different strengths.

Two Storylines

The storyline in this game is determined based on the alliance used. There are two alliances, namely hero and villain. Story mode is like a rectoverso that seems different but is connected to a certain point. In the villain section of the story begins by Harley Quinn while in the hero section the story begins with The Flash and other members of the Justice League.

One of the advantages of reading all conversations from characters without pressing the skip button is knowing how complex the story mode of this game is. So when at certain stages the enemies faced change from Parademon to ARGUS soldiers you will not be confused.

Other interesting drawings

First, there is an animation that appears every time the tagging process occurs. This adds excitement to playing DC Unchained. How come? If the position of tagging is right in the middle of an enemy that is in a group, they could be hit by damage from the appearance of the hero. Second, whatever the official name is, but I will name it as a special combo. When the character you use has reached level 11, the three main skills will be active. Even cooler, you can combine these skills into a combo. Take it easy, you will be given a tutorial to create the combo, really. Third, a free character trial. This is one of the features I like in DC Unchained because players can try all heroes before deciding to buy it. This is certainly important, remembering to get a crystal or character unlocker is quite difficult and rare.


If asked if I will continue to play this game? The answer is yes. This game is lighter than the Injustice 2 (mobile version) which also outputs DC. So for storage problems there’s no need to worry. Although the review I gave was very positive, but I admit this game has its drawbacks, some things I feel are lacking such as tasks that are quite monotonous in story mode and too many updates. In addition there are many superior DC characters that also do not enter the roster. Fortunately for monotonous task problems, there are several special missions available.

They provide microtransaction for a variety of varied packs. But it seems this game still provides all the main needs without buying the accessories they provide. A few tips if you want to play this game. Save the crystal, character unlocker and family hero chard. These objects will be very useful if not misused. For those of you who have played this game, you can also share your experience in the comments column.

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