Cyber Hunter Game: New and Fresh Mobile Game

Besides MOBA, Battle Royale genre is one of the most popular genres today, especially for Mobile Gamers. The number of enthusiasts of the genre certainly makes the developers to make games with the same genre. One of them is a game developer from the bamboo curtain country, NetEase, which developed the Cyber ​​Hunter game.

To be honest, at the beginning of the Cyber ​​Hunter announcement, we were a little hesitant to play the game. Because previously NetEase had also released a game of the same genre, namely Rules of Survival which was not as popular as PUBG Mobile. So that we ourselves just tried it while playing this NetEase game. However, Cyber ​​Hunter was able to live up to all of our expectations. This game is more than other battle royale games and of course with new features and new innovations that make the Battle Royale genre look fresh and attractive. Well, on this occasion, Gamebrott will give a brief review related to one of the NetEase games, Cyber ​​Hunter.

Same gameplay, with new features!

In playing this Cyber ​​Hunter game, you will fight in an arena. Both alone, duo, or four in 1 match. Players will be faced in an arena that will shrink every time and with resources that can be obtained in the arena. Players will compete against each other, to be the winner. The point is this Cyber ​​Hunter game uses the same gameplay as other battle royale games.

Even so this game is able to provide something fresh from most games with that genre. One example of the features applied in the game is the skill feature that is embedded. Where players can build buildings according to the skills they take. Starting from making trees to shelter, to Healing stations that can be used to give blood to your teammates. Only by using an energy called Quantum energy, players can use these skills to build buildings that are very useful in the game. Oh yes, in this game players can also climb walls where players can park everywhere, from the top of the building to the tall trees in the game. There is also an e-core feature where players who combine e-core with their weapons will get additional effects that are no less interesting.

Futuristic but not excessive!

Cyber ​​Hunter is a game that takes the Futuristic theme. Starting from buildings, weapons, to the vehicles that are in the game are quite cool and high tech. For example, the weapon, in the game players can use futuristic weapons where players can use a shotgun that can fire lightning at the enemy. Hoverboard when you get off the plane, to building and skills that look cool and slick.

Unlimited customization!

One of the unique and cool things in the game is its customization feature. Where players can change the shape to the appearance of the character they have. Well, when making a character at the beginning of a game, players can use the customization feature to make the character they want. there are various things that can be done on the customization page, starting from changing her hairstyle and clothes to changing the shape of her eyes, her cheeks to her lips. In addition, players can also change the design of the hover board they have. The vehicle he wants, and changes the style of clothes he has.

Micro transaction?

One of the questions most often asked by Mobile gamers. How about the Micro transaction? Well, don’t worry. Because Micro transactions in this game are purely only for cosmetics. Players are free to buy boxes or costume sets and paint weapons offered in the game, but the set of costumes and paint weapons offered will not add any effect to the game. Only specifically to make your character look more cool and attractive.

Graphics and FPS!

This Cyber ​​Hunter game has very cool graphics, amazingly the details of this graph are pretty cool. Unfortunately having a pretty good graph makes FPS drop, so players often experience lag when playing games. Even so, NetEase provides a way out, namely by lowering the graphics it has, but players will feel less satisfied when playing the game.


The conclusion

The gameplay offered by Cyber ​​Hunter is very similar to other battle royale gameplay. But this game is able to give a fresh impression with the features it offers, ranging from building, e-core, to the parkour features it offers. Besides that, coupled with cool graphics, this game is one of the games that should be played. Unfortunately this game requires a fairly high end device for the players who want to enjoy it fully.

Well, for those of you who are interested in the game battle royale genre, but are bored with what is offered in the game on the market. This game offers something new and fresh. If you are interested in the game. You can download it on the Android Google Play Store, and the iOS App Store.

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