Comparison Between PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Which One Suits You the Best?

The Console is indeed the main alternative for gamers to enjoy the game without bothering to mix PCs with specifications that occupy. Of course in determining a home console, gamers are faced with two definite choices, namely Sony with PlayStation 4 & Microsoft with Xbox One.
These two giant companies are indeed eternal rivals in the gaming console industry even before the current era of genes. Both of them have their own advantages & disadvantages, if juxtaposed, which console is more worthy of glance? PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? the following discussion.

Specifications & Performance
Speaking of specifications, it is clear that the Xbox One has specifications and performance that is superior to the PS4. His motive as “The World ‘s Most Powerful Console” is indeed proven, but even so, the PS4 is also still capable of taking gahar in running various games.
One of the reasons the PlayStation 4 is selling well is because the price is far more affordable than the Xbox One. The PS4 Slim currently has a range of $ 270, the Pro version at $ 378, while the Xbox One S is priced at $ 275 and the Xbox One X version is priced at $ 370.
Connecting to the previous point, it seems that it’s fair enough if Microsoft sets a higher price for the Xbox One. Considering the specifications & performance offered by Xbox One is superior to the PS4, it is fair enough if we give a balanced score.

Speaking of design, both of them do look very elegant, but with the minimalist & solid appearance of the PS4, it seems that Sony is slightly superior through their PS4 variant body console. The special edition console variants provided by PS4 are also far more diverse and more interesting, for example, such as Days of Play Edition & Marvel’s Spider-Man Edition which was just released last year. In a few moments Sony & Square Enix will also launch a PS4 Pro with the theme Kingdom Hearts 3 that looks charming.
But when talking about the controller, it seems that the Xbox One is superior, besides having a more “solid” appearance. through the grip, the Xbox One controller feels more comfortable with its right size, the row of buttons provided also feels very precise & accurate on the finger.

Entertainment System
Following the times, the console is not only used as a device that is only limited to being able to play games. But also as another entertainment medium, it seems that both the PS4 and Xbox One are quite serious in working on this one thing. both of them have a row of entertainment applications that can be enjoyed, such as Netflix, YouTube, or Spotify for example.
But if you look further, it seems that in terms of this Xbox One comes with a much better quality, they also provide a more complete range of applications. Xbox One also has a more organized & elegant user interface, the chat feature with a special avatar that they present also gives a more pleasant impression in interacting with other people, unlike the PS4 which is made very minimalist & simple.

Online Membership
In the current era, online services are indeed the most important factor to enjoy content optimally in the console current gene. PS4 has PS Plus as their online membership service, which offers free games every month and exclusive discounts. While the Xbox One comes with the popular Game Pass, it offers a variety of more attractive advantages.
With the Xbox Game Pass, you can access backward compability and play various Xbox 360 games that have been released. Not only that, the Xbox Game Pass service also allows you to play the latest exclusive games released for the Xbox One. Just like PS Plus too, the Xbox Game Pass also provides exclusive discounts, it’s just that they don’t provide monthly games that can be claimed permanently.

Exclusive Games
This is one aspect of the majority of gamers determining console choices, namely through exclusive games offered by each brand. When talking about exclusive games, in terms of quality and quantity of PlayStation 4 far superior to the Xbox One, the exclusive range of games they launch rarely reap failure.
In 2018, we were presented with an amazing variety of PS4 exclusive games, from God of War, Detroit: Become Human, to Marvel’s Spider-Man, all of which were able to reap extraordinary success. Not only that, PS4 still has a myriad of anticipated future line-up games, starting from The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, to Death Stranding.
Unlike the Xbox One which looks “dragged” by concocting their exclusive games, the exclusive games they have can be said to be only a few who can reap extraordinary success. In the past year alone, 2 exclusive Xbox One games, such as the Sea of Thieves & State of Decay, can be said to fail and reap a variety of negative criticisms. And again, the exclusive Xbox One game feels completely exclusive, because it was also released for Windows 10-based PCs.
But fortunately, Microsoft began to realize and try to release exclusive games that look interesting like Halo Infinite & Gears of War 5 in the future. Those who are expected to be able to begin to catch up with them on the side of “exclusive games”, although still it will feel very difficult.

When judging from all aspects, the PlayStation 4 can be said to be superior to the Xbox One, various things injected by Sony into the console feel more mature on many sides. But of course returning to your choice of tastes and needs, for those of you who want affordable prices with an exclusive “top notch” series of games, the PS4 is the answer. But if you want a multi-functional gaming console for media entertainment & nostalgia, the Xbox One is the answer.
What do you think about yourself? which one is superior, please write in the comments column, feel free to discuss.

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