Clash of Clans World Championship 2019 Prize Worth of One Million

One of the booming mobile games in 2015, Clash of Clans finally presented a big esport tournament. Although it was considered too late because the era of the game from SuperCell had faded away from the MOBA and Battle Royale genre games, the tournament pilot this time was quite promising.

In collaboration with ESL, SuperCell will present a Clash of Clans World Championship tournament that has a total prize of 1 million US dollars or around 14 billion rupiah. The tournament will be held for 6 months from the qualification stage and will be followed by large Clash of Clans teams from around the world. The Clash of Clans World Championship tournament has started the qualifying round since last March and the peak party itself will be held in October in Germany.

Currently four teams have been selected to ensure that they will qualify for the final Clash of Clans World Championship. The four teams are Tribe Gaming (North America), Team Queso (Spain), Vatang (South Korea), and QueeN Walkers (Japan). The fifth slot of the Clash of Clans World Championship will be contested starting on 12 July. 300 CoC teams from all over the world will fight to be the best and secure 1 ticket to Germany.

Previously they also presented the battle pass feature for the Clash of Clans game. The game that successfully kicked off the Indonesian market 4 years ago finally got its big update. In the future players will get a new feature in Clash of Clans, namely the Battle Pass Seasonal Challenge where players can complete several given missions to get significant rewards.

In the Battle Pass Seasonal challenge update there will be 2 tiers like the battle pass in general, namely Silver which can be directly used for free, and Gold where players must pay around $ 5 per month to access it.

There will be 15 rewards given starting from Gold, Elixer, Magic items, and Potions that will be given in Silver pass every month. While the Gold Pass will provide more items with more different variations such as 20-30% boost building, research and boosting in training troops. Overall, silver members Clash of Clans can win 5 million gold and elixers and 50k dark elixers, while Gold Clash of Clans members can get up to 25 million gold and elixers and 250k dark elixers that can be used to build and train troops.

And not only that, Buyers of Gold Pass Clash of Clans members can get exclusive skin season every month, and for this month buyers will get Exclusive skin for Barbarian king characters. Well, if you are interested in trying to reminisce with this game. Then please download the game on Google Play or Apple Store iOS.

With the existence of the big tournament it seems like SuperCell wants to revive the game. Facing a growing number of new mobile games, SuperCell has not given up on making the game the number one choice of mobile game players from around the world.

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