There’s a reason why we didn’t fill this one session with the plot. The reason? Because this game does not make the story important. All you need to know, in this universe, Destruction AllStars is a super popular sports tournament that teases him so much, that he managed to invite stars from all over the world, to test their skills. You will act as one of the 16 stars.

Destruction AllStars does have a single-player portion, but as can be predicted, it is not used as a base of attraction. Instead of a story mode, for example, this “single-player” mode ends up being an arcade / skirmish mode, where you will fight against the AI, instead of other players. You will be able to decide which mode you want to try, in which arena it will be held, and of course the difficulty level of the AI ​​itself.

The AllStars Destruction experience that should indeed lie in the competitive multiplayer side that he is carrying, where you will crash your cars against each other. There are two modes for those who prefer a solo experience: Mayhem and Gridfall. Mayhem is a point-based game where your success in crashing and destroying other players’ cars will contribute to higher points. Meanwhile, Gridfall appeared like a “battle royale” mode, where the last survivor will win. Everything is done in the middle of an arena that continues to shrink.

While for those who are happy with team battles, there are two types of modes available: Carnado and Stockpile. Carnado will ask you to “deposit” the points you have collected from a crash into a tornado that is spinning fast in the middle of the arena. But as a consequence, the car you are using will be destroyed instantly. Another mode – Stockpile also shares an almost perfect concept. Based on their actions in the arena, point pieces in the shape of a Gear will appear in the arena. The gear can then be collected and deposited into one of the three points in the arena, which will continue to change ownership depending on which team’s gear number is dominant. The team that manages to control the most points from the three points will win.

Each win will earn you – EXP Points which, when accumulated, will give you levels. This level does not affect anything for your character or your account, but it will give you – a currency that can then be allocated to buy various cosmetic items that each character carries. Items that are mostly different only from the color side will be one of the motivations to continue playing Destruction AllStars, of course beyond addiction if you do end up having fun.

Need Missiles and Bombs

As we talked about earlier, the essence of Destruction AllStars is indeed locked in car crashes in the arena. What makes it different? Instead of being locked into a car that you have chosen at the beginning, you will have freedom of movement as the driver himself, which incidentally is the character you choose. This means, you always have the option of getting in or out of the vehicle you are using while fighting, whether for strategic or survival reasons.

Choosing one of the 16 available characters will also determine what kind of abilities you have access to. Because they appear like “Hero”, each character will have two special skills: one that he can access as a character (without a car), and the other – which ends in summoning his iconic vehicle into the arena which, in the end, will also have special abilities based on cooldown. Along with it too, you’ll find pink gems scattered throughout the arena, which are usually at an altitude that only characters and not cars can access, to make cooldowns for character skills and special car summoning action even faster.

Regardless of which mode you choose, the battle in Destruction AllStars always starts with you acting as a character first before choosing and riding the cars available in the arena. These cars also come in various variant forms, which will determine endurance, movement speed, cooldown for hit skills, and how agile he moves.

During the process of waiting for the cooldown time of your iconic car to be triggered, the standard cars in this arena will continue to be available in a variety of different locations. He usually stays on the platform which at times, takes a little climbing and running action to get to. The rest? Keep crashing the vehicle on the various opportunities available, and make sure you are always in the car at every opportunity. Why? Because it will be very difficult to find points when you become a character. This still isn’t exacerbated by the potential for a bigger “KO” if you get hit at high speed by a character.

On paper, the concept that Destruction AllStars offers is quite unique. It changes the formula that many classic games already offer, making it an arena battle, complete with the opportunity to control the rider as a character. The problem? Regardless of which game mode you choose, it’s hard to criticize the sensation that feels stale and obsolete in just a few hours of gameplay. Looking for a car and trying to crash it into another vehicle will only feel good for a moment, although it is supported by the sensation of haptic feedback and adaptive trigger DualSense is fantastic. The loop gameplay is easy to feel boring.

This is also what triggers us to select the subtitles above. The longer we play Destruction AllStars, the harder it is to ignore the desire and hope to see this game emerge as a supposed replacement for “Twisted Metal”. That instead of just crashing and being hit, it also contains a variety of weapons that can be used to finish off enemies faster, complete with fantastic attack and explosion effects. Because it must be admitted, this concept will appear much more exciting than the gameplay loop offered by Destruction AllStars today, which is easily spoiled. We won’t even mind if it comes in a new and separate fashion.

One source of other problems also lies in the fact that of the 16 characters currently carried by Destruction AllStars, not all of them can be categorized as balanced, especially when we talk about certain modes. Just imagine, for Mayhem mode where the winner is judged by your effectiveness by crashing into and destroying other cars, there are only a few characters whose character and car skills are able to facilitate this. We’re talking from Lupita to the path of fire she concocted, Blue Fang with a car armed with a shredder in front, Hana with a saw in the middle of the car, to the Queen who can trigger a deadly explosion.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, you meet Shyft whose power is just disappearing, Angelo whose car can blind and deactivate enemies, to Sgt. Rescue which is simply covering the enemy with smoke blocking their view. Almost all of the characters we talk about here don’t have any skills that are effective at collecting more points in Mayhem mode, for example. Therefore, regardless of the dozens of characters that exist, those that are effective for being used in several modes can be counted fingers. Even though a single character can be selected by several users at once in one battle, this still reflects how unbalanced the Destruction AllStars character is today.

Beyond these question mark fishing designs, you can also get a feel for some designs that are enough to leave you wondering. The one that surprised us the most? The decision not to inject any music during the fight, which was either intentional or due to a bug that may be fixed in the future. In fact, you can hear the extra attention on the audio side, from the vehicle to the unique music available for each character. But finding your crash-fighting battles completely unaccompanied by music, which should be effective at getting the adrenaline pumping farther, really puzzled us.

One of the other extra weaknesses comes from the design of cosmetic items which is a source of motivation to play as well as the economic foundation of AllStars Destruction microtransactions, which must be admitted, is not at all interesting. At the beginning of the release, at the time this review was written, most of the cosmetic items carried only offered differences in the main color of the clothes and the character’s car. The more “rare” cosmetic items don’t change the shape or design of the characters at all, and end up being just additional patterns on this outfit or car. We ourselves are not tempted to pursue any of the cosmetic items available for these characters.

So with his playing experience, Destruction AllStars does come with a unique car battle concept. However, the easy gameplay loop feels boring, especially in gameplay modes like Mayhem, it keeps our brains dreaming and hoping that this game will just follow the “Twisted Metal” path instead of offering a game like this. That each vehicle is reinforced with missiles, machine guns, traps, and even protection systems, for example for faster, more exciting, and adrenaline-pumping combat action.

Beautiful visual

One of the biggest questions when talking about Destruction AllStars, of course, concerns how much it can represent the capabilities of the Playstation 5 itself. The good news? When it comes to visual presentation, it does a very good job. Even though the thick cartoony taste flows strongly from the character design and graphic approach that is carried, you will find many details that make it charming. We’re talking about the dramatic lighting that emerges from the entire arena, the shading of shadows that fall on the characters, to the devastating effect that sticks to your car.

This side of the visual presentation is also supported by a few small details that you might miss if you don’t pay close attention. As an example? The cars that you can master in the arena. Each car is in a neutral position, comes with a dominant white color combination without any accessories. The appearance of each car will automatically change according to the character who manages to master it, which is sometimes reflected in the colors and stickers that stick. This transformation will take place instantly as soon as this character gets into the existing car. The designs between these cars are also so different that you can get information about the types of cars available, even from a distance.

One thing that is interesting is the effect of the damage to the car, which we have tried, is not only cosmetic in nature. That not only a small part of the dent you will find, but it will end up affecting the control of your vehicle once the big damage occurs and focuses on one point of the car. We had time to find conditions where our car was running slow and unstable, and found that our rear wheels weren’t working properly after getting a good collision from the sides. At least this effect can occur in a car that is “thicker” instead of a smaller car, which usually ends up destroyed first.

Unfortunately, when it comes to music, Destruction AllStars doesn’t feel charming. Apart from the unique music for each character that was carried, almost all of the music execution in other parts felt off target. Apart from the absence of music during the battle which made us confused, the choice of music chosen to accompany you in the lobby while waiting for matchmaking, for example, did not succeed in getting your adrenaline pumping. That instead of feeling like a sportsman who can’t wait to get going, it feels like a mall lobby where you wait for someone to shop.

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