Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Interesting Changes

Promising to announce today’s multiplayer mode, Infinity Ward and Activision finally show what features they will present in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer. Since the explanation is quite long, we will summarize it in this article which you can see below.

Looks Different, Ready to Start Beta in the Near future

As you can see for yourself through the trailer above, in addition to a different visual display and looks more stunning when compared to the previous series, it looks like the multiplayer mode will give you several modes day and night. That is why nightvision glasses become an iconic item as previously announced.

Not only showing off the gameplay that is brutal, fast, with lots of killstreak rewards. Activision and Infinity Ward also announced that they are ready to go beta before release. The time will come exclusively to the PlayStation 4 thanks to its partnership with Sony on September 12-13, while other platforms will start on September 14-16. Crossplay trials on September 19-20 have also been prepared. Of course this will only be available for those of you who pre-order the game. While for those who didn’t buy it earlier, they will be able to enjoy it on September 21-23 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

PC Version Without Limitation of Framerate, Crossplay, Done Together with CTR Developers

Continuing the announcement of the bet, Activision also explained that the PC version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare will not get any framerate restrictions at all unlike the console version. Some other options such as FOV slider to adjust your visibility. This version of “masterrace” is also working on the port with Beenox, developer of the Nitro Fueled Crash Team Racing. Some other features such as multi-monitor support, control customization, HDR, and widescreen are also supported by the game.

Speaking with DualShockers, Multiplayer Design Director Joe Cecot explained that they would start something they call matchmaking by peripherals. “So, if you use the keyboard, then you will meet those who use the keyboard,” he concluded. Joe also explained that if you have decided to use a keyboard or gamepad, you will not be able to replace it during the match.

Ground War Mode for More Than 100 Players

If you join the Call of Duty franchise, you will find the Ground War mode, which initially became a joke mode on April Fools with many players in domination mode or team deathmatch 12 vs 12 or 18 vs 18. This mode was changed in such a way in Black Ops 4 to 50 vs 50. But Infinity Ward tried to change it again to more than 100 players in a large map. This mode is also fully supported by the crossplay feature and the number of other players from 40-64 players. Unfortunately, they are still testing it and haven’t been able to provide the gameplay video at all.

Female Characters

Reporting from Mp1st, reportedly CoD: Modern Warfare 2019 will have a female army that you can play in multiplayer mode. This was previously asked by one fan via Reddit whether later we can choose a female character in multiplayer mode. Then the question was answered directly by Ashton Williams as Senior Communications Manager at Infinity Ward with a short, concise, and clear answer that is “yes”. Although it has been confirmed, but we still do not know the extent of character customization other than we can choose as women or men.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be released on October 25, 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since it was announced that it would be a reboot of the main series, Call of Duty Modern Warfare did offer a million interesting changes. Starting from the cool visual appearance, the action is a bit more realistic, with the style of the game leaning towards tactical. A change that has been anticipated by most of the big fans of the franchise years ago. However, what is the opinion of a former professional player like Shroud after trying it?

Reported by Charlie Intel, Shroud told his Twitch channel that the change was very, very different. According to him Call of Duty still has a run and gun element so it feels very fast, but now Infinity Ward is trying to reduce its portion. “Now the game is becoming more tactical and a little slower. Like when you mengeker your opponent using the scope and change weapons. I fell in love with the game and want to play it again “, he added. You can follow all the information related to the game through our news article.

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