Bored? Try This 7 Light Games For Instant Fun!

Not everyone likes the typical game with story line, and tense gameplay. Oftentimes, people look for games with a more relaxed, calmer gameplay, but can entertain the players. Well, here are some lists and recommendations for the Best Light and Small Games to Get Rid of Boredom. Check out the article below.

  1. Merge Heroes Frontier: Casual RPG Online

Merge Heroes is one casual RPG game that is quite cool and interesting to play. This game combines concepts from 2048 that combine numbers with aspects of the RPG. Where players can increase the strength of the hero they have by combining 2 of the same hero. In each game the player only needs to press a few buttons and see how the hero moves against the enemy.

  1. Dr. Mario World

For those of you who like puzzle-themed games, maybe you can try the game Dr Mario World. Where you play as Dr. Mario in charge of killing the virus using the pill he made. This game has a relaxed gameplay, where players only need to combine the pill with a virus of the same color in the game. Cool again, players can use the skills that exist in every character from Mario, for example just toad that can eliminate objects, and much more.

  1. Favo!

Favo is the newest puzzle game with relaxed gameplay. Where the player only needs to combine 3 elements, namely red which represents fire, blue represents water, and green which represents land or leaves. By combining each element, the player will get points that can be used to get more scores. This game is an endless game where players can play this game for as long or as short as the player wants. Although not very popular, this game is quite cool and challenging to play.

  1. Dancing Ball World: Music Tap

Dancing Ball is the 4th casual game that you can play. This game is a rhythmical game where players can follow the music or see the situation visually to play the game. In the game players only need to do tap movements to change the flow of the ball so it does not fall. Although it sounds easy, this game is actually more difficult than expected. Well, can you get the highest score in the game?

  1. Pocket Build

Pocket Build is a game where players will play God, where players will build everything from scratch. Starting from buildings, homes, to living things that exist. This game is a sandbox building game where players can create a miniature fantasy world that every player wants. Ranging from plots of land with many animals, to large cities with many humans who live in them.

  1. Touchgrind Skate 2

For those of you who are interested in fingerboarding and want to try various tricks that are impossible for you to try in the real world. You can play this Touchgrind skate 2 game. Where players can play fingerboard using your smartphone’s cellphone. Learn tricks and complete various challenges in the game to unlock various parts or skateboard customizations. If you are interested, immediately download and play now.

  1. SuPEr Toss The Turtle

Well, for those of you who like funny and interesting android casual games. This game is the right choice. The task of the players in this game is to reach the furthest distance when throwing a turtle. Players can use cannons, weapons, bombs, jetpacks, rockets, nuclear, and various other cool equipment that can be used to reach the furthest distance.

Those are some of the Best Light and Small Games to Get Rid of Boredom. If you are interested in other genres, we recommend a number of other MMORPG android games, or a recommended Android game every month.

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