Blood & Truth: Super Cool VR Game

The action of Sony London Studio for VR games is indeed no longer a “new thing”. At the beginning when the new Playstation VR was introduced to the public, they were the developers of one of the early products – Playstation VR Worlds which was positioned as a technical demo of genre and gameplay like what you can achieve with the latest technology. One of the games in PSVR Worlds is The London Heist which is an action game from the eyes of the first person. A few years later, the Sony London Studio is now developing the idea of ​​The London Heist into a VR game full of similar themes. Something ends up in our hands as Blood & Truth.


Although offering the same setting as The London Heist, Blood & Truth has no connection at all with the initial project of The London Studio VR. So, there is never a need to taste one of the Playstation VR Worlds mainstay games first.

You acted as a veteran named Ryan Marks who had to return to London after the news of his father’s death. But the Marks family is not an “ordinary” family. He turned out to be from one of the largest and most successful criminal organization families in London who refused to follow his father’s behavior. He prefers to undergo a military career and leave these things behind.

Stay Comfortable

From the visual side, Blood & Truth does not offer anything revolutionary from the visual side. However, he still comes with enough quality to make the illusion that you are in London and act as a Ryan Marks still there. The character model that you meet along the story, face to face with live voice acting, has enough details to be trusted while standing in front of you. Textures that are quite realistic for clothing material until facial reactions support this. Although for environmental affairs that become the background during the cut-scene and the like, it seems that it has a low resolution.

The good news? Blood & Truth still feels comfortable as a VR game. An amazing achievement, considering the difference with The London Heist, they carry the movement system here. Not as free as Resident Evil 7 that allows you to use the DualShock 4 analog to move like an action game should, Blood & Truth prioritizes the Playstation Move for the sensation of using a better dual-gun. Given PS Move has no analogues, the movement system will ask you to move from point to point. You only need to look at the white icon for movement, press one button, and automatically move there. If there is a white point at a short distance, you can press the square or triangle button to move and move faster.

One of the reasons why Blood & Truth is so comfortable, at least from our observations, is the fact that almost all the activities you do and all the enemies you have to face are in front of you. Thus, it requires minimal head movement, which automatically minimizes your potential to end up dizzy or nauseous. We rarely find a condition where you have to look back or just to the southeast or southwest of your current camera condition. This condition, complete with not excessive visual effects from just an incandescent weapon to the particles that glide as the effect of the existing shots, supports that comfort. Therefore, even for gamers who have never been comfortable with VR, Blood & Truth can be the first game they can enjoy.

While in terms of sound, like most VR games in general, Blood & Truth is certainly more comfortable to play with using a headset instead of using television sound for example. The sound that comes feels close to the details that support the atmosphere, it is the best alternative. Moreover, the thick British accent that you encounter throughout the conversation between characters, complete with hip hop music that emits a strong British “gangsta” image. But unfortunately, Blood & Truth also lacks a crucial visual aspect.

Actor Action

Basically, Blood & Truth is an FPS action game with flavors that are not much different from what you know so far. What makes it different is the more immersive sensation through VR itself, which fortunately managed to bring Sony London Studio to a higher level, especially when compared to what they achieved with The London Heist. Why? Because this is no longer a matter of shooting with extra dramatic cut-scenes in the middle, but it also makes you play the real Ryan Marks.

But the main sensation certainly remains in the excitement of acting like an action film actor, where you, with your weapon, can kill dozens of NPC characters without difficulty. For the best sensation, using dual Playstation Move remains the best option. Accuracy of hand gesture reading and sensitivity does indeed create its own impression of realism, especially when shooting. Cool again? Not all weapons end up simply asking you to do a reload process with an almost unlimited number of bullets stored in your chest. The Shotgun Pump for example really requires you to pump the front every time you shoot one time, making it impossible to be used as a one-handed weapon. Other weapons such as the Assault Rifle also support two-handed effects that will make your weapon more stable.

The good news? Despite the fact that most enemies will usually appear from your point of view up front, Blood & Truth also uses a little effect on both sides of the screen to help you recognize where the shots that hurt you appear. Thus, there is an opportunity to respond quickly to existing threats. Cool again? They also provide a special button for various maneuvering actions with your gun, especially playing them. When using it together with Revolver for example, you will feel like an Ocelot from Metal Gear.

Not enough to get there, Blood & Truth will also make you feel like a John Wick through the mode they call Precision Mode. That’s right, activating this mode will make things move slowly, except you. The shots are super accurate, the enemy does not have time to react, the blood spurting from their bodies when struck by a sharp bullet feels so satisfying, complete with ragdolls of their bodies that feel like “dancing”. This slow effect is also reflected in the variety of objects that are the effect of your shot, from spurting bullet casings from weapons, window pieces that last longer in the air, to explosions that have stopped for some time.

Unfortunately, Not Revolutionary

Apart from the fact that it is a fantastic VR action game, Blood & Truth on the other hand still has a variety of problems that uproot the immersive feeling of VR games so far. Unfortunately, it is indeed not designed to solve the complicated variety of deficiencies that for now, it is difficult to find a solution.

Of course, we talk about reaction. Since you are playing someone from the eyes of the first person and talking with many existing NPC characters, they will still not react to your crazy and funny actions in the game itself. You can just dance, throw various objects at them, to just shout loudly, and these NPCs will not react to that. Blood & Truth unfortunately, still hasn’t provided any solution to this problem, making it end up being a cool action game but not necessarily revolutionary. The only scene where we ended up being able to provoke an NPC reaction was only at the end, where we deliberately fired a gun off the main target. The target was shocked and reacted “You almost hit me”, that’s all.


Blood & Truth is still a VR game that is quite a shame to miss. Super cool shootouts and dramatizations combined with VR effects that have so far been comfortable are the best attraction. This is your only chance to become a fight actor that you have been longing for.

Blood & Truth is a charming VR game, there are no more appropriate sentences for this Sony London Studio concoction game. They managed to bring a charming idea at The London Heist and then ended up concocting an action game with a crazy and interesting story approach at the same time. Not only that, to ensure that it is not monotonous, they also inject puzzle mechanics and exploration in it, to reinforce the impression that you are acting as a human character that is more than just this “killing machine”. Extra cut-scenes to deepen the character plus dramatization will be ready to make you enjoy an action film. But the difference? You are now the main character.

Even so, it doesn’t mean Blood & Truth is perfect. In terms of gameplay, the lack of the effect of Hit Feedback when shooting enemies at long distances or when driving is indeed quite confusing and not uncommon, a new problem in itself. But the biggest complaint of course lies in the weapon management system that takes time to think about, especially if the weapon you just found turns out to be located in the middle of a battle. Since you can’t just throw your weapon away, you have to think carefully about which heavy weapons you should save or dispose of. Blood & Truth might provide the system, but it must be admitted, it’s not intuitive enough for you to just do it. We also regret the story system that was built without clear conclusions and was only built for a sequel in the future.

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