Beloved Classic Console of All Time

Playing games from the classic console must be one of the sweetest memories for a gamer. You can just hear the theme song, it can generate incomparable pleasure. Moreover, you can return to holding the stick or controller again, then play the game.

Actually, you can, back to that time, by playing games that once filled your childhood. No need to confuse loading warehouse to find your old console first. The thing is, it could be that your console is damaged and it can’t even turn on. It’s a waste of time.

Instead, you better buy old game consoles that provide these memorable games. At least, the old console can be a kind of time machine that takes you to the past.

There are many classic consoles that can revive your childhood memories. Come on, see what these old consoles are!

  1. PS 1 Classic, Small Version of the Best Console in the World

As a pillar of modern games that are now, of course there are many gamers who have memories of this one console. PlayStation 1 (PS 1) was released in 1994 and thousands of good games followed later. You may witness history because you have played Crash Team Racing (CTR), Final Fantasy VII, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games.

The heyday of PS 1 also ended in 2006. Sony also made a mini version of PS 1 at the end of 2018. Unfortunately, you can only play a few games. At least you can still feel your longing when you don’t have as many thoughts now.

  1. NES Classic, the Console is 8-bit Gamers

For you 1980s generation gamers, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is definitely a must have item. Mario Bros. Game the legendary one was born on this one console. you guys can still recognize the song until now. Playing games on this console can actually make you happy even though you can’t visually spoil your eyes like now

For those who want to go back to those times, you can play NES games on the console now. In addition to the Mario Bros. game, you can also get other old games, such as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda, as well as many others. Even so, this “time machine” console is not too expensive.

  1. Classic SNES that has brighter images

After releasing the NES Classic, Nintendo also released the Classic SNES and you can buy this console now. In his day, the SNES had brighter colors than its predecessor. One of the famous games here, Street Fighter II, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, and other series The Legend of Zelda.

You will be given a console that is exactly the same as the original version, complete with 20 nostalgic games in it. In fact, the feel of the controller was made exactly the same as the old version. If you like this, you can go back to the 1990s when young blood still felt hot.

  1. Sega Genesis Classics, the Best Console that Sega Has

Sega has a cool console in the 1980s and 1990s. However, there is only one of the best consoles ever released by Sega, the Genesis 16-bit. On this console, the Sonic The Hedgehog character was born and is still victorious until now. There are many more famous games that you can play on this one console.

For releasing homesickness, Sega also joined in releasing the classic version for his fans. In fact, you can get more than 40 games in it. However, it looks like it still has to wait for this memorable console to come.

  1. Game Boy, Handheld that doesn’t use complicated

This classic console is rented out every 15 minutes in front of the school. Indeed, there are rarely those who can and want to buy Game Boy in the 1990s ago. The price is somewhat expensive of that time. The problem is that the games on the Game Boy are pretty much cool.

If it’s really over those days, you can find Game Boy now too. Many, how come, those who have sold this handheld console at low prices. you can play a lot of games, even on the road. No complicated to carry it because it’s small, it’s not complicated to play because the buttons are not much.

  1. Arcade Machine Mini, Memories in the Corner of the Modern Market

Not many people have childhood playing games on arcade machines. There used to be a lot of places where you could find arcade machines, even in the modern market of providing arcade machines. The intention is to be a place for children to play while their parents are busy shopping for daily necessities. Sometimes, this place becomes the right destination for school kids to skip.

In the past, one of your machines can only get one type of game. Now you can get hundreds of games with just one modern arcade machine. EGO Batop released a mini arcade machine filled with many games in it. You live plugging into electricity and you can play everything.

  1. PlayStation 2, Mighty Retro Console

The younger generation is usually familiar with PlayStation 2 (PS 2) compared to its predecessor. Even though it seems that not long ago, PS 2 has been around since 2000. No wonder people who were born in the late 1990s used to fill their days with this one console.

If asked what is still wrong, you can still get PS 2, really. Of course also with prices that are certainly already affordable. Buy this console now, of course it won’t lose. You can return to the choice of the Grand Theft Auto series: San Andreas, Final Fantasy, and memorable God of War.


The classic consoles above can certainly be made into collectibles and can make you turn back for a while into the past. Never get bored, anyway, play old games from this classic console. Well, which one do you like the most classic console? Please include your comments in the column below!

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