Translating an interactive experience from a video game, regardless of how cool the story it brings, is not an easy job. However, optimism continues to be strong, especially with the potential to introduce these franchises to a busier audience. Various projects have surfaced, from animated adaptations to television series to feature films waiting to be released. Of all the films currently being brewed, the anticipation for The Last of Us is one that is so high. Now we have at least one actress who plays the iconic character.

Handled by Craig Mazin who also concocted the fantastic film series “Chernobyl” under the HBO banner, the film series The Last of Us finally got confirmation for the actress who played Ellie! This iconic character will be played by actress Bella Ramsey, the actress who was praised for her acting as “Lyanna Mormont” on Game of the Thrones the other day. The Hollywood Reporter in the same article also denied rumors about the involvement of actor Mahershala Ali, who was said to be playing Joel.

Today seems like a sweet day for all gamers and movie-goers who have been waiting for news regarding HBO’s The Last of Us series. Not only because of Naughty Dog’s direct involvement in the production process, but also the cold-handed name of the sturadara classmate of Craig Mazin, giving birth to the highly praised “Chernobyl” series. Now that the actress who will play Ellie has confirmed, the actor who will play Joel is finally confirmed!

After confirmation of Bella Ramsay aka “Lyanna Mormont” from Game of Thrones as Ellie, further news came from the cast of this series. Is a famous actor – Pedro Pascal whose popularity skyrocketed through the film Mandalorian, who will portray Joel in The Last of Us. The film version of the story itself will also follow the official from the video game version, where Joel is tasked with bringing Ellie, a 14 year old girl, out of the quarantine area and handing her over to a group called Firefly.

There is no information about when this series will air. What do you think? Agree with the choice of actors and actresses for The Last of Us film so far?

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