Video Game Netflix Announced

Netflix expansion makes video games. Former Electronic Arts and Facebook executive Mike Verdu has been appointed to helm Netflix’s video games. According to Bloomberg, Verdu will serve as vice president of game development. The announcement indicates that Netflix is ​​serious about working on projects outside of streaming content for television shows and movies. Verdu was […]

5 Potential Weapons With Heavy Damage In Valorant

After Valorant was first released, many players have tried this game. Various strategies were found based on needs and existing characters or weapons. Especially for weapons, this one aspect is of course very important in FPS games like Valorant and should be mastered by its use. So far, there are many weapons in Valorant that […]

Unlock All Barbara’s Hang Out Memories on Genshin Impact With These Tips

As one of the purely free to play characters in Genshin Impact, Barbara is a Genshin Impact character that anyone who has played for a long time will definitely have. Barbara can be obtained for free just by completing the main Mondstadt quest, and defeating Stormterror Dvalin. Therefore, many players are familiar with and familiar […]

Genshin Impact New Update Comes With Dating Features

One example of the concept of the Games as a Service game which has appeared successful so far, what miHoYo has achieved with Genshin Impact deserves thumbs up. Despite the popularity in the first few months of release which made his name skyrocket, especially with the distribution in the free to play format, he managed […]

Bella Ramsey To Be Ellie in The Last Of Us Film Series

Translating an interactive experience from a video game, regardless of how cool the story it brings, is not an easy job. However, optimism continues to be strong, especially with the potential to introduce these franchises to a busier audience. Various projects have surfaced, from animated adaptations to television series to feature films waiting to be […]