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The trick to using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is actually very useful for ISP users who sometimes block PSN networks for no definite reason, we know that PSN Servers and some ISPs often experience errors either NW-31194-8 or Failed status on Internet Connection status and PlayStation Network Sign-In. Not to mention the goverment incident that accidentally blocked Blizzard’s servers some time ago.

By using this VPN, I guarantee 99% of all these problems can be resolved. But this VPN trick requires some preparation, I also provide an alternative program and a Premium VPN account that is temporary only for learning purposes, if this VPN trick is useful, I hope you can officially subscribe to a VPN account.

Requirements needed:

  1. Must use LAPTOP with Windows 10 (Mandatory WIN 10)
  2. Simple DNSCrypt Program (Free) or NordVPN Program (Paid)

I will start with the Simple DNSCrypt program, this program is a kind of management tool for configuring DNS proxies, basically to bypass ISP blocks. How to install Simple DNSCrypt as usual, then run the program as usual, the display will be like the image below, make sure the DNSCrypt Service is ON / ON and at the very bottom of the wifi / Ethernet checkbox is green, depending on the friends connect from the modem use a UTP cable or wifi, if I use wifi.

The way to know whether our laptop internet is unblocked is to open a web like reddit.com or other websites that are blocked. If you use DNSCrypt, Netflix.com is still blocked because this service is a free service. If reddit.com is open, it means that the DNSCrypt service is active, it’s time for us to connect it to PS4.

In Windows 10, go to Start – Settings – Network and Internet – Mobile Hotspot – Before pressing the ON button, first change the password so it’s easier when inputting on PS4, change it, click Edit on Network Password, I change it to numbers 1 to d 8. Then our laptop will become a semi-portable Access Points (AP) with the name of our laptop. After that press ON on Share my internet connection with other device.

Usually to be more sure, I try to search via cellphone first, whether the Access Points have appeared with the name of my laptop DESKTOP-2R241V3 … and it turns out that it is ready.

Then on the PS4, as usual, connect the Access Points from the laptop to the PS4, connect as usual, we connect PS4 to the Indihome wifi modem. After connecting, the laptop will usually appear as shown below on our laptop screen, which indicates that the PS4 is connected to the AP Laptop.

To find out whether the PS4 is already using a network that has been connected with Simple DNSCrypt which is not blocked by several ISPs, on PS4, just open the browser with the WWW icon and we just have to open the reddit.com web, if the reddit web is open then the PS4 is not tar block. In this position, we should be connected to the PSN Server smoothly. Usually, I often have problems when I want to sync trophies, even though the network looks normal, and sometimes I do this trick if the laptop happens to be on.

* I often experience not being able to connect to the internet after turning on the laptop even though it is connected to wifi, this is a sign that the DNSCrypt service is not yet on, please wait or disable it first if you don’t want to use the service.

The next trick is to use NordVPN with a * tester account, before installing the NordVPN program, if you have installed Simple DNSCrypt on your laptop, you should first turn off the DNSCrypt service, so that we really use the NordVPN line, because these two services function almost the same.

In the NordVPN program, just select Quick Connect, usually we will be connected to a Singapore server or another country, and when Quick Connect often fails if we try at night, just try it, for example it still fails to select the closest country server. * In this era of WFH, it was even more difficult for NordVPN connections to connect.

After the VPN is connected as shown above, the next step is the same as above, our laptop shares the Hot Spot, and on the PS4 take the connection from the laptop AP, how to check whether the block is open is the same, just by using this VPN we can go to Netflix.com

I hope this article is used properly and used properly, I just want to share positive things. Personally, I don’t use this trick very often, because I don’t really like playing online games, but usually the info I get from my PS4 gamers, if I use a VPN, the “ping” will be higher. But at least this can be a solution if the Indihome connection is indeed blocked. This trick is actually the same as sharing the internet on your cellphone, but in my opinion, if you play PS4 for a long time, it’s better to share the internet via a laptop than via a cellphone that gets hot faster.

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