If some video games generally have a very long duration, then there are some games that don’t have them at all. Either because the story is short, the focus of the story, the lack of side-quests, or the game is too linear and straight.

Of course, this short duration does not give the stigma that a game with a price of approximately $ 40- $ 60 is okay to buy or not, or the slang is “worth or not that price”. Because generally, the price shows the quality whether from the world design, concept, gameplay, story, to how much the marketing is.

Because these games are so short, it’s like you can finish them while braking. So what are the titles? Here are 7 video games that are too short to watch while braking.

  1. Murdered: Soul Suspect (6-7 Hours)

Who would have thought that the story of a detective named Ronan O’Connor who was killed while investigating a murder case with the suspect nicknamed Bell Killer was a super short treat from Murdered: Soul Suspect. Players will play the ghost of Ronan in order to pursue who Bell Killer is and try him before finally meeting his late wife in the afterlife.

The gameplay itself can be said to be quite simple, but unfortunately the duration of the story, which is around 6-7 hours, can make you want more and more. Whether you see a sequel, a continuation of the story or a spin-off from the Ronan case, or something else. Unfortunately Airtight Games and Square-Enix are reluctant to give it up until now, considering the game itself is so-so and not as spectacular as the others.

  1. The Order: 1886 (5-6 Hours)

The Order: 1886 is one of the games to show the PlayStation 4 benchmarks when it was first released. This game that combines 3D animated scenes created in 3D software and the gameplay from the engine has managed to amaze many players because the transitions of both look very smooth and flawless and with certain differences.

You will play a soldier from the concept of a world which is a mixture of historical and fantasy times in order to fight the werewolves who still leave a question mark until the end of the story because of the potato ending. Especially with the super short gameplay, which is only around 5-6 hours. An unforgivable duration considering the story had just entered.

  1. Firewatch (3-4 hours)

This indie game will invite players to play a forest ranger named Hank to avoid accidents caused by humans such as forest burning. At first he will be alone without knowing what to do, but slowly but surely he will be faced with a variety of life, events, and unique mysteries stored in the forest he protects. Including his confession with his boss, Delilah on the radio.

Along the way you will be alone and your only entertainment is the voice of your boss talking about his life and Hank. Your relationship with your boss will be determined by choice, until finally you come to the conclusion of the story with the characters that appear at the end of the game which is very short, which is only about 3-4 hours.

  1. Transistors (6-7 Hours)

Transistor is another RPG action game from Supergiant Games, Hades developer who is amazing in 2020. Although not as cool as the previous game, Bastion, but Transistor still embraces a variety of charming elements such as real-time strategy, upgrades, and of course the super cyberpunk world setting. cool.

The game is indeed very short, only around 6-7 hours, but all the elements presented are perfectly packaged. In short, the gameplay can actually be added longer with a variety of side-quests or hidden challenges, but they are reluctant to do so.

  1. Mirror’s Edge (6-7 Hours)

The parkour feature is not new to be implemented in video games, but from its history, so far only Assassin’s Creed has been implemented very well. Interestingly, Mirror’s Edge is trying out new glasses that combine parkour with an imaginable first-person camera perspective which will be quite a hassle if players are not used to it.

Players will play Faith, a parkour courier who is part of an organization called Runners whose job is to send hidden messages to avoid local government surveillance.

With an interesting story and a cool futuristic world concept, Mirror’s Edge has indeed managed to amaze a variety of players even though many have criticized that the level design is not free so that the game can only be played one way. But what is even more disappointing is the short duration, which is only around 6-7 hours.

  1. The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (4-5 Hours)

Until Dawn fans, which are exclusive to PlayStation 4, with stories and gameplay that work for anyone to fear because the new things that are given, they will certainly be very happy with the presence of Bandai Namco’s The Dark Pictures Anthology. Created by the same developer, Supermassive Games, this series will try to tell you about a variety of horror stories that are different from the first iteration entitled Man of Medan.

With a game duration of approximately 4-5 hours, it will certainly make players who play it disappointed and think that Man of Medan is one of their experimental projects. This is because they are too focused on several important areas in the game with various plots that are still incomplete. Unlike Until Dawn, which focuses on the main enemy of the game.

  1. Inside (3-4 hours)

Inside will invite players to play a boy without a name who runs away from the people who imprisoned him. On his escape journey, this child will encounter creepy and very cruel things until the end of the story with a very unexpected twist. The short duration of the game, which is around 3-4 hours, will make you quite disappointed, but somehow satisfied at the same time.


Those are 7 video games that are too short to watch while braking, have you ever played them? Or maybe there is something we missed that we didn’t have time to include in the list above? As usual you can list it in the comments below.

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