After Valorant was first released, many players have tried this game. Various strategies were found based on needs and existing characters or weapons. Especially for weapons, this one aspect is of course very important in FPS games like Valorant and should be mastered by its use.

So far, there are many weapons in Valorant that are the favorites of each player. In total, there are 18 types of weapons that can be used by players. Even though there are many weapons that can be used, there are still weapons that are arguably underrated or rarely glanced at by players.

  1. Shorty

The Shorty is a mini-shotgun and has a price of 200 credits. This weapon is the cheapest weapon in Valorant. Even though it has a cheap price, weapons are often not the choice of the players. Although rarely glanced at, this weapon has high effectiveness.

This shorty will be very useful for players who want to save money and save for the next round. Shorty is known to have effectiveness when facing enemies at a relatively close range. Shots from Shorty will deal 36 damage to the head, 12 to the body and 10 to the feet (0-9m distance). For a distance of 9-15m, Shorty will deal damage of 24 to the head, 8 to the body and 6 to the legs.

  1. Stinger

The stinger is a sub-machine gun and costs 1,100 credits. This weapon is very useful for players who want to save money or can’t afford more expensive weapons. Although not taken into account much, the Stinger can be a very useful weapon.

Stinger will be very useful if you use it at close range when facing enemies with weapons that have high recoil. This wild Stinger shot has 67 damage to the head, 27 to the body and 23 to the feet at a distance of 0-20m. At a distance of 20-50m, this weapon deals 62 damage to the head, 25 to the body and 21 to the legs.

  1. Bulldog

The Bulldog is a rifle type weapon and has a price of 2,100 credits. Bulldog is the cheapest rifle weapon in Valorant. Having an automatic type, this weapon can be your choice if you want to use a rifle but you don’t have enough credits.

Even though it is the cheapest weapon in the rifle class, the Bulldog can be very useful if used properly. This weapon is unique in that it can immediately launch three bullets in one shot. If the aim of the Bulldog user is aimed directly at the neck or head of the enemy, the damage will be terrible. The Bulldog has damage of 116 to the head, 35 to the body and 30 to the feet over a range of 0-50m.

  1. Guardian

Another rifle type weapon that is rarely glanced at by Valorant players but has deadly abilities. Guardian is the second cheapest weapon in the rifle class which has a price of 2,500 credits. Even though it only differs 400 credits from popular rifle weapons like the Phantom and the Vandal, the Guardian has its own uniqueness.

Guardian can have devastating damage when one bullet hits the enemy. Weapons have great damage in one shot outside of the sniper rifle class. Within 0-50m, the Guardian’s damage is 195 when it hits the head, 65 when it hits the body and 49 when it manages to penetrate the leg. With accurate aim, of course, weapons can be very deadly.

  1. Marshal

Furthermore, there is Marshal which is a sniper rifle type weapon that has a price of 1,100 credits. Marshal is one of the two sniper rifles in Valorant. This weapon is perfect for players who want to save credits but want to use a sniper rifle.

Even though it is often overlooked, if a Marshal is used by a player who has a good aim, he will be able to change to a mini-type operator. Marshal has massive damage in the 0-50 m range. If this gun’s shot hits the head the damage it gives is 202, 101 is hit by the body and 85 if it hits the leg.


It’s the most underrated weapon currently in the Valorant. These weapons can be very useful if you need to save for all-ins in the next round. Even though the price is cheap, just don’t underestimate the effectiveness of these weapons!

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