5 Best Place For Perfect Fight in Apex Legends

Being one of the most popular Battle Royale games in the past few weeks, Apex Legends is of course the arrival of so many new players who might still be unfamiliar with the mechanism available in the game made by Respawn Entertainment.
The author himself also gave 40 tips and important things to know in Apex Legends, as well as tips on choosing weapons that are suitable for how you play. And this time the author will try to provide some of the best location options for those of you who want to improve your fighting skills or play barbaric.
Fighting tends to start from a medium distance and ends at close range. However, no matter how good the weapon you are using, it certainly will not be useful if you have aim or aim at the potatoes. And what often happens is that many players are shocked when an enemy suddenly is near us.
One way to improve the best fighting skills according to mamang Shroud is to jump into a fairly crowded area to get used to fighting, then use any weapon in chaotic chaotic conditions that often occur shortly after landing. Indirectly this will also train your reflexes and responses to various situations quickly.
Therefore, below are some locations that are very prone to fighting just after landing. Make sure you look for weapons and body shields before attacking other players.

1. Skull Town | Market | Thunderdome
Skull Town and Market are two locations that are very crowded with barbarian players, especially if the planes come from the south or west. You can be sure there will be many dead boxes lying in these two places.
Although the two places only have mid tier loot, Skull Town has a lot of scattered loots and small buildings that can be used for flanking, while Market is suitable for you to practice fighting at close range because the place is quite narrow.
If you feel late and there are already so many other squads that have landed on Skull Town or Market, you can try landing on Thunderdome which has a high tier loot. Usually around 2 or 3 squads will also drop in this place, and you need to move quickly because there aren’t too many loots.

2. Artillery | Relay
Artillery and Relays are also locations that are prone to rapid fighting shortly after landing, especially if the planes come from north and east. Another reason is because these two places have high tier loots.
Artillery has three main buildings that are full of loot and door access as well as zipline for flanking, but fighting also occurs quite often in open areas, suitable for those of you who want to practice attacks from medium or far distances. Whereas Relay has several separate buildings with ravines, where quite a number of players fall into the ravine, usually due to panic too.
But usually, squad that comes out of these two areas will rarely meet, because Artillery will usually continue to the Cascades or Slum Lakes, while the Relay will usually continue to the Wetlands and Swamp.

3. Slum Lakes | Runoff | The Pit
Although not as busy as Artillery, Slum Lakes and Runoff are also quite prone to be visited if the planes come from north and west. Slum Lakes has a mid tier loot and Runoff has a high tier loot.
Slum Lakes is not very different from the Skull Town area, there are many small buildings and access that can be used for flanking and juking, and there are several other houses in the northeast area of Slum Lakes if you are late landing. While Runoff has three large buildings and several supply bin scattered around it. Even though Runoff has a high tier loot, many players seem to prefer to land at Air Base south of Runoff.
The Pit also has a high tier loot, but this place only has very few loots, sometimes it’s not enough to equip your squad with weapons. I suggest just jumping into this place if your squad can land first than the other squads. If the other squad starts, you can immediately run towards the building located south of The Pit.

4. Repulsor| Hydro Dam
Hydro Dam and Repulsor are also quite often the target of many squad landing sites, especially if the plane comes from the southeast or east. Hydro Dam has a mid tier boot and Repulsor has a high tier loot.
Repulsor has an area similar to Artillery, but it has two main buildings that are interconnected with underground passageways, and usually have a nice loot in the hallway. While the Hydro Dam itself has a large bunker and an open area in the middle surrounded by several small buildings.
If you land your squad landing late and not finding the loot, you can move to the Swamp located northeast of Hydro Dam. Swamp has a high tier loot and is an area filled with various buildings. But be careful because you can just meet squad from the Relay area.

5. Bunkers | Cascades
Bunkers may be a popular place not because of their high tier loot location, but where they are suitable for playing barbarians. While the surrounding Bunkers and Cascades are usually the landing squad that is late entering the bunker.

Bunkers only have a handful of loots that might be enough for one or two squads. A narrow aisle makes many players easily finish off other players, even with a corner kick. It’s different from the Cascades which only has a mid tier loot, but enough weapons and other equipment are enough for your Squad.
Authors themselves usually descend on several buildings located east and west of the Bunker to pick up weapons and equipment first. Just followed into the bunker to finish off the other squad who usually had enough to get hurt by fighting.

Another place that is quite busy is the Supply Ship that you can directly target at the beginning of the game, and Air Base which is located south of Runoff. But the author himself very rarely goes down in the Supply Ship because the location is erratic, and the members of the squad sometimes can’t be invited to work together (prioritizing loot rather than revive).
Then the Air Base itself is also quite rare for the author to make the location land because the place is very open with loot that can be said not too much. Air Base has two separate areas that are quite far away, so sometimes the squad members who get late in the loot will tend to move to another area, and this will certainly make it difficult for the squad to help each other if attacked by other squads.

So a number of places that the author recommends if you want to improve your fighting skills in Apex Legends games or Battle Royale games in general. Even though playing in a barbarian will drastically increase your fighting ability, careful planning and communication are important things to win the match.

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