5 Android Shooter Games 2020

Well, for those of you who are interested in playing games with the shoot-out genre. Teruatama for those of you who are currently upset and want to vent your frustration. I have the list. There are 7 best android shooting games. It can be best because of the game play, the best because of the graphics and so on. To be sure, I have tried all the games. And the order here, only I made based on appropriateness. Jump to the first:

  1. Call of Duty: Strike Team

The first best android shooting game is indeed classified in the heaviest HD game. Because it can only be enjoyed on a smartphone that qualified specifications.

With these conditions, of course, the features and graphics that this game has are very good and different from other FPS games. Its 2D display makes it easy for you to spy and attack enemies.

Even with the size of this game and its amazing graphics, this game made by Activision Publishing, Inc. has a download file size of 0.98. Very large size. and, the content rating in this game is also 18+, meaning that it is not suitable for children to play.

  1. NOVA 3 – Near Orbit

In the second row is the best android shooting game that has 10 different episodes, this action genre game also takes up a lot of your storage memory. Because the size is 2.5 GB, but the graphics and gampeplay offered are quite comparable in size.

First you will fight on earth, which will enter the cold and frozen city of Volterite. There you have to fight enemies in order to win the game.

Your adventure during wading each episode of the battle will make you forget the time. You will be treated to a world made by renowned game developer Gameloft which is very neat. The design is very detailed and charming.

  1. Mass Effect: Infiltrator

Do you still remember the Shepard storyline in Mass Effect 2? where there are racist terrorist trips. Well, in this game you will be taken to explore the side of the story. You will play the role of Randal Ezno Ceberus army.

In this case, you are turning toward fighting his own organization, because you feel betrayed. Where the enemies attacking you are the result of the failed Ceberus experiment. To find out more details, please download the best android shootout game Mass Effect: Infiltartor via the link below.

  1. Enemy Strike

Same with other FPS games that place the player as the main actor. You will fire at enemies who come from all directions. So in this best android shootout game, you will be tested how agile you face enemies from all directions. Make sure you finish off the enemy behind you too.

Interestingly again, in this best android shooting game you are equipped with weapons and body protection tools that can only be purchased using units of Enemy Strike.

  1. Jungle Counter Strike Commando

Being the Commander in the Counter Strike Team, you must dare to fight wave after wave with a strong determination. Because the enemy will destroy your country. Be the hero of a country of its kind through this game. test your courage and your strategy to lead an army.

For that, fight with all your might by using existing equipment. If already pressed, you can ask for help from the Air Force to help attack your enemies.

Every battle in this best android shootout game is designed with good graphic quality. You will be as if you are really in a battle environment that is raging and destroyed.

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