11 Best PSP Games on Android Phone

PSP games do offer several well-known series of games that are made exclusively for console handled on this one. Although not asooming as the games on the Playstation console, the series that are present in the PSP are able to provide stories that might only be enjoyed from the games on the PSP. But the progress of the times provides a haven for those who do not have a PSP, only by installing PPSSPP or emulator from the PSP. Here are the 11 Best Lightweight PPSSPP Games on Your Android Phone.

1. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Who is not familiar with Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted, this game is indeed one of the most popular games from Need For Speed ​​Series. This game from EA is indeed very well known and has received very positive responses from the fans of this one series. Rely on open world maps such as underground 2 coupled with the chase feature with the police, super duper side quests a lot, diverse upgrades and others. You can download this game in 150 MB.

2. Assasins Creed: Bloodlines

The game that quite kicked off with this parkour system, surprisingly also appeared on the PSP platform. Although it is more simple and quiet, but if you see that this game is on a handled platform, it is certainly a consideration to try this game. On the other hand you can also get a variety of game features that are owned by Assassin Creed. It has an assasinate element, and so on makes this game able to bring a different experience to PPSSPP games. This game requires around 500MB of storage.

3. Def Jam: Fight For Ny

The choice of fighting style, grinding plus status to strengthen your character, is certainly the uniqueness of Def Jam’s fighting game. Being excellent at the time of this game also appeared on the PSP platform. No less than one element of this game is able to be one of the reasons why you should play on PSP. In addition Def Jam also has a number of famous rapper guest-stars who become one of the attractions of this game. Def Jam only requires less than 500MB of storage.

  1. GTA: Vice City Stories

There is no need to question the fame of the Grand Theft Auto Series. Games that provide a freedom that is different from other games. Present for PSP with the title GTA: Vice City Stories, is an entertainment for GTA fans who own PSP. Although not as crazy as San Andreas, but this game is quite exciting because it is not far from the previous series like GTA III or Vice City. What is clear Rockstar managed to provide the GTA series for the PSP platform. You can download this game for less than 1 GB.

  1. Little Big Planet

Has side scrooling games like mario bross, sonic, and others. So what makes this game different ?. This game has a lot of customizations, coupled with character designs and super cute levels. Mixed with small puzzles that are quite exciting to add to the appeal of this game. You will not believe the things that can be served this game. You can download this game for 1.2GB, although it is large in size, this game is very smooth when played on your smartphone.

  1. Tekken 6

Now Tekken is probably one of the big fighting games with E-Sports. With characters like Jin, Kazuma, Yoshimitsu and many more, this game is able to attract attention. Having a better fight system, maybe this is one of the series that made Tekken back to fame. Raising lots of epic characters and quite attractive is a very plus value for this game. Multyplayer that is not so complicated and much more. The size of this game is only around 600MB.

  1. Final Fantasy: Crisis Core

Who does not know the final fantasy crisis core, a prequel game from the phenomenal RPG Final Fantasy 7. Maybe many people buy the PSP platform because of this game. Tells the story of Zack, a character who is highly admired by Cloud, as a fan of Final Fantasy 7, it is quite interesting. Having a gameplay that is quite unique and a captivating story is the advantage of this game. You can download this game around 900MB to 1GB.

  1. Patapon

Super unique Rythim game is indeed the right sentence for this game. A game that combines strategy and rythim or can be called a game that has a fight mode that is very dependent on your rythim. It looks normal, but when you try this game you will get a very different experience from the predecessor rythim games of Patapon. Each stage which gradually increases in difficulty adds to the challenge for this game. Pandon itself has 3 series on the PSP. You need about 300-500mb of space per series from Patapon.

  1. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

The endless hunt for monsters, as well as insanely grinding to get the best equipment intended for monster hunting, is typical of every Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is one of the series of Monster Hunter that was first known through the PS 2 platform. However, hack and slash is not far from the previous series, the use of strategy and so on is still fun. The difference in this series may be the addition of monsters and items that you can use. You can download this game with a size of 700-800mb only.

  1. Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy

A Fighting game that uses characters from Final Fantasy, Dissidia is present exclusively on PSP. Having a fight style that is quite unique and different, Dissidia can be called successful in enlarging the PSP platform. Characters such as Squall, Cloud, Cecil and many more are present in this game. Not only that Villain like Sephirot, Gilgamesh and others you can play in this game. You can download this game with a size of 1.2 GB

  1. Silent Hill: Shaterred Memories

Getting lost in a terrible world is a hallmark of Silent Hill. Silent Hill: Shaterred Memories is quite charming on the PSP platform. Still with the glimpse of its predecessor this game is able to present a spooky atmosphere that we will always remember. This game might be one of the Silent Hill games you should try. If you want to play this game, you have to provide around 700MB of space.


That is the list of the 11 Best Lightweight PPSSPP Games on your Android Phone. Have you tried these games? Mention Games that are able to give you an exciting game playing experience in the comments column, that’s all and thank you, hopefully it’s useful and good-bye.

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