Apex Legends is a battle royale hero shooter video game released by Respawn Entertainment last year without much promotion. Its presence has brought a breath of fresh air to lovers of this genre after being shocked by Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

The ability of a hero called a legend, respawn when a teammate dies, to a very fast fierce battle are the main keys to the game Apex Legends. The map is no exception, which is iconic and changes every season, following the story of his world which is still the same world as the previous Respawn Entertainment game, Titanfall 2.

Even though it has been released for a long time, there are still many common mistakes that are still made by new players or maybe players who have played Apex Legends for a long time. Most of these mistakes are quite trivial and can be overcome with successive practice, but it would be very annoying if the player didn’t find a solution after the character reached level 400 or 500.

Here are 10 mistakes that are common for new players (it does not rule out old players) in Apex Legends.


  1. Don’t Use Ping

Ping is one of the important features in Apex Legends. This feature was added by Respawn Entertainment solely for players who don’t have a mic or do text-chat too long. He can show the location of weapons, need weapons, to the position of the enemy.

You can point your crosshair at weapons, ammunition, medkit, syringe, shield, bag, armor, helmet, scope, or hop-up then press the ping button (middle click on PC, RB on Xbox, and R1 on PS4) to tell colleagues your team has that item. Meanwhile, your teammates can point to the icon that appears when pinging is done to confirm that they need it.

Meanwhile, to ping the enemy, you can show the location of the enemy wherever you know by pressing the F button on the PC. I don’t know what button the console uses, but it’s likely to use the ping command wheel.

Ping can also be used via the ping wheel command by holding down the middle mouse button on the PC to enter commands such as going to one place, looting to an area, inviting teammates to go somewhere, responding to ping your partner with “yes” or “no” , until notifying that an area has been booted by the enemy.

Using ping will make communication easier, especially when you are not using or have a mic. A super efficient feature implemented by Respawn.

Not using this feature is the first mistake new players make. Especially those who don’t use a mic. This is because communication in Apex Legends is very important in the game. So, don’t blame your teammates if you suddenly die but no one is helping you because you don’t want to use ping.


9. Too Long Choosing Loot

Loot Looting is indeed the most important feature of the battle royale game, but choosing loot too long is the biggest mistake made by new players next. This is because they will waste time after finishing off an enemy team squad. Because no one can guarantee whether after the enemy squad dies, no other squad will approach your team because they hear the sound of your battle.

Choosing too long to choose the loot will also be very crucial when it turns out that your jump place is also visited by three to four squads. So, don’t be surprised if you will die immediately because you haven’t had the chance to get a weapon because you chose too long.

A tip from me is when you jump and there are three or four squads that are plunging in the same place, then take whatever is on the floor or box. Whether grenades, weapons like Mozambique, and others. Your goal is to survive, do whatever it takes to survive.

Meanwhile, if you have finished off a squad, then make sure your surroundings are safe, or take the most important items first such as the medkit, syringe, and shield before finally making sure everything is safe and returning to the enemy death box you just finished.


  1. Throw Jump Master But Suggest / Protest Place to Falls

In Apex Legends, the squad feature is the most important thing that Respawn has chosen since the game’s release. This will automatically provide a leadership feature to jump off the plane so that all your team members can get to one place together. A feature that is quite common in the battle royale genre. They named it as Jump Master.

The Jump Master is the person randomly chosen by the system to lead the jump in Apex Legends. Players can throw the Jump Master at other players if they don’t want to choose where to jump and loot. But there are selfish players who sometimes don’t want to think about where to dive and throw it at other players but protest or suggest a place to dive.

This also seems to be done by new players, either because they are in bad mood or something else. Not infrequently after throwing it, the player suggests jumping elsewhere. No, don’t do this, especially if you are playing alone. This is because it will be troublesome for the other players you have asked to become the Jump Master.

Getting the Jump Master is a big responsibility, because you are required to choose the loot area while avoiding other players at the beginning of the game (unless you are reckless and dare to die). Throwing it then suggests going to a different area or protesting to him, indirectly is an insult to the player you surrender to being a Jump Master. Roughly speaking, you who were entrusted with the Jump Master didn’t want to choose, why did you throw it when you chose?

If so, I personally will usually make sure to jump in early and ensure that one squad dies in the early rounds. As well as being a place to prove whether the teammate who threw the Jump Master was able to face the enemy at the beginning of the game.

I don’t suggest you use my method, but when you are a new player, the Jump Master is entrusted by the system, then as much as possible you must be responsible for the task. It’s okay to die at the beginning, everything starts with learning until you master the place. One of them is choosing the Apex Legends waterfall.


  1. Don’t Change Shield

Shield Unlike other battle royale games, Apex Legends represents armor with an object called shield. Shield is a refillable armor that can be filled using a shield battery, shield cell, or phoenix kit.

However, there are still many new players who think that after the shield runs out, they have to find a place to hide and refill. Especially when close combat is very fierce. When one enemy squad has been destroyed, another enemy squad comes to attack when all your shields run out.

This will take quite a long time, which is about 3-5 seconds to fill it unless you have gold armor which will fill at least 2-3 bars of your shield when using a shield cell. Gives the enemy lots of opportunities to crush you first. If it’s like this you and your teammates will immediately die.

One tip from me is that instead of you having to fill it using a refill shield, it would be better if you took the shield left by the enemy that you finished off. This will fill up your shield and cut the time it takes. Especially during fierce battles. This method is more effective and efficient.


6. Don’t Prioritize Shield and Medkits When Loot

As I explained earlier, looting is indeed the most crucial thing in the battle royale genre. However, it does not prioritize looting certain items, which is the main mistake of players who have just played Apex Legends.

No, you won’t need a lot of bullets in this game because bullets will be very easy to find all over the map. Especially for new players. Many bullets without being balanced with a good aim will be useless.

Make sure you prioritize shield and medkit / syringe when loot, because these two types of items are quite difficult to find on the map. It does not rule out that you will be beaten continuously when one or two squads are finished. Make the item one of the most crucial during the game.


  1. Open Inventory to Use Shield / Medkit

When you play games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or others, then maybe you are accustomed to using healing items by opening the inventory. But not for Apex Legends because Respawn has prepared a shortcut to use it.

Opening inventory and clicking healing items is the least efficient way in Apex Legends, but there are still many who get carried away by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds habits in the game. Don’t do it because before you finish using it, the enemy might approach you right away.

Take advantage of the shortcuts provided properly. If you are on a PC, then you can use the 4 keys from your keyboard, while the console user will use the top d-pad button (the directional buttons on the controller). Holding down the button will open the item wheel which allows you to choose between shield, medkit / syringe, or phoenix kit. Make the best use of these features and stop opening inventory to use healing items.


4. Loot is Much More Important Than Efficient

The next mistake that new Apex Legends players make is prioritizing loot a lot rather than being more efficient. New players tend to prefer to collect quite a lot of not-so-important items compared to having to take a few items, but it is efficient. This is supported by a fairly small inventory capacity in the game.

Just like point number six, multiplying bullets and grenades is very inefficient for your battle. Make sure your loot is filled with about two or three bullet slots with the rest divided between shields, medkit / syringe, or grenades. This is because the enemy will leave more bullets than you have to loot one by one on the map.

Make sure all your loot is useful during fast or critical battles. After all, why do you loot so much if you die fast? Make the enemy rich with bullets?


3. Not walking / strafing when shooting

Apex Legends is a shooter game with a fast mechanic like Call of Duty, considering that the developer is a fraction of the Infinity Ward team, the main developer of the Activision series. Therefore, you have to make good use of these “fast” features when fighting.

Shooting the enemy while standing still is a common mistake that most new players make. Keep you moving or strafing the cool language during the battle by pressing the walk or squat-standing button. This will confuse the enemy’s aim which also goes the same way.

This is because the mechanics that Respawn provides are just like that. Just being silent will make it easier for the enemy to finish you off. I personally really like it when there are a lot of enemies who shoot in silence because it will be very easy to shoot.


  1. Too Aggressive and Selfish

There are so many styles of play for every player in Apex Legends. Starting from utilizing the abilities of each legend, attacking aggressively, eroding enemy armor from a distance then combining it with close range, passively defending in one area, to being aggressive. However, there are many new players who consider this game to be more or less the same as CSGO or Call of Duty, thinking that when you progress alone, you can be like a rambo who can crush all enemies without problems.

Respawn Entertainment made Apex Legends with a three-person squad feature in one team, not without reason. This is because they want a team to help each other during battle. Players who are too aggressive and selfish as if they want to be a super hero with lots of kills are very troublesome teammates (I’m watching you Wraith mains). Especially when he was dying and dying he immediately rage quit and just gave up without trusting his teammates. If you find it, just block the player like this.

No, you cannot survive alone without taking advantage of the circumstances and opportunities that exist. Therefore, there are so many teams in Apex Legends that will make you their monthly when you are advancing alone. Especially if there are two or three squads in battle. Trust your teammates and prioritize cooperation over selfish advances alone.


  1. Too Afraid to Move When the Opportunity Arises

This is a crucial mistake in all multiplayer shooter games, which is the fear of advancing when the opportunity arises. I made this point when I saw my friend who had just played Apex Legends but was still afraid to go forward, even when the enemy had broken the shield many times during fierce battles.

This fear will give the enemy the opportunity to run away or turn around to flank your team. Make a battle where you who previously had the advantage turn around. So, make sure you dare to go forward and finish off all enemies when the opportunity arises. Especially when you hear that two people from the enemy team have broken the shield, because that way the player will be very easily finished.

The key to this multiplayer shooter game besides memorizing the map is not being afraid to go forward / die and learn from mistakes when you die. Embed this in your mind, then you will be able to more or less enjoy the essence of every shooter game that is released or will be released to the market. I personally get annoyed when the other players on the team don’t see the opportunity and execute it. Afraid that executing him will die? Just uninstall and play the simulation game.


These are 10 common mistakes that new Apex Legends players still make. Do you still do it often? Or maybe you found other mistakes and tips to be solutions? If so, as usual you can include it in the comments column

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