Being a Gamer and Rich, maybe it is the dream of every gamer in this world. Even with extraordinary efforts, not many people succeed in getting extraordinary income by becoming a gamer. But there are some people in the world who are successful and get a lot of par from playing games. Here Are 10 Gamers Who Have Extraordinary Income from Playing Games.

  1. Nickmercs

Fortnite players again. With thousands of viewers per stream added with its YouTube channel which has almost 2 million subscribers. As you know, what differentiates this streamer from others is that he chooses to play using the controller because he feels that it is more challenging. Of all things he managed to earn 6 million USD.

  1. TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman a.k.a Timothy Betar is a streamer in twitch who plays various kinds of multiplayer games. But the most common is fortnite. He is also a gang with Ninja, they often play together. Besides Fortnite he also plays WoW, and several other multiplayer games. TimTheTatman also has a youtube channel with 1.8 million subscribe, from which he managed to get 8 million USD.

  1. Jacksepticeye

Had collaborated several times with PewDiePie, the Youtuber whose real name was Sean Loughlin was increasingly successful. The opening characteristic that is very easy to remember, makes a lot of people bound and follow the channel. Until now he managed to collect more than 23 million subscribers and managed to get a profit of around 11 million USD.

  1. VanossGaming

The chaos when playing multiplayer games with friends is the main strength of this YouTuber. If you are looking for a game to play with your friends, this YouTuber can be a reference. Even without the Youtuber Face Cam gaming this one can reach a point that is difficult to reach. This YouTuber is estimated to have managed to raise 11.5 Million USD.

  1. DanTDM

If you are talking about Minecraft, this person is number one YouTuber if you lift Minecraft content. It has more than 20 million subcribers and presents exciting content about Minecraft, making this YouTuber quite skyrocketed in its name. You could say he is a Hardcore Gamer for minecraft. It was said that DanTDM’s income reached 12 million USD.

  1. Shroud

After quitting eSport Scene, Shroud decided to focus on LiveStream work. Unexpectedly, he even has many fans, even managed to get a lot of coffers of money that he did not expect. Shroud has now managed to get 12.5 Million USD. Even so, Shroud’s skills still look sharp with his clutch play and also Aim who is super crazy.

  1. Markiplier

It could be said Markiplier also quite often collaborates with PewDiePie. With content that is not far from the game too. Almost similar to PewDiePie, he also gave silly reactions about the game he was playing. Starting from a horror game or another genre. Besides that Mark Fischbach also often gives a very common Laugh Challenge video. Until now Markiplier has assets of 14 million USD.

  1. Preston

Even though Subcriber Preston is bigger in his vlog, but it can’t be denied that Preston is still a gamer. On the Channel Preston game, he often plays Minecraft and explores the game. Ranging from custom games to others. To date, Preston has managed to earn around 14 million USD from all content he has ever made.

  1. PewDiePie

Talking about youtube, you will definitely remember it with this YouTuber. PewDiePie is the world’s largest YouTuber without the corporate frills behind it or personal. Each of his works is often an inspiration for YouTuber gamers today. Although some time ago, your real name Felix Kjellberg chose to vacuum for an indefinite time. He succeeded in making money amounting to 15 Million USD from all forms of work that he had made.

  1. Ninja

Even though you don’t play fortnite, you know about the famous Ninja streamer. Tyler Blevin’s name is very big since he played Fortnite. Toxic nature that sometimes does not know the place, making it has many fans and several dramas also appeared. But despite all that Ninja managed to collect as much as 17 Million USD which he got from the endorsment and others.

So these are 10 gamers with extraordinary income. This list is a list according to Forbes, what do you think? Income extraordinary right? But surely their journey was not easy, they all tried hard at the expense of many things. Don’t forget to comment in the comments column, hopefully it will be useful.

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