Old 90s Classic PC Games

In the 90s the technology has not developed as rapidly as it is now. Games are plush toys that can only be played on certain devices. The level and type of the game are also classic, not too difficult like most contemporary games.

The tricks and how to play do not drain the brain to set the strategy, even though the old game had an addictive sensation. A little play back memories in childhood, you must have played the old school PC game below!

  1. Bounce Blitz Out

This game is usually a mainstay of girls in the 90s. Because this game contains a collection of colorful girly balls. This game requires us to swap the position of the ball so that it is aligned with the same color.

Because the motives are very diverse we also find it difficult to solve. Not to mention the sensation of being rushed to time when the bomb almost exploded, making hysterical and curious to conquer it.

  1. Vermintz Deluxe

Until now classic game models such as Vermintz Deluxe still exist. But of course with graphics that are still simple, Vermintz is more fun to play. The mission is also not difficult, we only need to run Vermintz to take the golden egg and avoid the challenges ahead. Like crossing the highway, the river, or passing people.

  1. Hamster Ball

Well, this game must be a favorite arcade game for those who like challenges. Because the hamster ball presents a variety of levels and arenas. Although it makes it annoying because the ball containing the hamster is often difficult to control, but when you start playing it you are guaranteed hard to stop. Definitely addicted!

  1. Zuma Deluxe

There is no most legendary game besides zuma deluxe. Yep! This frog with a ball in his mouth is indeed very interesting and makes players never bored to play. In addition to various levels of ball capabilities that can turn into various combos also become excitement when playing this game.

  1. Hang A Roo

90s kids used to test their intelligence through the following word guessing game, yep! Especially if it’s not Hang A Roo. Hang A Roo is a guessing toy that presents a certain clue, if you succeed then the kangaroo manages to break free from the hangers otherwise he will die and frown. Educating and entertaining at the same time.

  1. Solitaire

Another legendary game is Solitaire alias playing cards that are always on every PC. This card game is also very easy to do. We just need to arrange the cards so that the sequence from the smallest to the largest. Even though it’s just that, but every 90s kid must have tried this toy, admit it!

  1. Minesweeper

Playing guessing is the most exciting way to entertain yourself. This was no exception done in a simple game called Minesweeper. This game consists of a box of fields containing small boxes and storing numbers or traps in it. The most exciting thing is when you have almost succeeded in opening all the column numbers, but it turns out the next option is to save a trap, so game over and try from the start. Gosh!

  1. Pinball

Although there is now an original form in the game in the play zone, but pc pinball is the best game of the 90s. This game is very, very simple, how to play, we just need to throw the ball from the spring at the beginning of each game. If you manage to touch all the challenges then the score will go up so high, but if you have been going around but not hit by a single challenge and instead went to the bottom so you will die!

  1. Frenzy feeding

Only in Feeding Frenzy can small fish eat sharks when they reach level 3. Is that right? Game House’s game is really the most memorable when I was in my 90s. Starting from capturing pearls, avoiding yourself from poisonous jellyfish, to successfully conquer the biggest predator at the end of the level. Legendary!

  1. Madagascar

Set in a zoo and contains Madagascar cartoon characters, this last game also can’t be left behind. The dashing male lion is usually a mainstay player who can take a lot of points. Then followed by his funny friends like penguins, hippos, until the zebra who likes to express adorable.

Seeing the games above, it must have made the 90s want to play time, what number do you most like?

Legends of Runeterra – Complex Gameplay with Fresh Concept

Towards the end of 2019, Riot Games showcased the latest lineup of games they will release while celebrating their 10th birthday. After ten years of only developing one game, the Los Angeles-based developer finally expanded, creating games for other genres.

There were a number of games that they exhibited at the time, FPS named project A which is now known as Valorant, the Legends of Runeterra card game, LoL iteration on Mobile called Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics for mobile, and a fighting game project. After some time has passed, the digital card game Legends of Runeterra, which was released on May 1, 2020 yesterday, may be the first game in the line to be released in full.

Although it has a genre of Collectible Card Games (CCG) that tends to be niche, but this game turned out to get a pretty good enthusiasm from gamers, with total downloads reaching more than 1 million in the Play Store when this article was written. Maybe you are now attracted to playing it, but still frustrated for one reason or another.

Maybe you haven’t played because you’ve never played CCG before and are afraid to be faced with a complicated strategy game? Or fail to play for fear of being faced with a pay-to-win game scheme that requires you to go weak to get the coveted card?

But is Legends of Runeterra a digital card game like that? Card games that will intimidate prospective new players because of complicated mechanics or endless card gacha?

To decide whether you will start investing time (and money) in this game, let’s get acquainted first with this digital card game made by Riot. Check out the following review of Legends of Runeterra.


CCG With MOBA Sense

Legends of Runeterra (afterwards called Runeterra) is a card game based on the story of one of the most popular MOBA games in the world. If you are a League of Legends player you will definitely see familiar faces in this game, such as Ashe, Garen, or Lux.

If you look at the first trailer of Runeterra, you can also already see how the Champion League of Legends characters turn into cards in the game, which are called the strongest cards in Runeterra.

This also makes me say that the Runeterra card game has a sense of MOBA in the mechanics of the game. No, this is not just because there is a Champion League of Legends in Runeterra, but also because of how the Champion cards work in this game.

If you also play MOBA League of Legends, you certainly understand your job in MOBA is to raise the Champion level so that you have stronger skills, while collecting gold to get items to strengthen physical or magic attacks. Interestingly, Runeterra also has game mechanics like MOBA, which raises levels to make Champion cards stronger.

But the difference is, raising the Champion level in Runeterra isn’t as simple as hitting a Minion. Each Champion has different requirements in order to level up. For example, Garen must attack twice or Braum can level up if it has withstand enemy attacks. Leveled champions will have even more deadly damage or effects.

Another thing that makes Runeterra card games increasingly feels like MOBA is from the way the player gets the win. In MOBA, after your character has become strong, the next task is to keep on crashing, destroying the Turret by Turret until it reaches the core building that must be destroyed, Nexus.

Likewise in Runeterra. Each player has a goal to destroy the enemy Nexus and there are a number of ways that can be done. The simplest way is to summon or summon or place your card on a table or field. Then order the card to attack towards Nexus. There are 20 Hit Points (HP) for Nexus, which will be lost first.


How easy is it?

Easy or not we will discuss in the next section. But in general, destroying Nexus in Runeterra is actually not that simple, because there are three types of cards in this game, namely Champion, Follower, and Spells.

Champion and Follower have power in the lower left of the card that indicates attack power, and the HP in the lower right of the card that indicates defensive power. The two cards will remain on the table as long as you still have a cellphone. If the HP runs out, the card will disappear from the game; unless called again with special effects. While on the other hand the Spell can usually only be activated once, then it will disappear after being activated.

Your job as a player here is to make maximum use of these three types of cards so you can destroy enemy Nexus. Champion and follower have the simplest functions, namely attacking Nexus.

While the Spell function is more varied because there is something that can directly damage the Nexus, damage the Champion or Follower, or give the effect of disturbing the enemy.

In general, how to play Runeterra is more or less like the TCG Yu-Gi-Oh card game. You call the card to the table, then tell the monster to attack. If there are no monsters on the enemy table, you can attack directly (if in Runeterra towards Nexus). You can call Spell Card to attack or help make your card stronger.

Then if you have a Trap Card at Yu-Gi-Oh, what about Runeterra? Another interesting thing in Runeterra, which also makes it feel like an MOBA battle, is the order of the streets that keeps changing.

In each turn, players take turns holding the Attack Token as a sign that you have the right to walk first and attack. Then, every time you do something (call Champion / Follower or activate a Spell) the enemy has a turn to respond with whatever they have.

If you use the Yu-Gi-Oh analogy, then you can say the Spell in Runeterra functions like a combination of Trap and Magic Card. Because it runs alternately continuously, the spell can be activated at any time. Therefore, Runeterra has three levels of spell speed, namely Slow, Fast, and Burst.

Slow Spells can only be activated outside the battle phase. When activated, enemies can respond with the spells they have. Fast Spell can be activated before or during the battle phase, enemies can also respond to this Spell. Finally, the Burst Spell, can be activated at any time, immediately active immediately, and cannot be responded by the enemy.

The responding action stops when the Attack Token owner advances the troops (Champion / Follower) and enters the fighting phase. In the battle phase, the defender can no longer summon any troops, can only Block with troops that are already in the field, or respond with Fast Spells.

After the defender activates the Spell, selects the enemy forces that his attack wants to hold, the Attack Token owner then attacks, the amount of damage is calculated, then the Attack Token owner has the last chance to take one more action, which the enemy can still respond to.

When attacking, Legends of Runeterra also presents an interesting feature called Oracle Eye. This feature can be in the middle between two Nexus in the attack phase.

This feature allows you to look into the future, the results of all the battles of troops and spells that are activated. If you are not good at calculating or not sure how the effect of the spell you will use, this feature will help you understand the outcome of the battle.

All actions of summoning troops and activating Spells will use Mana. The game starts with 1 mana, and continues to increase by 1 mana in each round. If you do nothing, Mana will be saved in addition to activating the Spell later.

In my opinion, the changing game mechanics also make Runeterra feel like a MOBA battle. Because in MOBA you have to be good at managing the resources you have, skills or mana, as well as in Runeterra.


Is Runeterra Friendly For Beginners?

This problem becomes important in the discussion of a game, especially CCG games like Runeterra. The complexity of the game will usually make players discourage trying. Moreover, the CCG genre is often labeled as a “thinking game”, which makes many players lazy at the beginning because they do not want to think when playing the game.

After reading my explanation above about the general mechanics of the game, are you already dizzy? Oh calm, that’s not all, because the longer you play, the more you have to accept the fact that Runeterra will take you diving into intricate and exciting mechanics.

Although this game is complicated, but I can still say that Runeterra is friendly for beginners. One reason is because the Riot Games effort explains how to play Runeterra through the presentation of an intensive set of tutorials.

Everything I discussed at the beginning of the article will be taught when you first log into the game. You will be taught what Nexus is, how to attack and defend, how to work Champion, Attack Token, what is Mana Point, and how to activate and classify Spells.

But salute to Riot Games who try hard to teach the game mechanism Runeterra to players. When you enter the game, on the Play menu, you can choose the Challenges menu which contains an intensive course to understand how the various cards work in Runeterra.

In this section you will be taught how to work a variety of Keywords, aka keywords from card effects in the game. For example, the Challenge titled Overwhelming Force teaches you how to work, and the effectiveness of using cards with the keyword Overwhelm. Cards with Overwhelm (Champion Darius, for example) can deal damage that goes through Nexus if you have a difference in the number of attack cards with the HP of the defensive card.

Riot also encourages players to challenge because we will receive XP prizes to increase progress rewards, which I will explain later in the section on the Legends of Runeterra monetization scheme. New challenges will also always be present, when Runeterra introduces new Keywords.

For example, when the Rising Tides update was present when the official release of Runeterra introduced the Bilgewater region, Riot immediately presented 4 new Challenges: The Deep Dive to introduce the Keywords Deep effect, Plunder Pays for the Plunder Keywords effect, Easy Pickings to introduce the Vulnerable Keywords, and Barrel to Victory which introduce the workings of the Powder Keg mechanism.

Don’t worry, what is in Challenges is just the surface of the full range of Keywords in Runeterra. Because until now, more or less there are about 40 more Keywords in Runeterra that you must understand and learn.

Already dizzy? Same with me, too. But don’t worry, at the beginning of the game you are given a “Starter Deck” from the 6 initial regions in Runeterra, to learn how to play and optimize the basic cards.

Perhaps one thing lacking from Challenges is that it does not teach characteristics and interactions between regions. The Region Mechanism is the way the Runeterra card game tells the world of League of Legends. Until now, there are 7 regions in the Runeterra card game, there are Bilgewater, Demacia, Freljord, Ionia, Noxus, and Shadow Isle.

Each region has its own characteristics that can be combined with other regions. For example if you want to make the enemy unable to move, you can combine the Freljord Region which can stop enemy movement with Ionia which also has a lot of mechanics that make the enemy distracted.

But certainly, the experience of playing League of Legends will also help you to understand this game faster. Having been playing League of Legends since 2012, helped me understand the picture of how Champion works. So because I know that Braum is a Tank hero who likes to withstand attacks, then I already have an idea how to use Braum to its full potential in Runeterra.

Another thing that makes it easier for me to understand Runeterra is probably my experience playing Yu-Gi-Oh card games in the PlayStation era. At a minimum, when I started playing I could immediately murmur, “Oh it turns out this game is similar to Yu-Gi-Oh,” and no need to be confused anymore.


Amazing Artwork, and Visual Variations that Spoil the Eye

Okay, you might already be tired of reading the discussion of Runeterra’s game mechanics, which were initially simple, but are becoming increasingly … confusing. A little break, let’s take a moment to see how Riot presents Legends of Runeterra audio and visual.

One that I like the most is how when you open the game immediately the game with the image of Ashe standing on an iceberg with the sun rising in the eastern horizon, while accompanied by a song with a solemn violin like the typical music of the elf kingdom in the colossal film Lord of the Ring.

The main menu is equally delicious. At one time you will be faced with a view of Jinx on the roof of the house to see the atmosphere of the city of Piltover on a quiet night. At other times your spirit can also be triggered by the image of Darius shouting war cry to the troops of Noxus who are preparing to colonize other Region in Runeterra.

Artwork from each card is also another visual aspect in Runeterra that successfully spoiled the eyes. So maybe, if you are tired of playing because you keep losing, you can pause, open the Cards menu, and see the Artwork of each card. Moreover, the card artwork also features a story that increasingly brings you into the world of Runeterra.

One card I like the most in Artwork and stories is the Cithria of Cloudfield card from the Demacia Region. The visuals and explanation of this card succeeded in presenting the atmosphere of the story of a girl who aspired to become a Demacia army, because she heard the heroic story of her mother fighting on the battlefield defending the name of the kingdom of Demacia.

Unfortunately, serving artwork spoiled the eyes in Runeterra is only limited to Champion and Followers. On the Spell card, while still presenting a description that has a story, but the visual presented is quite limited because it does not present full-screen Artwork like on a Champion or Follower card.

The next thing that seems to me to be visually inspiring is the cool animation presented in Runeterra. The evocative visual has also been felt since we are in the main menu. Transitions between menus are always decorated with simple, yet eye-catching animations.

Going into battle, in my opinion there are at least two things in terms of animation that make Legends of Runeterra visually evocative. First is the presence of an interactive Guardian accompanying us when the duel is being held.

Guardian is not really a feature that affects anything in the game, but only the eye conditioning that adorns your board. The funny thing is, Guardians are interactive, which will take action if you swipe or tap on it.

Poro’s Guardian, which is free, for example, will give you a big tantrum or yawn response if you tap it on its head quickly and too often. Although it doesn’t help in the game, at least Poro can be a solace when your hands are ugly, or the enemy shows a dominating game.

Apart from Guardian, another visual addition that is no less interesting is the Sticker and also the skin for the Board where you play. Sticker is your only means of communicating with enemies. Usually this is used to joke with enemies when there are adorable moments in the game.

The skin for the board where you play is also another visual that spoil your eyes. The most basic skin board is Summoner’s Riftt, but you can buy skins for this board, starting with the theme of Region in Runeterra or a certain Champion. Each Board not only spoil the visual, but also has a distinctive song from each of them that spoil the ear.

So far, Jinx’s Mayhem has become my favorite skin board, because it is not only visually eccentric, but also has a dark-electro genre theme song that matches the personality of the Champion Jinx.

Pay or Grind to Win?

Many people assume that card games are usually pay-to-win. For those of you who have played several times or have friends who play TCG or CCG games, you may already be familiar with the Booster Pack or Loot Box, a gacha box that contains random cards. Interestingly, Legends of Runeterra actually has a quite different monetization scheme.

Maybe Runeterra is a CCG card game that doesn’t use the Booster Pack system. All cards here can be purchased with a choice of 3 currencies, namely Wildcards, Shards, or Coins (Premium currency). Wildcards and Shards can be obtained by playing diligently or grinding.

Wildcard and Shard’s main sources come from Region Rewards. Region Rewards functions more or less like the Battle Pass in Dota 2, which has many levels, and has attractive prizes for each level. Region Rewards level can be obtained by continuing to play.

You can get XP when you play, whether it’s winning or losing, doing a daily quest, or playing a Challenge. But the amount of XP gained in one day has a limit. If you have reached the limit, you will only get around 100 XP if you win, and get nothing when you lose.

Not only that, there are still other sources that make it easy for you to complete your collection of cards in Runeterra. There is a Daily Login that has become a hallmark of many gamemobile, Weekly Vault which are both collected through XP, and the last is Expedition,

Expedition itself is arguably like Draft Mode. Expedition game mode can be followed by using Coin, Shards, or Expedition Tokens obtained from Weekly Vault. In Expedition Mode you are asked to make a deck of several card options presented by the system. After the deck is finished, you will be pitted by other players who also follow this mode. The more wins, the better prize you receive. Conversely, if you have lost 4 times, then your trip will stop and get a little prize.

Riot Games doesn’t seem to talk nonsense when it comes to wanting to make Runeterra a fair card game, both for free-to-play players and those who invest in buying cards. With this system, casual players who are free-to-play are still able to have the opportunity to compete with paid players, provided they are diligent in playing.

Moreover, being a paid player is also not detrimental in Runeterra. Because players don’t need to mess around because of Gacha on disadvantaged days. You can freely make any deck and immediately buy the card you need, without the hassle of scavenging for Loot Boxes or Booster Packs.

Looking at this mechanism, it seems that the only difference between free and paid players is time. Free players take longer to get the cards they want, while paid players only need to click a purchase to get a card.


Version 1.0 is still lacking

Legends of Runeterra entered version 1.0 when it was released on May 1, 2020 yesterday. Even though it has been officially released, I still feel that Legends of Runeterra is like being in an open-beta phase.

Why? Because in my opinion there are still many features that are actually important, but not yet presented in Legends of Runeterra. Some of the features that had become a conversation in the community were the absence of match history, replays, statistics, and spectate friends.

Indeed these 3 features become something important, especially when talking about the readiness of Legends of Runeterra as esports. In competitions, especially those that are online, match history is the only evidence to report wins. Although there is already a feature to challenge friends on the friend list, without Match History the victory cannot be proven.

Then in addition, features such as statistics, replays, or spectate friend also become another important feature to make Runeterra a competitive game. Statistics and replays can help players learn the game themselves.

When did he make a wrong move? What can be corrected from the defeat he experienced before? What card is ineffective and must be replaced? The three become a number of things that players can do with the presence of statistics and replays features.

While spectate friend is an important feature to make the match on Runeterra be watched by many audiences. Because if we talk about esports, we are not only talking about competition, but also talking about how to make the match presented to the audience.

Finally, although it might not be that important, I feel that Legends of Runeterra still lacks a collection of audio or visual cosmetics that can be enjoyed. One example is the type of Board, Guardian, and Card Back cosmetics which are still fairly limited. This is certainly expected to increase over time, because in addition to buying cards, cosmetic items are also no less important in adding fun to the playing experience.

The last thing is probably about graphics optimization. For now the actual graphics optimization of Runeterra is quite good, but there are still things that can actually be improved even more. One example is animation when Champion levels up.

On mobile platforms, frame-drop occurs several times when Champion levels up, because the animation does indeed require intensive graphic computing. Another thing from frame-rate graphics optimization for platformmobile. Legends of Runeterra itself is a cross-platform game between PC and Mobile. Unfortunately, frame rates of 60 fps are currently only available for PC platforms, while frame-rate Mobile platforms are locked at 30 fps.



In the end, Legends of Runeterra might be the only CCG that managed to incite me to try, even addicted to playing it. I feel that at least there are several factors that make Runeterra attractive to me who actually prefers fast-tempo games like FPS and MOBA. These factors are:

  • The League of Legends theme made me curious about the game for Runeterra’s world story
  • Fast-paced interactive gameplay that allows you to still do something even if you are holding on
  • Great animation from battles, which sometimes makes me forget that this is a card game
  • Successful Daily Login, Daily Quest and Region Rewards systems keep me motivated to keep playing to get new cards and strengthen my deck.
  • The Booster Pack and Loot Box features that are removed make the player paid so they don’t have to mess around with Gacha.

But that does not mean Runeterra is a game without gaps. I feel there are still some shortcomings in this game, which although a little, but quite felt. Some of these include:

  • Cosmetic choices are still limited.
  • There is no high frame-rate option for mobile.
  • Challenge Mode that does not explain the interaction between Regions.
  • The absence of features for the needs of esports in version 1.0 of Legends of Runeterra such as match history, replays, statistics, or spectate friends.
  • Lack of language that might make players in Indonesia so reluctant to try because of difficulty learning the mechanism of the Legends of Runeterra game that is quite complicated.
  • The large number of keywords, which might make the game more complicated later.

So is Runeterra worth a try? In my opinion this is a game that is too bad to miss, especially for you lovers of League of Legends. If you don’t play League of Legends though, this game is still worth a try because it offers a fairly fresh concept in the CCG genre game.

PewDiePie Officially Collaborates with YouTube Gaming

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg signed an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming. He made this announcement one year after he did exclusive streaming on DLive, a blockchain-based live-streaming site.

For almost 10 years, Kjellberg managed to maintain its position as one of the most popular content creators on YouTube. Having 104 million subscribers, PewDiePie is YouTube’s channel with the second highest number of subscribers. YouTube also revealed, overall, the PewDiePie channel has received 25 billion views. That way, PewDiePie becomes the most successful individual channel in YouTube history.

“YouTube has been my place for more than 10 years. Now, I am constantly looking for new ways to create content and interact with fans around the world. So it makes sense for me to do live broadcasts on YouTube, “Kjellberg said, according to the Insider report. “Live-streaming will be my focus in 2020 and beyond. Working with YouTube and trying new features from them is a very interesting prospect for me. “

According to SuperData, revenue from the game content industry in 2019 will reach US $ 6.5 billion. Therefore, don’t be surprised if giant technology companies are interested in providing streaming game platforms, from Amazon with Twitch, Google with YouTube Gaming, Facebook with Facebook Gaming, to Microsoft with Mixer.

In the past year, Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Mixer have also been competing to get exclusive cooperation contracts with well-known streamers. For example, last year, Mixer successfully established an exclusive partnership with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek. While YouTube Gaming managed to hook Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, Lannan “LazarBeam” Eacott, Elliott “Muselk” Watkins, and Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter.

At present, Twitch is still the number one streaming game platform. Although many streamers have moved to other platforms, not a few streamers have decided to stay on Twitch. One of them is Imane “Pokimane” Anys. In the midst of the corona virus pandemic, Twitch’s audience rose sharply. In fact, in Q1 2020, almost all major streaming game platforms experienced an increase in total watch time.

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Update: Iana and Oryx Guide

With the announcement of the Operation Void Edge update, two new operators at Rainbow Six Siege were introduced, namely Nienke “Iana” Meijer and Saif “Oryx” Al Hadid. With unique abilities that are different from previous operators, Iana and Oryx will give a new color in the game. In this article, I will explain the advantages that each of these new operators have.

Before discussing his unique ability, the Gemini Replicator, I will first discuss the primary weapon. Because not a few players who choose operators with good primary weapon reasons. Iana has ARX200 and G36C which are easy to control recoil. In addition, the damage from the ARX200 is relatively large (47 damage). Supposedly, the ARX200 will be more popular to choose than the G36C. And many players will choose Iana because of the ARX200 that he has.

Intel’s gathering is the main ability of Iana. Seeing he has 2 drones plus Gemini Replicator. In total there are three tools for him to gather information about the enemy. In our opinion, Iana is very useful in planting conditions. Iana will use information about the location of the enemy when the bomb defuser has been installed. With this information, Iana can rotate easily to protect the bomb defuser. Because of this, Mute operators should be increasingly popular to deter intel gathering.

In addition to gathering information, Iana is also useful to outwit her opponents. Just like Alibi in the defender position, the hologram issued also has the potential to make the opponent confused. His opponent will wonder whether this is the real Iana or not. Arguably like mind games, it is very difficult for the enemy to detect the original Iana or hologram. There are several devices that can detect Iana, namely Maestro’s Evil Eye and the Bulletproof Camera gadget. Because, Evil Eye will detect enemies with white silhouettes. This is because the Evil Eye also detects the heat of his opponent’s body. If Iana’s hologram is seen in Evil Eye, there won’t be any white silhouette because the hologram doesn’t have body heat.

In conclusion, Iana is an operator with intelligence gathering capabilities plus a good primary weapon. There is no reason for anyone not to buy it.

Oryx’s weapons are also easy to use. Despite having a small damage, MP5 is not difficult to adjust its recoil. But Oryx’s MP5 was not given ACOG, in contrast to Doc or Rook. Oryx also has a barbed wire that is useful for detecting enemy arrivals. Baliff 410 as a secondary weapon will be very useful for Oryx to make rotations for him. What I mean by rotation here is not breakable walls but hatches that he can use with his unique abilities.

Oryx can do rotations that are not possible by other operators. Namely rotating by climbing a hatch. Oryx can rotate very quickly with this ability. He can also choose to directly climb or cling to look around first.

Many talk about Remah Dash because it can break breakable walls. But we more see the advantage of Crumb Dash in its ability to run fast. Even with a short distance, Remah Dash will greatly help Oryx to move faster. Remah Dash will also be a counter for teams that use operators with shields such as Montagne or Blitz. The reason is when Remah Dash hits the enemy, it will give a knock down effect for a few seconds which is enough for Oryx to finish him.

The essence of Oryx here is rapid rotation. With Remah Dash, being able to climb the hatch plus Baliff 410 as a secondary weapon makes Oryx the master of the map.

Most Awaited Mobile Games in 2020

With the rapid development of technology, the development of mobile games is one thing that is anticipated. Maybe you generation of the 90s still remember when the mobile game there is only Snake or Fruit Ninja as a pastime filler. Now? You can play MOBA, FPS, and even Battle Royale on mobile, which also develops into esports. In 2020, of course technology will become more advanced, and Android games will also be more interesting. What Android games will be available in 2020?

  1. Apex Legends Mobile

This game has actually been a rumor for some time among gamers. Many rumors say that Apex Legends will be published for mobile so it can be played by anyone. Starting with rumors, the developer Electronic Arts finally confirmed the presence of the Apex Legends android game.

However, there is no further information related to the release date or form of the game that will be released later. Some say, this will be the direct port version. This means that Apex Legends android games will not be like PUBG Mobile, which is like gamestandalone on mobile. If it is true that the Apex Legends android game is direct-port, then it will more or less look like Fortnite Mobile, where players can cross-play with players on a PC or console.

  1. Diablo Immortal

At the opening of BlizzCon 2018, Activision Blizzard announced its newest game which will be released on mobile. The game is Diablo Immortal. Suddenly, this announcement made the fans rampage. No, the reason is not because Diablo Immortal was announced, but from Blizzard announcing it which immediately ruined the expectations of fans who have come passionately to BlizzCon.

But, that does not mean this android game is not worth waiting for in 2020. One reason is because it’s as simple as this game looks very promising with good graphics and action-packed gameplay. Quoting from Gamespot, the Diablo Immortal alpha test is planned to be present in 2020. Compiled with NetEase from China, Diablo Immortal still has no official release date yet.

  1. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered

As one of Square Enix’s most successful franchisegames, it’s no wonder that the Final Fantasy game series continues to come with new stories. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle itself is actually a game that was released in 2003 and has a RPG co-op genre. After 15 years have passed, Square Enix finally announced it would make a remake of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle, and will release it late last 2019.

However, due to various technical obstacles, the release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles continued to be delayed. Had been postponed so January 23, 2020, now finally the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle is rumored to be released in the summer, or the third quarter of 2020 later. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a cross-platform game that can be played on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

  1. Path of Exile Mobile

This game made by Grinding Gear Games succeeded in providing a play experience like Diablo, but with its own characteristics in the form of a fast-paced fight. First released on PC in 2013, this game itself has grown until finally also released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Now, the next development is the mobile version. The issue of Path of Exile Mobile first appeared in November 2019, in an event titled ExileCon. However, Chris Wilson CEO of Grinding Gears said that this title is an “experimental” game title. He tends to be careful and does not want to make a wrong move like Blizzard. So the full release date of this game is still a question mark, because its development can continue to stop, depending on comments from fans.

  1. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

First announced at E3 2019, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a game with the Real-Time Strategy genre. This game by Ubisoft still continues the Tom Clancy series, which raises the character of police agents from various parts of the world with special abilities from each of them. So in this game, you can see characters from Rainbow Six: Siege, like Caveira, Montagne, or even the legendary character Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series.

Looking at the trailer announcement, this game is likely to involve a hero collection, which allows you to gather characters from various Tom Clancy series and make the best troops to defeat terror in the world. However, the release date for this game is still tentative, although it is certain to be released on Android first.

  1. Teamfight Tactics Mobile

Since 2009 Riot Games initially only focused on developing League of Legends. Until finally they stepped on their tenth birthday and decided to develop various other games apart from League of Legends. Through a special streaming broadcast called Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition – League of Legends. They announced their plans for the future, including releasing an Auto Battler League of Legends iteration called Teamfight Tactics to the mobile platform.

Quoting from Dexerto TFT Mobile is rumored to be released for most countries in the world in mid-March. Later this game will be played cross-platform between PC and mobile. For now, you can pre-register on the TFT Mobile Play Store page below.

  1. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Last and most eagerly awaited is the League of Legends Wild Rift. After MOBA battles on mobile that have not stopped since from 2018, finally the “MOBA boss” intervened. It was equally announced when Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition – League of Legends, Wild Rift immediately got a lot of attention for showing a very promising trailer.

However, his presence also raised a question mark. Will this game be as successful as League of Legends? Regarding the release date, Riot Games cannot confirm anything. They only say that Wild Rift will be released at the end of 2020. For the time being, you can pre-register first on the official Wild Rift page.

Although there are many interesting android games that will be released in 2020, unfortunately most of the release date is still uncertain. We players of mobile games seem to have to be extra patient waiting for those games to be released, especially League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Nintendo Online Service Down

In the midst of some of the world’s citizens more active at home, the impact of the widespread outbreak of corona, Nintendo online services can not be accessed more than nine hours.

Nintendo website states that the entire service network is affected from 4.56 am to 1.45 pm local time, Nintendo eShop is down for Switch users in both the United States and in the UK, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online functions are also inaccessible in the UK.

Not just Nintendo, other online game services also experienced the same thing this week. Xbox Live is down for about two hours, while Discord game chat service also has difficulty being accessed.

This is bad news for all those who are working from home, isolating themselves to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 corona virus.

The non-game service, Microsoft Teams, also went down yesterday. The incident was right when European working hours began, because most people on the continent logged in to start working remotely, The Verge was quoted Wednesday.

PlayStation 5 Specifications and Speculations

After waiting for many fans, Sony finally revealed hardware specifications and details for the next generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Reporting from Gizchina, (3/19/2020), this was conveyed directly by PS5 architect, Mark Cerny at the Game Developers Conference 2020 event, that PS5 will use the latest SSD storage and AMD processors.

Sony’s latest console will also come with an AMD Zen 2 (octa-core) speed of 3.5 GHz along with AMD’s RDNA 2-based graphics processor. PS5 will also be equipped with 16 GB RAM.

Furthermore, Mark explained, on the HDD, the device will need a reading time of 2 to 50 milliseconds to load data of 50-100 MB. While the use of SSDs is considered more efficient because it has 10 times faster performance than HDDs. Even to read a game, it only takes 2.7 seconds.

“The PS5 will come exclusively with 865 GB SSD,” explained Mark. “[PS5] trips to the game will be very fast. Like the effect of fade-in, fade-out.”

In addition, the PS5 will not be limited to that SSD. It will also have support for USB hard drives that can be used for backward compatibility features where users can play PlayStation 4 games via HDD.

Mark also revealed that this console has been able to support images in both 4K and 8K resolution. This console will also be able to read games from the Ultra High Definition (UHD) Blue-Ray dish.

Details added, the PS5 will also feature a high-quality Ray Tracing and audio feature called Tempest 3D Audio Tech that is able to output 3D sound and thoroughly in every room.

Unfortunately, Mark does not show what the PS5 looks like and the official date of this next-gen console.

Sony also did not reveal the price of PS 5. The reason the company has not determined the price of this brand-new console. But rumors cited by Techradar said the price of PS 5 reached US $ 499 per console.

5 Android Shooter Games 2020

Well, for those of you who are interested in playing games with the shoot-out genre. Teruatama for those of you who are currently upset and want to vent your frustration. I have the list. There are 7 best android shooting games. It can be best because of the game play, the best because of the graphics and so on. To be sure, I have tried all the games. And the order here, only I made based on appropriateness. Jump to the first:

  1. Call of Duty: Strike Team

The first best android shooting game is indeed classified in the heaviest HD game. Because it can only be enjoyed on a smartphone that qualified specifications.

With these conditions, of course, the features and graphics that this game has are very good and different from other FPS games. Its 2D display makes it easy for you to spy and attack enemies.

Even with the size of this game and its amazing graphics, this game made by Activision Publishing, Inc. has a download file size of 0.98. Very large size. and, the content rating in this game is also 18+, meaning that it is not suitable for children to play.

  1. NOVA 3 – Near Orbit

In the second row is the best android shooting game that has 10 different episodes, this action genre game also takes up a lot of your storage memory. Because the size is 2.5 GB, but the graphics and gampeplay offered are quite comparable in size.

First you will fight on earth, which will enter the cold and frozen city of Volterite. There you have to fight enemies in order to win the game.

Your adventure during wading each episode of the battle will make you forget the time. You will be treated to a world made by renowned game developer Gameloft which is very neat. The design is very detailed and charming.

  1. Mass Effect: Infiltrator

Do you still remember the Shepard storyline in Mass Effect 2? where there are racist terrorist trips. Well, in this game you will be taken to explore the side of the story. You will play the role of Randal Ezno Ceberus army.

In this case, you are turning toward fighting his own organization, because you feel betrayed. Where the enemies attacking you are the result of the failed Ceberus experiment. To find out more details, please download the best android shootout game Mass Effect: Infiltartor via the link below.

  1. Enemy Strike

Same with other FPS games that place the player as the main actor. You will fire at enemies who come from all directions. So in this best android shootout game, you will be tested how agile you face enemies from all directions. Make sure you finish off the enemy behind you too.

Interestingly again, in this best android shooting game you are equipped with weapons and body protection tools that can only be purchased using units of Enemy Strike.

  1. Jungle Counter Strike Commando

Being the Commander in the Counter Strike Team, you must dare to fight wave after wave with a strong determination. Because the enemy will destroy your country. Be the hero of a country of its kind through this game. test your courage and your strategy to lead an army.

For that, fight with all your might by using existing equipment. If already pressed, you can ask for help from the Air Force to help attack your enemies.

Every battle in this best android shootout game is designed with good graphic quality. You will be as if you are really in a battle environment that is raging and destroyed.

Many Update in Warcraft III Reforged

Long-awaited, Warcraft III Reforged finally officially released January 29, 2020 yesterday. This game itself is a re-conceptualization of one of the Real-Time Strategy games that may be a lot of imprints among warnet generation gamers, namely Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.

In this remastered version, Warcraft III Reforged presents many updates by maintaining features that are indeed a mainstay. Warcraft III Reforged still presents single-player mode which includes seven different campaigns.

This game will also continue to present four races that are a major part of Warcraft III, namely the orcs who are famous for being barbaric and very powerful, Human with their knightly spirit, Night Elf who is famous for his magic and tradition, and Undead the bearer carrying terror.

In Warcraft III Reforged, players will be taken to watch the storyline through important moments throughout the history of the Warcraft story. Starting from the Burning Legion attack, the awakening of the Lich King, to the story of the origin of iconic characters such as Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore, Sylvanas Windrunner, Illidan Stormrage, and of course Arthas Menethil’s storyline from the crown prince of Lordaeron to become the successor to the throne of Frozen Throne.

“Warcraft III is one of the achievements that we are proud of as a company. We are honored that many players from all over the world still consider it the best example of the RTS genre, “said J. Allen Brack, president of Blizzard Entertainment. “For Warcraft III: Reforged, our biggest goal is to make this game more modern while still maintaining all the things that are loved by the players. We hope that the fans can agree that this is the right step. ”

In addition to presenting original stories, Warcraft III Reforged also comes with interesting feature updates. One of them is a graphic update, which Hybrid had discussed through a comparison of models between the old version and the Reforged version. Not only that, Audio also became another thing that was updated. While still maintaining the original voice-over, Blizzard also remastered the audio sector to make it clearer.

Warcraft III Reforged also includes a new version of World Editor that allows players to create custom maps. Previously, Hybrid also discussed this, showing that memorable custom-maps such as Defense of the Ancients and Element TD were also present in Warcraft III Reforged.

Another update is from the multiplayer side. In addition to implementing the Battle.net system, Warcraft III Reforged also allows players to play with old versions of Warcraft III users whether it’s Reign of Chaos or Frozen Throne.

Warcraft III: Reforged can already be purchased digitally through Blizzard Shop. This game has two versions, there is a Standard Edition for US $ 29.99 and Spoils of War Edition for US $ 39.99. In the Spoils of War version, there are various unique skin heroes for Arthas, Cenarius, Jaina, and Thrall.

In addition there are also in-game bonuses for other Blizzard games that are immediately obtained after pre-purchase, such as the terrible Meat Wagon vehicle for World of Warcraft, Third War cardback for Hearthstone, and the Mal’ganis pet for Diablo III, and many more. .

10 Rich Gamers by Forbes List

Being a Gamer and Rich, maybe it is the dream of every gamer in this world. Even with extraordinary efforts, not many people succeed in getting extraordinary income by becoming a gamer. But there are some people in the world who are successful and get a lot of par from playing games. Here Are 10 Gamers Who Have Extraordinary Income from Playing Games.

  1. Nickmercs

Fortnite players again. With thousands of viewers per stream added with its YouTube channel which has almost 2 million subscribers. As you know, what differentiates this streamer from others is that he chooses to play using the controller because he feels that it is more challenging. Of all things he managed to earn 6 million USD.

  1. TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman a.k.a Timothy Betar is a streamer in twitch who plays various kinds of multiplayer games. But the most common is fortnite. He is also a gang with Ninja, they often play together. Besides Fortnite he also plays WoW, and several other multiplayer games. TimTheTatman also has a youtube channel with 1.8 million subscribe, from which he managed to get 8 million USD.

  1. Jacksepticeye

Had collaborated several times with PewDiePie, the Youtuber whose real name was Sean Loughlin was increasingly successful. The opening characteristic that is very easy to remember, makes a lot of people bound and follow the channel. Until now he managed to collect more than 23 million subscribers and managed to get a profit of around 11 million USD.

  1. VanossGaming

The chaos when playing multiplayer games with friends is the main strength of this YouTuber. If you are looking for a game to play with your friends, this YouTuber can be a reference. Even without the Youtuber Face Cam gaming this one can reach a point that is difficult to reach. This YouTuber is estimated to have managed to raise 11.5 Million USD.

  1. DanTDM

If you are talking about Minecraft, this person is number one YouTuber if you lift Minecraft content. It has more than 20 million subcribers and presents exciting content about Minecraft, making this YouTuber quite skyrocketed in its name. You could say he is a Hardcore Gamer for minecraft. It was said that DanTDM’s income reached 12 million USD.

  1. Shroud

After quitting eSport Scene, Shroud decided to focus on LiveStream work. Unexpectedly, he even has many fans, even managed to get a lot of coffers of money that he did not expect. Shroud has now managed to get 12.5 Million USD. Even so, Shroud’s skills still look sharp with his clutch play and also Aim who is super crazy.

  1. Markiplier

It could be said Markiplier also quite often collaborates with PewDiePie. With content that is not far from the game too. Almost similar to PewDiePie, he also gave silly reactions about the game he was playing. Starting from a horror game or another genre. Besides that Mark Fischbach also often gives a very common Laugh Challenge video. Until now Markiplier has assets of 14 million USD.

  1. Preston

Even though Subcriber Preston is bigger in his vlog, but it can’t be denied that Preston is still a gamer. On the Channel Preston game, he often plays Minecraft and explores the game. Ranging from custom games to others. To date, Preston has managed to earn around 14 million USD from all content he has ever made.

  1. PewDiePie

Talking about youtube, you will definitely remember it with this YouTuber. PewDiePie is the world’s largest YouTuber without the corporate frills behind it or personal. Each of his works is often an inspiration for YouTuber gamers today. Although some time ago, your real name Felix Kjellberg chose to vacuum for an indefinite time. He succeeded in making money amounting to 15 Million USD from all forms of work that he had made.

  1. Ninja

Even though you don’t play fortnite, you know about the famous Ninja streamer. Tyler Blevin’s name is very big since he played Fortnite. Toxic nature that sometimes does not know the place, making it has many fans and several dramas also appeared. But despite all that Ninja managed to collect as much as 17 Million USD which he got from the endorsment and others.

So these are 10 gamers with extraordinary income. This list is a list according to Forbes, what do you think? Income extraordinary right? But surely their journey was not easy, they all tried hard at the expense of many things. Don’t forget to comment in the comments column, hopefully it will be useful.