Unlock All Barbara’s Hang Out Memories on Genshin Impact With These Tips

As one of the purely free to play characters in Genshin Impact, Barbara is a Genshin Impact character that anyone who has played for a long time will definitely have. Barbara can be obtained for free just by completing the main Mondstadt quest, and defeating Stormterror Dvalin.

Therefore, many players are familiar with and familiar with Barbara’s character. Maybe there are those who already think of Barbara as their ‘waifu’. It makes perfect sense for miHoYo to decide that Barbara will be one of the first characters to appear in the Hangout Quest feature in update 1.4.

In Hangout Quest, you will go through a storyline where the Traveler will interact with other playable characters. However, similar to dating simulator games in general, Hangout Quest in Genshin Impact has a number of different endings, depending on the decisions made by players in Hangout Quest.

Some players (and me at first) may be confused about how to unlock all endings in Hangout Quest Barbara. But, don’t worry. Here, I will help you.

Ending 1: Untimely Enthusiasm

This ending is arguably the “worst” ending to Barbara’s Hangout Quest. In the ending Untimely Enthusiasm, Traveler chooses to “kick out” Albert, so that Albert doesn’t bother Barbara. When you first talk to Barbara, you will hear Albert’s voice from a distance. To get this ending, you must choose to expel Albert with “Just wait here”.

You will then meet with Albert. When talking to Albert, you have to choose a dialogue between “It is dangerous here”, or “Barbara isn’t here anymore”. Albert will keep looking for Barbara, then finally give up. You have got the first ending!

Ending 2: A Holiday in Mondstadt

Apart from the first ending above, all of Barbara’s other endings require you to select “Let’s go deeper into the forest” in the first dialogue choice. With this choice, Traveler and Barbara will run deeper. Follow the storyline and the quest, then Barbara will return to Mondstadt.

Barbara will ask you what drinks you want. To get the second ending, you have to choose “Fantastic Summer-Serendipity Coral Sparkling Tea”. As the storyline progresses, you will be faced with 3 Barbara fans. Continue the story, and you will get a second ending.

Ending 3: Incompletely Cured

Again, Barbara will ask about the drinks you want. For the third ending, choose “special Chilibrew”. Then select “Stick together”.

Follow the storyline of the quest, defeat a number of Hilichurls, then Traveler and Barbara will meet an NPC named Uwe who asks Barbara for help. Barbara will ask Traveler to wait while Barbara looks for medicine for Uwe. Here, you select “He’s a suspicious character”. One fight later, you will get the third ending.

Ending 4: The Taste of Hard Work

To get the fourth ending, go back to the “special Chilibrew” part. For this route, you need to select “Let’s split up”. After running over to Liyue to get Jueyun Chili, you’ll return to Mondstadt, where you’ll meet Barbara – and a bunch of Treasure Hoarders. Defeat them, and a new NPC will appear: Caishan. Ask for “Sweet Flower”, and you will get the fourth ending.

Besides that, you can also return to the third ending route, where you meet Uwe. In the options dialog here, choose “I’ll take care of him”. Continuing the story of this choice will take you to the fourth ending.

Ending 5: A Fiery Flavor from Liyue

If you have got the fourth ending, then getting this ending won’t take long. First, go back to the Treasure Hoarders section. After defeating the Treasure Hoarders, you will meet again with Caishan. To get the fifth ending, choose “Liyue Chilibrew”. Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked all the endings of Barbara’s Hangout Quest!

Apart from Barbara, the Hangout Quest feature also gives you the opportunity to date Noelle, Chongyun, and Bennett. Genshin Impact can be played via PC, Android, and PS4.

Genshin Impact New Update Comes With Dating Features

One example of the concept of the Games as a Service game which has appeared successful so far, what miHoYo has achieved with Genshin Impact deserves thumbs up. Despite the popularity in the first few months of release which made his name skyrocket, especially with the distribution in the free to play format, he managed to maintain a tight consistency of content distribution through various existing updates. Not only does it provide additional characters for the waifu / husbando-based economic system, it also continues to inject more story content, challenges, and events. For this month’s event, he will offer something more personal.

Genshin Impact finally officially announced and introduced update 1.4 which they will name “Invitation ot Windblume”. Apart from containing a variety of new challenges and of course Rosaria as a new gacha character, she will also present new features in the style of a dating simulation game in it.

Gamers will be able to get to know the four characters closer – Barbara, Noelle, Bennett, and Chongyun, which includes a variety of interactions where gamers have to choose a conversation option which at the end will affect what kind of ending you get. This event will reward you with a Memory Illustration Hangout at the end.

Update 1.4 will begin distribution on March 17, 2021 for all release platforms – Playstation 4, Mobile, and of course – PC. How about you? How many of you are still actively playing Genshin Impact until now?

Challenging and Fun on Destruction AllStars

There’s a reason why we didn’t fill this one session with the plot. The reason? Because this game does not make the story important. All you need to know, in this universe, Destruction AllStars is a super popular sports tournament that teases him so much, that he managed to invite stars from all over the world, to test their skills. You will act as one of the 16 stars.

Destruction AllStars does have a single-player portion, but as can be predicted, it is not used as a base of attraction. Instead of a story mode, for example, this “single-player” mode ends up being an arcade / skirmish mode, where you will fight against the AI, instead of other players. You will be able to decide which mode you want to try, in which arena it will be held, and of course the difficulty level of the AI ​​itself.

The AllStars Destruction experience that should indeed lie in the competitive multiplayer side that he is carrying, where you will crash your cars against each other. There are two modes for those who prefer a solo experience: Mayhem and Gridfall. Mayhem is a point-based game where your success in crashing and destroying other players’ cars will contribute to higher points. Meanwhile, Gridfall appeared like a “battle royale” mode, where the last survivor will win. Everything is done in the middle of an arena that continues to shrink.

While for those who are happy with team battles, there are two types of modes available: Carnado and Stockpile. Carnado will ask you to “deposit” the points you have collected from a crash into a tornado that is spinning fast in the middle of the arena. But as a consequence, the car you are using will be destroyed instantly. Another mode – Stockpile also shares an almost perfect concept. Based on their actions in the arena, point pieces in the shape of a Gear will appear in the arena. The gear can then be collected and deposited into one of the three points in the arena, which will continue to change ownership depending on which team’s gear number is dominant. The team that manages to control the most points from the three points will win.

Each win will earn you – EXP Points which, when accumulated, will give you levels. This level does not affect anything for your character or your account, but it will give you – a currency that can then be allocated to buy various cosmetic items that each character carries. Items that are mostly different only from the color side will be one of the motivations to continue playing Destruction AllStars, of course beyond addiction if you do end up having fun.

Need Missiles and Bombs

As we talked about earlier, the essence of Destruction AllStars is indeed locked in car crashes in the arena. What makes it different? Instead of being locked into a car that you have chosen at the beginning, you will have freedom of movement as the driver himself, which incidentally is the character you choose. This means, you always have the option of getting in or out of the vehicle you are using while fighting, whether for strategic or survival reasons.

Choosing one of the 16 available characters will also determine what kind of abilities you have access to. Because they appear like “Hero”, each character will have two special skills: one that he can access as a character (without a car), and the other – which ends in summoning his iconic vehicle into the arena which, in the end, will also have special abilities based on cooldown. Along with it too, you’ll find pink gems scattered throughout the arena, which are usually at an altitude that only characters and not cars can access, to make cooldowns for character skills and special car summoning action even faster.

Regardless of which mode you choose, the battle in Destruction AllStars always starts with you acting as a character first before choosing and riding the cars available in the arena. These cars also come in various variant forms, which will determine endurance, movement speed, cooldown for hit skills, and how agile he moves.

During the process of waiting for the cooldown time of your iconic car to be triggered, the standard cars in this arena will continue to be available in a variety of different locations. He usually stays on the platform which at times, takes a little climbing and running action to get to. The rest? Keep crashing the vehicle on the various opportunities available, and make sure you are always in the car at every opportunity. Why? Because it will be very difficult to find points when you become a character. This still isn’t exacerbated by the potential for a bigger “KO” if you get hit at high speed by a character.

On paper, the concept that Destruction AllStars offers is quite unique. It changes the formula that many classic games already offer, making it an arena battle, complete with the opportunity to control the rider as a character. The problem? Regardless of which game mode you choose, it’s hard to criticize the sensation that feels stale and obsolete in just a few hours of gameplay. Looking for a car and trying to crash it into another vehicle will only feel good for a moment, although it is supported by the sensation of haptic feedback and adaptive trigger DualSense is fantastic. The loop gameplay is easy to feel boring.

This is also what triggers us to select the subtitles above. The longer we play Destruction AllStars, the harder it is to ignore the desire and hope to see this game emerge as a supposed replacement for “Twisted Metal”. That instead of just crashing and being hit, it also contains a variety of weapons that can be used to finish off enemies faster, complete with fantastic attack and explosion effects. Because it must be admitted, this concept will appear much more exciting than the gameplay loop offered by Destruction AllStars today, which is easily spoiled. We won’t even mind if it comes in a new and separate fashion.

One source of other problems also lies in the fact that of the 16 characters currently carried by Destruction AllStars, not all of them can be categorized as balanced, especially when we talk about certain modes. Just imagine, for Mayhem mode where the winner is judged by your effectiveness by crashing into and destroying other cars, there are only a few characters whose character and car skills are able to facilitate this. We’re talking from Lupita to the path of fire she concocted, Blue Fang with a car armed with a shredder in front, Hana with a saw in the middle of the car, to the Queen who can trigger a deadly explosion.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, you meet Shyft whose power is just disappearing, Angelo whose car can blind and deactivate enemies, to Sgt. Rescue which is simply covering the enemy with smoke blocking their view. Almost all of the characters we talk about here don’t have any skills that are effective at collecting more points in Mayhem mode, for example. Therefore, regardless of the dozens of characters that exist, those that are effective for being used in several modes can be counted fingers. Even though a single character can be selected by several users at once in one battle, this still reflects how unbalanced the Destruction AllStars character is today.

Beyond these question mark fishing designs, you can also get a feel for some designs that are enough to leave you wondering. The one that surprised us the most? The decision not to inject any music during the fight, which was either intentional or due to a bug that may be fixed in the future. In fact, you can hear the extra attention on the audio side, from the vehicle to the unique music available for each character. But finding your crash-fighting battles completely unaccompanied by music, which should be effective at getting the adrenaline pumping farther, really puzzled us.

One of the other extra weaknesses comes from the design of cosmetic items which is a source of motivation to play as well as the economic foundation of AllStars Destruction microtransactions, which must be admitted, is not at all interesting. At the beginning of the release, at the time this review was written, most of the cosmetic items carried only offered differences in the main color of the clothes and the character’s car. The more “rare” cosmetic items don’t change the shape or design of the characters at all, and end up being just additional patterns on this outfit or car. We ourselves are not tempted to pursue any of the cosmetic items available for these characters.

So with his playing experience, Destruction AllStars does come with a unique car battle concept. However, the easy gameplay loop feels boring, especially in gameplay modes like Mayhem, it keeps our brains dreaming and hoping that this game will just follow the “Twisted Metal” path instead of offering a game like this. That each vehicle is reinforced with missiles, machine guns, traps, and even protection systems, for example for faster, more exciting, and adrenaline-pumping combat action.

Beautiful visual

One of the biggest questions when talking about Destruction AllStars, of course, concerns how much it can represent the capabilities of the Playstation 5 itself. The good news? When it comes to visual presentation, it does a very good job. Even though the thick cartoony taste flows strongly from the character design and graphic approach that is carried, you will find many details that make it charming. We’re talking about the dramatic lighting that emerges from the entire arena, the shading of shadows that fall on the characters, to the devastating effect that sticks to your car.

This side of the visual presentation is also supported by a few small details that you might miss if you don’t pay close attention. As an example? The cars that you can master in the arena. Each car is in a neutral position, comes with a dominant white color combination without any accessories. The appearance of each car will automatically change according to the character who manages to master it, which is sometimes reflected in the colors and stickers that stick. This transformation will take place instantly as soon as this character gets into the existing car. The designs between these cars are also so different that you can get information about the types of cars available, even from a distance.

One thing that is interesting is the effect of the damage to the car, which we have tried, is not only cosmetic in nature. That not only a small part of the dent you will find, but it will end up affecting the control of your vehicle once the big damage occurs and focuses on one point of the car. We had time to find conditions where our car was running slow and unstable, and found that our rear wheels weren’t working properly after getting a good collision from the sides. At least this effect can occur in a car that is “thicker” instead of a smaller car, which usually ends up destroyed first.

Unfortunately, when it comes to music, Destruction AllStars doesn’t feel charming. Apart from the unique music for each character that was carried, almost all of the music execution in other parts felt off target. Apart from the absence of music during the battle which made us confused, the choice of music chosen to accompany you in the lobby while waiting for matchmaking, for example, did not succeed in getting your adrenaline pumping. That instead of feeling like a sportsman who can’t wait to get going, it feels like a mall lobby where you wait for someone to shop.

Bella Ramsey To Be Ellie in The Last Of Us Film Series

Translating an interactive experience from a video game, regardless of how cool the story it brings, is not an easy job. However, optimism continues to be strong, especially with the potential to introduce these franchises to a busier audience. Various projects have surfaced, from animated adaptations to television series to feature films waiting to be released. Of all the films currently being brewed, the anticipation for The Last of Us is one that is so high. Now we have at least one actress who plays the iconic character.

Handled by Craig Mazin who also concocted the fantastic film series “Chernobyl” under the HBO banner, the film series The Last of Us finally got confirmation for the actress who played Ellie! This iconic character will be played by actress Bella Ramsey, the actress who was praised for her acting as “Lyanna Mormont” on Game of the Thrones the other day. The Hollywood Reporter in the same article also denied rumors about the involvement of actor Mahershala Ali, who was said to be playing Joel.

Today seems like a sweet day for all gamers and movie-goers who have been waiting for news regarding HBO’s The Last of Us series. Not only because of Naughty Dog’s direct involvement in the production process, but also the cold-handed name of the sturadara classmate of Craig Mazin, giving birth to the highly praised “Chernobyl” series. Now that the actress who will play Ellie has confirmed, the actor who will play Joel is finally confirmed!

After confirmation of Bella Ramsay aka “Lyanna Mormont” from Game of Thrones as Ellie, further news came from the cast of this series. Is a famous actor – Pedro Pascal whose popularity skyrocketed through the film Mandalorian, who will portray Joel in The Last of Us. The film version of the story itself will also follow the official from the video game version, where Joel is tasked with bringing Ellie, a 14 year old girl, out of the quarantine area and handing her over to a group called Firefly.

There is no information about when this series will air. What do you think? Agree with the choice of actors and actresses for The Last of Us film so far?

Nintendo Switch Region Change

Like game consoles like Sony and Xbox, the Nintendo Switch eShop also consists of several regions. Each region, especially in the Japanese region, has different content or games that you can’t find in other regions. So if you want to buy a game that is only available on the Japanese eShop but your account is in the Americas region, you must change the account region.

Fortunately, changing the Nintendo Switch account region is not difficult. Just follow the steps below.

Previously, please turn off Auto-Renewal first

Before starting to change your account region, if you have an active Nintendo Switch Online Membership, make sure you turn off the Auto-Renewal subscription. The method is quite easy and you can do it on the console:

  • Open the Nintendo eShop on your account (don’t forget to log in)
  • Press your account icon in the top right corner
  • Select Nintendo Switch Online at the bottom of the menu
  • Select Turn Off Automatic Renewal
  • When the dialog box appears, select Turn Off then OK

Keep in mind that doing this process will not turn off your Nintendo Switch Online Membership subscription at that time. This process only prevents your account from repurchasing the Nintendo Switch Online Membership when the duration is up. This means that if the duration is up you have to buy it back manually.

After changing the account region, you can also reactivate the Auto-Renewal feature.

Change Account Region

There is one more thing that you must check before changing the account region, namely the balance you have at that time. When changing regions, the balance that you were holding at that time will be lost. Therefore, make sure you empty your account balance by buying games. If your balance is not enough, you might be able to use your Nintendo Points to get a discount.

After clearing the balance, follow these simple steps on your console:

  • Open Settings
  • Select System at the bottom of the menu
  • Select Region
  • Change your account region as desired
  • Confirm the dialog box that appears, then restart your Nintendo Switch according to the instructions in the dialog box that appears.

Note that changing the region will only change the contents of the eShop. You can still play the games you have, both digital and physical. If you want to change the account region back, you can repeat the steps above. But for convenience, we recommend creating a second account with a different region.

Xbox Game Pass Couple Game

Are you looking for a game that can be played with your partner, such as a boyfriend or girlfriend on the weekend or on vacation? Check out our list of recommended couple games on Xbox Game Pass.

You can solve puzzles with cute characters in Human Fall Flat to test how much cooperation between you and your partner can complete the cooking challenge in Overcooked! 2.

If you’ve never tried to subscribe to an Xbox Game Pass before, this is a great time to start a subscription because Xbox offers an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for just $ 1.

By subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can download lots of fun and interesting games on the Xbox catalog list and play them for free while your subscription is still active.

Here are five couple games on Xbox Game Pass that you can try and play.

Human Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle game that will challenge you to solve the puzzles in each level by playing a human-like character called Bob. You can pick up objects to climb using both hands. But all will not be easy because you have to know when to press the RT button for the right hand and LT for the left hand.

Minecraft Dungeons

Interested in doing Dungeon exploration because you want something more challenging? Play Minecraft Dungeons. You and your boyfriend can choose different characters and go on an adventure in Dungeons by defeating the many monsters in Minecraft. There are many weapons that can be used from swords, spears, to arrows.

Moving Out

Moving Out is the right choice if you are looking for a game that can invite a lot of laughter because this game does look funny. You and your boyfriend will act as a housemaid who helps move things such as the TV, refrigerator, and sofa. However, how to move the item is arguably chaotic because you can throw the item through the window.

Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! 2 is one of the best couple games ever. This game will ask you and your boyfriend to become a chef who prepares various food orders according to the picture. Each level will have a different kitchen like there is something special for sushi or fast food. Not infrequently, many couples even fight when playing this game because of the chaotic kitchen situation.

Unravel Two

Unravel Two is a multiplayer game that tells the story of the journey of two Yarnys (knitted dolls) where you have to work together to solve puzzles to keep finding the final destination on an island. Can you and your partner complete all the challenges that exist?

Applying VPN DNSCrypt on PS4

Hey guys, sorry for the late post. You know covid is really disturbing but I will keep trying posting today.

The trick to using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is actually very useful for ISP users who sometimes block PSN networks for no definite reason, we know that PSN Servers and some ISPs often experience errors either NW-31194-8 or Failed status on Internet Connection status and PlayStation Network Sign-In. Not to mention the goverment incident that accidentally blocked Blizzard’s servers some time ago.

By using this VPN, I guarantee 99% of all these problems can be resolved. But this VPN trick requires some preparation, I also provide an alternative program and a Premium VPN account that is temporary only for learning purposes, if this VPN trick is useful, I hope you can officially subscribe to a VPN account.

Requirements needed:

  1. Must use LAPTOP with Windows 10 (Mandatory WIN 10)
  2. Simple DNSCrypt Program (Free) or NordVPN Program (Paid)

I will start with the Simple DNSCrypt program, this program is a kind of management tool for configuring DNS proxies, basically to bypass ISP blocks. How to install Simple DNSCrypt as usual, then run the program as usual, the display will be like the image below, make sure the DNSCrypt Service is ON / ON and at the very bottom of the wifi / Ethernet checkbox is green, depending on the friends connect from the modem use a UTP cable or wifi, if I use wifi.

The way to know whether our laptop internet is unblocked is to open a web like reddit.com or other websites that are blocked. If you use DNSCrypt, Netflix.com is still blocked because this service is a free service. If reddit.com is open, it means that the DNSCrypt service is active, it’s time for us to connect it to PS4.

In Windows 10, go to Start – Settings – Network and Internet – Mobile Hotspot – Before pressing the ON button, first change the password so it’s easier when inputting on PS4, change it, click Edit on Network Password, I change it to numbers 1 to d 8. Then our laptop will become a semi-portable Access Points (AP) with the name of our laptop. After that press ON on Share my internet connection with other device.

Usually to be more sure, I try to search via cellphone first, whether the Access Points have appeared with the name of my laptop DESKTOP-2R241V3 … and it turns out that it is ready.

Then on the PS4, as usual, connect the Access Points from the laptop to the PS4, connect as usual, we connect PS4 to the Indihome wifi modem. After connecting, the laptop will usually appear as shown below on our laptop screen, which indicates that the PS4 is connected to the AP Laptop.

To find out whether the PS4 is already using a network that has been connected with Simple DNSCrypt which is not blocked by several ISPs, on PS4, just open the browser with the WWW icon and we just have to open the reddit.com web, if the reddit web is open then the PS4 is not tar block. In this position, we should be connected to the PSN Server smoothly. Usually, I often have problems when I want to sync trophies, even though the network looks normal, and sometimes I do this trick if the laptop happens to be on.

* I often experience not being able to connect to the internet after turning on the laptop even though it is connected to wifi, this is a sign that the DNSCrypt service is not yet on, please wait or disable it first if you don’t want to use the service.

The next trick is to use NordVPN with a * tester account, before installing the NordVPN program, if you have installed Simple DNSCrypt on your laptop, you should first turn off the DNSCrypt service, so that we really use the NordVPN line, because these two services function almost the same.

In the NordVPN program, just select Quick Connect, usually we will be connected to a Singapore server or another country, and when Quick Connect often fails if we try at night, just try it, for example it still fails to select the closest country server. * In this era of WFH, it was even more difficult for NordVPN connections to connect.

After the VPN is connected as shown above, the next step is the same as above, our laptop shares the Hot Spot, and on the PS4 take the connection from the laptop AP, how to check whether the block is open is the same, just by using this VPN we can go to Netflix.com

I hope this article is used properly and used properly, I just want to share positive things. Personally, I don’t use this trick very often, because I don’t really like playing online games, but usually the info I get from my PS4 gamers, if I use a VPN, the “ping” will be higher. But at least this can be a solution if the Indihome connection is indeed blocked. This trick is actually the same as sharing the internet on your cellphone, but in my opinion, if you play PS4 for a long time, it’s better to share the internet via a laptop than via a cellphone that gets hot faster.

Reverie Review PS4

Reverie is a Puzzle Adventure genre game made by Rainbite Limited. A game that has a very strong adventure element, a masterpiece of indie games I have ever played, with pixel graphics that look very beautiful in my opinion. A game that is visually and conceptually inspired by the EarthBound game on Nintendo.

Reverie takes a small scale from the island of New Zealand, with pixel colors that spoil our eyes, the slow background music will also spoil our ears, the adventure begins when the main character is a little boy named Tai who wants to spend his school holidays with his grandfather- her grandmother who is on an island named Turomi. I think this game does have an interesting story, a prologue is presented to us which will tell us about Māori mythology, which is a mythology that actually exists in New Zealand.

Here I really feel the sensation of an adventure that feels very thick, starting from the character Tai who started off to the island and has nothing, then started his first mission so that he had to be further involved in the problem at hand. Collecting items and accessories that have various functions, in the early days there were many arenas that could not be visited with frequent games, so we would have access to these places.

The story is also presented neatly and neatly, not too complicated, quite simple and easy to understand. The enemies there also don’t look wild, they are quite fun, enemies like mice, birds, turtles, jellyfish and others. Indeed, unfortunately this game is not a game that takes an RPG theme so the duration of the game is not too long, it takes about 5-7 hours to finish this game perfectly.

There is also a boss battle which is quite exciting, suitable strategies and weapons are needed to kill the boss, and there is also a bonus dungeon at the end of the game which is quite challenging to complete. We can also collect various kinds of bird feathers to get a special item to double the money we get. We can also visit hidden places that are quite unique backstory stories.

Overall this game is a very good game, playing this game feels like I am playing an AAA game with a small scale. Everything is executed perfectly by the developer, really I really have fun playing this game.

PS5 SSD Terabytes Written TBW

Maybe all of you already know that the PS5 will use solid-state drive (SSD) storage media. This will certainly improve our experience in playing games on the PS5 because of the significantly improved reading and writing skills. After showing the tear down video from the PS5, we also got information that the custom internal SSD on the PS5 is an IC chip that is embedded into the motherboard. This is certainly a new thing where previously the HDD on the PS3 and PS4 could be exchanged if it was damaged. In addition to having a myriad of advantages, of course every new technology will have a drawback in this short article I will discuss the Age of SSDs that most Playstation users may not know about, namely about TBW (Terabytes Written).

In Hard Disk Drive (HDD) technology, the damage to the HDD is usually due to a fall or a collision, but because the PS3-PS4 is always in one fixed place, this is safer, of course, different from the laptops that we often carry and enter into. bag and sometimes treated carelessly usually HDD on a laptop is more easily damaged than on a desktop. Another problem is HDD, of course, due to unstable electric current or electricity that often goes out instantly, because in the HDD there are mechanical components for the reader and disk that rotates quickly so, if the power supply is unstable or goes out immediately this will make the components in the inside can be damaged quickly. In contrast to SSDs, if we remove the power directly it is not too problematic, because there are no mechanical components that can wear out.

SSD manufacturers explain that the age of the SSD is influenced by how much SSD is used to write (Write) because SSD uses NAND flash technology, so there is the term Terabytes Written / write cycle, where each type, the SSD brand has a different number, for example An SSD with a size of 512 GB has 300 TBW, so the SSD can be used continuously up to the limit of 300 Terabytes (300,000 GB). After reaching the 300TB limit, the SSD can only be used to read files on the SSD and cannot be used to store new files. The term writing here usually takes the form of downloading data, copying data, rendering video, etc., activities where new data is stored on the SSD. From here, of course we will think how much is 300TB? and how long will it be?

Incidentally last year I bought an SSD for a laptop with the Samsung 860 EVO type, whose reviews I also reviewed on this blog. The use of a laptop is quite normal, for daily work, after I checked using the default SSD application, it turned out that the data that was written on my SSD was 14TB, suppose that in 1 year the total is 14TB so, if in 10 years it becomes 140TB , at 20 years it becomes 280TB, so the future life of my SSD if used constantly is 21 more years. Waw is quite long compared to HDD which might only last 10 years if lucky because the mechanics will certainly wear out faster. In my experience, of course, my PS4 pro HDD after being used for about 2 years has experienced a decrease in performance.

We return to the SSD from PS5, it has been confirmed that the custom size is 825GB, the PS5 SSD is not 1TB which cuts the operating system to 825GB, it is pure 825GB which if the system cuts it will be around 650GB only. Assume that PS5 games will be around 50-100GB in size, if we take the middle around 75GB, and for example we install 2 games every month, either from PS + or buying games, so if in total in a month we spend 150GB writing on SSD PS5. If in 1 year it means that it is only 1.8TB in times 10 years, it becomes 18TB in times of 20 years, 36TB, in 100 years it is only 180TB. So it can be concluded that the SSD in the PS5 will have an eternal life of approximately 165 years. But still SSD manufacturers limit the garage for 5 years.

However, from the above calculation it is just a rough count, in playing games, of course there will be a read-write process carried out by the SSD, and this will of course be very difficult to track, and because the SSD from PS5 is a chip that has been embedded in the board, this is the case. of course it will be difficult to check how many TBW of the SSD. But from this article, one thing that can be concluded is that SSD life will be longer than HDD if used equally normally, and of course this will benefit us as users. Sony also really understands this, that’s why they use small size SSDs and sell additional SSDs.

RIOT Closes Oceanic Pro League October 2020

The League of Legends League for the Oceania region (Australia and its surroundings), namely the Oceanic Pro League, will disappear from circulation and will no longer be continued for the 2021 season. This was announced by Riot Games in a blog post on 7 October 2020 yesterday. Riot Games also announced that they would close their office in Sydney, which is primarily focused on managing the OPL league. Even so, Riot Games stated that as much as possible it would continue to support the survival of professional LoL players, as well as the competitive scene in Oceania.

“When we started this journey five years ago, we planned to create a professional esports league in the region.” Riot Games wrote in a blog post, citing statements from Malte Wagener, Managing Director, NA & OCE, and Tom Martell, Director of Operations, Global Esports. “From humble beginnings, we’ve managed to turn the best players into professionals, and give fans to support their favorite players.”

“We at Riot Games have a desire to be able to create a competitive and sustainable league that can promote commercial development, fan involvement, to support professional players in making esports a full-time career. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, OPL did not achieve our goals, and we have no confidence that the market for the League of Legends ecosystem in Oceania is capable of holding the league today. ” continued the blog post.

The signs of the OPL league’s “death” have actually been visible since last November 2019. Alex Walker from Kotaku Australia reported this when the editor of Kotaku Australia saw information about Riot Games’ decision to decide on the subsidy fee for the OPL league. “We confirm that we have cut the cost of subsidies for the next season, according to the plans we and the team had made when they decided to enter our league.” Alex Walker quoted a reply from Riot Oceania at the time.

In an effort to maintain the League of Legends competitive scene in Oceania, Riot Games explained that they will maintain their commitment to continue supporting professional players in the region. There are two things that Riot has done, as a concrete form of this effort.

First, professional players from the OCE region are now counted as players in the United States LCS region. Therefore, players from the OCE region no longer take player import slots if they want to move to the LCS team. In addition, Riot Games will also continue to carry out the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational and World Championship qualifiers in the region, to ensure that players from the OCE region are represented in international competitions.

The last season’s OPL League was held on August 8, 2020 yesterday with Legacy Esports as the winner of the Playoff round. Legacy Esports advanced to the Play-In World Championship 2020, filling the only OPL slot in Worlds 2020. After struggling hard enough, Legacy Esports was finally eliminated by LGD Gaming in the Playoff phase of the Play-In round.